tagMind ControlInterns Ch. 02

Interns Ch. 02


***This is part two of a story that includes mind control and takes a little bit to get to any sex scenes. You have been notified. I'll do my best to make the story stand-alone, but you'll be best off if you read the parts in order as I'm not going to re-explain every aspect of the premise in every chapter. I hope you enjoy!***

Will shook his head as if to wake himself up. He paused and finally turned the key in his car. The engine revved up and Will took a deep breath before backing out of his spot in the underground parking lot of his apartment building. He slept very poorly the night before and his late-morning coffee didn't seem to be easing him into the day any better.

He distracted his scrambled mind by carefully weaving through the turns and pillars of the cramped lot until he finally emerged into daylight. He winced as his eyes met the sun and took another deep sigh before turning onto the street.

The events from yesterday played over and over again like an iPod stuck on the wrong setting, and he still couldn't make any sense of it. Will prided himself on using logical explanations for all phenomena. He didn't believe there was enough evidence to support the existence of ghosts or God, he laughed at homeopathy and horoscopes, and he certainly didn't believe in telepathy or mind control.

But his logic and his memory were at an impasse, then, trying to explain his actions yesterday.

He had met a new intern, Liz, who appeared typically timid. But at the end of giving her a tour of the studio, they had ended up in Will's abandoned control room of an office and things got strange fast. Liz teased her body provocatively with no resistance from Will who quickly answered her racy questions despite his mind's desperate urges to tame the situation.

He was able to write that part off as being victim to the unexpected advances of an extremely attractive girl, but the confrontation ended with two commands from Liz that Will inexplicably was unable to not follow. She ordered him to masturbate in the bathroom to the thought of going down on her and also told him to not communicate any part of the encounter to anyone.

Will was baffled as to why he had carried out both orders.

Shortly after she left his office, he jerked off in the bathroom. Perhaps that part wasn't so strange given the erotic meeting he had just experienced, but after many attempts, he found his dick would only respond to the scenario Liz described. He couldn't even come to the thought of Meagan, another intern who had been dominating Will's fantasies for weeks. Meagan knew nothing of his feelings or desires, but he couldn't help but feel guilty about his inability to finish himself off to the thought of her.

To make up for it, Will jerked off twice that night thinking of Meagan. He felt ashamed as he remembered that. Even if Meagan knew, why would she care what he jerked off to? He also seriously doubted that she would consider it an apology that he pictured coming down her throat, even if she did care.

Still, Will kept telling himself, the mind never works properly when there's an erection involved, and he certainly did find the idea of eating Liz out very erotic, so maybe the bathroom incident wasn't so strange.

But then there was her second order. Right after he cleaned up the bathroom, Will raced to his office to call his friend Colin who worked in the production offices in the basement. Will was entirely unable to tell Colin about any of the incident. He couldn't even bring himself to say something subtle about finding Liz strange or suspicious.

Perhaps he was just embarrassed, Will had thought to himself. So he tested the limits again by trying to write Colin a note. Will had not been able to record a single moment of what had just happened. He couldn't write it, he couldn't type it, if he knew Morse Code, he was sure he couldn't tap it either. He felt like Jim Carrey in Liar Liar when Carrey was unable to lie about a pen's colour. No matter how hard Will tried, he was simply unable to disobey Liz's orders.

Will glanced out the window at the city's storefronts and people in an effort to silence his mind. His work day didn't start until the afternoon, so he took in the lunch time sights of a Friday in the city. Construction workers on break, a couple arguing, jay-walkers, and would you look at that ass! Will's eyes were instantly drawn to a firm round butt in dark jeans. He kept his eye on the road as best he could while making sure he got a good look.

Meagan had turned him into an ass-guy when he had never really noticed them before. He was still a boob man first, but he no longer ignored the sway of the girl just in front of his car. The ass was nice enough to belong to Meagan herself. Wait a minute. He ripped his stare away from the girl's jeans to notice her petite shapely figure and tell-tale red hair. It WAS Meagan.

He cleared his suddenly dry throat and rolled down the passenger window as he pulled up beside her.

"Hey! Loser! Want a ride?"

Meagan jumped a little before breaking into a big smile.

