tagIncest/TabooIt Goes Around And Comes Around

It Goes Around And Comes Around


I got on the computer this morning and went to my documents. As I searched for the folder that I had made I came across the story that my husband has typed up and I assume has submitted to Literotica. The title he has for that story is "What Goes Around Comes Around". I will use that same title for my submission to Literotica. I will tell you what facts I know that are true about his story. You can be sure I will make sure that he reads my version of this story. I use passwords on all of my writings stored in a folder so others can't see and read them. He should have also.

The story begins way before I invited Carol over for Thanksgiving dinner. We both work at the same hospital and live in the same community. If you want to call it that, its just a little place were everyone knows everybody's business and each other. Carol works the late shift from ten until seven the next morning. I work the day shift and I see her leaving for home when I get to work. We were friends at one time, we did things together. She told me about her husband and she not having any sex at all. From what she told me, he couldn't do her like she wanted to be did. Anyway they hadn't had sex for quite awhile.

One thing that kind of bothered me when she made that statement was from what she was saying, she was doing without cock. She had let a man that worked the same floor, fuck her in a room that wasn't being used that night. Holding up her thumb and forefinger she had made an 0 and said she had two good ones that night. Some weeks later I asked her if he was still in her life and she had said no.

"He had chased me and fucked me, and got what he wanted and now he is chasing another woman.." She had said.

"Some men are like that, they ask you and after he gets in your pants, he doesn't ask again." I said.

"So besides him have you had sex with anybody else in the last months?" I asked.

"No, and I sure do need to fuck and I know a man that I want to put out to." She said.

"Will you tell me who it is?" I asked.

"No, I can't, not right now." She said.

"Do you have a vibrator or any kind of sex toy?" I asked.

"No I don't have any, I like the real thing." She said.

"I also like the real thing too, but when I can't get it, I use one of my vibrator to get an orgasm." "There's no use going around horny and wanting it and not getting any cock like you say you are doing."

"You think I need a vibrator?" She asked.

"Fucking right you do, I guess all of my female friends have them and use them often." I said.

Getting back to my story, Carol was doing without cock at home and she wasn't getting any from any other men. I knew I couldn't live like that, if my husband wasn't making love to me, I know to many men and I would be asking one of them to fuck me. When she told me that she knew a man that she wanted to put out to, I never thought that he would turn out to be my husband.

We had played dominoes and the first time I went to the bathroom and came back, I knew something was up. What Jim didn't tell you was when he got up to get another beer after Carol left to go to the bathroom, was that his cock was hard. His face had turned red when he looked at me. I knew he had lied when he said that he would never fuck Carol. It was like that until Carol left to go home. I had suspected that she had her hands on his cock that night.

On my wedding night I was a virgin. That was fifteen years ago and Jim had been the only man that had ever made love to me. There was one night that I had gone out to a club with my sister. After a few drinks I had become horny and had felt of another man's cock. Later out in the parking lot I gave him a blow job. He came in my mouth and I had swallowed. I have never swallowed with Jim. That night I had removed my blouse and bra for this same man. He had slid his hand down my jeans and put his finger in me before I could stop him. What he was doing felt good and I let him finger me to an orgasm. He wanted to fuck me and I wanted him to, but I chose not to that night. Later on the way home, I wished I had let him fuck me.

Over the years men had asked me to fuck and I had always said no. This is by no means the first time Jim has fucked another married woman. He has hooked up and fucked them for the last ten years that I know of. I knew that he would fuck Carol.

I asked Carol one day while she and sis was at my house if Jim had fucked her. She told us that he had fucked her in the front seat of the truck, in a hotel room, and even in her bed. I asked and she told me what hotel and what room number.

I had already thought it over and I was going to put out to the next man that asked. It just so happened that it was the same man that had slid his hand down my pants that night in the club parking lot. He asked and I said yes. He screwed me on the front seat of my red truck. The second time he screwed me was at Hotel 6 room 13. I wanted to fuck on the same bed that Jim had fucked Carol on.

He asked me if I would be interested in pulling a train. To be in a room with five men and to let them all have sex with me. I agreed and called Hotel 6 for reservations for a room. I asked for room 13 and the reception person said that it would be available and that I could have that room. I booked it for the next Friday night.

Monday night I went over to Dawn's house, my sister. She wasn't there Jack told me. He told me that she had just left and wouldn't be back for two or three hours.

"Lisa I want to fuck you." Jack had said.

"When? Right now?" I asked.

"Right now would be fine with me." He said.

"What brought this on, I mean you have never asked me this question before?" I asked.

"John told me he has fucked you in your truck and at Hotel 6. He a real good friend of mine. John called this afternoon and asked me if I would be interested in joining him and three other men to fuck you in a hotel room this Friday night." He said.

I had told John that it didn't really matter to me who the other men would be. I never thought that one of them would be my brother in law, my sister's husband. Here I was at her house being asked to fuck by her husband. If I didn't let him have it tonight, he surely would get to have me Friday night.

"Jack you can't wait until Friday night and fuck me when the other men do?" I asked.

"I could but I sure would like to have you alone the first time." he said.

"It would be better for both of us if we did go ahead and screw tonight." I said.

"Is that a yes." He had asked.

"Yes, you can fuck me, let's go back to the bedroom." I said.

I had Jack's cock that night and for the first time felt guilty about having sex with another man. Sex with John was more of getting back at Jim. Jack was my sister's husband and we had gone all the way. Not just one time but two times, with me on top the second time. I told Jack not to use a condom that night.

