tagIncest/TabooIntroduction Ch. 05

Introduction Ch. 05


It was early evening in Savannah, and outside the crickets were humming and the smell of salt from the ocean was on the air. Wind was blowing gently. The windows of Jason's house were open downstairs, and through them blew the scent of a coming storm.

Indoors, we had one guest, a friend of Jason's who was planning a mock auction of slaves and submissive. It was a fun event. Small rooms were usually set aside for buyers to test their new properties for the evening. I was looking forward to it.

So was Jason.

I stood beside him. Maria was in the kitchen, humming to some music on the radio. She was making drinks.

Alistair McDair sat in a comfortably padded chair next to Jason's. He was fat. He had jowls that hung down on either side of his mouth, and rolls of fat around his neck. People who gently tried to persuade him to say that he was "overweight" instead met with his glare and his "harrumph!" and announcement that no, he was fat. He seemed for some reason to take pride in it. I think he had decided long ago that his weight somehow equaled his bank account, because it was equally huge.

He shifted his weight. He wore a suit and tie, a gentleman by appearance, maybe early 50's. Hard to tell.

Jason was seated in the twin of McDair's chair. He sipped slowly, put down his glass. He answered McDair's earlier question.

"I want to auction off my niece," he said slowly, his arm around my waist pulling me closer to him. He patted my belly. "Something special for that night. I was thinking of putting her up for bid to a small group." He smiled at McDair, who looked at me.

"Is she willing? I mean, a small group, Jason – more than one person? In the same night?"

Jason smiled. "Oh, she's willing. That's the problem." He looked up at me. I had my left arm draped around his neck. Jason flashed his teeth at me in a grin. I leaned down and kissed him. McDair watched, quiet.

"Here's the problem, Alistair," said Jason. He picked up his drink again, sipped, put it down. "Or – you tell him," said Jason suddenly. He looked up at me.

I smiled at McDair. "I need more."

Jason's hand moved back, to my bottom. He patted it gently but firmly. "Be explicit."

I nodded. "I need more sex. I need – " I looked at Jason. He nodded.

"Show him."

I was wearing a sundress, spaghetti straps, with a small bow across my breasts. Very cute. Blue background, white daisies, bright yellow centers. Cute.

But the bow was across the breasts, tied like a sarong, and the bottoms of my breasts clearly showed. I moved over to McDair, picked up one of his chubby hands, and selected a finger. I moved it between my breasts, which were tight and full, inserting his finger under the bow, between the flesh. I moved it up and down. He looked at me, his mouth hanging open a little while he took his usual raspy deep breaths. He had small eyes, but they opened a little.

I stepped back, pulled up the sundress and tugged it around my waist. I wore no panties. I wore no underwear at all, of course.

"You see?" said Jason. "She likes to show off her pussy. Don't you?"

"Yes." I looked at McDair, the sundress bunched around my waist. I picked up the same chubby hand and smoothed it across my hip. He set down his own glass and leaned forward a little. Put both hands on hips and moved them a little until they cupped my bottom in his big hands. He squeezed gently.

"How often does she do this?" McDair asked Jason.

"Tell him."

I looked at McDair. "As much as I can. I like people to see." I moved closer to McDair, who looked up at me for a moment, then back down. "I like for them to touch."

McDair kept his hands on my bottom, flexing it gently with his fingers. I could feel them digging into my flesh, pulling apart the cheeks a little, squeezing them together. I was excited.

"See? She likes it. Don't you?"

"Yes, I do. I like what you're doing. I like that you're looking at me. Do you want me to get closer?" I asked.

McDair nodded, massaging my bottom with his hands.

I stepped closer until my knees were against the chair edge, my legs on each side of one of his legs. I bent my right leg and put it on the chair's arm.

"Can I take off my dress?" I asked over my shoulder.

"Yes," said Jason. He stood up and came over, standing next to McDair's chair. "He should get a good look at the merchandise he'll be selling for me."

I pulled my dress over my head and tossed it to the floor nearby.

"She's beautiful. I might bid on her myself," said McDair. He slid his hands to my hips, mesmerized.

Jason nodded at me. "Show him more. And tell him what you are."

I leaned over McDair, putting my hands on his shoulders, rubbing a breast against his mouth. He opened, and I slipped a nipple in. His lips clamped onto the nipple. I felt hot, both men watching me. I took one of his hands and gently urged it to my front. He placed it there, still at first, sucking on my nipple.

