tagNonConsent/ReluctanceIntroduction to Deviancy

Introduction to Deviancy


Little Alicia walked up to the door of her friend, Marsha. She was invited to an intimate get together as Marsha put it. Alicia wore a very tight fitting tank top that shimmered in red as well as an even shorter red skirt that barely covered her rear end. Her stiletto heels didn't do much to hide her intentions for that night at all as she teased her shoulder length blond hair waiting for Marsha to answer the door. It was unknown to Alicia what Marsha was up to, but based on the number of cars in the driveway, she was thinking party. Party meant there was a chance that her drought of sexual relations would end that night.

A few moments later, Marsha finally answered the door. She wore a conventional terry cloth robe, light pink that matched her cheeks. As her smile reassured Alicia, Marsha lightly touched Alicia's arm as she entered the house. The immediate area near the door had no sign of life. Alicia's mind started wondering if maybe this was another ploy for Marsha to convert her to lesbianism as Marsha had attempted to do a few times already.

This fear subsided when a handsome black man walked out from the back wearing little more than a pair of boxers. The smile on his face disarmed Alicia's sense of danger as she caught the sight of the bottom seam of his shorts, which did little to hide the head of his cock. Alicia thought to herself that she would definitely get the chance to fix that need that night.

As Alicia allowed herself to be led through the house, she couldn't help but wonder if she was being drawn in to a swinging party or something like it. After all, Marsha and Alicia talked many times about sexual experiences and although Marsha seemed more experienced, Alicia felt that she was just as experienced. Not in a porn star sense where she was involved in orgies and gangbangs, but she had slept with a few men in her brief life of twenty four years and she thought to herself that she was way more open than her conservative upbringing would allow one to think. Still, Alicia had a hard time imagining what was going on in the rear of Marsha's house.

When they arrived in the back room, Alicia took a moment to survey the scene. There standing before her where seven fine specimens of manhood. Each was dressed in little more than loosely worn boxers. Each looked upon Alicia like she was the main course on the menu. At this point, Alicia was more scared than turned on. As she turned to go, two of the men grabbed her and began to put her in a chair in the corner of the room. As one was recording this on camera, her hands where tied behind her back and her legs were secured to the legs of the chair.

When the movement ceased, there Alicia sat tied down to the chair as Marsha looked down on her. It was then that Marsha undid the belt of her robe and revealed that her clothing was little more than a pair of black stockings. Her breasts were adorned with a string that tied her nipples together and her privacy was adorned with a sparkly piece of jewelry. As Marsha took her position on a chaise lounge, Alicia was clueless to what she was doing there. Every part of her conscious thoughts was saying that she should be scared and that she should figure out some way to run. Yet, her nipples were already hardened with excitement and her vagina was wet with desire already. Whether it was being tied down, the number of hard bodies in the room, or the fact that Marsha was putting her nude form on display in front of them that she wasn't sure what was driving her crazy.

In any case, as each of the beef cakes began to shed their cock coverings, Alicia could do little more than gasp at the different variation of members that were at Marsha's disposal. As each moved forward, Alicia noticed as one of the cute black guys had Marsha's hair in his hand and was gently pulling it as her mouth opened wide. It opened just enough for one of the lighter skin fellows to place his semi hard penis into her mouth. Others took various positions along side Marsha. The darkest skin guy there took a position between Marsha's legs and the sounds of him slurping on her box was loud above her muffled moans. Another fellow was pulling the string attached to her nipples which resulted in her moaning loudly, or as loudly as can be expected with her mouth stuffed with cock. The other stood around, pulling on their members around Marsha, as if starting to prepare a sacrifice for a sexual deity.

Alicia felt her legs tighten. She wanted just one of those cocks to toy with her. Maybe she would suck it until his fluids would coat her throat. It had been a long time since she gave a man a suitable blow job. Perhaps she could have one of them to unload their weapons inside her desperate private area. It had been even longer since that had happened. Alicia wasn't sure how long it would take before she would yell to be let go. Oh the things that ran through her head to do as a bargaining tool.

The action didn't pause in front of Alicia as Marsha's legs were put up over the dark chocolate guy's shoulders, his massive dark tool contrasting with Marsha's pale white skin as he entered her. Marsha had each hand on a cock, one in her mouth, and three guys stroking over the rest of her body. Alicia wondered in her mind how much man Marsha could handle and how many times this had actually happened. It didn't take long for the dark chocolate gentleman to pull out of Marsha's body long enough to have him lay on the lounge himself as Marsha is lifted back onto his member again. Nor did itt take long for one of the lighter skin guys with the long slender cock to take position behind Marsha's rear. Alicia watched as Marsha was totally filled by this point. Marsha's moans were hindered by the new cock in her mouth.

It was practically a half hour with Marsha being used and abused like a common lady of the night and Alicia's pussy practically coating the chair she was tied to before the men dragged Marsha down to the floor and began to circle jerk around her open mouth. It was a technical cum barrage as each man began to shoot all along Marsha's mouth, face, breasts and skin. It wasn't long after this display that one of the men untied Alicia. Before she had the chance to resist, she was pushed right next to Marsha where she was ordered to start licking Marsha's face and breasts to clean up the mess. Alicia wanted to resist, but the spell was cast as she slowly began to extend her tongue to sample the veritable cum smorgasbord that Marsha had become.

Within fifteen minutes, Alicia's skirt was removed and the dark chocolate guy began to penetrate her needy box from behind as Marsha held her mouth on her nipples. It wasn't long until Alicia's body was pulled away and she was triple teamed as Marsha was the center of the other participant's attentions.

The rest of the night was spent with Alicia and Marsha in various stages of sexual torture. Alicia at one time had her first time with three men on her at once. Even though she was enjoying all the attention ravaged on her by these cocks, she barely had time to consider the ramifications until she was being pushed out the door with a video tape in her hand and an invitation to come back next week for a very special replay.

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