After I got home, I had asked Jim if he would like to make love to me. He did and I asked him to eat my pussy. He did, he even commented about how wet I was. Jim licked and sucked on my slit and I am sure he tasted and got the cream pie. He fucked me and brought me to two orgasms. He has had several cream pies brought home to him. There will be more brought home to him.

One thing about what Jim said in his story. He said that he wasn't getting as much pussy at home as he once did. After Carol told me that she had put out to him, we didn't make love as often as we had. I was planning my revenge and was getting back at him.. We made love every time I got back home from getting a cream pie. I always asked him to eat me and he did.

He broke a promise to me that he wouldn't fuck Carol. I was looking forward to the gang-fuck that I wanted and sure that I needed. One man made a promise to me that he would call Jim on the phone and ask him if he knew where I was at. He told me that he would make sure that Jim knew that I was in room thirteen at Hotel 6 and that I was getting fucked. I had agreed to spend the night with them and that Jim would know that I wouldn't be coming home that night.

I had a plan for Sis as well. If my plan worked, Jim would be getting into her pants that same night I had my gang-fuck. I wanted her to have his cock since I had already had Jack's cock and would be getting it again tonight. I told her to go to my house if she couldn't find a man. I later found out that Jim did fuck her that night.

It went as planned, the night came and I greeted each man as they came into the room. When I saw them undressing and saw their cock, I knew there was no backing out now. I wanted it to happen and it did. Some used condoms and some didn't. I just know that I lost count of the orgasms I had that night. These men were studs, especially one black man that was called Tiny.. Two men took me in the ass. I swallowed cum and I guess I sucked everyone of their cock at least once.

Tiny is a big black man, muscular built, with a nice cock. It was every bit of twelve inches long and very thick. I know for a fact that he went deeper than any man has ever been inside of me. Jim has a long thick cock but Tiny was longer and thicker. I wanted all of him in me. At first I didn't and I asked two men that was watching us to hold onto my shoulders. They did as Tiny put my feet onto his shoulders. The first thrust of his cock into me, I would have come up off the bed if they hadn't been holding me down.

I was sure glad that I was wet from the sex that I had already had. He shifted his weight, squatted between my legs and literally began to pound his massive cock into me to the hilt. His nuts was hitting my ass each time that he drove his cock into me. I was taking all of his cock when I heard one man holding a phone say "holy shit, the slut is taking all of Tiny's cock."

I don't really know how long Tiny pounded my pussy. He filled me up with cock and I had three orgasms before he even slowed his pace down. He slowed his pace but never took his cock out of me. It was like he was resting and gathering his strength for another round. I needed this short break also.

"You sure are fucking this slut." I heard one man say.

"Looks like the slut is enjoying it to." Said another man.

"She sure can take a lot of cock." I heard another man say.

Then Tiny rose back up and went faster as he brought me to another orgasm. I am a screamer and I screamed each time I had an orgasm. I was sweating and he was too, sweat ran down both of our bodies even though the air was on.

"He's been fucking her for twenty minutes." I heard a man that sounded like Jack say.

No man had ever lasted that long before. Five minutes was tops. I had never had a fucking laid on me like he was doing. The fucking continue and I began to get cramps in my legs.

"Tiny, shoots your cum in me, let me feel your cum oozing out of my cunt." I said trying to get him to cum in me.

Then it happened, he made one hard thrust into me and held his cock there. I felt him loose his load and I could feel it inside of me. He held his cock deep in me until every drop was out of him. But he still hadn't withdrew his cock. His eyes was close and he held me down on the bed with his right hand. Was he going to take it out or was I in for another pounding.

"He fucked that slut for thirty one minutes." Jack told the others.

"Not only that, she had nine orgasms, I counted every one of them. Each one was a strong one." Another man said.

"This woman can fuck is all I have to say." Said another man.

Tiny let me put my legs down for about two minutes. He picked them back up and I swear he was longer this time and thicker. He had a weird look on his face like he wanted to drive his cock into this white woman belly. He tried for the next ten minutes as hard as he could drive his cock into me. They said I had three more orgasms. Than he stopped and got off of the bed.

"Bitch you have never had a white man to fuck you like I just did, have you?" He asked.

"No I haven't." I said.

"Next time I want just you and me in a hotel room and no one else, no not a hotel room, I want you in your bed at your fucking house." He said as he headed to take a shower.

All of the other men had dressed and left by the time Tiny came out of the bathroom. I needed a bath before I went home, so I had waited until he came out.

"Bitch like I said, I want to fuck you on your bed at your house, and just us there." He said.

I wanted his cock in me again, it didn't matter to me, my bed would be fine. I knew I didn't want his cock all the time.

"All I want is to fuck you one more time and that will be the last time." He said.

Four days later he showed up at my house and we had an encore in my bed. I was still in bed when Jim came home. Right away he knew that his pussy had been had again. I have never seen Tiny again. I think about his cock all the time. I am glad it happened, I know I can take any cock that I encounter. Thanks Tiny for making me a wife slut.

Call me whatever you want to. A slut, wife-slut, whore, whatever. I really don't give a shit because I am the one getting the cock and the cream pies, while some of you just sit at your computer and read these stories, you buy sex books, and dream about what I am getting. And just like Carol you haven't been laid in months.

I just wish the Carol in this story could get a copy of this story once its submitted, approved, and posted on Literotica. Jim knows about me and the other men. Honey, I have had a man to fuck me twice and fuck me for over thirty minutes each time. When Jim reads this story he will also know that I know about him and Carol at room thirteen at Hotel 6. A lot of sex has been did on that bed the last couple of weeks. I am sure more sex will take place in that room and on that bed. I have already used that room three times and looking for more action there. But my bed is always available for sex....................

So is the number 13 an unlucky number or what? For me its been my lucky number.......

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