"I like it," I said. "I like you watching me, I like men playing with me. I like your hand on my pussy – "I gasped then. His thick thumb had just entered me. He moved it gently inside me. "I like – "

"Tell him what you are," said Jason.

"I'm a slut. I love being a slut. I'll be your slut, I'll be anybody's slut." I pushed against his thumb. McDair opened his mouth, freed my nipple. He pushed his thumb in and out of me a few times.

"Can I?" I looked at Jason. He shrugged.

"It's up to McDair," he said nonchalantly.

"What's up to me?"

"You can have her right now, if you want."

"You're kidding. Are you?" McDair settled back a little. I worked my way onto the other chair arm until I had one leg spread out on each side of McDair, raising my hips up closer to his chest level. He looked up at Jason.

Jason shrugged. "She's a little whore. Aren't you?"

"Yes, yes, I am," I said. I moved my clit slowly up and down the tie on McDair's chest. The tie glistened a little. I was wet.

"I've already had her once today. She always needs more." Jason paused. "And why is that, slut?"

"Because I AM a slut. Because – " I moved my pussy up a little closer to McDair's face, who grabbed my bottom with his big hands again – "because I'm a nympho. I can't get enough."

"Enough what?" said Jason. He stood with his arms folded, watching me.

I looked in his eyes while McDair kneaded my bottom with his large hands. "I can't get fucked enough, Master."

"That's right. Because you're a whore."

"Yes Master, yes. I'm a whore."

"And you'll fuck anybody I say."

"Yes Master, I will."

"If I told you to fuck everybody in this house tonight, you would, wouldn't you?"

"Yes, yes Master, yes, I would, please let me!" I pushed my hips closer to McDair's face. He kissed the flesh just above my clit, his fingers digging hard into my bottom now.

"If I told you to fuck McDair now, you would, wouldn't you?"

"Yes! Oh God yes, Master, please let me, now, please Master," I cried. I was so hot and excited. I pushed my hips closer to McDair, whose mouth was moving inside one of my thighs now. He groaned, lifted his head.

"Fine. Let her," he said quickly.

"Good. Tell her what you want her to do. Do you want anybody to watch?"

"Yeah. Yes. Bring in Maria. You can stay too, if you want." McDair's mouth went to my clit. He flicked it with his tongue. "My God, Jason, your own niece. And you fuck her?"

Jason had returned with Maria. They sat nearby, Jason on the armchair, Maria in the seat, her hand coming around to Jason's crotch. She slowly began to unzip him.

"All the time. She loves it. Don't you?"

I trembled a little, excited, almost in a fever. "Oh yes, yes Master, I love it."

"Tell him something you like about me fucking you," said Jason. Maria's hand was inside his pants now.

"I like – " McDair was watching me, breathing hard, and he pushed a chubby finger inside me just then – "Oh! Ohhhh I like – " the finger pulled out a little, then went back in me – "I like it when you tie me down. I like it most when you let me play with your cock. I like – "I pushed harder against McDair's finger, and he grinned at me.

McDair interrupted. "I'd like to see you play with my cock."

"Do it," said Jason. Maria was working Jason's pants down, her hand on his cock now.

I nodded. "Yes Master, yes." I lowered myself until I knelt on the floor between McDair's legs. I unzipped his pants, then let my thumbs massage the top of his cock, pressing in a little, then gently stroking.

"Ah, that's good." McDair leaned back, pushing his own hips out a little more. I understood and tugged open more of his pants until I could pull out his cock. I slipped my hand into his pants until I felt one of his balls, and I gently rolled it in my fingers.

"Oh yes."

McDair motioned me away, stood up, and pulled down his pants. He gestured at me, and I helped him sit on the edge of the chair, placing a pillow behind his broad back so he could lean back more. "That's good. Play with the balls some more, honey."

I rolled both balls in my hands for a little while, gently, then squeezing very lightly when he told me to. His cock took some time to rise. I stroked my thumb gently underneath his cock, rolling the balls and cupping them at times with my other hand. "More, honey."

I leaned forward, delicately kissed the tip of his cock. It flexed a little, and I smiled. It was growing fuller.

My fingers worked along the sides of his cock, then I put my mouth over the end, slipping it on and off, while my tongue flicked lightly against the tip.

"Oh God yes."

He began to thrust in earnest into my mouth until he groaned. "No, not in your mouth." He tugged on my upper arm with one hand, and I stood up, then wedged my legs on each side of his wide hips. I braced myself against his chest with one hand, reached down between my legs, and found his cock with my other. I rubbed the tip against my pussy a little, teasing.

