tagExhibitionist & VoyeurIt All Started Innocently Enough

It All Started Innocently Enough


It all started innocently enough. But then again, doesn't it always.

I had to go to Boston for a week. One of the branch offices needed to have their entire network rehabbed. I went to find out what was going on and make a long term plan for upgrading this office. It was work as normal, twelve hour days and not seeing daylight except thru an occasional window. Then back to the hotel for bar food and sleep. I wanted to see the local night life, but I was too tired.

I was also motivated to finish up quickly, as an old friend of my wife and I lives between Boston and Cape Cod. She asked me to come down for the weekend. Cindy was good friends of both my wife and I. The three of us spend most of our time together. We were the Three Musketeers. As life often does, it moved us in separate directions. Kathy and I moved to Tennessee, and Cindy moved to Massachusetts. Even after my wife died suddenly two years ago, Cindy and I continued to talk.

Friday afternoon, Cindy called. We arranged which train for me to take, and where to meet. I went to the company gym to work out and shower before this trip. All kinds of thoughts went thru my mind. Memories of the three of us and our escapades raced thru my head. We had a great deal of clean, innocent fun.

The train ride was quicker than I anticipated. There stood Cindy on the platform. Her long blond hair was blowing in the breeze. She looked beautiful. The last time I saw her was at Kathy's funeral.

Cindy floated across the platform, giving me a whole body embrace. "Les, it is so great to see you. I miss our old times, the three of us." We both realized how much we missed Kathy at that moment. It suddenly became awkward.

Cindy released her embrace, looked down to the ground. "I am sorry Les. I still miss her. She was like a sister to me." She then saved herself by changing the topic. "I know this wonderful seafood place about an hour from here. Are you hungry?"

Cindy always knew how to keep a mood bright. We went to dinner, and talked about old times. We laughed about the funny situations we would find ourselves in. We even cried over our loss.

Over desert, Cindy took my hand across the table. "Les. Kathy is gone. Tomorrow, we will have fun. Just like always. But now, we can start a new chapter. That is what Kathy would want. Tonight will be the end of the tears. Tomorrow will be joy. What shall we do?"

"Frankly, I have seen nothing but the inside of an office for two years. If it does not involve a bar or a computer, I am lost. What ever you like, I am game." I said. I knew Cindy would have something fun in mind.

We finished our meal and drove back to Cindys house. She pointed me to the guest room and told me to make myself at home. She kissed me on the cheek and turned to go to bed. I quickly followed suit. I slept so well I barely remembered even taking off my clothes and climbing in bed.

The next morning I woke to the sun beaming thru the window, the smell of hot coffee and the sound of activity in the kitchen. I must have slept well. I had tossed the sheets off myself in the night. I layed on the bed buck naked. I had always slept naked. I looked over to the clock on the night stand to see how late it was and there was a still steaming cup of coffee waiting, just the way I like it. A robe lay across the foot of the bed along with a towel, new razor, and the morning paper.

Still sleepy eyed I got up, put on the robe, grabbed the coffee and paper, and walked out to the kitchen. Cindy was making pancakes. She looked up from her chores and said with a smile "Welcome to the land of the living sleepy head. Sit down, and read the paper while I finish breakfast. I hope you got enough sleep, because today is play day."

She made no comment about my state of dress, or undress when she left me coffee at the bedside. She busied herself making breakfast. It was great to see her, just like old days. We often woke up to her in our kitchen making breakfast as we all lounged in our robes deciding what the day would hold. It was a plutonic relationship. Cindy was like a member of the family.

Once breakfast was over Cindy bounced out of her chair saying almost to herself, "Best get a move on before all the good places are taken. Go put on some shorts and a T. There is a basket in the fridge for us to take. I will meet you in the driveway in ten minutes. Is that enough time?"

"Sure, but what are we going to do?" was all I could say. Not sure what to expect.

"Do not worry. You have been in doors for too long. I can tell you need some sun."

In no time we were off. We arrived at the beach. I loaded my arms with chairs, towels, our basket and followed Cindy.

"Here is the spot" she announced. We quickly spread everything out. As I sat down in the lounge chair she said "Comfy?" She began pulling her sun dress over her head, and threw it down on the ground. I was stunned. She stood there on the beach before me, naked as the day she was born.

