tagLoving WivesIs It Still Worth Fighting For?

Is It Still Worth Fighting For?


White hot. That was what it was like the first couple of years with Kelly. So hot that if you stood too close to her and I you'd get third degree burns.

We met at a summer party during my junior year in college. I had stayed on campus during the summer to redo a chemistry lab class I'd gotten a 'C' in. Kelly had just finished her second year and was trying to get a couple of classes' ahead. She was going for her nursing degree and wanted to take her last math classes in the summer where the competition wasn't as severe.

Needless to say, there weren't too many people at the party, hell there weren't too many people left on campus. This was summer vacation, a time to let lose and party, well for most students anyway.

The first time I laid eyes on her, she was standing against a back wall swaying to the beat of the music, a glass of wine in hand. With so few women at the party she must have gotten hit on ten times before I even made my way over to her. I stood close to her, about three feet away, and waited for the music to stop. Sipping on a draft beer I looked over as another potential suitor made his way towards her. Before he could get three words out of his mouth I spoke up.

"Dude, it's not cool to hit on my girl especially with me standing right here; I'd appreciate it if you backed off before it gets ugly."

He looked at me, then Kelly and quickly moved away. Hell, he out weighed me by at least thirty pounds and could have easily kicked my butt, but the unwritten rule in our group was that you didn't mess with another guy's girl. I didn't say a word, or even look her way at this point but just stood there as the music started again. After about ten minutes I figured that I had to either say something or find a way to leave with my ego still intact. Considering every line I'd ever used, over the last three years, I went for broke.

"Well, you want to get married or not?"

"Excuse me?"

"Do you want to get married now or do you wanted to wait until we know each other a little better? Personally, I think we should do it now, because we'd save a ton of money living together instead of supporting two house holds."

All right it probably was one of the stupidest lines she'd ever heard and as cute as she was, she'd probably heard them all.

"I guess you're right, we would save a lot of money moving in together," Kelly replied. "A friend of mine is a notary and I guess if we can get her sober enough we can have this all done by tomorrow morning. However my dorm lease is already paid for through fall semester, so you'll have to move in with my roommate and me. I hope you don't mind sleeping together in a twin bed and aren't shy making love with an audience, but all in all I think this could work. I just have one little question and it's really not even that that important, but when I call mom tonight and tell her we're on our honeymoon, she'll probably want to know at least your first name."

"Steve Moore," I replied. "But she can just call me son."

We both looked at one another and started to laugh at the same time. I guess it probably wouldn't have been as funny if we were both stone sober but neither one of us was even close at this point.

We talked the rest of the night and by the time I walked her back to her dorm we were walking hand in hand. I kissed her at the main entrance to her dorm as men weren't allowed pass that door and there was always a dorm mother there to make sure none sneaked in.

"Since we're engaged, you better wear my ring so everyone will realize you're spoken for," I said taking off my blue sapphire pinky ring and putting it on her finger. "There now it's official," I said grabbing another kiss.

I got her cell number, her room number and said I'd talk with her tomorrow to make plans. Walking back, I realized I didn't even know her last name, I guess I wasn't as smooth as I thought. Hell, I wasn't even sure if Kelly was even her real first name. I may have just given my ring to a girl I may never see again; can you say stupid?

At 10:30 Sunday morning I was at the dorm front desk with two cups of coffee and breakfast. The dorm mother rang her room and told her that she had a guest down stairs who had breakfast with him. In less than ten minutes a smiling Kelly came bounding down the stairs.

"I'm starved," she said looking in the bag I'd brought. "I hope you brought cream and sugar, because I don't drink black coffee."

"Note number one, no black coffee; anything else?"

"Eggs aren't my favorite but I'd kill for Belgian waffles with vanilla ice cream on top."

"Note number two, put waffle iron on gift registry. Anything else?" I asked.

"I guess the rest we'll just have to play by ear," she said smiling.

