It Happened in the Night Ch. 01-02


Brian kissed her softly, letting his mouth explore hers, the pent up frustration of his day trying to overwhelm him. His hand slipped down over her bra-less breast, massaging it through her shirt. A hard nipple responded by poking through the material and into his probing open hand.

A TV commercial suddenly distracted her. "Halloween is coming soon," Karen cheered, as she pulled away for a minute. "We're going to the neighbor's party this year."

"Halloween party? Do we have to dress up for it?"

"Yeah it's a costume party. I thought we could go as a couple of surfers. We can wear our swim suits."

"You know I hate costume parties. Besides, I don't think anyone really wants to see me walking around shirtless."

"Yeah, I know you do hon. I wouldn't be so sure of that though; Cindy's always had the hots for you. Besides, between now and then you can work on making this into a six-pack again," she said, as she slid her hand down over his belly. She couldn't resist giving his semi-hard cock a feel at the same time.

"Hold that thought hon, I just had an idea I have to get down on paper," he replied getting off the couch and walking towards the door to their office.

"You have to do it now?"

"While it's still fresh in my mind, or I'll lose it."

Brian walked into his office and closed the door. To call it an office was being disingenuous. It was a spare bedroom with a long countertop and filing cabinets along one wall. It also served as their home gym, with his elliptical machine against another wall. Really it served a multitude of purposes. Karen even had her own end of the desk area to house her collection of scrap-booking supplies.

He immediately went into the top drawer and pulled out his concept binder. That's where he kept all the story ideas and the rough outlines he made for each story. Unlike many successful writers, he liked to make detailed outlines before he could start to write them.

The story he was trying to write had been causing him writer's block ever since before his vacation and he thought he finally had gotten past it with the idea he had percolating in his brain. He found the pages that pertained to that story, started Word and began to type. The words seemed to flow effortlessly through his fingertips and onto the otherwise blank screen. The feeling of energy flowing through him was always an exhilarating one.

His top shelf of the desk area was his reference library. Aside from the obvious dictionary, thesaurus and other writing aides there were copies of his favorite author's works. He liked to write amateur stories about horror, sci-fi and fantasy concepts. His collection contained the works of Stephen King, Anne Rice, C.S. Lewis, Tolkien, Isaac Asimov, along with many literary classics.

The words appeared on the page at a frantic pace. The minutes seemed to pass like seconds and still Brian's fingers were hammering against the keys, filling pages quickly. The scene was so vivid in his mind that he could almost smell the pine needles and rotting leaves of fall. The autumn breeze was blowing through the scene and that's what he thought he felt when warm lips pressed against the back of his neck.

He hadn't even heard her open the door and sneak up behind him; he was so lost in his own world. The fantasy world of his writing mixed with reality and the passions that had so inflamed his writing, were now working his body into an inferno. Pants bulging and heart racing, he turned to greet his wife.

Their mouths met and pressed into each other with their tongues exploring. Thoughts of throwing her down and having his way with her on the carpet exploded into his mind. His brain hadn't left the cold dark world of his imagination yet and he knew he had to close that doorway before he did something he would regret later. It was a cruel side of him that Karen wouldn't like very much. Nobody would, but he knew it gave him strength when he needed it most.

With that in mind, he pulled back from her embrace, smiling at her. "Hmm. Why don't you get the shower ready and I'll join you there in minute. I just want to finish this paragraph. I'll make it worth your while." He reached out with his mouth and gave her another long kiss before he watched her ass saunter from side to side as she walked out of the room.

Shaking his head to clear his thoughts he resumed writing until he had exhausted the last of his story. After saving his work, he left the room, climbed the stairs and went to meet her in the bathroom. But not before he checked the front door to make sure that it was still locked. Brian never thought of himself as being paranoid; he believed he was simply taking precautions.

He opened the door, heard the sound of the shower running and could see a silhouette of a woman's shape through the transparent curtain. The bathroom mirror remained oddly free of steam. Brian laughed knowing that she would have the water turned down low; she hated the hot water.

