tagIncest/TabooIrresistible Little Sister-in-law

Irresistible Little Sister-in-law


This is a repost of a story from 2011 that I removed, but now I've reconsidered. I originally classified this story as Romance, but it doesn't have all the ingredients for that category even though I think it's romantic. There are a few Erotic Couplings here. It tickles my kink for Exhibitionism and Voyeurism too. I'm posting to Incest/Taboo this time because I'm informed that sister-in-law counts as incest even though I don't see it that way.

All sexual activity in this story occurs between consenting adults.


I met my future wife during the first week of the first year of our university education. We were engaged by Christmas. I met her family over that Christmas break. In light of the big news, I was invited to visit for several days over the holiday. I slept alone on a pull-out hide-a-bed in the basement.

Margo was the oldest of four girls. I turned 19 before I asked her to marry me, but she was still 18 at the time. We were both inexperienced and naive. We expected her parents to be as happy for us as we were for ourselves. Instead, they were skeptical and confrontational. I inherited a substantial fortune, but it wasn't Rockefeller money or anything. It wasn't enough to really impress her parents. In fact, it made them suspicious. I suppose I would have been disappointed if my money influenced their opinion of our plans.

Part of the problem no doubt arose because I was an only child and an orphan. I had no experience with "normal" family life and probably behaved inappropriately out of ignorance. On Christmas eve, Margo's parents took her shopping as an excuse to talk to her without me around. I was left alone in the house with three little sisters who wasted no opportunity to question me.

"How did you meet?"

"Well, I saw Margo waiting in line to get help with her new computer account, and I knew how to solve her problem. I introduced myself. We liked each other immediately."

"Did you _do_ it to her yet?"

That last question was from Nancy, the second youngest.

"What do you know about that sort of thing?" I inquired of the precocious middle schooler.

She put her hands on her hips and stared at me as if it was a reasonable question that I should just answer.

"No, we haven't _done_ it together yet." My sarcasm practically dripped.

"Are you in love?"

"I'm sorry, I forgot your name."

"I'm Milli!" she claimed. The exasperation continued when the nine year old demanded, "Do you love her?"

"Yes, of course I do. I want to spend the rest of my life loving your sister."

"Have you seen her naked?"

"Nancy, I'm not going to answer any more questions like that!"

"You have. You have!"

The second oldest, Paula, interjected: "You're too young to get married!"

"I agree. We plan a long engagement."

"How long?"

"Probably until one of us graduates with a degree."

"Are you rich?" I can't remember which one asked, but I had to think about the question.

"Well," I hazarded. "I have enough money that I don't have to worry about it for a while."

"What does that mean? Are you going to pay for Margo's college?"

"I don't know. I haven't been asked. I suppose I would if necessary or if she wanted me to do that."

"Are you an orphan?"

"Yes, my parents died when I was young. My mother had a skiing accident. My father got sick." I glossed over some of the gruesome details like the way my mother lingered in a coma for six years, and my father killed himself.

"Where do you live?"

"I lived with my uncle and aunt in Vermont."

"Is that where you went to school?"

Where were these questions coming from? It was as if they had already researched my life and knew exactly how to make me uncomfortable.

"I had a private tutor."

"What's that?"

"I was sent to a boarding school at age eleven, but that didn't work out. My uncle hired a woman to teach me at home."

"Why didn't it work out?"

"I got in a lot of trouble. I was upset about my parents and other things."

"Has she seen _you_ naked?"

"Nancy, I said no more questions like that."

"Are you going to get married in The Church?"

"Yes, probably. I'm not religious and have never been to any church, but I hope to learn from Margo, and I admire her faith."

"Are you an atheist or something?"

"No. I guess I'm nothing. My aunt and uncle never went to church, and I never thought about it."

The questioning continued for hours. My voice was raspy by the time Margo and her parent's returned. The rest of the evening was pleasant except everyone was always looking at me. Margo had pity in her eyes. Margo's dad offered me wine at dinner. I told him I don't drink. That made him look at me like I had two heads. He was the only one who drank that evening, and I think he finished the bottle. After dinner, each of us opened one present in accordance with their family tradition.