That is the way it all began. We were an item after that Sunday morning breakfast. She said Saturday didn't count because it hadn't been an actual date from the start even though I'd given her a ring. We spent the day talking, getting to know one another and doing a lot of kissing. We were both Catholic and even though I wasn't a practicing one, she was. Her parents were very religious and there would be no moving in with each other; that is until we got married. She wasn't on the pill and had only been with two guys, both of which sucked in bed and hadn't rung her chimes.

I walked Kelly back to her dorm about three thirty when she said that she had homework to finish and a test to study for. We made out for about ten minutes more and I walked back to my empty dorm room with a raging hard on. I didn't have a roommate so after a little hand action, with lotion, I could at least do a little studying of my own.

For the next two months, we were joined at the hip. You all know that annoying couple that can't keep their hands off one another, the ones that you just want to say 'get a room,' well that was us. We had only gone to second base and I wanted to slide into home, but Kelly was guarding home plate as though it was the Holy Grail. I found out she really wasn't a blonde when she didn't color her hair after the summer, and although she was only about 5'3" she liked to wear two inch heels so she could kiss me without straining her neck; I was only 5'10" myself. From what I could tell through touching only and without seeing her nude, she was probably a 34B and had a rock hard booty. Even with only a little finger action, I knew she had a full bush and was awful tight.

After three and a half months I didn't know how long I could hold out. After a night of kitty shit, as I liked to call it, me and my blue balls would go back to my dorm room for a little manual relief. I was going to church with Kelly and both of our parents knew we were dating.

"Steve must really like this girl if he's going to church with her," my mom told my dad one weekend when they came up to visit me. "He hasn't seen the inside of one for years; Doug, we may have a new daughter-in-law if this keeps up," she told her husband.

We split the holidays between our two families. We spent Christmas with her family in Ames, Iowa and New Years with mine in Minneapolis. We slept in separate bedrooms at her parent's house but ended up in the same bedroom at my parent's house, though in separate beds. There wasn't going to be any fooling around in either house if they had any say in it.

On New Years Eve I replaced Kelly's pinky ring with a little nicer one. One also that was slipped on her left hand ring finger. I didn't even get a chance to ask her as she said yes before I even opened up my mouth. We showed my parents and called hers the following morning.

Both her parents and mine were not happy about us living in sin when we went back to college. They both ended up setting our wedding date for the first weekend in June just after school ended. I guess they'd have to suck it up, us living in sin until then.

Even though I wanted to push Kelly for sex I'd decided against it. Worst cases scenario, I could live with it until June, hell I'd already used up two bottles of hand lotion, what were another two or three bottles until then. It was the weekend after midterms and we were celebrating that it finally happened; and it wasn't me who imitated it, it was Kelly.

We were sleeping in the same bed and spooning every night so when she cuddled up to me, it was expected. However when she reached around and slipped her hands into my boxers this was some thing new. Shit, I was hard before she even got her hands around it and started stroking it. We'd had a few drinks but were far from being drunk. I flipped over onto my back and kissed her as she slipped in a little tongue.

I figured she was going to give me a hand job and that would be it, but when she moved down and put me into her mouth I about lost it right there.

"Babes, keep that up and you're going to get one hell of a surprise in about thirty seconds," I told her as she continued without saying a word. I felt it start somewhere down by my toes as it grew until I shot my wad and kept shooting until Kelly stopped and ran for the bathroom. Hell, I was still feeling the glow five minutes after she got back and lay in my arms.

"Did you like that?" she said with this wicked little grin.

"Sweetheart, that was awful," I said trying to look serious. "It about made me sick," I said as I looked at a puzzled Kelly. "I guess I could get used to it though. Maybe if you did it, say a couple of times a day, I could learn to like it," I said with this huge smile on my face as Kelly punched me a couple of times.

"Asshole," she said kissing me as she shoved her tongue down my throat.

"I guess I owe you one," I said flipping her over on her back. "Just lie back, close your eyes and enjoy what I'm about to do," I told her diving between her legs.

The only thing I thought about was the fact that she'd said that her two previous lovers never got her off.

"Tonight that all ends," I said to myself as I moved in for the kill.

