tagErotic CouplingsIsland Vacation Day 02 Pt. 2

Island Vacation Day 02 Pt. 2


Island Vacation, Day 2: Solo & Ensemble

Part 2: Duet

After the morning's escapades with Andy, Marie's body was thrumming with sexual energy. She was eager to enjoy the pleasures of sun, sea, and satiation this vacation offered...and there was a part of her that had not yet been fulfilled.

The object of her lustful thoughts returned to their hotel room to find Marie dressed and ready to go, her smooth, light skin positively glowing from the combination of sunscreen oil and post-orgasm radiance. Todd met her eyes as he stepped into the main room and knew instantly that he'd be the one to escort her on her beach tour...

Over a quick bite to eat, they had all agreed that Andy, with his fair skin and dislike of sunshine, should stay behind and continue to nap while the other two explored. Ten minutes later, Todd and Marie stopped at the far end of a long stretch of narrow white sands beach, deciding it was the perfect place to test the waters.

Marie promptly stripped off the t-shirt and shorts she wore over her pink bikini. She bounded to the edge of the water and waded in.

"Ooooo, it's so warm!" she enthused, turning back to Todd, who was still standing on the shore, watching her. "You gonna join me?"

He merely smiled and slowly removed his shirt and shoes to wade in behind her. Marie turned back to the view in front of them. "It's so beautiful here," she sighed, gazing at the expanse of ocean, her arms raised to shield her eyes from the bright sunshine.

Todd said nothing as he approached her from behind and slipped his hands around her waist. Her body relaxed into his, her nerves tingling with anticipation.

His hands began to idly roam the smooth curves of her body, moving with an aching slowness that he knew would tease and torment her. He slid under the flimsy material of her bikini top, gently trailing his index fingers along the bottom swell of her breasts.

Marie's head lolled against his shoulder as he continued to playfully tease her senses by lightly kissing and nibbling down the long column of her neck. The light scratching of his facial hair delighted and abraded her, leaving faint red marks upon her sensitive skin.

His hands worked their way down her abdomen, concaved now that Marie's arms reached above her to work her fingers through Todd's lush, dark hair. It was silky and soft, so unlike the stubble on his face, or his crisp chest hair against her back.

She turned in his arms to face him, her face inches from his. Feeling slightly off balance, she steadied herself against his broad chest, curls of his dark chest hair popping out from beneath her hands as she caressed him.

With one hand on the small of her back to steady her, Todd held her gaze, his eyes locked on hers, as his other hand snaked under the top of her skimpy bikini bottoms and slowly down to her labia. The look in his eyes was so powerful, she felt suddenly self-conscious...

An instant later, his hand at her back pressed her closer to him, and they kissed; softly at first but with greater and greater intensity as his fingers explored her pussy, leaving no spot untouched. Marie's fists clenched – one on his shoulder, the other grabbing a handful of his hair – and she gasped against his lips when his fingers lightly pressed her most sensitive spot...

Todd inwardly smiled and kissed her still, loving that he could make her feel this aroused. Her body moved rhythmically to rub her clit against the heel of his hand while his fingers slid in and out of her hot, wet hole. He teased her with just enough penetration to ensure that she was ready for what was to come; just enough to stoke her lust without bringing her to completion.

They both felt a sense of impatience; a mutual need to have the other, now; no more delays, no more excuses.

Breaking their kiss, Todd spoke: "I found a place earlier. Up there." he motioned over his left shoulder to a slow rise of trees behind him. She followed his direction toward a dense grove of tropical foliage some 50 yards away.

Wordlessly he led her out of the water toward their things on the shore. They redressing quickly in shoes and shorts, stuffing the remaining items into Marie's bag. Together they made their way across the beach to the gently rising dune, the sand becoming firmer under their feet as they reached the shaded ground under the tree cover.

Todd's nerves flickered with an eagerness to be alone with her somewhere more... personal. He'd scouted this area earlier, hoping to find a place for just this purpose. What he found was almost too good to be true: a little way into the grove laid a fallen tree trunk forming a fortuitous inverted V-shape against another – just right for supporting a person...or two.

He took her hand and led her through the thick growth until they emerged at the spot. Marie stopped and took it in; the tree trunks formed a sort of triangle with the ground below. They stood next to large, flat slabs of stone partially buried into the ten foot high soil cliff face overlooking a small stream. They were shielded from view of the main beach by the thick covering of low hanging branches, heavy with large, green leaves.

It was stunning...peaceful and perfect.

Todd slid the beach bag from Marie's shoulder and placed it on the ground before removing the beach towel they'd brought and draping it over the inclined trunk. The look in his eyes was ravenous as he returned his attention to the woman before him.