Each of the little girls selected one of the presents I brought from Vermont. Milli's "American Girl" doll was exactly what she wanted. My aunt had suggested it, and we ordered it from a catalog back in October. I showed it to Margo in advance. She bought some clothes and related accessories to complete the present. Nancy was given a riding helmet and an invitation to visit Vermont and ride my uncle's horses. Margo assured me Nancy was wild about horses, but no excitement was evident. My gift to Paula was a pair of tickets to "Les Misérables" which opened on Broadway earlier that year. My uncle's brother, Cameron, produced the musical in London's West End. He graciously offered a tour of the production in London anytime Paula could make it. I was holding Cameron's letter in reserve to run the idea past the parents first.

Margo's Mom and Dad opened gifts from each other. He got a new watch that I suspected came from K-Mart. She seemed thrilled with a set of fake pearls. I learned in subsequent years of watching this exchange that they deliberately restrain themselves. They're not poor, but their religious convictions discourage conspicuous displays. Of course, that doesn't stop Mom from driving the top-of-the-line limited edition mini-van (3 years old), nor does it stop Dad from paying outrageous greens fees.

I opened a gift I first assumed came from Margo, but it was actually from her parents. It was an old Bible. I smiled without comprehension until Margo told me to look inside. There was girlish writing in the margins. I was holding Margo's childhood Bible, and it was full of little prayers and intentions and thoughts. I was pleased beyond words because Margo seldom talked about her inner thoughts or feelings. I finally had a window of sorts into her mind.

At the crack of awful the next morning, all four girls started shaking me to wake up and get dressed. Milli wanted to open presents from Santa. I slept in my underwear because that's what I alway did. It caused a bit of embarrassment; I didn't want to just pop out from under the sheets and reveal my morning wood. I'd been dreaming about Margo, and the initial shaking by feminine hands played right into the dream until I regained consciousness.

Margo eventually guessed the problem. She was apparently surprised I would sleep in my underwear at her parent's house even though she had seen me that way lots of times. She chased her sisters out of the room and came back to enjoy the show.

"Nice tent pole. That's the best present you could give me." She smiled mischievously.

My present for Margo was actually a ring. I didn't have an opportunity to get one before I proposed. I wanted it to be special, so I had the stones from my mother's ring reset on gold instead of my mother's silver. I never knew why my mother preferred silver, but all of Margo's jewelry was gold and I wanted it to match her taste.

We all went to The Church and then had a glorious feast. Several members of Margo's extended family came for the dinner to grill me with more awkward questions. Finally, the other girls were sent to bed. Mom and Dad sat in their favorite chairs by a roaring fire. I sat on the floor and leaned against Margo where she sat on the raised hearth to poke embers with a stick. During a lull in conversation, I turned to Margo and offered her the ring hastily fished from my pocket.

"Margo, when you agreed to marry me, you fulfilled my greatest hope. I asked you because I believe we are meant to be together, but I didn't prepare. I was overwhelmed by my love for you and couldn't wait another minute. Since that time, I've been looking for the ring I should have given you then. Here, I give you the stones from my own mother's engagement ring set in eternal gold. I designed the ring to be as unique as our bond. I used my mother's diamonds to symbolize the continuity from generation to generation that I hope will be retained in our family forever."

Margo cried a little. Mom may have shed a tear. Everyone examined the ring closely. Dad seemed a little disapproving because the ring was quite conspicuous. I let Margo and her mother conduct the prolonged ring on hand inspection while I stood to talk with Dad. He asked about my mother and my earliest memories. I told him about youthful Christmases I shared before the tragedies.

"I was given a set of children's golf clubs when I was six," I reminisced. That sparked Dad's enthusiasm, and soon I had an invitation to join him for 18 holes. I suggested the driving range instead. I didn't want to embarrass myself. I haven't played since my father's death.


Margo and I were engaged for almost four years before we finally held the ceremony. We didn't wait that long to have sex. In fact, we both lost our virginity on the pull-out hide-a-bed in the basement late Christmas night or early the next morning. Margo slipped into bed with me while I was sleeping and woke me with her hand on my penis. We caressed each other, and I slid her panties down her thighs. I was on my back, and she was laying on her stomach on top of me. I couldn't reach far enough to get the panties completely off, so I contented my self massaging her butt cheeks the way she likes. She eventually slid her panties all the way off and spread her legs to press slippery warm flesh against my dick.