She had one hell of a thick bush I found as I moved her panties to the side. I spread her hairy lips open as I licked Kelly from her asshole to her clit before using just the tip of my tongue on her clit. She started moaning as soon as I started and never stopped as her arms flailed above me looking for something to hand onto.

I started off gently but quickly moved into overdrive as she went nuts above me. After about five minutes, I slipped one then two fingers into her pussy as she grabbed the bed sheets before climaxing. I wanted to say to her that this is only the beginning but she was screaming so loud that she wouldn't have heard me anyway; so I just continued. After her third orgasm I eased up and let her come down. She'd been up for over twenty minutes and was as limp as a wet washrag. I pulled her into my arms and we just lay there for the next hour. I didn't know if she was going to be a bit remorseful for how far we'd gone, so I didn't want to push my luck to go for it all tonight.

She slept in my arms the entire night. I could hear the sound of her breathing; smell her hair and the muskiness of sex in the room. Neither one of us had cleaned up and by now we were as crusty as we could be. Kelly woke up the first time about seven in the morning and went to the bathroom. My arm and shoulder were dead from her lying on them, and was happy when she came back to bed and we changed to me spooning with her. I dropped off some time between seven thirty and eight o'clock

What woke me was Kelly reaching behind and stroking my dick again. I thought I was about to get another blowjob when I felt her put the head of my dick against her pussy entrance and push back. I didn't just slip in, it took both her and my pushing to get it all the way in. I paused to let her get use to it and then started short easy strokes.

I really wanted to pound her pussy and make it mine but knew she wanted to be the one to control this session. I pushed in until I bottomed out and then slowly pulled almost three quarters of the way out before pushing it all the way back in. Reaching around I played with her erect clit with my right hand as I felt her now push back against me.

When she pushed back harder I increased my tempo to match hers. She was breathing hard and now slamming her ass against my dick. When I heard her scream and tighten around my dick I thought about everything in the sun so as not to cum. You see, about half way through I realized I didn't have on a condom and she wasn't on the pill. I pulled out and rubbed it down the crack of her ass and let loose, spraying my seed all over her asshole. It wasn't as rewarding as doing it in her pussy, but at least she wasn't going to get pregnant this morning.

I hugged her kissing her neck as we both came down.

"I need a shower bad," was the first thing out of her mouth. "Come with me," she said as she grabbed my hand as pulled me into the bathroom.

We kissed, sucked and licked one another until we ran out of hot water. She got me hard again and even though I had an empty chamber, she wanted to feel me inside of her again. We slipped once and almost tore down the shower curtain. That's when we decided this activity was best done in bed; and that's where we spent the next twelve hours.

Sunday night I picked up a large box of condoms and I think Kelly thought they had some type of expiration date as she tried to use them up as fast as possible. As I said, white hot, that what our sex life was like.

"Babes, I need a little break. I've got a test tomorrow and I've got to study tonight," I told Kelly as she tried to get me hard again. "You're a lot better student than I am, and you've got to let me alone until at least eight thirty tonight, after that I'm yours," I tried to tell her. I finally kicked her out of the bedroom, locked the door and went back to studying for my finals. At about twenty to nine I heard a pounding on the bedroom door.

"Sex break," Kelly yelled through the door.

"Just give me ten more minutes and I'll be done," I told her.

Eleven minutes later she picked the lock with a hairpin and let herself in.

"Momma needs a little loving," she said jumping into my lap kissing me.

That's how my senior year went. If I wasn't horny she was and vise a versa. We had to pickup two more sets of sheets because neither one of us wanted to sleep on the wet spot which always ended up on my side of the bed.

We were married on June sixth. In front of our parents, friends and family we pledged ourselves to one another. It was a match made in heaven. I graduated and got an entry-level job in an accounting firm and Kelly finished her requirements and finished a semester later. She graduated with a 3.95 G.P.A. and landed a great job at Unity General Hospital; however, it was on second shift for the first three months.

We worked around it and neither one of us got much sleep those three months. Kelly would come home wired from her shift at about quarter to twelve and jump my bones expecting me to perform. I would sometimes wake up with a woody and knock off a chunk before I went into work and on weekends we'd try to fuck one another to death. That's the way it went for the first three years.