"Sure, jerkface!"

Will tended to have playfully taunting rapports with the girls he had crushes on, and Meagan was no exception. She bounced into Will's passenger seat and put on her seat belt while Will snuck a glance at her perky cleavage. He noted that she was wearing a more revealing top than usual and enjoyed the sight of her exposed skin. It was outfits like these that made Will understand why his coworkers would insist that she was a C or D cup, but he stood by his assessment of an unbelievably shapely, perky B cup. She was a small girl after all.

These thoughts zipped through Will's head and he was able to face forward again when he sensed Meagan's focus shifting away from the seat belt. She looked up at Will and beamed.

"Well?" She said, "Giddyup, cowboy!"

It was Will's turn to smile. He pulled back into traffic and tried to keep the conversation going.

"I haven't seen you all week! Is this your first day in?"

Meagan grinned slyly, "do you miss me that much?" She flirted before shifting gears into an honest answer, "But yes, it is. I had midterms!"

Will caught the opportunity for infinite small talk and asked her about school. They chatted and joked the rest of the car ride to the studio. As they got out of the car and walked to the building, Will decided to run another small test on his mind.

"Well, because you're a loser and had to go to school, you missed a new intern arriving yesterday," Will teased. The interns tended to be added on in waves, so groups often became clingy and therefore skeptical of new arrivals, Meagan reacted as Will expected.

"Really? Just one though? Girl? Guy? What are they like?"

"Girl. Liz." He responded curtly. Meagan paused before tentatively asking her next question.

"Is she... cute?"

Will was taken aback by this as both their cheeks flushed. He crushed so hard on Meagan, he never even imagined that she felt the same way. He didn't want to jump to conclusions, but the question definitely caused his stomach to produce butterflies.

"err...yeah," he answered honestly, "she is. Seems pretty shy though." Will felt frustrated as he said that last line. He had wanted to say that Liz had scary shark eyes and seemed a little off. Not to mention her strange habit of seducing people she had just met before barking orders at them, but his mouth had instead mustered that flimsy shy line. Meagan wasn't the type to show vulnerability for long and had already regained her confident sassy composure.

"Ah well," she breezed, "what else is new? We'll break her in!" And with that, the pair was inside the doors. Meagan went down to report to Colin who, apart from his regular administration duties, also was in charge of the interns. Will was earlier than he needed to be and headed to the main studio where most of the interns worked as to avoid looking like he was clinging to Meagan.

As usual, Will scanned the line of computers to take in which interns were around. Not every intern was at the computers. Sometimes they were helping producers with specific tasks or going on coffee runs. Will only spotted three, which was a smaller number than usual. Coincidentally, it was the three Laurens.

Double names weren't uncommon as many interns passed through Link'd. The three Laurens shared a name, and -- like most interns of both genders -- were all very attractive, but that's where the similarities ended. Lauren E was Will's favourite. She had moved from Maine to take the internship, and was perpetually bitter about living in a bigger city. She was quippy and sharp, and Will loved listening to her bloated, curse-filled rants about city life. She was around Will's age in her mid 20s, but had a deceptively innocent look. She stood around Meagan's height at 5'2 but with much shorter hair that was blond instead of red. She had attractive small facial features and a thin physique with a flat ass and boobs that were bigger than Meagan's, but less enticing. That wasn't saying much, however, as Will was rarely hypnotized by a chest like he was with Meagan's.

Despite their stunning looks, Will was far less fond of Lauren S and Lauren T. Lauren S was tall and skinny with dark brown hair. She was also around Will's age, but could pass for 30. She was a very bright girl, but flaunted it too often and usually ended up being loud and annoying.

Will could never decide if he liked Lauren S more or less than Lauren T. Lauren T was only 19, and 5'5 with curly brown hair and an incredible, curvy body. She was hardly chubby by any means, but wasn't the thin thing that Lauren S was. Plus, with a little more meat on her bones, Lauren T was able to pull off her huge chest. Lauren T was easily the bustiest girl in the building, and had the biggest boobs of any intern in Will's recent memory. His inclination to -- usually accurately -- guess a girl's cup size had him placing her on an E cup.