We writhed around on that uncomfortable hard bed. I slid easily back and forth as my tip parted her lips. She ground herself against me rubbing her clitoris along my shaft without any real penetration. We were both panting. My mind wasn't working, but I vaguely recall thinking I was about to loose my virginity. She had a brief orgasm in that position. I could tell because she held her breath for a few moments while her body tensed and shook. Then she sighed and emitted a tiny giggle while she relaxed to settle against me.

Just when I thought it was over, she climbed up into a kneeling position. With one hand guiding me, she lowered herself until I was truly inside her. The heat was the first sensation I recall. She lowered slowly with no bounce or withdrawal. I think she may have grimaced a bit, but she never mentioned any pain. When I was buried in her as far as I could initially go, she relaxed again and lay on me. We just waited there with my erection impaling her. The thoughts and sensations built in my mind until I was ready to cum even without more stimulation. I started almost reflexively thrusting. I didn't move very much, but Margo purred softly. Her breathing accelerated. I had never known such an amazing sensation before that night. Her moist grip around my shaft was so much more subtle than my hand. My orgasm was rapidly approaching.

I whispered, "I'm going to cum!"

She just continued to lay on me receiving short thrusts.

"I can't hold out much longer!"

I used my arms to try to nudge her off me, but she was lost in the moment. Her eyes were closed as she seemed to be concentrating.

"I don't want to cum inside you!" I gritted my teeth on a panicked whisper. I knew she wasn't on the pill.

That seemed to rouse her. She started to slowly lift herself, but it was too late. She may have felt it and wanted more, or she may have finally loosened up. Either way, as she levered herself a little, I was pressed even further into her until the cooling moisture on her swollen lips finally contacted the base of my still rigid member. I was completely engulfed within her. I think the realization shocked both of us. We held that position for a while to savor, but my penis eventually shrank to a semi. I was still inside her a bit when we both fell asleep.

The next morning, I was shaken awake again. This time it was just Nancy telling me that I was about to miss breakfast. Margo must have returned to her own bed during the night, but I never woke or put my underwear back on. In fact, my tighty-whities were laying discarded on the floor were Nancy stood. She looked at me insistently like I should jump out of bed immediately. I requested a moment to get dressed. She took the hint and left the room slowly looking over her shoulder skeptically.

Margo's parents suspected something. Who knows what Nancy said at the breakfast table before I got there. I probably smelled of sex. There was no time for a shower. I'm sure I had a silly grin on my face. Wouldn't you? Margo had a flush on her face and a wry smile every time she looked at me. The sisters seemed mystified by the not so secret glances Margo and I exchanged.

I returned to Vermont for the rest of school's holiday break. Margo and I talked on the phone every night, and apparently there was a lot of tension in her home. Mom and Dad wouldn't come right out and accuse her of fornication, but they weren't going to let her go unpunished either. The sisters reported my answers to their interrogations. Margo complained. I was much too frank with her sisters, and she would never live it down. I think she was angry with me, but Margo hides her feelings. I asked, and she denied it.

Margo's period came a few days after Christmas. We dodged a bullet and were both relieved.


After we got married, Margo and I bought a little lake house in Port Henry in upstate New York. She found a job as a research assistant at a nearby college across Lake Champlain in Vermont. I worked as a substitute teacher and part-time technical writer. The area is so rural that when the phone rang, I typically had a long drive ahead of me to get to the job. 5:00 AM mornings followed by two hour drives weren't uncommon. Margo worked long into most evenings. Except for the weekends, we became ships passing in the night.

The Port Henry house lingers in my memory, but at the time, it still didn't feel like home. We'd only been settled for a few months when Nancy called out of the blue. She wanted to come live with us. She said, "Mom and Dad have gone too far. They can't put me in a chastity belt, and I won't go to another purity camp."

"Calm down," Margo commanded. "You can stay here for a little while until everybody calms down, but as soon as you hang up, I'm going to call Mom and start straightening things out."

