tagCelebrities & Fan FictionIoan Gruffudd Ch. 06

Ioan Gruffudd Ch. 06


That Thursday and the rest had been under his control. Ioan was a master at seduction, he made me hate myself for wanting him so much. He never pushed too far and I'd grown brave. I'd even gone to New York the night before one of our last dates. Let him stew, I thought, over whether or not I'd come back in time.

The last session had ended with a blood red rose and a request for my sexiest outfit on another Thursday. Bastard. He had used that red rose to bring me to heights of pleasure never known before. He'd broken my will, he'd turned my body against myself, and still he wasn't satisfied.

I woke up for a meeting with my publisher before coming back to LA, deciding on the last minute to meet his challenge. I was tired and felt surly, but the money I'd just deposited as an advance took the edge off any anger Ioan aroused.

I was angry that I'd bought La Perla for him, angry that I'd gotten my hair done artfully so it didn't look done at all. Angry that I'd gotten a very sexy blue wrap dress that came off easily. And angriest that my shoes were dead sexy and designed only to arouse lust. Still the money was enough to let me know that no matter what Ioan would not own me. No one would.

I arrived at the house at the appointed time only to find a limo waiting.

"Miss Lee?" the driver asked.


"Please come with me. Mr. Gruffudd will join us shortly."

I was seated gently in the back where champagne waited next to some flowers. Damn it, I was impressed.

The partition went up leaving me in seclusion as we pulled away from the curb. I poured the champagne seeking liquid courage and lifted the flowers to sniff. There was an expensive looking off-white envelope beneath them and I opened it, setting the flowers down.

"You will reveal all to me," I read aloud. This was a turn on as much as it made me feel almost queasy. "Bring the box beneath the seat but do not open it. Ioan."

It was white and wrapped tight with an intricate white bow. One tug and it would open, but he'd know.


We pulled up to a new hotel that the stars favored. The security was great and the bushes high allowing for private moments. Burly security guards with buzz cuts and ex-military posture patrolled the ground keeping the paparazzi at bay.

The driver opened the door and didn't bat an eye as he reached behind me for the roses and laid them on top of the box. He produced a key card with flourish.

"Suite nine oh eight, ma'am. Top floor penthouse."

"Thank you."

I walked inside grateful the well trained staff spared barely a glance at me and no one wondered at the hooker heels before nightfall. There were guests about, quite a few famous faces, but everyone was enjoying their open anonymity for a night.

I stepped into the elevator and a quiet man took me to the top.

There were three suites; 902, 908 and 914 all facing a small common area. I stood in front of my door with trembling hands for several long minutes before sliding the key through.

I felt flustered when it opened, as a card had never before, on the first try.

The suite was dark.

"Put the box on the table next to you." Ioan said commandingly from somewhere I couldn't see.

"What table? I can't see."

"Two feet to your left. Shoulder height, wooden chest with mirror."

I felt for it and slid the box and roses on top of the chest, side by side. "Now what?"

"Open it."

I pulled the ribbon and tossed it with the top on the floor next to the chest. I felt inside and found two straps of cloth.

"What are these?"

"Put the longer one by the roses." I did. "The shorter one is a blindfold. Put it on."

"What? It's so dark, why do I need a blindfold?"

"Put it on."

"Pushy bastard," I muttered and put it on loose. I saw his feet as he stepped to me, his legs were bare, and Ioan slipped behind me.

"I meant tight." He jerked the blindfold so tight I could see nothing. Instantly I felt vulnerable, too vulnerable.

"I don't like this."

"You will. Nice shoes, by the way."

"So what's the game?" I tried to sound aloof but even to my ears I could hear the breathless anticipation. Damn it.

"Follow me." I heard rustling and then his hand was on my arm, guiding me. He flipped on a light and my sight went from pitch to merely black.

"Step down. Stop."

I could feel from the air change I was inside the opening of a large room. There was a little heat, possibly candles. Why candles if I was to be blindfolded? I never realized men might like them as well.

"I do hope you did as asked, Nicky."

"Jerk. I never see you wearing fancy underwear."

His chuckle sounded strange, almost as if it were two in one. "Take off your dress."

I just wanted this over and done with. I tried to not look nervous and jerky so I kept my movements slow and even. The dress untied easily and slipped off just as easily, leaving me in my bra, panties, garter belt and stockings, and killer shoes.

