tagNonHumanInvasion of the Alien Breeding and Boobfucking Slimeworms

Invasion of the Alien Breeding and Boobfucking Slimeworms


Invasion of the Alien Breeding and Boobfucking Slimeworms: A Parody

Author's note: the story takes place in the same universe as and is a parody of "Invasion of the Carnivorous Alien Worms" by Doc Dweeb. The story is written with his permission...really.


"It was a late spring day, early evening on a Friday, when people saw what they thought was a shooting star. Little did they know it wasn't a shooting star but a disabled alien space craft. It was passing through the sol system when it experienced a freak catastrophic engine failure..."

Now here's what really happened: that "freak catastrophic engine failure"? Well, the captain had this idiot younger brother. Some genius had the idea to give the idiot his own ship. The captain objected, "But my brother's an idiot."

"Don't worry," they said. "He'll be right behind you," they said. "You can keep two of your eyes on him," they said.

"But I don't want to keep my eyes on him; he's an idiot."

"Just do it," they said.

The captain climbed in his cockpit, muttering, "These guys are geniuses?"

Now, when the captain decided to stop at an obscure planet on the galactic rim to check his navigation, numnutz decided it was a perfect time to put his ship on autopilot, freeing him to attend to a personal matter regarding his very hot first mate.

Unfortunately, he underestimated the effects of her species' orgasmic screams on the windows of the cockpit. One explosive decompression later, Captain Stupid and his First Mate were in deep space, wrapped in eternal bliss.

Fragments from the destroyed cockpit disabled the autopilot, causing the ship to ram itself up the ass of the other. As the ship smashed to earth, the captain's last thoughts turned to his brother, "Blork, you fucking idiot." Then, "Awww shi..."

The results of the crash landing of that ship are told in another story. This story is about the crash landing of the idiot little brother's ship: for you see, that ship's cargo was a single specimen of the dreaded Alien Breeding and Boobfucking Slimeworm.

Here are its vital statistics: mammo-lactovorous; can grow to six feet or more and weigh 200lbs; extremely fertile with an intense libido; can and will mate and impregnate anything.

Alien Breeding and Boobfucking Slimeworms literally drip with mutagens and hormones (hence the interest from alien scientists). Unlike their carnivorous cousins, slimeworms prefer breast milk. Any type will do, so long as it's white and creamy.

Now, thanks to an idiot alien space pilot, this particular alien horndog was roaming the countryside, searching for a porkable female.


Alison Donnelly was nude. She lounged on her new couch, enjoying the feel of its silver velvet against her naked skin. She had no other reason to be nude, other than the hot, humid day; her electric fan was inadequate, her air conditioner broken, and she was in the privacy of her home.

Alison wasn't expecting visitors. She was thirty-four, divorced, and recently broken up with her last boyfriend. Her other friends were at work. Alison was on vacation, preferring to relax at her house for a few days. Her nudity stemmed from a memory of a conversation with one of her friends: "....so I go naked around the apartment," Eunice told her. "I figure, there's no one to see, so why be modest? And if there's a guy I'm dating and I really like him, why not put on a show?"

Alison blushed then; she was reasonably modest, but now, "I can see how this nude thing can be kind of fun."

Alison looked great naked. A beautiful Irish-American MILF, she had a 34B-25-35 figure. Her breasts were small melons tipped with quarter areolae and perky nipples. She was girl-next-door pretty with emerald green eyes and rich dark brown hair, shoulder-length, with red highlights. Her nose was straight; her lips, full and wide.

Alison thought when the sun set and the weather cooled, she would get dressed and head downtown for some action. Right now, the slightly sweaty woman was watching "Ellen".

"This feels really good," she thought, squirming sinuously. "I think I'll do this every time I'm home."

Alison didn't worry about intruders, the advantage of living in a gated community. All the windows of the house were open; even the door to the back yard was wide open.

After rubbing across the couch for a few moments, Alison yawned. While she had a nice night's sleep, the heat and humidity caused another wave of drowsiness. "I'll just close my eyes for a minute or two," she thought.

As she drifted away, Alison abstractedly thought about the shooting star she saw the previous night. "I should have made a wish," she murmured, curling her arm beneath her head.

When the worm tumbled out of the cargo container, it took a few moments to get its bearings. The crash left it uninjured; in fact, the activity increased its horniness.

Slimeworms are born to breed. Ninety-five percent of its existence was geared towards procreation. The next four-point-nine-nine was reserved for breast milk acquisition and point-zero-zero-one percent for vegetables.