He shed his clothes and pulled back the shower curtain to reveal her naked body. Even after all these years, he couldn't get over how the look of her naked ass made his cock hard every time. That day was no exception. He gave a whistling sound, like what you would expect when a pretty lady walks by a construction site.

"Can I help you?" she said, as she turned around grinning at him. The look on her face told him everything he needed to know about the next hour of his life. She was in the mood tonight and that meant he was going to be sore in the morning. Brian couldn't help but notice the way the water that sprayed her skin pooled between her legs as if taunting him.

"I thought we could help each other," he replied, grinning at her as he pulled her against his body. The hardness of his cock pressed against her inner thighs as his hands moved down over her back to grab her ass and grind against it. Their mouths came together, pressed with anxious passion and lust. It was times like these that they were almost like teenagers dating again. Their carnal needs overpowered any sense of technique or caution.

Caught up in a tidal wave of excitement, Karen dropped to her knees and took his cock into her mouth, slowly at first and then with increased speed. She had missed him so much today after having an entire week together that she needed to have him near her, penetrating her.

Brian could only lean back against the wall. "Oh, fuck yes," he said, running his hands through her wet matted hair. The heat from her mouth caused his erection to rise as the water cascaded around them. He loved the feelings of surrender and the loss of control oral sex gave him. It allowed him to give her all of himself and not hold back. The build up inside became too much for him to handle and he gave her a squeeze on the shoulder to let her know he was going to cum.

Karen moved out of the way as his cock erupted in a torrent of sticky fluid that splashed all over her hands. She continued to massage his cock as she kissed his mouth, allowing the water to wash away the mess. "Did you like that hon?" she asked.

"Umm, very much," he grunted in response. His hands roamed over her breasts, teasing both nipples as they hardened reflexively from his touch. Lips closed over her neck, causing goose bumps to appear all over her body. She turned around to feel his hands running over her breasts and his semi-erect cock pressing against the swell of her ass.

She reached over on the ledge and grabbed the soap slipping it into his hands. Bubbles lathered around her breasts, his hands making expert work of cleaning her. He worked his hands lower, exploring the gentle creases of her abdomen and over her thighs. Lather built up on her body, coating her inner thighs and down her shapely legs.

Karen leaned back against him, resting her head as she moaned softly. "Let's take this to our bedroom."

"Whatever you want tonight sweetie, it's all for you now."

She reached over and shut the water off moving forward away from her husband. They opened the curtains and dried off slowly, teasing each other as they did. Brian took her hand and led her to their room, turning the lights on low. He closed the door making sure to lock it as well. Karen smiled when she heard the door lock.

"Look at you, thirty years old and still afraid of the boogeyman," she teased him.

Brian looked at her somberly and with an overly serious tone. "It's not the boogeyman. It's my imagination. Sometimes it scares me to death."

"I know some way you can put your imagination to good use," she said giggling.

"What did you have in mind?"

She leaned back on the bed, her naked form illuminated by the dim light. It was an impressive sight with her large breasts, milky white skin and long wet hair hanging down. Her legs opened wide for him, she ran her hand through the trimmed patch of hair that surrounded her pussy. She toyed and teased herself waiting for his reaction. "Getting any ideas yet?"

Brian wasted no more time as his body could barely contain itself. His mind raced as he buried his face between her legs, parting her lips with his fingers and stroking the tender skin beneath with strong fast licks from his tongue. Her reaction was immediate. Moans escaped her lips and the pungent smell betrayed her level of arousal. His mouth bore down on her pussy with an animal aggressiveness, seeking to devour her.

Karen lay back and enjoyed herself, biting her lip to stifle the loud moans. Her hands caressed her hardened nipples, eagerly twisting and pinching them. She wasn't used to seeing her husband this aggressive with her and didn't want to admit to herself how horny it was making her.

Cool breeze drifted over them from the open bedroom window. It felt nice against their superheated skin. Brian's tongue moved faster and with more pressure. Trying to make her cum as fast as possible and keep the dark doorway in his mind closed at the same time was a difficult task. His heart was beating out of his chest as the echo hollered in his brain.