"Very nice."

He was circling me now, his bare feet making no sound as he went, only his voice seemed to move. "I said once you were hiding and I was right. I thought with patience you'd come around, but now I know all too well you only respond to force."

I frowned at that and tried to face him but he moved too fast.

"Tonight you will trust me. I will test your limits and you will love it. If you want to stop, the safety word is 'Arthur'."

"Safety word? Jesus, should I have updated my insurance?"

Again the strange chuckle. And then I felt Ioan's mouth on my collar bone from behind. I had no idea how he did it. I topped him by three inches in the heels and I wondered if he was standing on something.

Ahh, the step. I'd forgotten the step down.

Instinctively my head rolled aside to give him easier access and he nipped me gently. I shivered and my lips parted, feeling him lave the sore spot. He explored my neck so softly I began to wonder about testing my limits.

I moved my hands back to feel his thighs and he pulled away.

"The other scarf is to bind your hands."

"What?" We'd explored bondage very lightly, just to the bed. This felt different.

"Put them together behind your back."


"I promise you only pleasure. Do you want to stop before it's even begun?"

With a dark frown I put my hands behind my back. He jerked them into place and secured them with a knot so tight it stopped just short of painful. Without a word he retuned to my neck, the contrast of hard bondage and sweet caresses so poignant it lulled me into submission.

And then his hands began to roam my body. They painfully missed every spot I wanted him to hit and went to more oblique areas; the sides of my breasts but not the nipples; the bend where thigh met torso but not the mons; the small of my back but not my ass.

He splayed his hot hands on my thighs to the tops of my stockings and I moaned. My nipples were rock hard and I was already wet. Damn but he could get to me so fast. It didn't matter how much I hated him, at that moment my body wanted his touch. Desperately.

He smoothed his palms over my body until he reached the breasts. My bra was a balconet so it took barely any pressure to pull the lace beneath my nipples and free them to the cool air. Still it surprised me and my breath hitched.

He massaged them, pulling on the nipples with just the right amount of force. It always surprised me that he still remembered, like no other man ever had. I rolled my head back onto his shoulder and thrust my breasts higher.

"Hmm, like that, do you? You always did have the most responsive breasts I've ever seen."

As he spoke I felt something beyond shocking. I felt his mouth, his breath at my ear, his words being spoken, but a hot mouth fastened on one nipple and began to suck. I froze up.

"W-what's, oh, goin-ng o-on?"

"Relax and enjoy his attentions, my dear. I told you we'd push you to your limits."

"Who the hell are you?" I asked the new man.

"He won't talk and you'll never see him. He's a friend, sexually healthy, and you're still on the IUD. No harm, no foul. Remember you have the power to stop this at any time."

The new man had vastly different technique. Less power more style and his tongue was simply doing the most clever things to my nipple that had ever been devised. He swirled, he stabbed lightly, he rasped long and slow all the while keeping a light suction.

Ioan's hands smoothed down my front until he was at the waistband of my panties. He didn't go beneath he smoothed over. "Jesus she's wet. Feel this."

The new man's hands went inside the panties straight inside me. They were long, very long, and he'd used two right away. I gasped.

"Mmm," he said pulling them out. I felt him rub my own juices on my nipple and then his mouth retuned.

Ioan's fingers replaced his and he knew just how to turn them to rub my g-spot. I felt my legs buckle.

"We should move her to the bed. Carry her."

Mystery man scooped me up in a fireman's carry and I felt sculpted muscles, very sculpted, but a still lean body. There was no doubt that Ioan was in charge and we were helpless pawns.

I was set down on a bed and arranged carefully so my hands weren't too uncomfortable. The bed dipped twice and mystery man was at my shoulder, Ioan between my legs.

Their mouths touched my flesh at the same time and it was incredible. Mystery man suckled my nipples now, lolling me with his style.

I doubt anyone on earth could give head like Ioan. He teased, he cajoled, and he knew how to read my moans and whimpers perfectly.

He licked and licked and licked and at long last fastened his mouth on my clitoris and sucked. I built up so quickly my voice was breaking.

"Am I allowed to come?"

He broke off and they both chuckled. "So well trained. Yes, my pet, come as you like."

He returned to suckling and I came like fireworks, exploding and crying out until I was hoarse. Then they moved.

"Suck him, Nicky."

"With no hands?"