After its disorientation passed, the slimeworm set off. It needed to find a female, any female, now! Or it would explode from sexual frustration. It came to a wall, easy to get over; and a dwelling, easy to get in.

Slimeworms are highly sensitive in the smell and touch department. Houses were unknown as a concept, being a simple giant insect and all; but it sensed a living creature within, and had to investigate.

It found the creature lying on a fallen log. Instinctively it knew the creature was porkable. The creature looked similar to the primates on its home planet; a bit larger, and less hair, except on its head and a little between its legs, but the body structure indicated female (parallel evolution and all that; the primates on the home planet were little more than monkeys).

Approaching the log, the slimeworm saw that the primate's legs were spread, revealing a moist pink slit between the dark brown fur; yes! A porkable primate!

The slimeworm paused to consider its options. Yes, it could crawl up her body quietly, but the primate make wake and fight before the slimeworm could properly position itself. The other option was the "rear up and knock down" approach, but primates were fragile and the slimeworm was a little on the heavy side.

The slimeworm decided on a combined approach. It crept over the end of the log and reared its upper body over the primate's torso, while positioning its lower body between her legs.

Then it gently lowered its body onto the primate until its face was close to her mouth. It opened its mandibles, prepared its elasticizing nectar injector, and waited.

Alison, quietly sleeping, dreamed of her ex-husband. He wasn't a bad guy, just a little dull. They'd married right out of college. They had some fun, but he was more interested in building a career than working on the marriage. The divorce was amicable; the two were still friends.

Now he was on top, rubbing against her body in that way she liked. He seemed a little wet, but she had to get up and stop the rhino chasing the dwarf through the living room.

"Ok Gary, break it up. I have to stop the rhino...hey! What's a rhino doing in my living room?! And where'd the dwarf come from?! And I'm divorced! What?!..."

Alison's eyes popped open and popped. The face before her was not Gary; for a few seconds she thought it was a dream. A...thing; a thing that looked like a giant insect with a lewd look on its face. The thing was lewdly leering...at her.

When it became apparent Alison wasn't dreaming, that the lewdly leering thing was real and rubbing against her body in that way she liked, she did the thing any woman would do in a similar situation: she opened her mouth to belt out a big one. That's when the creature struck.

A long, rubbery proboscis spat out of the creature's mouth into Alison's. Alison inadvertently helped by drawing her breath for the scream. Instead she sucked down an alien hose that felt, unsettlingly, like a giant cock. "Mmmmounff?!" she muffled.

The penile proboscis, to Alison's horror, slithered down her gullet. Alison gulped frantically to keep from choking. Meanwhile, she flailed her arms and beat at the creature, moving and squirming, trying to dislodge the thing.

"Mmmm! Mmm mmm..er! Mmmp! Mmm's mmmn mmm's mmmah owmmm mmmi oatmm! Mmmm!" Translation: "Aaah! A monster! Help! It's shoving its cock down my throat! Aaah!"

Beating the creature was like beating a wet sponge. Pushing it off was impossible; its pliable body was slime slick and impossible to grip. Suction cups against her chest, and tentacles around her legs, adhered the creature to her body.

The tentacles held her legs spread to either side, opening her pussy to the creature's underbelly; to Alison's mortification, she actually felt her clit brush against the creature, "Mmmm!"

"Gulp! Gulp! Gulp!" Alison gulped until she felt the alien mouth cock's tip against the walls of her stomach. "Oh God! What's going to happen!" she balefully wondered.

The slimeworm's mouth porker poked around the primate's stomach. The creature had porked enough primates in its lifetime to know a stomach. It began the nectarization of the primate to prepare her for the breeding process.

A brief history of slimeworm evolution: millions of years ago, the slimeworm's ancestors suffered a dramatic decline when a mutation halted female birth among the majority of the population. Two variants: one carnivorous, the other, lactovorous were the only ones to produce females. The two species went their separate ways.

The milk-sucking species, which also had the ability to impregnate others, ran into a problem: small creatures tended to pop like balloons when pumped full of slimeworm love, while the big creatures didn't look favorably upon horny, disgusting worms trying to hump their asses.

Many popped primates and squished worms later, a new variant appeared which ultimately saved the species. This variant developed special chemicals within its glands, chemicals with mutagenic properties, allowing the worms to make the primates more receptive to worm spunk, elasticizing and libido-enhancing nectar (with a lactovizing hormone included).

