(This is a hot fantasy, but in no way condones rape.)


Lisa was home watching TV that fateful afternoon. She had led a fairly boring life after Frank, her bad-boy boyfriend was arrested for holding up a liquor store. He had been gruff and rude, but was great in bed, and had a kinky edge that always made her come back for more, even though she knew he was a dirtbag. There was no way for her to know that he had bragged about her to his cell mate at Attica, who was now a free man.

The doorbell rang, and Lisa answered it, without thinking much about it. A delivery maybe?

She opened the door and he was inside in an instant, his hand on her throat, slamming her against the wall and taking her breath away. She was instantly terrified as she grabbed for the man's tattooed forearm. He slammed the door closed with his left hand, his right hand pinning her against the wall. The second the door closed, he grabbed her long brown hair and pulled it hard, spinning her around to face the wall.

"Don't you fucking move!" he growled as he pushed her against the wall. "You hear me bitch? Don't you fuckin move or you're dead!"

She was panicking inside, and frozen in terror. He grabbed her wrists and placed her hands against the wall just above her head.

"You keep your hands right there—don't you fucking move them, you understand?"

She didn't reply, merely stayed exactly where he had put her. His hand pulling her hair back snapped her head back. "Say yes. Sir!"

She started crying. "Yes, sir..." she managed to say.

He pulled a large knife from the back pocket of his jeans and unfolded it. He was a big man, at least six-two, two-fifty, with long greasy hair and a light beard. He was smiling as he slid the knife under her white blouse. Lisa was just home from work, and was wearing a white silk blouse and a brown skirt. He let the knife point slide through the thin material, then drew it back towards him, slicing the blouse open in back. She was crying louder, which made him hard. He used the knife, razor sharp, to slice through the shoulder straps of her bra, and then the back. It fluttered to the floor at her feet, letting her 36D breasts hang free. He folded the knife and slid it back into his pocket. He leaned closer, his hands sliding around her chest, and whispered into her ear.

"Don't you fucking move you understand?"

"Yes," she whispered back, sobbing.

His hand slapping her ass so hard she almost fell shocked her. "Yes, SIR!" he bellowed. He was scary, the way Frank used to be, and she felt her nipples stiffen in the cold air. His hands slid over her breasts, perfect smooth orbs, and he found her hard nipples and squeezed hard as he twisted them. Her knees buckled at the pain...but she felt something else too.

"You like it, don't you slut?"

"No!" she cried out. "Please! Just leave and I won't tell anybody! Please! Stop!" she begged as he pulled and kneaded her perfect tits.

He squeezed harder. "You fucking love it! Now say it!" he roared.

"I love it," she whispered, now crying again.

He moved his hands slowly down her belly and unsnapped her skirt, which fell at her ankles. "Don't you move a muscle," he whispered, as his hand slid over her hips and around to her perfect little ass. She was wearing a white lace thong and it showed off her ass.

"So nice," he said out loud, and then he slid his knife under it and cut it open. It fluttered to the floor by her skirt, and he kicked her ankles wider. His hands slid over her ass and thighs as he admired his new toy. Poor Lisa bit her bottom lip and tried to hold herself together. Her mascara ran down her cheeks. He spanked her bare ass so hard he left a red handprint. Her knees buckled and she cried out in shock and pain.

"Say 'thank you, sir'" he whispered into her ear.

"Thank you, sir," she said between louder sobs.

He spanked her again. And again. And again. She thanked him after each, the same way she used to thank Frank when he used her so hard. She could feel her body betraying her as he spanked her ass. When his fingertip traced the seam of her cunt, she moaned softly and he felt her warm silk on his fingertip.

"You fucking love it, don't you slut?" he asked.

She continued crying, and said "No...please, no more...please just leave..."

He spanked her nonstop for a full minute, until her ass was crimson. She was sobbing loudly, but her pussy was flooding with warm cream.

"You love it bitch...don't you," he whispered into her ear. She could feel his warm breath and smell alcohol and cigarettes. She cringed. Without warning, he pushed 2 fingers up into her pussy. She was soaked, although she was terrified and wanted him to stop and just leave her alone.

He started working his fingers in and out, then made rough circles on her clit. He knees buckled slightly as her body responded to the physical stimuli. She was crying and begging him to stop—and that's when he pushed his thumb into her asshole. With his thumb in her ass, he used the web of his hand to rub against her swollen clit, and her hips started rocking against his hand.