Thus, Lauren T had the unimaginative nickname "Lauren Tits" to most of the staff and other interns. The reason Will didn't particularly care for her, however, was because of how unbelievably vapid the girl was. To be polite, she was dull and stupid. She would talk vacantly about reality TV shows and hair appointments, and she took horoscopes incredibly seriously. She often bothered Will so much that he sometimes wasn't even able to appreciate her massive tits; a strange situation in Will's world.

Therefore, it was an easy choice for Will to plop himself beside Lauren E. His presence didn't go unnoticed, however, and all three Laurens turned to say hi and unfortunately, Lauren S didn't turn back to her work.

"Heyyy, William," she started smugly. Will hated the sound of his full name, and he hated how pretentiously Lauren S would use it like that, "they've got me working on the new show. I didn't even have to ask." Will noted that he didn't even have to ask for her to start stroking her own ego, but on the outside, he smiled and congratulated her. "Rachel is really listening to my opinion, I think, she can probably tell that I'm not like the usual interns that pass through here," she continued.

Wow, Will thought, can she hear herself? He could hardly believe that Lauren S was saying all this with such a straight, smug face. Lauren Smug, he thought. That fits. Or just Smug.

Smug continued her ode to herself while Will and Lauren E exchanged knowing glances whenever Smug's eyes drifted elsewhere. Finally, Lauren Tits broke the torture.


At first Will thought Tits was verbalizing the thoughts screaming in his head in response to Smug's masturbatory monologue, but he should have known better. After everyone looked at her, Tits continued.

"This girl just said that Boyce is hotter than Jamal! What an idiot!"

Her audience sat in stunned silence for a moment before Lauren E spoke first, "which girl? What?"

"This girl!" Tits flailed her arm toward her computer screen. Will noted that a YouTube video was playing and a pair of headphones was around Tits' neck. Will then realized that Tits was reacting to some random girl on the internet's thoughts about two people from some show he was sure he had never heard of. He tried to come up with a response, but was too dumbfounded to say anything. Lauren E had him covered.

"Yeah...what an idiot..."

Will suppressed a chuckle as Tits obliviously returned her attention to her screen. He stole a glance at her ample bust, felt guilty about it, and turned back to Lauren and thankfully noted that Smug had returned to her work. There couldn't have been a more perfect example of why the two non-E Laurens bothered him so much. Just as he began to question if it was worth it to stick around, he heard Colin's voice from behind him.

"Yo! Fucker! There you are!"

Will spun around on his chair and his heart jumped involuntarily. Colin was briskly walking toward him accompanied by none other than Liz. She strode with confidence while her face expressed hesitation. She was casually clad in a black t-shirt and light blue jeans. Will was stunned as he admired her full lips and slightly upturned nose. And then there were her eyes. Did nobody else notice? They were so dark that there seemed to be only pupil. A drop of black paint in a white eyeball. Nothing but darkness waiting to engulf you. Colin's voice broke Will out of his trance.

"We just went on a wild goose chase, asshole. Aren't you supposed to be upstairs by now? Liz is going to shadow you this month." Will froze for an uncomfortably long time. Despite Colin's words, his tone was relatively kind, but he was confused by Will's silence. Colin almost spoke up again, but Will was able to choke out a sentence.

"Umm, no. I mean, I usually don't have any work to do until at least 1:30, sometimes later. Er, shadow me?" Will stammered on, "my job is boring! I doubt she would want to do that." He glanced toward Liz during his last sentence, but she already turned to Colin.

"He talked about it when he gave me the tour yesterday, I don't think it's boring," Liz said. Colin shrugged.

"I agree with Will, I think his job is boring as shit, but it can't be worse than mine. And c'mon, Will, I bet you could use some company up there, 'eh?" Colin was hardly subtle about raising his eyebrows while speaking, but Liz appeared oblivious. Will's head suddenly felt extremely cloudy and heavy. He wondered if the incident yesterday was all a dream as nothing seemed real at that moment. He felt scared of Liz, her eyes appeared darker than ever and he found it difficult to even look at her.

Colin's trademark impatience broke Will out of his stupor, "c'mon buddy! Wake up! It's past noon. Take her upstairs and let me go back to hating my job." Will still found it difficult to form coherent thoughts as he stole a glance up at Liz. She smiled sweetly at him and he then spoke quicker than he expected,

"Yeah, of course, sorry. Let's go, Liz."