The changes in the primates' bodies were subtle, significant and, after one session with the slimeworms, permanent: (1) stomach, womb, muscle, and skin elasticized, allowing primates to hold enormous quantities of worm jizz and slime babies; (2) exponential increase in egg production; (3) supercharged mammaries (we're talking gallons here); (4) libido raised to intensities that would shame a rabbit; (5) and sex addiction.

The creature's puss penis throbbed. Alison's jaw involuntarily worked to accommodate the pulsing proboscis. "Mmmm!" the mortified milf squealed (sure she'd sucked cock before, but that was her husband, not some lecherous alien thingie).

A gurgle rumbled from her stomach. "?! What's happening in there?!" The gurgles grew louder; Alison's belly began to tickle. If her mouth weren't full of monster cock, Alison would giggle.

A bloating sensation, as if she were swallowing huge amounts of water, grew in her stomach. "Oh God; it's force-feeding me!"

Years of experience made the slimeworm an expert in primate pumping. If it tried to fill Alison from her mouth, she would choke. Instead, it took a direct approach, withdrawing its proboscis as she stuffed.

Alison felt enormous pressure in her stomach. Her belly bloated against the creature's underside. "It's stuffing me for dinner!" she feared, fighting off visions of her body, trussed like a turkey, on a platter placed on a table by a giant alien slimeworm wearing a granny wig and glasses, with smiling leering slime monsters on either side; "Freedom From Wanting Slimesex, by Norman Rockworm" the caption read.

The worm's mouth molester withdrew into its puss, freeing Alison to produce that long-awaited shriek of mortified terror. However, to Alison's chagrin, instead of the requisite "shhhrieeek!" a very embarrassing and loud "uuuurrrp!" rolled from her abused mouth.

"Oops!" she said and moved to cover her mouth before remembering her situation. "Good grief! What am I saying?!" She opened her mouth to try again, "Ssshhhrrri...?! What's happening now?!"

The reason for her interrupted shriek of mortified terror came from her belly. "My belly's hot!" Well, not hot, but pleasantly warm. The heat spread through her torso, into her breast, down to her thighs, and across her limbs. Soon, the milf felt warm all over, and something else: "?! I'm horny?!"

The slimeworm reared back, giving Alison a view of her boobs. She noticed her skin was flushed a pleasing, fleshy pink, her nipples red as rosebuds. Meanwhile, down there, "I feel wet!"

Not just wet; sopping, dripping horny wet; wet as a baboon in heat wet; monkey wet; wet as in, "I want a big fucking horse cock in me right now!" wet. Rounding out the erotic atmosphere: the thirty-four-year-old divorcee was shiny slick, head to toe, in sweat and worm slime.

"What did this thing put in me?! I want it so bad!" Alison gasped. The final act to the pornographic preparation came when Alison's throbbing nipples percolated white cream, and exploded in a volcanic eruption of lactonic lava (a sure sign to the slimeworm that the primate was primed for breeding).

"?!! Milk?! In gallons?!" Alison, her emerald eyes popping, yelled. The leering larva opened its mouth; milk splurted into its mandibles. The rest splashed onto Alison, who licked the cream off her face, "Wow! I taste good!"

The slimeworm was in nirvana; nothing better than primate breast milk, and this particular primate gave good cream. The females on this planet had great potential.

It lowered its mandibles to a fountaining breast, and Alison experienced nirvana of her own as its touch revealed another side effect of the nectar: hypersensitive nerve endings wired directly to her pleasure center.

The merest touch sent shockwaves through the milf's body, causing a "shriek!" (better late than never) to erupt from her mouth. If Alison still had her senses she would laugh at the irony.

As it stood, she wrapped one arm around the creature while raising her non-mandible covered boob to her face with the other. She covered the percolating nipple with her mouth and gulped the sweet cream. Meanwhile, she raised her legs, wrapped them around the slimeworm's lower region, and ground her nethers into its underbelly.

Yes, folks, it was that quick. The potency of the worm-nectar had converted Alison Donnelly from terrified milf to monster-loving fuck slut. She raised her lips from her nipple just long enough to cry, "Aaaah! Fuck me! Fuck me you big ugly alien slime monster! Plant your....whatever inside me! Fill me with your mutant alien seed!"

The slimeworm obliged Alison's wish. A slit unzipped in the worm's underbelly; out of it unspooled a not-quite-horse-dick-thick-but-thick-and-long-enough schlong dripping with pre-cum.

The slime covered worm wanker paused before the cum-dripping, muff-crowned pussy before plunging, with relative ease, into Alison's deep pink. The milf's fired-up clit and hair-trigger G-spot sent earthquakes through her body. The slimeworm railroaded through to the womb.