"Oh gawwwwd," she murmured, starting to forget where she was.

He continued to work her ass and clit as he reached around and pinched her hard nipple. She let out a long guttural moan, and her pussy was now flooding his hand.

"Little fuck toy loves, it doesn't she?" he whispered hoarsely. "Answer me bitch!" he said as he pushed harder into her cunt.

She whimpered and groaned out a long, "yessssssss..."

He pulled his hand away, leaving her ass and pussy open and needy, and she turned her head to face him, wondering why he had stopped. She was confused—she wanted him to stop and leave, she wanted him to make her cum, she wanted him to use her hard...what did she want?

He grabbed her by the hair and half pushed, half pulled her out of the foyer of her small house into the den.

"On the floor slut!" he commanded. Get on your back and spread your legs. She laid down and, with bent knees, spread her legs for him. He stood and looked at her shaved pussy. Her lips were still slightly open, and glossy with pussy cream. He began undressing and told her to rub her clit. Her tears began to flow again as she reached down and rubbed her swollen clit. She didn't want to enjoy it, but she couldn't help it...she rubbed felt so fucking good..." She closed her eyes and began to get lost as she neared her first orgasm.

"STOP!" he roared with such force that she immediately pulled her hand away. She looked up at him with scared eyes. She needed to cum so badly, her pussy cream was running down her ass.

He knelt between her legs and shoved a pillow from the couch under her ass. He pushed her legs open wider and she didn't resist. She was staring at his face, wanting him to eat her pussy so bad she couldn't take it, but she didn't say a word. He was a rapist. He had hit her. He had forced his way into her home, and now into her ass and pussy, and she was soaked and wanting to cum, what was wrong with her?

He held her ankles and pushed them wider, and laid on his stomach so he was staring at her cunt. It was beautiful, and dripping down her asshole. "Beg me to eat it," he said.

She started shaking her head no, but couldn't speak.

He spanked her bald cunt, and she whimpered and started rocking her hips in shock and exhilaration. It was something that Frank did to her when he went down on her, and always made her cum so hard. She couldn't stop her reaction at the sting, and started cumming against her will. Wave after wave or orgasm was sending chills through her body as she rocked and arched, her ankles still held by her captor.

He laughed at her reaction. "Just like Frank said," he thought to himself, then buried his face in her spasming cunt. When he bit down on her clit, she screamed and started cumming again, this time even harder. When he shoved his two fingers up her wet asshole, she started squirting and rocking her hips wildly, screaming and cumming out of control. He pumped her asshole harder and harder as she squirted her pussy cream all over his face and chest. He leaned back and watched in amazement. No wonder his cellmate Frank was always bragging about her and jerking off in his bunk.

The ex-con slid up her body and without warning slammed his cock deep inside her squirting pussy. This brought on another round of screaming and squirting orgasms as he pumped her as hard as he could. He fucked her as deep and hard as he knew how, and she was out of control now, her legs wrapped around his back, and her own hands now pulling and squeezing her swollen nipples. Her head tossed from side to side and he was above her, watching the show in amazement. What a great piece of pussy.

When he was close to cumming she saw his face and snapped back to the present moment. She was horrified at her own body and begged him, "Please! Don't cum inside me!" He pulled out, and she relaxed only slightly, awaiting his cum shot on her tits or belly—instead he reached down, grabbed the base of his hard cock, and shoved it up into her asshole.

She howled. He could care less. He held himself over her, balanced on his hands over her shoulders, and plowed her asshole as hard as he could. She was screaming, but without even realizing it, she reached down and started rubbing her swollen clit, the way she would do it for Frank when he fucked her ass hard like this. She kept at it, faster and faster, until she was close to cumming, at which time the intruder groaned and shot a huge load of hot cum up her ass. She started cumming again when she felt him inside her asshole, and he remained there, buried deep, until his cock stopped spasming.

He pulled out of her asshole and slid up her chest on his knees, until his cock was in front of her face. "Suck it off girl," he commanded, and she took him in her mouth, tasting ass and cum. She sucked and licked, making loud slurping noises. He reached back and shoved 2 fingers up into her asshole, pulling out a wad of his cum, which he shoved into her mouth. He force fed her until he couldn't get any more out of her, and then stood up.