The years of aching for this, lusting for each other from miles away seemed to charge the air. Todd hesitated briefly, a remnant of the tightly-held control he'd always used to curb his desire for her in the past.

She sensed his restraint and grew nervous herself. His eyes smoldered. Oh god, she wanted that heat... wanted him to unleash the full force of his passion, to share it with her in a way he'd never been comfortable doing before.

"Let go....," she whispered, her voice a soft plea. One arm reached toward him, tentatively; "......please."

Something inside of him shattered.

In one step, he was there, hands on her, needing to touch her everywhere at once. They couldn't keep their hands off each other; could not contain or control what now consumed them.

Todd guided her backward until the back of her thighs butted up against the fallen trunk, then hungrily kissed and licked his way down her body until his face was level with the waistband of her shorts. He tugged them off before untying the strings at her hips and letting the skimpy suit bottoms fall to the ground, revealing his prize.

He licked his lips as he first slid a finger inside her and felt her slickness. He had to taste her. Had to see if she could possibly taste as delicious as she looked...

Marie's back arched as Todd's tongue touched her pussy. He dove in, like a hungry wolf enjoying a feast.

She writhed against the tree trunk beneath her as Todd continued to savor the taste and feel of her. His thumb moved in small, quick circles over her clit. Her wetness coated his lips, tongue, fingertips.

His hands may not be as large as some men's, Todd thought to himself, but damned if they weren't exceptionally good at manipulating small, delicate objects...

His tongue felt like fire, his ragged breaths like a cool breeze, and the sensations combined to make Marie's head spin.

Many minutes later, Todd wiped his mouth on the corner of the towel draped over the rough tree bark, then stood and laid her back further against the inclined trunk. She sprawled against it, her long brunette hair cascading over the sides of the trunk, her eyes heavy-lidded with arousal. Her tits seemed somehow larger behind the tiny pink triangles of her bikini. She looked radiant, and Todd's dick strained against his shorts uncomfortably as he drank her in.

He stood between her legs to strip off his shorts and shoes. His hard cock sprang eagerly from its confines, making Marie moan and try to reach for him.

He stilled her with a blazing kiss, his hands on either side of her face. "Soon..." he crooned huskily, enjoying her impatience to have him inside her.

He untied the strings securing her bikini top and tossed it aside before his hands trailed roughly down her neck, over her rib cage, and across the hollow of her stomach as she lay arched against the tree. He lifted her thighs easily, one arm under each, and opened her for him.

Using her body to anchor his own, Todd plunged fully inside of her, feeling her soft warmth surround his hard rod. God, she was tight. He didn't know how it was possible, but now that he'd felt her, he couldn't deny it. He looked down and saw himself buried balls-deep inside her and nearly growled.

Marie's emotions were evident in her face; Todd thought she'd never looked more beautiful, and he told her so as he began to thrust in and out of her, possessing her with each stroke. Her body ached for release, but he refused to give it to her...yet. He kept a steady, insistent pace, driving into her over and over...

She was close now, he could tell. He withdrew from her only briefly to lower her legs and flip her over so that her stomach and chest were now pressed against the towel-covered trunk.

She instinctively arched her back to give Todd a better opening to penetrate her; he groaned and quickly sank back into the inviting warmth. He entered her fast and hard, riding her with such force that his balls began to swing in time with his thrusts and lightly slap against her.

That, plus her clit rubbing against the fabric of the towel beneath her had Marie cumming hard in a matter of minutes. "Aahh....aaaahhhh.....aahhhh yessss.....yeeeesssss!" she panted as wave after wave of orgasm gripped her.

His breathing quickened, telling her he was close too. She soon heard him cry out and felt the cold void left by his dick when he pulled out from her, followed by warm splashes of cum on her ass cheeks.

He stayed suspended above her, his still-pulsing cock lying against her, both still breathing hard. When Marie finally turned over underneath him so that they faced each other each again, she cradled his face in her hands, gently pushing back his long, sweat-damped hair from his brow.

He kissed her deeply, conveying all the things he would never, could never, say with words.

They rested together on the rocks afterward, neither feeling the need to fill the quiet that surrounded them.

Todd's thoughts were, to his surprise, sharp and clear as they made their way back to their hotel room. She had thanked him for what they had just shared; grateful for letting her see what fueled him, and how much he felt for her.

As he walked with her now, holding her hand in his, feeling the intimate bond between friends-turned-lovers, he could only think that it was he who should be thanking her for giving herself to him, for so openly trusting him with everything she was, for giving them this opportunity neither of them would ever forgot.

Yet all he said was: "My pleasure."

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