A couple minutes later, he could feel her body tense around him and then let out a torrent of energy as she came hard. He could tell that Karen had one of the most intense orgasms of her life, judging by her reactions. Her thighs quickly slammed against his head, further pressing him against her orgasmic pussy and preventing him for being more aggressive with it. "Oh god yes baby. That feels so fucking good."

When her orgasm had subsided, he stood up from between her legs. "Was that good for you?"

"Mmmm. Whew," she replied not quite ready to talk yet.

"Turn over and I'll take you from behind, like you always want me to."

Karen slowly got up off the bed and moved up to the front on her knees. She bent over so that her pussy spread wide open for him, before she buried her face in the pillow.

"Wow. You look so hot like that. You drive me insane."

He got onto the bed and positioned himself behind her, giving her ass a slight smack. His cock penetrated her from behind easily at first. He wanted to establish a rhythm, to get her even hornier than she already was. She loved it from behind and always let him know.

He waited until he could tell she was getting close to having another orgasm. Then he sped up slamming into her as fast and hard as he could. He knew that he couldn't go that fast for very long, but wanted to make her get off. He was right.

"Oh yes, oh yes, yes. Oh fuck yeah."

"You like that. Tell me you like it," he replied, slamming into her wet pussy with more force.

"I love it, I love it. Yes baby, oh yeah."

He could feel the walls of her pussy contracting around his hard cock again, threatening to make him cum again. It massaged all along his cock until he couldn't help but pump harder knowing his orgasm was approaching. He made one last hard thrust deep inside her and felt his cock explode.

They both collapsed into a sweaty pile of naked flesh on the bed. Barely able to move for several minutes, they both lay still, tired and very content. They snuggled together for what seemed like hours, basking in the afterglow of the hottest sex they'd had in months.

"I think it's time for bed sweetie," he said as he leaned over and kissed her softly on the mouth.

"Night hon, see you in the morning," she replied, as she rolled over to face the wall and they both drifted off to sleep for the night.


Dreams inspired by his writing wafted through his brain as he slept peacefully next to his wife. Brian's subconscious turned to concerns about his workday as nighttime progressed towards the break of dawn. His sleep was disturbed and he began to move around the bed. Had they been awake by six a.m. things might have turned out different for him.

As it was, he was still asleep when the sky turned a deep shade of red. Streaks of crimson light flashed across the sky bringing an electrical charge that caused the hair all over his body to stand up. To many people it looked like a meteor shower racing across the nighttime sky.

Brian woke with a start. He looked over at his alarm clock to check out the time. It was blank. The power must have gone out in the night was the first thought that came to him. What else could he check to know that? He gazed around the room with a blank expression on his face and realized that the fan in their room wasn't running either. That would explain it.

His wife loved her fans and couldn't sleep without them anymore. The soothing sound kept her sleeping like a baby. With her influence the kids each had fans in their rooms. One night when they were moving the fan, he accidentally knocked it over and broke one of the blades. She was so addicted to it she actually made him drive to the store to pick up a new one so she could sleep.

With all those images running through his mind, he was surprised that she slept through the power outage. He looked over at her and could see she was sleeping peacefully facing the wall away from him. Without the clock he still had no idea what time it was, or if he was going to be late for work. Brian was careful getting out of bed, since he didn't want to wake her.

Tiptoeing through the hallway that separated the children's bedrooms from their own, Brian shuffled his way towards the kitchen where they had a battery-operated clock on the wall. The clock faithfully read 6:37. He still had plenty of time before he had to leave. Work would entail another long day to try to catch up with the backlog. Gazing through the window revealed an overcast sky and light rain.

Brian looked out the various windows and noticed that the lights were off everywhere he could see. Even the streetlight in front of the house was out. It was clear that the power wasn't just a local outage.