"Get up bitch," he said, and she complied, although her legs were so wobbly he had to hold her elbow. She was dizzy, and covered in her own juices. "You're a fucking mess, girl...we're gonna get you cleaned up."

He escorted her roughly to her bathroom and commanded her to get into the tub. When she reached for the faucets, he smacker her ass hard, leaving another pink handprint on her beautiful round ass. "No one told you to touch that. Sit down!"

She sat in the tub and wrapped her arms around her knees, now shielding her tits. It was a bit late for modestly, and her attacker laughed at her.

"Spread your legs—hands at your sides!" She did as he said. She was quite shocked when his stream of urine hit her face, and shielded her face with her hands.

"Hands down! Open your fucking mouth!" he bellowed, sounding angry.

She put her hands down, and managed to open her mouth slightly, although she was disgusted by this depraved act of humiliation. His steady stream of warm piss splattered her face and mouth and tits, and he laughed at her. She started crying again, feeling like used trash, her tears mixing with his piss. When he was finished, he commanded her to kneel in the tub, which hurt her knees, but she complied. He grabbed her head and began fucking her throat so hard her eyes rolled back in her head. Oblivious to her choking, he fucked her face hard and fast, his cock growing bigger and harder as he used her mouth for a fuck hole. Her mascara was running down her piss-covered face as he pumped harder into her throat. When he got closer to cumming he stopped and pulled out of her mouth. She inhaled deeply, having been deprived air, and looked up at him.

"I'll save that for later," he said. He grabbed some bath gel and squirted it all over her tits like a cum shot. "Clean up you fucking slut!" He commanded and sat on the counter as she turned on the water. She bathed under his watchful eye until he was satisfied, and then he had her get out of the tub. He handed her a towel like a gentleman, and she thanked him quietly.

He watched her towel off and when she was finished, he told her to get to her bed and get on all fours. She did as she was told, no longer fighting mentally or physically. She was broken, and they both knew it. She got on all fours and he quietly told her to reach under and masturbate for him, which she did. With her face in the pillow, she rubbed her swollen clit, her rubbery pussy lips open and hanging. She was gentle and slow with her sore pussy, and only occasionally opened her eyes to see her attacker standing by her bed stroking his growing cock. When he approached her closer, she took him in her mouth without being asked, and sucked him as she kept rubbing her pussy, which was now making wet squishy cunt noises. He grew harder and harder, and finally pulled away. She looked up at him with puppy dog eyes, now wanting his cock in her mouth.

"Time for your cunt," he said matter of factly, and got up behind her. He used his thumbs to pull her ass cheeks apart, and shoved his meat inside her pussy without warning. Holding her hips, he began his second assault on her pussy, pumping her hard and deep as she continued to rub her clit. When she was close to cumming, she told him, and he pulled out of her pussy. She looked over her shoulder in disbelief—why had he stopped?

"Tell me you want me to fuck you..." he said quietly.

"Please....please fuck me..."

"Only if I own you, pet."

That put her over the top. It had been a long time since she had a Master, and when she heard those words, she rubbed faster and started cumming again. "Oh God, Master, Oh God...I'm cumming!"

He pulled her hand away, but it was too late, she started squirting again, now lost in her waves or orgasm. "Fucking slut!" he screamed, and spanked her cunt, which made her cum even harder. He pulled her legs open wide and slammed his cock inside her as she squirted all over both of them, now lost in a multiple orgasm—her head slamming back and forth on her pillow. He shoved in as far as he could and unloaded a huge rope of cum deep inside her womb. She felt him pop and started screaming.

"Cum in me Master! Cum inside me! Oh God! Make me your slut Master!"

He groaned and let it all go, then collapsed next to her. He leaned up on one elbow.

"You know what to do," he said quietly.

"Yes, thank you, Master," she said quietly, as she reached down to scoop his cum out of her open cunt. She fed herself for a few minutes, hungrily devouring his wad from her cunt, looking deep into his eyes the whole time. She had found a new master—or at least, he had found her.

"You're a good girl," he said. "Just like Frank said you were. I'm gonna use you hard until he gets out—that's at least seven years girl."

She know understood. That's how he knew what she needed. Frank had told him. And now she was his. She smiled as she licked his cum off her fingers.

"Thank you, Master," she said quietly...

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