When Sheila was born we had to slow up because we were burning the candle at both ends and when David came along twelve months later, through an oops, we had to slow down even more, much to my dismay. We were now a family with responsibilities, or that's what we told ourselves.

Our first house has three bedrooms and two baths. The first thing we did was put a lock on our bedroom door only after we found the kids in the doorway as Kelly rode me yelling for me to take her like the slut she was. Thankfully they were young enough not to ask what a slut was. We were still pushing the envelope because there was always something we wanted or that needed fixing.

Things got a little tense when Kelly got promoted three years later. She was now on salary and responsible for scheduling and updating nurse training. I gave her leeway for about six months before saying something.

I was rubbing her feet with massage oil lying in bed when I brought it up.

"How does this feel, babes?"

"Like heaven but don't stop, and you've still got the other foot to do," she said lying back on the bed with her eyes closed.

"Hon, you're pushing yourself too hard, we never see you anymore," I said as nice as I could.

"I know, but there's so much to do and I want to show them that they made the right decision promoting me. It won't be much longer," she promised as I switch to the other foot.

All right, I tried to get a little frisky but was told I was being given a rain check, again. We'd gone from eight times a week to five, to three, finally to one and that one wasn't that great either.

I gave it another three months but finally had words when she missed dinner for the seventh time in two weeks. The kids were asking where 'mom' was and I didn't have a clue if she was going to make it home for dinner or not anymore. I was cooking one hundred percent of the meals and became chief cook and bottle washer, as I liked to call it.

"Kelly, you've got to cut back. The kids need to see their mother once in a while and hell, I'd really like my old wife back, at least once in a while," but she took what I said all wrong.

"Steve, I can't help you've got a damn eight to five job, but mine isn't. The hospital operates twenty-four seven and things need to get done. I'm doing the best I can considering and I don't think it's too much to ask for a little consideration and help from you."

"Kelly, what the hell do you think I've been doing for the last eleven months? I make dinner; I help the kids with their homework, I cleanup and put them to bed. You've been coming home sometimes after eight or nine o'clock. I don't think anyone expects you to put in twelve to fourteen hour days; is your boss putting in those kinds of hours? Hell. We haven't made love in weeks and when we do now, you've got your phone on in case someone has a problem? I don't think the world will stop revolving if you let the people you supervise do their damn job once in a while; isn't that what they're hired to do?" I asked getting more than a little perturbed.

"Steve you don't understand," Kelly replied.

"That's right, I don't understand. Their taking advantage of you and for the little extra they're paying you, I'd rather see you go back to what you were doing before. At least I'd get my wife back."

"Is this about sex? Well, I'm sorry that I haven't been in the mood lately but I've had a lot on my mind. I don't think your going to die if you don't get it ten times a week."

"Hell, once a week would be nice but I guess your job is more important than your family."

That's when Kelly lost it saying that I wasn't supportive, I was selfish and didn't want her to succeed.

"I guess you just want to see me barefoot and pregnant," she now yelled at me.

"Whatever," I said as I walked upstairs. When I heard her cell phone ring I knew what was next.

"Steve, I've got to go in for a little bit, I'll be back shortly."

When I tossed Kelly her nightshirt her eyes narrowed.

"Why don't you just sleep there, even when you are here you're not anymore," I said slamming the bedroom door on her.

I think I heard her say Steve or something but it couldn't have been that important to her as I heard her car start up and back down the driveway. She'd gotten obsessed with her job and no matter what I said, it was always the wrong thing; so I stopped saying anything.

She told me I was acting like a spoiled brat when I told her no for the first time since I met her when she asked if I wanted to fool around Friday night.

"Don't you have somewhere you need to be?" I asked in a sarcastic tone trying to give back to her a little of what I'd been putting up with for the last year. "I don't need your pity sex. I've got a good right hand and I still know how to use it," I told her. "Hell, I've had a lot of practice over the last couple of months and I never have to beg it for a little relief. That had to sting," I thought to myself.

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