tagRomanceIt Began with a New Year's Kiss Ch. 01

It Began with a New Year's Kiss Ch. 01


He had sad blue eyes. That was the first thing I saw as I noticed the man in the grey winter jacket looking down to the lower part of Trafalgar Square. I'd noticed him because amid everyone else who stood around in groups of friends laughing and drinking as if we weren't in the middle of a winter in London, he stood alone, just looking down at people... and I'd been watching him as he watched them. And then suddenly as if aware of my regard, he looked straight at me and fixed sorrowful eyes on me.

My breath caught in my throat and despite the cold surrounding me, I felt my cheeks heat up. I turned my back on him and tried to join in the conversation that my friend Bradley and Micah were having.

"Soooo," Bradley began with an evil grin and rubbing his hands together, "Micah baby, almost midnight, any idea who you're planning on kissing?" I sighed as I watched a lecherous smile curve what were truly fine lips. "You can kiss me... or... you can kiss sunshine over here." As he said this he threw an arm around my shoulder, dragging me close to him. "Either way, I'll have one New Year's wish fulfilled."

Rolling my eyes I elbowed him in the stomach before shoving him away. "You're such a pig Brad."

"Yeah," Micah said, nodding her head vigorously, "and why would I kiss a pig?" She asked, her blue eyes sparkling with humour.

Brad made a great show of being put out before pulling the very curvy Micah to him and smacking a locked lipped one on her. "Because baby, you want to turn me into your Prince Charming."

Just as I could see Micah opening her mouth to deliver a stinging retort the first cries of the countdown started being called out in a chorus of different voices all around us. On impulse I turned to see what the sad eyed man was doing and looked up. Disappointment crushed me when I saw that he wasn't there. I let out a small cloud of white in the air as I exhaled and brushed my brown curls from my face with a freezing hand.

I was about to turn back to my friends when something about a man in a dark coat had me looking twice. He was tall...I'd say around 6'1, 6'2...tall for me in any case as I (much to my detriment) only reached what I considered a measly 5'3. He had his hands stuffed in the pockets of his grey winter jacket - I blinked. Wait, was that the blue eyed guy? I squinted and barely acknowledged the 'eight's' that rang out as the great crowd continued with its countdown.

He walked like a jungle cat, grace and lethality emanating from the long lean body as if it were an expensive type of cologne. As my eyes, mesmerized, travelled back up from his long legs to his incredible top build...broad shoulders, narrow hips... not a sign of excess weight anywhere, I could feel my heart speed up and some kind of dizziness fill my head. From somewhere far away I could hear the countdown and Micah and Brad laughingly taking swipes at each other as they interrupted each other's count. But my mind was completely focused on the man who was walking in my direction. His features were...wow...he had black hair, it fell messily over a golden forehead, his cheeks were so high and sculpted that they seemed autocratic, his nose long but not so much that it ruined his face... he had a slight shade of stubble on his chin and over his slightly hollowed cheeks...and his mouth oh dear god his mouth was sin. Full lipped and looking like it had been carefully drawn by an artist his mouth had me going weak at the knees. He reached me just as I looked into his eyes - and I gasped at what I saw there. His blue eyed gaze... it was so sad...so tormented that it made my heart ache.

He stopped right in front of me and I was speechless...was I supposed to say something? He came one step closer and I stopped breathing. Tipping my face up to look at him.

"Three..." I felt cool hands on my face, "two..." my eyes widened in something akin to shock as he lowered that delicious head towards mine, "one..." his mouth swooped down on mine and drowned out the 'Happy New Year!'. He kissed me with a hunger so deep that I had to clutch his wrists to anchor myself. My lips I willingly parted and he took the invitation without an instant's hesitation, his warm moist tongue sweeping inside me to stroke my own in a sensuous caress that had me letting go of his wrists to grab for his shoulders instead and pull him close.

I jerked when I felt his body so hard against my own and the freezing temperature of London didn't so much as penetrate our little bubble. It was all so intense ...so ...needy ...so raw, I groaned into his mouth and his arms curled themselves around my waist, bringing me tight against him. His scent, something woody and fresh filled my senses and I moaned into his sexy mouth as he changed the angle of the kiss, taking his mouth from mine only to slant it over my lips again in an endless mind blowing kiss. I felt his hands in my hair, clutching my curls and clenching them tight in his hands. One released my hair and travelled down the curve of my spine. It was as if he was trying to consume me. There was so much hunger in him ... A large strong hand slid over the curve of my denim clad ass and then had me crying out softly as it squeezed and drew me closer - a strong thigh insinuated itself between mine and lifted.

"Dear lord," I gasped against his warm lips as the sensation his thigh produced between my legs fired up every other cell that might've still been dormant within me "who are you...?" I whispered, pulling away even as my lips were clinging to his. I saw when he blinked several times that his lashes were long and dark, it was if he was trying to pull himself out a daze. "Hmm?" I prompted, savouring the sensation of my swollen lips even as I lifted one of my hands to rub gently over that stubble - and I'd never been a stubble woman. I felt his cool breath on my wet lips as I raised my eyes to his - felt his gaze penetrate deep and then as I was sure that he was about to answer a rough hand on my arm yanked me away from him and my eyes flew wide open. I turned around with a hiss of surprise only to find myself facing a seething Brad.

"Brad what the hell is your problem?" I just managed to turn the shout into another spitting hiss, my eyes now narrowed into poisonous slits as they focused on Brad's now wary expression.

"Hey - the guy had his hands on your ass!"

My eyes narrowed that bit more. "And if I'd minded I would have kneed him where it counts." I flicked a glance at Micah who was looking quite bemused, her red wine hair tumbling over one shoulder and hazel eyes slightly feverish. Her lips though, looked as swollen as mine felt... which meant she'd gone for option number one and kissed this idiotic fiend who had just ripped me away from the most sexy, intriguing man I'd ever met.

Quickly, hoping to be able to dispel his notion that I hang out with lunatics I turned to face him once more...only to find myself staring at a dark empty void where he had stood. My mystery New Year's man was gone.

For some weird reason I just couldn't fathom, my heart sank and my shoulders slumped even as bright light exploded above me in correspondence with the 'boom' of the fireworks. Throwing a murderous look in Brad's direction once more, I stuffed my hands into my pockets as I released a weary sigh and that's when I felt something...a paper... a paper that hadn't been in my pocket before.

I pulled it out. It was a frail looking thing, but it had something written on it in a handwriting that was unknown to me. Bringing it close to my face and saw that it was the name of a location, and directions to it... and beneath that it said in block letters,


I glanced up at the brilliant fireworks and let out a laugh... the New Year was looking promising already.

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