tagNonConsent/ReluctanceIntruder Ch. 01

Intruder Ch. 01


Life has been good to me so far. After graduating from college I got a job as a nurse at the biggest hospital in the city, and managed to rent a cosy little apartment only ten minutes from where I worked. My plan was to save up enough to go to med school and study to become a doctor, with plenty of on-the-job training to back it up. Although I'd been to second base, I'd managed somehow to stay a virgin. This wasn't because I'd actually set out to remain a virgin, I just never found myself in that position. Needless to say, my sex life had never been all that colourful, with only a few boyfriends through high school and college, and none now that I had a full time job. Life had been good to me so far, until that night. He came to me in the dark and changed my life forever that night, and I never saw or heard him coming.


Getting ready for bed was the same regular routine: I showered, brushed my teeth, and changed into my pyjamas. After changing, I paused to examine myself in my head-to-toe vanity mirror. At only 22, my body was gorgeous, if I do say so myself. I was in good shape with toned legs, a near perfect hourglass figure, and a pair of natural 34C breasts to go with them. For bed, I wore a sensual, black nightshirt with a single knot tied between my breasts, leaving my ample cleavage on display above the knot and a large, triangular gap exposing my toned stomach below it. I ran a hand through the flowing tresses of my recently washed, auburn hair, which gleamed under the bathroom light. I cupped my breasts in my hands and gently massaged the nipples, sending a tingle of arousal down my spine all the way to my groin. I then slowly ran my hands down my body, across the smooth, tanned skin of my belly to the little jewelled piercing in my navel. I had gotten it for my 16th birthday and it was the sluttiest thing I still allowed myself to wear these days, apart from my sultry nightshirt.

I smiled to myself in the mirror, my electric blue eyes lighting up as I did so. Any woman with a body like mine was entitled to a touch of vanity; the sight in the mirror would make any man instantly hard. Unbidden, my mind slipped away with the image of a powerful, muscular male, ogling me with lust-filled eyes, struggling to hide the enormous tent in his pants. Unable to control his urges any longer, he grabbed me and forced me to the ground, my feminine frame no match for his overpowering strength. Pinning me beneath his massive weight, he used one massive hand to restrain both my wrists behind my head while the other hand pawed at my underwear, frantically trying to ...

"...Uh!" the sound escaping my lips yanked me back into reality. Looking in the mirror again, I saw one hand frozen in the middle of a breast massage and the other lodged snugly between my legs. Feeling slightly embarrassed, I withdrew my hands and became acutely aware of a small damp patch in the crotch of my panties. Well, it was a good fantasy at least. Ignoring the moist spot between my legs, I turned off the light and returned to my bedroom.

Having made sure that my door was locked and the lights were all off, I clambered into bed and went to sleep, not bothering to snuggle under my covers. It was the middle of July and even indoors the heat was sweltering; but instead of leaving the noisy air conditioning on all night, I decided to leave my windows open to let the night time breeze waft through the room and across my naked belly ... big mistake.


The first sign that he was there was the muffled sound of sheets being rustled as I stirred. In the split second that I realised there was someone on my bed, a hand clamped over my mouth, jolting me out of unconsciousness. My eyes shot open in panic, for all the good that did since it was pitch black. I couldn't see my attacker, but I could feel him, a sizeable male frame looming over me in the darkness, one hand still clamped over my mouth to muffle my screams while the other groped and pawed at my body. I jerked violently in response to this violation, struggling to fight off the intruder; but he was already lodged between my legs and I couldn't dislodge him. Beating my fists against him did even less, and when I tried to grab his face in order to go for his eyes and mouth as self-defence instruction had taught me, he wrapped his free hand around my throat and squeezed the fight out of me. The choking of my windpipe sapped my resistance completely, I didn't want to die, and I knew he could kill me if he wanted to.

By now it was pretty clear what he wanted and the sound of him pulling down his pants chilled me to the bone. I also heard and felt him tug his shirt off, my attacker and soon-to-be rapist was now completely naked. Once naked, he ran his hand along the inside of my thigh, taking his time and clearly savouring the feel of my smooth skin in a way that made me shiver. When his hand reached my panties, his fingers reached behind the cloth and sealed it in a firm grip. I could feel his cold knuckles pressed against my pussy lips, and imagined him, even though I couldn't see him, leering down at me. Completely without warning, an inexplicable tingle bloomed in my groin at his touch and a tiny patch of dampness blossomed at the entrance to my womanhood. My body's aroused reaction to this unwanted intrusion filled me with horror ... or was that excitement? The sudden attack of confusion distracted me and left me unprepared when he ripped away my panties and tossed them across the room.

I knew what was next. I wasn't about to lose my virginity or willingly give it to the love of my life on our wedding night, it was about to be taken, stolen from me by a rapist in my own bed. I was paralysed with fearful anticipation, too petrified to continue resisting or cry out for help, even when he removed his hand from my mouth to help guide his cock to my moist entrance. Another shiver, this time of genuine sexual excitement, involuntarily ran through my body when the head of his cock made contact with my labia. This was the moment. I felt him relax ever so slightly above me and I relaxed with him, lowering my guard just a little. Then without warning, he thrust himself inside me.