"Finally," Colin responded before patting Will on the shoulder and jogging to go to his desk in the basement. Will swallowed hard before looking at Liz, but her expression was tame. Almost blank. Will was able to shake off the rest of his daze. He no longer felt an uncontrollable fear, but his stomach was still in knots as the pair walked toward the far staircase to take them to Will's isolated office.

The walk was painfully silent and Will's mind was painfully loud. He wondered what Liz's motives were. Why would she ask to shadow him? Would she pull another stunt like yesterday? Did this mean she had it out for him or that maybe she had taken a liking to him? Will's mind raced faster as they approached the third floor.

He kept returning to the thought that he had imagined the events from the day before. How could the sweet and shy girl beside him be capable of such sudden seduction and aggression? He tried to keep his mind off of how attractive she was, but he couldn't help it. Her large young bust strained against her tight tee and her hips swayed sexily despite her small nervous steps.

They entered the smaller third floor studio and his mind leaped from her body to the improbable. What if she was capable of manipulating my mind, he thought irrationally, does that mean she can read it too? Despite his predilection toward logical thinking, Will couldn't shake those supernatural thoughts as easily this time.

They climbed the winding stairs to the control room that Will called his office and he started to feel faint. His mind was finally exhausted of its heavy flow of questions, and he flopped wordlessly into his chair and kicked a spare one such that Liz would be able to sit as well.

Will didn't feel the need to fill the pregnant pause. He needed a rest and frankly wasn't concerned with Liz's comfort at the moment. Finally, he sat up properly and started turning on all the monitors he used to create the elements he would display on the live show later. He absent-mindedly narrated his actions to Liz in an effort to not only finally fill the silence, but to make sure the subject matter remained mundane.

The entire time, Will felt unable to look at Liz. As if acknowledging her presence would restart the events from yesterday. In his paranoia, he began to wonder if she was even still there, or what if she had undressed? Before he was able to dismiss these thoughts as ridiculous, he tossed a panicked look toward her. She was sitting sweetly and silently on her chair, fully clothed. He let an audible sigh of relief before continuing the overview of his daily responsibilities. Colin's right, Will thought, my job IS pretty boring.

As if sensing that Will was finally more at ease, Liz finally spoke up.

"I don't know how I can do it, but I've always been able to." Will spun around and gaped at Liz. She was unphased by his reaction and continued, "Most people don't see me any differently unless I control them, but you seemed to be wary of me. That's not common."

Will still couldn't say a word, he couldn't believe what he was hearing. Yesterday Liz was either a shy 18-year-old or a dominating seductress, now she was showing a third side.

"That's why I think you'll serve me well, Will. You're perceptive and smart. I've grown tired of just controlling people, so I like to pass my gift along, so to speak."

Will finally mustered the ability to speak.

"I'm sorry, ma'am, I still can't believe any of this. What are you talking about?" Will flinched as he realized he had addressed her as 'ma'am' as per her command yesterday. Liz seemed to notice and smiled. Will couldn't decide if her smile was warm or menacing.

"I can prove it beyond I already have if you want, Will." Liz was sitting more rigid in her chair now and Will started to feel like this was more like the Liz he saw in his office yesterday. She continued, "but you don't always have to address me as ma'am when we're alone anymore, Will. Only when I feel it is necessary. Understood?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"I don't need words to control you, but I usually prefer them. For example. Slap yourself in the face."

Will barely had time to react before his own hand struck his face. He was stunned. He looked Liz in the eye for a brief moment before his other hand struck his other cheek.

"See, that time I just thought it. It goes for anything." Liz raised an eyebrow as she spoke and Will felt his guts clenching in anticipation. Liz didn't move a muscle as Will fell to his knees and starting barking like a dog, then he lay on his back and started listing his favourite foods and colours. Liz continued to make him do embarrassing things while she sat silently. Will noticed -- while doing jumping jacks -- that he had full control of his thoughts while all this happened. He didn't feel his thoughts being manipulated nor his feelings, although he couldn't be sure of the latter.

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