Alison's ovaries cranked out eggs like a hen on crack. The slimeworm pumped its spunk into Alison's egg farm. A spunk-and-milk cycle commenced: the slimeworm sucked milk out of Alison and pumped seed into her; Alison nursed her other boob, and orgasms travelled between them (the worm was having as much fun as Alison).

The milf rocked back and forth; the force of the worm's thrusts drove her across the sopping wet couch. Her mouth was busy with boob, so Alison was unable to make the usual sounds associated with supra-reasoning alien slimeworm fucking. "Mmmm!...Mmmm!...Mmmm!" was all she could mutter.

The worm's rippling midsection began to arc over her torso. Alison was too lost in ecstasy to note the significance.

Her elasticized uterus was filling with alien jizz and fertilized eggs. Already she looked like a sixth-month-bloated preggo, and the embryos were just starting. Alison, lost in nipple nipping, didn't notice.

At last, the slimeworm finished and pulled out, taking care to squirt a mucus plug on her cervix. It remained on station, however, sucking that mam with the intensity of a Dyson vac.

Even slimeworms need other nourishment; so, stuffed with Alison-milk, the creature slid off of the divorcee and slithered to the kitchen, making a whistling sound as it crawled away.

She lay on the cum-and-slime-soaked couch, with a pair of milk erupting breasts and a bloating belly. She glanced over her fountains at the rising blob of flesh, "Wow!"

Her tummy was as sensitive as her jugs. Each time she ran her hands across her body (giving herself a milk bath as her boobs still spewed liters), shuddering orgasms quaked her body.

"Knocked up by a giant worm that outfucks humans; no more men for me," she giggled.

Slimeworm embryos develop quickly. Alison's bellybutton "poinged!" as her bread-dough belly swelled past nine months into prenatal grotesquerie. She wanted to plumb her depths, taking over where the slimeworm left off, but her expanding girth frustrated her efforts.

She was, by now, fully in thrall to her orgasming, milk-spewing, pregnant body; and the creature responsible. Worm lust now ruled her life. "Where did it go? Is it coming back?"

Rivulets of milk ran from her breasts, soaking into the couch and carpet. Her belly could shame the Octomom, and it was still growing. Alison heard a "crack!" followed by a jolt and a thump. Her new couch, unable to bear the weight of its plumping mistress, committed suicide. "Oh! Hee! Hee!" the startled milf giggled.

A slithering sound distracted her. Alison turned to look. The slimeworm had returned, munching a celery stick. "Hello, lover," she come-hithered.

Instead of climbing back on top, however, the slimeworm crawled to the head of the couch. Slithering under the mother-to-be like a pillow, it propped her upper body, giving Alison a clearer view of her belly. "Wow; I'm bigger than I thought!"

Alison could fit three Octomoms and still have room for Demi Moore. "How long will it be?" she wondered. The afternoon was still young.

A few hours later, Alison was the size of a small whale. Her boobs still flowed, and she suckled one or the other. The milf was shiny, wet, and ripe. "I feel like a water balloon."

Seconds after that statement, the water balloon started to pop. "Oh!" Pressure built in her super-sized womb as larva bumped against the walls. "Oh! Oh! They're coming!"

The slimeworm stirred; quiet for the past afternoon, it raised its head to view the birth of its progeny.

First, the mucus plug gave way. Kersploosh! A blast of water fire hosed out of Alison's cunt. She deflated from whale to walrus.

Alison grunted and strained, and strained and grunted, until she realized slimeworms were actually easy to birth. Her womb was elastic; all she needed to do was spread her legs.

Her muff-crowned twat opened wide. A white head appeared and 'plop!' out came a mini-worm. "Oh!" cried Alison. 'Plop! Plop! Plop!' came three more. "Oh! Oh! Oh!" went Alison.

'Plop!' "Oh!" 'Plop!' "Oh!" 'Plop!' "Oh!"

'Plop! Plop! Plop!' "Oh! Oh! Oh!"

'Plop! Plop! Ploppity Plop!' "Oh! Oh! Oh-ity Oh!"

The plopping went on for the rest of the afternoon. Her twat popped worms, her mouth oh-ed 'oh's, and her body came, came.

Alison resumed her original shape when the last worm exited her body. Elasticization does a lot to prevent stretch marks. Little slimeworms were everywhere, climbing the furniture, messing the carpet (not that they could make it worse); some were already slithering out the back door.

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