Jessica lugged her laundry basket up the three flights of stairs, fumbled with her house key and maneuvered herself into her apartment. With her hands still full, she pulled the key from the lock and shut the door behind her without bothering to lock it. Moving to set the basket on the couch, Jessica began folding to soft fluffy towels, so warm and fresh from the dryer.

All of a sudden, the door flew open and a man wearing a ski-mask came barreling in. Jessica jumped and shrieked. The masked man shut the door behind himself and locked it. The click of the bolts sliding into place had a menacing feel. Jessica knew that there was going to be trouble.

Before she had time to react, the man was on her, grabbing her arms and pinning them behind her back. The man stood about half a foot over her and his body was solid and strong. He smelled clean like Irish Spring soap, a thought that came unbidden into her brain and seemed somehow inconsistent with the events that were taking place.

"I know over a hundred ways to incapacitate you and about half of them will leave you dead," the man said in a steely voice. "Don't scream, and don't make me use any of them. I won't hurt you if I don't have to."

"What do you want?" Jessica asked in a shaky voice. "There's a little money on top of the dresser and a few bracelets but I really don't have anything worth taking."

"Keep your money," the man sneered. "You do have something I want, and I will take it. Although you may be right, it may not be worth all that much."

"I don't know what you are talking about," Jessica faltered. Her voice sounded as though she were on the brink of tears.

"Move to the bedroom," he ordered.

"What, I-"

"Do it!" he yelled, jerking hard on her arms. Tears now began to fall.

"That hurt!" she yelped.

"Then don't make me do it again bitch. Do as I say."

Wordlessly, she led him to her bedroom. She was relieved that it was tidy and that the bed was made, usually it was all in such a disarray. Then she realized what she had been thinking and couldn't believe herself. She had actually been worried about this stranger thinking she was a slob! She didn't have much time however, either for relief or for berating herself because he threw her onto her perfectly made bed without any concern for messing up the comforter.

At least he had let go of her arms, they had been starting to go numb. She turned to see the man unzipping his pants and fishing out a semi-erect cock. "You're right about one thing bitch. What I want is pretty worthless. It's you. Tell me what a worthless little whore you are and I'll let you suck my cock."

"I don't know what you are talking about. Why would I do that, I don't even want to suck your- er, suck you."

In an instant, she knew she had said the wrong thing. The man brought his hand up fast and sharp across her cheek. She couldn't believe the force with which he had struck her. This was no bitch slap, it was the smack of a man who clearly meant business. "Shut up bitch and do what you're told."

Choking back tears she whimpered, "Please don't hit me again. I'll do whatever you want. T-t-tell me again what you wanted me to s-s-say."

"Tell me," the man slowly repeated, "what a perfectly worthless filthy little slut you are and how badly you want to suck my cock into your hungry little mouth."

Jessica wasn't sure exactly what to do. She wasn't used to talking like that, she couldn't even image those words coming out of her mouth. Her voice was shaky as she did her best to comply.

"I'm just a worthless s-slut," she told him. "Put my mouth to good use and fill it with your c- your c-"

"Say it whore!" he demanded, prompting a tear to slide down her cheek. "Beg for my cock."

"I caaaaaant!" she wailed, unable to say the word. The intruder helped her out by grabbing her hair and yanking it hard. He didn't let go either, just held it tight in his brutish fist, squeezing progressively harder until her squeals of pain formulated into words.

"Please," she found herself crying. "Please let me suck your cock." Perhaps he would come quickly and be gone just as soon. Perhaps he wouldn't hurt her any more, if she did what he said and did it quickly.

His sex organ was growing some now but she could tell it still had a ways to go before it was completely hard. The man took it in his hand and rubbed it over her cheek. "It's not that easy bitch. I gotta really believe you want it."

Jessica couldn't believe this was happening to her. Once moment she was folding laundry in a state of domestic bliss, and the next- it was like some horror movie. She'd been attacked in her own home. The main was rough and course and his bulk and strength put any ideas of escape or defense out of her mind. She was helpless against him, and she knew it. The thought filled her with cold chills. She could only hope that he'd finish quickly and leave her safe and alive.

Tears she was trying so hard to hold back, rolled down her face. A bit of pre-cum had already leaked out on her skin and the stranger continued to wipe his damp member over the remainder of her face. He held the sides of her mouth, forcing her jaw open and her quivering lips to part.

"Come on bitch. Don't stop now. Beg for it."

"Oh God! Please!" she cried out, shaking. What she really meant was please make it stop, please go away, please God strike this bastard with lightning and get him off of me. The terror was obvious, yet she hoped he would chose to accept it for what he wanted.

"That's a good start, whore. But what about you? Tell me some more about yourself, street trash."

She squeezed her eyes shut tight. No, I'm not street trash, she thought. Why was he doing this. Did he have her confused with someone else? "I- I'm not street trash," she choked out through her tears.

"Liar!" he yelled, slapping her again. "I know about your dreams, whore. I know about your filthy fantasies."