"Cindy, what are you doing? Where is your suit?" I blushed.

"Do not worry Les. This is a nude beach. Loosen up, have fun. Everyone here will be nude too. It is fun!" She then sat next to me and began applying lotion.

I looked around, and for the first time noticed I was the only clothed person there. Families were playing. People were visiting. It was like any other beach only no one had the irritation of sand it their suits. I got over my discomfort and took off my shirt.

A few minutes later a man came up calling Cindys name. Cindy got up and ran up to him, giving him a huge hug. Her back was to me. I could hear their squeals as they caught up with eachother. He then commented "I got it, I got the Prince Albert! It is great!"

Cindy said, "Let me see that" as she bend over at the waist to pick up his dick. Sure enough, he had a piece of metal running right into it. The view I had was one I never thought I would have. For the first time I saw Cindy sexually. I was sitting in my chair, fortunatley still in my shorts, because they helped to hide my growing erection. I saw Cindy bend over at the waist with her back toward me. The brown button of her ass seemed to wink at me with each giggle and exclaimation. Slightly lower and between her legs I could see a pair of smooth, shaven pussy lips. Tufts of hair topping this fine treat which I had never seen. Beyond that I could see her breasts hanging as she was bent over. They framed her hands lovingly and gently picking up this mans dick to inspect it. Her nipples appeared as if they were water dripping off the end of a cone. I watched her lift this mans dick, turn it, pull it, carress it as she inspected this new piece of jewelry. I watched as his balls lifted when he cleared his throut. For a moment I thought she would lean in and take this mans dick in her mouth, licking all around, but she did not.

Instead Cindy turned to me, and began to introduce me to her friend with the dick jewels. I began to stand up but felt my stiff cock tug at my shorts, reminding me to remain seated. I reached out a hand to meet my new nude aquaintance.

"Gee Cin, you brought a Voy with you, huh? He is still clothed, but dear Girl, will you look at that boner he is trying to hide. Mmmmmm. Don't be afraid to let it get sun boy!" our guest exclaimed.

Cindy came to my defense. "Dinney. Cut that out. Les has never been to a beach like this before. His wife died a few years back and all he has done is work since. I was trying to get him to loosten up and enjoy life. You know, live lavita loca. Besides, you have the wrong plumbing for him."

"Fine, have it your way Cin. Nice to meet you Less, hope to see More of you by the end of the day." Dinney quipped as he turned away.

Cindy slapped his ass and scolded him for his rude flirtations. "Get out of here you dirty ol' fag" she chidded.

Cindy then turned to me. "Les, will you put lotion on my back? Or do you need to go for a swim to cool down for a bit? I am sorry, hope I did not embarass you too much. We can go if you want."

"No Cindy. I was just surprised, that is all. I must admit, watching you..." I trailed off, not wishing to finish my sentance. "I am just going to swim". I quickly got up and ran into the water, shorts and all.

As I stood in the water, I could feel the sand make its way into my suit. I stood there watching Cindy finish putting lotion on her body. I never noticed what a nice body she had. Her breasts were perfect. Her hips screamed a need to be held, and her pussy. I had not seen an other naked woman since my wife died. In fact, Kathy was the only woman I had actually ever really seen naked.

I swam for about twenty minutes. I emerged from the water with my shorts full of sand and sticking uncomfortably. I walked back up to our blanket. Cindy was laying on her stomach reading while she sunned her back side. I sat down in the chair shifting uncomfortably as the sand continued to itch me.

"You can take them off and you will not chafe." Cindy purred looking up from her book. "I promise, you have nothing to hide. I already saw it this morning. Besides, Dinny has found some fuck bunny to play with by now."

"No, I am fine." I was lying. I wanted to take off my suit. After squirming a few more minutes I stood, took a deep breath, and peeled out of my wet shorts. I watched Cindy for fear she would stare. She did not move nor seem to notice I was standing there fully exposed for her inspection. She did not look up once.

As I sat down Cindy said without lifting her eyes from her book "Now that is better, isn't it?"

I had to agree.

We played in the sun and sand all day. Before long, I did not even realize I was nude. Nor did I notice Cindy was too. We laughed, swam, built sand castles, read, and talked like we always had, unaware of our nakedness.