He resigned himself to getting ready in the dark without a chance to watch the news. The usual routine of drinking grapefruit juice and then getting dressed in the bathroom went along as normal. Everyone was still sleeping when he went back into the bedroom to give his wife a kiss goodbye for the day. She was still lying with the blankets up around her chest facing towards the wall.

Brian climbed into bed behind her, spooning up against her back through the covers. The memories of the night before came flooding back through his mind. He could still feel her body pressed against him, hair flowing around. The smell of sex was still in the air from last night.

"Hey hon, wakey wakey," he whispered playfully in her ear. "It's time to wake up, I have to get going," he mentioned getting closer to her.

There was no response. She was always a very light sleeper, so her lack of movement concerned him. He rolled her over onto her back, noticing for the first time that her face was pale. Panic began to set in.

"Karen, wake up. This isn't funny," he implored as he began to shake her, desperate for a reaction. "Oh god, please wake up."

His fingers reached up to check her neck for a pulse and stopped when they felt how cold her neck was. The coolness of her skin sent a chill running down his spine. He stripped the blankets off and checked her arms only to discover they were cold and clammy. Time seemed to stop and everything from that point on felt like slow motion. He forced his lips to against hers, held her nose and breathed deeply into her mouth. Her lips were stiff and lifeless.

Tears stained his face as he inspected her for any sign of movement. Her chest rose and fell as he breathed for her with no reaction. Terror took hold of his brain. All he could do was sit beside her and stare for a minute until he snapped out of his stupor. "Hospital, I gotta get you to the hospital," he cried out in full panic.

Brian scrambled for the cordless phone on the night table beside him and began to dial. He held it to his ear before he even remembered that the power was out and the phone was dead. Dead. That thought echoed through his mind as he tried to figure out his next move. All the phones in the house were cordless and needed power to operate. What did they do when the hydro went out? His mind was a blur of confused thoughts.

"Right. There's a normal phone in the closet in case the power's out," he scolded himself as he rushed full force looking for it. A search of shelf after shelf revealed nothing. He continued to look through watery eyes until he finally found the lime green phone sitting under a pile of old blankets at the back.

He grabbed it, almost running over to the table where he pulled the other phone out and plugged this one in with shaking fingers. Cradling it to his ear, he dialed 911. It seemed to take an eternity waiting for a response. Only after he was waiting did it occur to him what to tell the operator. How often do thirty-year-old women just stop breathing in the middle of the night? It was going to sound weird and suspicious but all he cared about was getting help for his wife. He would deal with any complications later.

His mind was so distracted he didn't realize that it just kept ringing and ringing. It was only after a few minutes and no answer that his brain re-engaged. "Hello? Is anybody here? Does nobody answer the fucking phone?"

He slammed the phone back on the cradle so hard that he half expected his wife to sit up in bed. She didn't. His legs carried him into the kitchen again, no longer trying to be quiet. The phone book sat on the top shelf of their hutch unit. He grabbed it and ran back down the hallway. Tearing through the pages he finally found the one for the local hospital.

His fingers hammered on the keys again and he waited with the phone against his ear. This time his brain was very conscious of the waiting. He counted twenty rings before he banged the receiver down in the cradle. Where was everyone? "What the hell is going on?" he screamed to himself.

Thinking fast, he picked it up again and dialed his sister's number. Again no answer. He dialed his father. Nothing. Finally, he realized that he was getting nowhere with the phone and turned back to his wife. She hadn't moved and looked the same. He raced out the front door and into the rain, running over to the neighbor's house. Brian knew he needed to find help. He hated the idea of leaving his kids alone in the house, but they were asleep and he was desperate. Sheer terror framed his visage as he ran across the yard.

Rain cascaded down his face, mixing with tears, to form rivulets. He pounded on the door, hoping for a quick response. Both vehicles were still home, so he should get someone. No answer. Emboldened by his fear, he opened the unlocked door and pressed inside. "Hello! Is anybody home?" he hollered in the empty kitchen. They were close with their neighbors even though Brian and his wife were new to town.

He navigated the house with experienced precision. Their bedroom door came into view and he screamed through a hoarse throat. "Is anybody home? I need help."

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