"Oh God sweetheart, you're gonna kill me!" he chuckled. His eyes were closed. I pushed down on his cock, pulling him inside me. I quivered and then felt his hands on my hips. He sharply smacked my bottom once, and I tightened on his cock for an instant.

"Goddamn, honey. Oh damn." He smacked my bottom again, then pulled apart my cheeks with his fingers, squeezing hard. I squeaked, then moved up and down on his cock again. He moaned. He was pretty good. He made me cum twice just because he would smack my bottom hard at the right moment, and I would tighten around him and whimper, "Aaaaaa," and clench around his cock. When he came inside me, he had me to rest against his chest, his hands slowly moving up and down my back, squeezing my bottom, feeling inside my thighs. He made me stay on his lap like that for a little while, his cock still inside me.

"Does that bother you?"

"Umm? What?"

"Having my dick still in you."

"No, I like it."

He chuckled. I moved on his penis, my hand going down to my pussy, feeling along his cock and where it entered me.

"Damn, girl, you'll get me hard again!"

I smiled and arched my back.

Jason stood up, his own cock hard and full. "Alistair, you want to keep her there for a minute?"

"Sure." McDair patted my bottom.

Jason moved over to us. "Did she please you?"

"Hell yes."

"I want to try something."


I looked over my shoulder, still sprawled against McDair's chest. My legs were out, on either side of his; I was at about a 45 degree angle.

Jason wrapped the end of his belt around his fist. The end with the holes hung down.

"Hold her tight," he said, and swung. The end of the belt popped against my bottom. I jerked a little. McDair was still inside me. His arms were around my shoulders, holding me against him.

Jason popped my bottom two more times with the belt. I jerked again.

"She likes it," he said.

He spanked me several times with his belt, until I arched my back, my nipples out, and ground against McDair's cock, my pussy clenched around him. He groaned and I moaned.

"I can feel her! Damn, son, I can feel her," said McDair, panting.

"Good." Jason tapped me on my shoulder. "Now me." I nodded and slowly pulled myself off of McDair, who watched us with his mouth open.

Jason slipped his belt around my throat, pulling it snug, holding the end around his fist. He guided me over to the back of his chair, and I sat on the edge, then leaned back, back, until my body was curved backwards over the end of the chair. I braced my hands against the seat of the chair, looking at the world upside down. My legs were hanging over the top of the chair, my hips balanced on the top. Jason had left the belt around my neck. I felt his hand smoothing up and down my tight, stretched belly.

"You want to fuck me?"

"Yes Master, I do, please."

"You want to fuck your uncle while your aunt and this nice man watch? Is that what you want?" Jason spread my pussy apart with his fingers, and I moaned.

"Master please, I want that, yes."

"Are you sure?" He pushed two fingers inside me, then opened them a little.

"Oh God Master Master, please, please," I cried out, my back arching more and more until I was bent backwards further.

"I should smack your pussy for being such a bad, bad girl," Jason said huskily.

"Yes Master, please."

Jason's fingers twisted inside me, plunging in and out. "You see this, McDair? She's fucked two men today, and she still wants more." He turned to me. "And why is that?"

"Because I'm a whore Master, a whore, a slut who will fuck anybody, Master, please Master, please, fuck me." I was almost sobbing, eager for him.

He played with me a little longer. "See, McDair? What she really needs is to be tied down and fucked, over and over. I'm really going to have to punish her when you leave," Jason muttered. He pulled out his fingers and smeared my wetness on my belly.


Jason plunged his cock into me without warning.

"OHH" I cried out, nearly weeping.

Jason shoved into me, holding his hands on my hips so I wouldn't fall off. He worked his cock in and out of me, fast, hard, and when he finished, he groaned and pulled out, his cock hitting my clit for a moment. I whimpered, still eager.

"You see my problem, McDair?" Jason helped me off the chair and walked me over to McDair. "Look at her pussy. Three times today, and she still wants more." Jason's hand found the end of his belt again, still around my neck. His other hand cupped my breast, a thumb flicking the nipple.

"And why is that?"

"Master, I'm a whore, a nympho."

"And you like having me fuck you."

"Master yes."

"You'd like a whole room to fuck you." His voice whispered in my ear. My eyes were closed.

"Yes Master, please."