I fell asleep on the beach only to wake up to Cindy packing up our stuff. The sky had started to turn grey and the breeze was picking up. Cindy informed me a storm was comming and we had best get home. Cindy had started to grab everything and run for the car as the sky opened up with rain. I was jumping accross the beach trying to put my shorts on while Cindy ran to the car, her arms full. She was still naked. Her ass bouncing as she ran. She turned and began to laugh as I fell to the sand, my shorts around my ankles.

"Do not mess with those Les. They will only get in the way. Get out to the car and I will show you what to do." Cindy called as the rains soaked us.

Out at the car, Cindy lifted the hatch back of her car. We stood under its shelter. Cindy leaned into the car and pulled out a bottle of baby powder. She stood in the parking lot, not a stitch on her body as she began to apply the powder.

"I suggest you take off those shorts and put on this powder. Here is a pair of surgical scubs for you to put on. Trust me, it gets off the sand" Cindy scolded, handing the bottle to me.

I dutifully dropped my shorts and applyed the white powder. I put on the scrubs and we headed home.

Once we were home Cindy ordered Pizza to be delivered. She gathered up her things and headed for the shower adding "I left some money on the table. Please pay the man if he gets here before I am done."

In fifteen minutes the bell rang. I took the delivery man some money, closed the door, and turned around to see Cindy standing behind me, still naked except for the towel in her hair.

With a surprised laugh she said "Nothing you have not seen all day buster. Now go clean up."

We lounged all evening drinking wine, reading, and talking into the wee hours of the night. The storm continued to brew outside. Occassionally thunder and lightning would break the darkness, outlining everything in an earie yet seductive shadow.

After we emptied the last bottle of wine Cindy announced she was going to bed. She got up and gave me an other full body hug. I wrapped my arms around her waist as she snuggled in to me, embraced by her soft white robe.

She wispered in my ear "Good night sweet heart." and kissed me on the lips. I tensed at this action. She broke away and ran off to bed, turning her head over her shoulder to wink as she retreated. I tidied up the kitchen and soon found myself sound asleep, dreaming of my days adventure.

Somewhere early in the morning there was a loud clasp of thunder which shook the house. The power was out and there was lightning all around. I laid in bed and listened to see if Cindy had been woken. I heard a faint humm. It sounded like an electric razor. Afraid something had broken, I got up to investigate.

As I reached my bedroom door I looked accross the hall and found the source of the humm. It was Cindy laying in bed. Lightning flashed and I could see her thru the partially closed door. She was laying on her back, the lightning illuminating her nude body on the bed sheets. She had a long pink vibrator between her legs with her right hand and she was kneeding her breast with her left hand.

I was frozen in the shadows as I discovered my friend in this lust filled act of private joy.

She was laying on her back, oblivous to my stare. She ran her finger nails over her nipples, pulling them, teasing them to stand up. I could see the small bumps of skin around her nipples rising to the sky. Her abdomin muscles all seemed to move in chorus to meet the vibrations of the pink vibrator buzzing below. I could hear the sound of her juices as this tool was moved seductively in and out.

Cindy began to throw her head side to side, bitting her lower lip as she held back a moan. As I stepped back into the shadows, I could feel my exposed cock rise at this sight. I began to rub slowly so as not to bring attention to my presence.

With each clasp of lightning, her intensity seemed to build. I could feel my grip tighten, and precum begin to flow as she thrust the play cock deep into her the way she liked to be fucked. She lifted her ass of the bed, thrusting her hips to meet each and every assault by her play thing. The crest of her pelvis shone in the lightning filled room.

As the storm intensified, so did Cindy. She pushed the vibrating tool in all the way, placed her hands under her ass, holding her pelvis up in the air to meet her imaginary lover. She began to shake and shudder. She threw her head back and let out a groan of satisfaction. At the same time, her vibrator flew out of her soaked pussy and landed at her feet.

At this point, I felt my own orgasm explode. Cum hit my face. I have no idea where any of it landed as it was dark. I did not want Cindy to see me either.

She reached up and carressed her breasts as she recovered from this orgasm. I sneeked back to bed while she cleaned up.

Just as I climbed into bed, it squeeked. I heard her voice meakly cry "Les?" I held my breath. Not an other noise. I fell back asleep quickly.

It was still raining in the morning. Breakfast went the same as the day before. Hot coffee and robe waiting at the bedside. We lounged in our robes reading the paper and eating breakfast. There was no mention of our secret rondevouz the night before.