"Fine. You see if you can talk sense to them."

The sisters talked for another half hour, and then I was sent to fetch Nancy from the airport a couple of hours away in Albany. It turned out Nancy already made it that far before she called. The entire drive down, I wondered what she was going to do if I said she couldn't live with us. Come to think of it, nobody asked me.

Nancy was by then an attractive but gangly 17 year old. The short summer dress she wore made her look all knees and elbows. She stumbled over invisible lines on the floor when she ran up to me in the luggage claim area. We fetched her one large bag and worked our way out to the car.

The whole way back, she regaled me with stories about the injustice of living with her parents in comfortable suburban Rochester. She wasn't allowed to go to prom because her parents disapproved of dancing. She wasn't allowed to play volleyball because the coach was widely believed to be a lesbian, and they didn't want their daughter corrupted or victimized in the showers or something. I had to admit that Mom and Dad sounded even crazier than usual.

I hardly said a word. I just kept telling myself, "This is only for a few weeks. You can survive a few weeks."

Of course, the visit lasted a bit longer. I had to give up my office located in the smaller of our two bedrooms. That made writing difficult because the next best place was the kitchen table. I had to clear away my work for meals. There were lots of distractions as Margo or Nancy came and went about their daily routines.

The six year age difference between sisters disappeared, and they bonded as if they were both teen "Best Friends Forever". Nancy consumed a lot of Margo's attention. We celebrated Nancy's 18th birthday near the end of the summer, and Mom and Dad even drove over for the occasion. I resented being treated like the odd-man-out in my own home. Does the world revolve around 18 year old girls?

Margo and I had infrequent sex. We could only find time on weekends, and Margo wasn't receptive every weekend. I've always been an avid masturbator, but I was jerkin' the gherkin almost every day by then. That's really how everything started to unravel.

I was having my play time in the shower one Saturday morning when Margo poked her head in. She smiled and watched for a few seconds before disappearing. I hoped she would come back with a better offer, so I slowed the pace to give her some time.

I saw Margo's head peek around the corner a few more times and thought, "This is kind of playful and kinky. She wants to watch." I increased the pace and soon splattered on the tile wall with a melodramatic sigh. Then I toweled off to go back to the bedroom and find out what got into her.

Much to my surprise, when I entered the room wrapped in my towel, Margo and Nancy were both sitting on the bed. They looked like two peas from the same pod. They were the same hight and proportions. They had identical chestnut hair. Nancy's face was a little more slender and her nose was smaller and flatter.

I suddenly wondered if my performance had really been for Margo. Both women had cheshire cat grins. "Come here big boy," Margo sang.

She reached up under my towel and touched my junk. "Feeling all better now?"

"I needed that." I looked at Nancy, but turned to Margo to say, "I could play some more if you're in the mood."

"Not now. We're going shopping for some new shoes. Nancy will need comfortable ones while she's away at school."

"Are you still going to McGill?" I turned back toward Nancy.

She watched Margo's hand moving slowly under the towel before answering. "Yah. Will you drive me up next Wednesday? Margo says she would have a hard time getting time off."

"I guess so. I don't have any firm commitments Wednesday."

"Mmmm - Firm," Margo smirked.

"Alright! That's enough. You can't do that to me and then run off with your sister all day." I pushed lightly at Margo's hand.

"Why? You know how to take care of it, and you'll have the whole house to yourself." Nancy seemed pleased with herself for stating the obvious.

I blushed a bit, and the women got up to leave. Nancy was halfway out the door with her back to me when Margo reached back and yanked the towel. I stood stark naked with my boner pointing the direction of their departure until I heard the front door slam and the car start.

Margo was normally so reserved. I didn't know what got into her. Playing with my dick and teasing me in front of her sister was unprecedented. Stripping me naked before her sister even left the room was risqué beyond belief.


On Wednesday, I drove Nancy up to Montreal and helped her move into a dormitory. She wore shorts and a tank top without a bra. Her breasts jounced enticingly as we labored up and down stairs carting more stuff than I could imagine would fit in the room. She relished running and taking stairs two at a time on the way down. I thought she might bounce out of her shirt. We were hot and sweaty by the time we made her bed and put everything away.

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