"Your hands are incredible but your mouth is better."

The cock at my mouth wasn't nearly as thick as Ioan's and still almost soft. I licked it without artifice and sucked it down, sliding my mouth up and down. Mystery man moaned and Ioan chuckled.

"She's amazing. Doesn't do it to please you, she does it because it pleases her."

Another groan. I used my tongue to touch what I could and just enjoyed feeling him grow. He was more forceful and being on the bottom I couldn't stop him. I relaxed my throat and he pushed in, past the gag reflex.

Ioan, I assumed, had been watching us so far and this must have turned him on. I felt the bluntness of his cock enter me swiftly and I started. I flexed around the other cock and he moaned, misinterpreting

Ioan stopped. "Are you all right?"

God, it sucked, but I lifted my foot and taped twice for "yes." He laughed and started to slide his cock in and out. The laughter stopped as I resumed my sucking. Concentrating on that took all conscious thought from my hips and I was just fucked.

It was wonderful, all ice cold shivers and hot energy radiating from my pussy. Then Ioan did something with his thumb and I exploded yet again.

I came with my mouth around the mystery cock and just as I crested the peak I felt hot cum shooting down my throat. He'd done this before and pulled back so I could control it better. Ioan didn't come.

Mystery man pulled out and I felt him leave the bed. Ioan jerked me down as I swallowed the cum, I couldn't protest. My arms caught on the sheet and pulled painfully. He pulled out to twist my body and rearrange them before settling back comfortably.

He pulled one ankle then the other over his shoulders and slammed back into me. I felt him, so deep, so thick, and cried out. He was brutal, he was fast, and I writhed, twisting my hips to keep him sliding against my g-spot.

I heard his guttural moans and knew he was close, I tensed my muscles up to get me there as well. He jerked my hips off the bed, leaving my ass hanging and stopped for a moment.

I heard something sliding on the floor and mystery man's hands were on my ass cheeks, spreading them. Ioan waited still and then I felt the swipe of a hot tongue over my anus.

I gasped and Ioan sank in. I drove me crazy, thinking his balls slapped against the other man's chin. Did he like it? God, what was wrong with me, to get so fucking hot at that thought? I was a shameless pervert, a whore of the worst kind.

But the tongue moved as did my hips, his hips. I couldn't stop moving, I was so hot, so turned on. It was like I hadn't orgasmed at all and I wanted more. I pumped and he slammed, the mystery man licked all sorts of nerve endings I hadn't known existed.

It was too strong to deny or hold back, I came in the biggest orgasm of my life. I didn't black out this time and felt the pulses thread through my veins, the deep clench of my pussy, the contractions of my womb. I screamed, I heard it this time, and Ioan's grunt of satisfaction almost overshadowed me, but not quite.

I came back down too weak to hold myself up and the two men slid me up the bed. Ioan pulled out and I felt a towel press to me. As soon as I was clean four hands turned me over and I felt wet fingers stroke my ass.


They stopped. The bed dipped at my head. "Yes?"

Ioan was bent by my ear while mystery man waited.

"Ioan, I can't- I can't do that. I have scar tissue."

"I've seen it. I promise you pleasure if trust me."

"You're too wide."

"I won't start you out. You have the power to end this at any time, do you really want to?"

I could feel myself blushing as I shook my head. The fingers started again and Ioan bent towards my nipples. He was light with his touch, soft and pulling, aware of how sore they were, how much more sensitize after three orgasms.

Suddenly the fingers disappeared and something blunter replaced them. It wasn't a penis, too small, and cool to the touch. I gasped and arched as it worked inside the tight knot of my anus slowly.

I really couldn't say if it was pain or pleasure, but the forbiddeness of the act made me hotter. He screwed it in until I felt what seemed like six inches go inside me. It had to be less but it felt bigger.

Mystery man made a noise and Ioan crawled down.

"Jesus, Nicky, you're tight. What happened?"

"It was twenty-two years ago. It doesn't matter."

"You were six. Jesus!"

"I'd rather not talk about it. This feels all right."

"I don't think we'll get far," he said to the other man. The hands on my hips pulled me to my hands and knees and I felt Ioan slide beneath me. Then I felt a mouth on my pussy larger than Ioan's. He tried to swallow it all in one gulp and created suction that made me jump and moan.