It was time for me to go home. The drive to the airport was difficult. It was raining hard. Cindy's car could not take the water and flooded out. She managed to pull off the road. We got out of the car to inspect it. Neither of us knew what to look for but we had to look anyway. Soaking wet, we got back into the dead car to make plans to get me to the airport and her car home.

Cindy called AAA. While we waited we began to talk some more.

Cindy leaned over and looked me in the eye, with her wet hair hanging on her shoulders and her sun dress drenched and clinging to her nipples. "Les. I do not know how to say this. I have loved you since before you and Kathy married. I never wanted to say anything because I loved Kath. I also loved you. I cherished our times. I felt like you were the luckiest man. Having two wives. Two women who loved you. Even though I could only love you in secret."

I just stared. Dumbstruck. Not knowing what to say.

She continued. "You were a good husband. Kathy often said how lucky she was. I was glad for you both. I would come over early in the morning to make you two breakfast, mostly so I could sit in the quiet dark and listen to you two make love. On a few occassions I was able to watch you from the room accross the hall in secret while you fucked Kathy with so much passion. I would orgasm with you."

"Cindy" I interrupted.

"No Les, let me finish. I have been practicing this for fifteen years. Just listen."


"I never told Kathy how much I loved you. One day shortly before she was killed, she called in tears. She told me how much she worried over you and what you would do with out her. She made me promise I would always be here for you both. No mater what. I told her how much I loved you both. You are true friends. She confided in me. Kathy said 'I know you do. I see it in your eyes. I also trust you with my heart'."

I began to cry silently. I saw my Kathy in Cindy. I leaned over the seat and kissed her. I kissed with the passion I had for Kathy. Cindy responded with an even deeper kiss.

Our kisses of comfort quickly turned to passion. We could not get close enough to eachother. Our mouths were deep into eachothers. Our tounges wound tightly. I could taste her saliva on the back of my throut. I wanted to crawl down into her. Cindy felt the same.

Cindy slid into the passanger side of the car. She stradled my lap as we kissed. Each of her legs was astride mine. We kissed deeply. I could feel my cock rise beneath her. She had a heat radiating from her pussy which almost seemed to burn. Cindy kept kissing deeply. She pulled her wet sundress off over her head and threw it into the back seat. My mouth left hers and went right for her hardened nipples. They were so firm. I could taste the sweat and rain on her tits as I licked them as far back into my mouth as possible. Sounds of suction popping interrupted our moans.

While I made oral love to Cindys breasts, she unstrapped my belt. She unbuttoned my jeans and pulled my aching cock out. I looked down as she lovingly held my cock in her hands. I lifted my hips and slid my jeans down so she could also reach my balls. As I settled back into the car seat, Cindy lifted her pelvis and placed me into her hot and ready passion.

I had not had sex in over two years. I forgot what a soft pussy felt like. Nothing like my hand. In one motion she sucked every part of my cock with her vagina. She was milking it inside her body. I was so excited this almost hurt. I grabbed her hips and pulled her so close to me. I could feel her pussy lips engulf my cock and balls to their base. In what seemed like seconds I threw my head back and exploded what felt like buckets of sticky hot cum. Cindy did the same thing. I could feel our combined juices soak my pants and the seat below us.

"I am sorry Cindy. I was not expecting to...enjoy...er um.." I stammered.

"Me neither. I came so hard, so fast. I am ready to continue on longer than ten seconds now that that first one is out of the way." Cindy blushed.

"Are you sure?" I stupidly replied. Of course "I" was sure. I was a man. I had forgotten that. I was a man that loved sex. I wanted to have Cindy until my dick fell off. I forgot what sex was. What love was. I forgot how desirable Cindy was.

She looked me in the eye, and ground her hips into me. All the windows in the car had fogged over. We could hear cars passing. Even occassional banging around the car, but we were so engrossed in this raw, animal sex we did not even notice until the drivers door swung open that the tow truck was here and had hooked us up to the truck. The driver found us naked and mid fuck when he opened the car to place it in neutral.

The driver quickly slammed the door shut and retreated to his own truck waiting for us. We laughed and got dressed quickly. We then fell out of the passanger side of the car and ran up to the cab of his truck. The driver just looked at us and grinned. Caught like two school kids.

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