Pangs of guilt attacked her. She did sometimes fantasize about things that she shouldn't. Dirty things. She knew it wasn't right to have dirty thoughts, she hadn't been brought up that way. Sex was a beautiful loving thing, not some lurid act of depraved debauchery like those disturbing dreams that had been waking her up in a fever with a yarning to touch herself.

"I don't know what you're talking about," she insisted. She felt the tightening of her hair in his hands. "Ok, ok! Please don't hurt me. I'll admit it. I- I sometimes wonder what it would be like to be a common street whore, to sell body to anybody with money. To feel cheep and used."

"Oh you don't have to wonder slut. Your just a piece of worthless gutter trash. Just because you've got a nice little home here, that's not fooling me. You're nasty, dirty, filthy. Say it!"

"No! No!- Ow! Ow! Please stop. Your hurting me!"

He spit in her face. "Good," he said in an evil voice. She recoiled from the shock. "Oh God, please!" she cried out again. "Please, please, please."

"No one can help you now but you slut. Name yourself. Beg for my cock."

She was broken. She knew that no help was on the way. "I'm a whore!" she wailed out. "I'm a filthy nasty slut. Just a cheap piece of gutter trash. Please mister, use me. Shove your cock in my mouth, please. Let me suck the sweat from your balls and swallow your hot cum."

She had to admit, she was growing damp. But she hated the sound of the words from her voice. She knew she was being forced to say them, yet she felt a certain truth to them, a truth that filled her with guilt and shame.

He dangled his hard organ over her pressed open mouth. She could smell his flesh, his warmth and his dampness. She felt herself almost eager for it. Just to get it over with, she told herself again. Just to get it over with so I can forget this ever happened.

"You want to suck my dick?" he asked her as though he were teasing her. He wasn't though, because she wasn't tempted by this disgusting brute, this criminal, this bully. Even though his hard organ was stretched out to full capacity. Even though it's veins bulged out over what looked like nearly a foot of man meat. Even though the velvety purple head had started to dribble just one drop of clear thick liquid. Like the famous ketchup commercial, the drop of pre-cum seemed to hang there, in suspended animation for eternity.

"Yes, please! Please! Please! Let me suck your thick monster cock! Let me be your dirty nasty fucking slut! Please mister! I need your cock in my slutty filthy mouth. Please, fuck my mouth! Oh god, please, make me your little bitch!"

"That's more like it, slut," he told her shoving his engorged member into her waiting mouth. He held her face and fucked in and out of her mouth with a smooth even rhythm. "You fuckin whore! You fucking cum rag!" he sputtered.

Already he was coming. Jessica felt the blast shoot deep into her throat. His grip tightened on her hair as he ordered her to swallow. As if she had any choice. The thick sickening liquid did not slide down with ease. She was not used to swallowing semen and she found it quite unpleasant.

"Look at you, you cheep whore," he told her as he pulled out of her mouth. You've go my cum leaking out of the side of your mouth. Be a good little slut and lick it up."

She flicked her tongue out as she had been told, cringing at the flavor and goopy texture of the mess he had left on her face.

"You think it's that easy? You think you're done?" he menaced.

"I thought... I thought..." she cried.

"You thought you were a good girl too, didn't you. But you found out something today. You found out that you are just a wanton little whore. A shameless tramp. And you know you fucking loved it." He reached down between her legs where she was beyond damp. His finger moved over her clit, causing her breath to become shallow and hard.

He slid down between her legs, letting his tongue do the work. Unprompted down, the filth poured forth from her mouth. "Lick my clit you fucking bastard! Suck my cunt, I want to be a filthy tramp. I want to slick your lips with my come. Eat my pussy you fucking bastard! Eat my fucking pussy and make me your shameless whore. Oh God Yes! Oh God! Oh God, Ray! Yes! Yes! Yes! You fucking own my pussy! Make me your bitch! I'm coming! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! I'm coming! Yes! Ohhhhhhhhh!!! Ohhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhh!"

Her body tensed up, her pussy thrust forth in the air, all pretenses of innocence gone. She felt the coil wind and then all of a sudden release, and she was coming. She felt like she was bursting open like a bag of holiday confetti. She knew his lips were glistening with her juices now, knew that he was savoring her flavoring.

The man on the bed sat up and pulled off the ski mask. "Was it everything you hoped?" he asked.

She was coming back down to earth, feeling pleasant, playful and oddly enough- honest. "God yes. But-" she wrinkled her nose. "I didn't like the- ew- my mouth."

Jessica's boyfriend laughed. "You'll get used to it."

"What makes you think I'm ever doing that again?"

"What makes you think you have a choice?"

Jessica rolled her eyes, "Oh god. I've created a monster."

He leaned down and covered her mouth with hers, their flavors mingling in her mouth. Her own musky taste was also new to her, and seemed to stir a strange passion. She hoped he was up for another round, she had a few more roll playing ideas in mind.

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