"Good. Go to the kitchen. Tell Maria I want both of you downstairs." He pinched my nipple, and I left the room. I heard him tell McDair as I left, "You see my problem. I want her auctioned to a small group."

"Yeah. I see what you mean." McDair chuckled, and then I could not hear them any more.


I found Maria and told her we were to go downstairs, to the dungeon. While we were waiting down there, I put on my collar, as well as my ankle and wrist cuffs. Maria opened a tray and flicked through the items, idly. We heard the door open and shut, Jason coming down the stairs. He smiled at us, then took on his stern look.

"Maria, this slut of ours, what to do..." He joined her in looking through the tray. I stood nearby, naked except for my cuffs and collar.

"I want her clit pierced," she said. I was startled. My nipples were already pierced. Jason turned around at that point and held out two studs to me. I picked them up and began inserting them into my nipples. The long studs. Huh oh.

"Think of the fun we could have with her, if her clit was pierced!" said Maria. She followed Jason, holding the tray. He motioned for me to lie down on a long padded table, a little higher than most tables. I lay down, and he and Maria pulled my arms and legs apart, clamping me to the four corners.

"I'll think about it," Jason said. They fitted the little electrical clamps to the ends of each nipple stud. When they were done, Jason flipped a switch on a little box beneath the table. The electricity began to hit one side of a stud, then another. I twitched a little. He leaned down, made an adjustment to the box. The electricity was a little sharper, hurting a little.

He sifted through some other items and came back to the table, leaning over me.

"See this?" He waved an object in front of my face. I nodded. "What is this?"

"It's – it's a rod, Master."

"Very good, whore. Where does it go?"

"In my pussy, Master." His mouth smiled, but his eyes didn't. While he still looked at my eyes, he reached back and in one shove, pushed the rod inside me. I whimpered at how cold it was.

"Be quiet. Aren't you glad I'm a good Master?"

"Yes Master, yes."

"And aren't you glad how I train you? How I make sure you know when you've been a bad, bad – " his hand reached back and tapped the end of the rod a little, pushing it inside me a little more; then that hand rested on my clit, fingers on my pussy – "naughty slut? Don't you want me to punish you when you've been showing your pussy to my guests?"

"Master yes, I'm sorry, I can't help myself, you know I can't help myself."

I tried to look down my body and could see Maria, attaching the wires to the end of the rod. I shivered.

"Master – Master, I've been very bad today, I have, but Master, please, please don't use the rod."

"Be quiet." He made an adjustment to the wires, leaned under the table, attached it. He changed the dial on the nipple wires, because the current increased.

"Now. You know why I have to use this rod on you."

"Yes Master."

"Why? You tell me why!" He pinched my clit, pulling it out and rolling it hard between his fingers. I gasped.

"Master! Master please – the rod – it makes me – it makes me cum a lot but it makes me remember – remember – " Jason pinched my clit harder, twisting it. "Master, the rod, it makes me remember, I'm a slut," I panted. I was really hot and excited again. He noticed.

The rod is thick. It fills me inside, and it's long. It's cold when they first put it inside me. At the end of the rod are little wires. Jason built it himself. It can vibrate. It can sting with electricity.

They finished. Maria leered at me, grinning. Sometimes I think Maria doesn't like me.

"I think she likes the nipple wires too much," she said, and Jason pushed up the dial a little more. Maria grinned at me again. I watched her, then Jason. He finished, then came closer to my face, put his hand on my belly. I quivered.

"Master –"

"Maria, turn it on." She did. I could immediately feel a pulsing inside me, the metal throbbing. The vibrator had been turned on, too. Then a shot arced inside me, and I jerked. The level was high, though not as high as it had been, as it could be. Jason nodded.

"I'll leave it at this level for now. Then I'll turn it up a little. When I come back." He straightened.

"Master? How long?"

"As long as it takes." The metal rod inside me throbbed, tiny vibrations twitching in me. My pussy was spread wide around its thickness. The electricity shot through me again, arcing into other areas. It was alternating and shooting out electricity to the top, then the middle, sometimes the top again, or the bottom. Jason pulled out a cloth and flipped it around a few times, ready to gag me. "I don't want to hear you when you scream," he explained.

"Master please no, no, please Master, it will hurt!"

"Beg me again," he said, holding the gag. He glanced over his shoulder at Maria. "And turn it up a little." She did, and more than a little. The electricity was bolting through my pussy, and I was clenching and unclenching, spasming inside, my hips bucking. It was hurting but I was also cumming. I moaned.

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