Ioan returned to my nipples and smashed my breasts together, taking both nipples into his mouth at the same time. The lower mouth moved to my clit and sucked hard, making me jerk and gasp again. Just as I adjusted to the suction he began to move the object in my anus. Just twirling it around, I could barely feel it. Then in and out; I felt that.

It was confusing at first but grew pleasurable. And then the object was gone.

His mouth never left me as more lube was applied and an object came at me again. This was bigger and he screwed it in the same as before. It almost hurt but he let it sit so I could get used to it, all the while sucking me off. Again; twirl, twirl, slide in and out. Back and forth. The tension building inside me was different than before, I'd never felt this.

Just as I wanted more the object left. I cried out and heard him mumble something softly. I was moved up and set further on the bed, turned onto my back with my legs spread wide. More lube, another object as big as a penis this time. Screw in, let sit. The mouth on my cunt was now Ioan's, his penis growing harder again against my cheek. I sought it out and he climbed over, letting it dangle down so I could suck it to hardness.

I felt my legs being raised again onto shoulders and the fingers that entered my pussy this time was longer than Ioan's but not as thick. The position made him slide deep and with the object in my ass I felt so full.

One quick pump, two, and then he pulled out. The object was yanked and before I could protest it my juices were smeared down below and it was the cock being screwed into my ass. I moaned and bit my lip. Ioan kissed me, forcing my tongue out, distracting me as I was spread incredibly wide.

At last he was in and sat still, letting me adjust. Ioan pulled away. "How are you doing?"

"All ri-iiiight!" My voice broke as mystery man slid out and back in.

Ioan held me tenderly as my ass was pounded. At first it hurt but soon I felt that curious pleasure radiating out. It was frustrating because I knew I couldn't come without something in my pussy.

The two men seemed to discuss something inaudibly and the other one pulled out.

I was turned with hands until I found myself straddling Ioan. The other man held me aloft, my hands still bound, and Ioan slammed home. I groaned and then felt Ioan's hands holding me closer. My ass was in the air and mystery man straddled it.

I held my breath, couldn't believe what we were doing, but he slid in like he belonged there. I felt so full my body jumped and I knew orgasm was close.

They moved slowly at first in tandem, and it was beyond incredible. I made noises I'd never heard, moaned and gasped and panted, begging for something unnamable. And I could feel their cocks swell, their balls banging against me, and they began to move to their own rhythms.

Ioan held me up while mystery man's chest pressed down on my back, keeping me slick and primed. One of Ioan's hands moved to a breast and pinched the nipple. I felt his cock against the g-spot rubbing, not so much sliding as rubbing and I lost it. I clenched and everything felt resistance, that did it for me.

I didn't think I'd ever felt such a charge, such passion, and I came for what seemed like forever. Twin grunts and I felt the cum flow inside me, more than I'd ever felt, and the orgasm lengthened to madness. When I came down I collapsed, and blacked out.

I came to some time later to discover I wasn't blindfolded and my hands were free. The right one was asleep and I rubbed it as I sat up. The setting sun was blinding me, meaning it had to be only about an hour later.

The room was empty. The white sheets looked like a bear had mauled the bed. The lubricant was sticky slick on the sheets, three dildoes in bright colors were strewn about. My tie and blindfold were on a small shell-colored chair.

My dress was laid on the low dresser and my underwear atop it. In the mirror I saw a woman with wild hair, smeared makeup, and strange eyes. On rubbery legs I walked into the bathroom and washed my face off. My purse was next to the sink and I brushed out my hair, applied scant makeup.

I exited and dressed quickly, not knowing what to do. I felt changed and damn him, Ioan had known. He really had pushed me to the edge and over. Anaïs Nin had once written that abnormal pleasures ruined your taste for normal ones, and I knew she was right.

Then again, that was right before she fucked her cousin.

My legs were weak; I was sore, but more than that I had crossed a line normal people did not cross. The pleasure had been intense, but at what cost?

Ioan was in the living room. I stopped when I saw him there, in a rumpled suit, collar open, tie in his pocket and holding a highball glass with amber liquid by his fingertips.

I stared at him as he slowly turned to look at me.

"So see you on Sunday?"

He dropped the glass onto the side table with a thud and stood. "You're just going to act nonchalant?"

He looked dangerous, disheveled and mad. I backed up and cursed the weakness, covering it with a raised chin and a hard tone. "What do you want me to say? Just tell me and I'll do it."

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