I yelped half in surprise and half in pain as his manhood filled me all the way up to the neck of my womb. It was done, my virginity was gone, this animal was completely in control of my body, and there was nothing I could do to resist. His first strokes were long and forceful, pulling out slowly and thrusting back in, slow withdrawal and sharp re-entry. I released tiny, girlish yelps every time he refilled me, squealing like a virgin as it were. The sharp jolts of pain from his strokes made me wince, but actually it wasn't nearly as bad as the horror stories I'd heard about abused vaginas, gushing blood from torn hymens. Nevertheless, this man, my rapist, must have been hung like a horse for him to stretch the walls of my pussy so much. I just lay there and took it, helpless to do anything as he rutted me, grunting like a caveman laying claim to his female captive.

I had become numbed to the loss of privacy and the general sense of violation that accompanied my ongoing ordeal, but the worst feeling of all was the lack of control over my own body. I could feel my passage getting slicker as my love-canal churned out more lubricant to accommodate my rapist's member, and before long I could even hear the squelching noise as his man-rod slid in and out of me. The tingling sensation had returned to my groin and to my horrified bewilderment it was starting to spread through the rest of my body.

Feeling my pussy dampening and sensing my body's excitement, my rapist quickened his thrusts until they were a constant series of short, sharp strokes. He grabbed my wrists and pressed them down against the mattress, lifting himself into a push-up position, and continued his rutting with renewed vigour, causing the bed to creak as he did so. The growing waves of pleasure wafting through my body were becoming too much to handle, I had started to unconsciously thrust my hips back at him ever so slightly, in time with each stroke. My restrained hands struggled against his superior strength, and my feet had risen into the air of their own accord. My heart was throbbing at a mile a minute and it felt like my heart had migrated to my pussy, because that was where the throbbing was coming from, at the point where my rapist and I were one. My rape, my first fucking, and all the sensations it stirred within me finally drove me over the edge.

My first cock-induced orgasm hit me like a freight train, surging through my body like a tsunami of pure ecstasy. It was so powerful that I actually yanked my wrists free of my rapist, not to fight back against him, but to run my hands across his toned and well muscled shoulders, arms, and back. He must have been very handsome, why would he need to force women to have sex when he could probably take them willingly? No answer was forthcoming as my rapist responded to my orgasm by increasing the tempo of his thrusts to furious speeds, pounding me like a wild beast. His rutting in my pussy should have been excruciating by now, but in place of pain all I felt were spikes of pure pleasure being rammed home deep inside me, and I rode the crest of my orgasmic wave, my pained yelps now transformed into shameless moans of pleasure.

Finally, my rapist reached his own limit and with a bestial snarl, he thrust himself as far into me as he could go, and he came ... hard. I felt a hot, creamy spurt bloom deep inside my pussy, followed by another and another, some even shooting directly into my cervix with overpowering force. The sensation of being filled with his potent seed forced me over the brink a second time and another orgasm swept through my body. My rapist held himself as close to me as possible, pressing his huge chest against my own and keeping my love-canal firmly plugged as he continued to fill me. It felt like an eternity before his hot spurts died down altogether.

After my rapist had finished cumming, he lay on top of me for some time afterwards, recovering his strength before finally pulling out of me. He came so deep inside me that there was almost no leakage, all I felt was my pussy become empty before gradually shrinking back to its original size and shape. I was so exhausted from the ordeal that I dozed off almost instantly into a long dreamless sleep.


I awoke to the pleasant sensation of my naked skin basking in the warmth of the morning sunshine. I lay there in the sunlight, whilst one hand slipped down across my smooth skin, stroking my belly piercing before reaching down to my pussy. My womanhood was wet from the sensual feeling of the sun on my skin and my inner lips and crack were coated with a crusty ...

I bolted up in shock as I remembered the previous night; the intruder who climbed in through the window, choking me and stripping off my underwear before raping me. All the details came back, but the intense arousal that accompanied them was gone. Only the paralytic fear I had felt and the sickening feeling of violation remained. I jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom, retching in the sink at recalling the previous night's events. I was pale as a ghost and felt weak and filthy.

I had been raped. I was a victim of rape in my own home. The intruder had ambushed me in the middle of the night when I was most vulnerable, forced me into physical submission, and filled me with his seed. I opened my cupboard and rummaged around for a douche, only to remember that it wouldn't do any good. It had been hours since he ejaculated inside me, by then nearly all of his semen would have been vacuumed up by my cervix. Washing out my reproductive innards would be a futile exercise. I felt a sharp knot in my stomach at the thought of that animal's sperm swimming about inside my body, searching for an egg to fertilise. I had been a virgin when he raped me, so I never used birth control; this meant I really could get pregnant by him. The thought of conceiving his child made my heart do a somersault and my pussy grew wet ... wait a minute, what? The thought of conceiving and bearing my rapist's child had actually excited me?

I shook my head clear of such contradictory reactions and began my day, stripping naked and getting into the shower. The hospital would have morning-after pills available, as a nurse I could simply requisition some for myself and maybe get some off-the-record tests done for STIs just to be safe. I relaxed as the cool water poured over my skin and smiled calmly, in spite of my situation. I could sort everything out when I got to work.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous01/20/18


My wife has rape fantasies and she has hinted and even told me several times that she wants me to take her like this(she even gave me a safeword). Our marriage has been turbulent lately, and I decidedmore...

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by Anonymous07/20/17

I know the feeling

I got very hot reading your story, the same thing happened to me last year.
My husband was away on a a business trip snd my kids were all away, when one night a rapist came into my bedroom and made memore...

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by Anonymous05/31/17


I searched for a sexy story to send my boyfriend, and reading this really turned me on. We are going to continue reading the rest of the chapters together. Super hot!

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