tagGroup SexIt Never Rains But It Pours: Conclusion

It Never Rains But It Pours: Conclusion


Up on the pool table, Randy was pounding Kristen from behind, both of them smiling. His hands were very busy squeezing her breasts and tweaking her sensitive nipples. Kristen's mouth was again open as she gasped and urged Randy on.

"C'mon, Randy...give it to me deep! Give it to me hard! FUCK ME, RANDY, FUCK ME!! "

Randy obliged her, thrusting as deep and as hard as he'd ever done before. His back was arched as he slammed his rock hard cock into her again and again. His thrusting became so powerful that several times Kristen's knees came up off the table, and she grinned widely as she gasped for air.

While Randy was humping Kristen, her open mouth again gave a man ideas. This time it was the man who'd fondled her bottom earlier. He wanted more this time. He hopped up on the table in front of Kristen and thrust his swollen member in front of her face. Her grinning mouth widened and her tongue came out without hesitation.

"Way to go, Kevin! Give her some meat for dinner! " said Randy from behind.

Kevin grabbed the sides of Kristen's head and held it firmly while Kristen licked his tiny helmet. He played with her, letting his cock bob up and down and side to side as Kristen's hungry mouth tried to catch it. From behind, Randy was still making her knees fly off the table.

Kevin tired of the game and held Kristen's head still, shoving his throbbing meat into her wide mouth. She sucked it hungrily as her entire body rocked from Randy's ferocious assault.

"There ya go, sweet thing," said Kevin, "eat that up nice. Yeah, baby...real nice...ooh, yeah."

Kristen once again had swollen cocks inside her, this time one at each end, and she was riding on waves of pure pleasure. She could barely breathe, but she didn't care. While Randy held her hips and pummeled her burning pussy, Kevin held her head and did the same to her voracious mouth. Both men pushed their cocks as deep inside Kristen as they could...and both came at the same time, filling her from both ends. The feeling of hot come spurting into her mouth and pussy at the same time so excited her that she also came. All three on the table were moaning and gasping, the two men gritting their teeth as they filled Kristen with their molten cargo.

The thrusting continued on both ends for quite some time. Randy reached down into Kristen's pussy and got his finger wet. He then used his lubricated finger to play with Kristen's clit, all the while continuing to thrust into her. With Randy now busy with Kristen's clit, Kevin let go of her head and wrapped his arms around her with his arms circling around her underarms and his hands finding her breasts. He could still use his upper arms to hold his spurting cock in her mouth, and play with her breasts and nipples at the same time. Kristen didn't resist either man.

The extracurricular activities of Kevin and Randy excited Kristen and kept her orgasm going. She experienced several strong orgasms, and a few smaller ones...all of them very welcome after weeks without sex. Her mouth sucked Kevin hungrily and her dripping cunt sucked equally as hungrily on Randy's now dribbling cock. The three men around the table watched the three moaning, twitching, spasming bodies on the table...and calmly waited their turn. The men were all pretty much convinced now that Kristen was going to be able to accommodate each and every one of them.

While the flurry of activity on the pool table slowed down, and spent cocks were slowly removed from Kristen's openings, Brendan disappeared for a few minutes. His disappearance went unnoticed, as the focus of everyone's attention was naturally on the hot sex going on on the soft, worn green felt of the table top.

Finally, Randy sat down on the table, exhausted. Kevin's knees hurt, so he got off the table and stood at the end of it. Kristen sat sideways on the table, smiling at both men. But there was something that none of them had noticed in their lust...Kristen's top was still pulled up around her chest above her breasts. It had never been completely taken off. The man who had initially yanked it above her breasts so he could fondle and suck them, walked boldly over to the table and got up on it, standing in front of Kristen and looking down at her. Not knowing what to expect, Kristen's focus was on his penis, bobbing in front of her face.

"This has been bothering me for awhile now," he said, and reached down to grab Kristen's tube top pulling it upward over her head. Kristen raised her arms to let him pull it off completely, and he slid it up along her arms and off of her in an instant.

"Thank you...um..." her sentence trailed, not knowing the man's name.

"Brent," he said, "and no, Kristen...thank you! " he smiled, looking down at her completely bare chest.

"Brent," she asked sweetly,"would you like a blow job, seeing as how your nice hard dick is right here in front of my face and all?" Without waiting for an answer, she reached for the throbbing stick and grabbed it firmly. But then, to the disappointment of both Kristen and Brent, Brendan reappeared and said,

"Hold on. I have an idea. This should be alot of fun, if Kristen's game."

"Hey, Brendan...what's up? Can't you see the lady is hungry again?" Brent said, slightly annoyed.

"Relax, Brent...you'll get your hummer. I'm sure Kristen's got alot more in store for us tonight, right, hon?" he said, turning to Kristen.

"Mmmmmmmmmm," was all she said, nodding, smiling...and licking her lips.

"I just think we can spice this up a bit is all." He walked over to the side of the table and held out his hand to Kristen. She took it and he helped her off the table, leaving Brent standing there, his manhood bobbing sadly.

Brendan brought Kristen close to him and then when she was almost up against him he turned her around,so that her back was to him.

"Give me your hands," he said. She reached her hands behind her, but when she felt Brendan begin to tie them, she resisted. He leaned forward to whisper in her ear.

"Trust me, Kristen. I won't let anything get out of hand. I really think you'll like what I have in mind. Do you trust me?"

She turned to look over her shoulder at him. Her eyes met his and found them trustworthy. "Yes," she said, almost sighing, "I trust you." She gave him her hands...and he tied them firmly with some rope he'd gotten from his store room. The helpless feeling of her hands being tied behind her back, completely at the mercy of five naked and horny men, was getting her hot again. But there was more to come.

Brendan led Kristen to the side of the pool table and pushed her against it, her waist touching the side edge. He told her to lean over the table. When she did, Brendan lifted her legs up by the thighs. She giggled and kicked her legs playfully. All of them laughed now, wondering what Brendan was up to.

Brendan looked over at the man with the huge cock that Kristen had sucked along with his own. Still holding Kristen's kicking legs, he said to the man, "Matt, come on over here and take Kristen's stockings off." As with the tube top, this was the first time anyone had realized that Kristen's stockings were still on.

Kristen continued to kick and laugh while Matt removed her thigh highs, and she was surprised when Brendan adjusted his hold on her thighs, holding both her thighs tightly with one strong arm, and then spanked her naked bottom.

"Be a good girl, Kristen! " Brendan barked, "or you'll have to be spanked...maybe by all of us! " He spanked her several more times on each cheek for good measure. She squirmed and giggled, the warmth of her spanked cheeks spreading between her legs, but she stopped kicking. Matt was then able to completely remove her stockings.

"There, now...that's a good girl," said Brendan, bending to kiss her now rosy cheeks, "now let's finish up."

With Kristen still bent over the table, Brendan lowered her legs so her feet were once again on the floor. But, with one hand pushed firmly against her back, he kept her bent over the table. Matt was still holding her stockings, and Brendan took one of them from him.

"Matt, use the stocking you've got to tie Kristen's leg to the leg of the pool table. Tie it down at the ankle."

Matt smiled and did so. The other men were chuckling now. Brendan handed the other stocking to Brent.

"Tie her other ankle the same way," he said, and Brent happily complied.

"There now," Brendan said to Kristen, "all tied up with your legs nice and wide for us. Nowhere for you to go now, Kristen. You're all ours. We can do anything we want to you." With that he spanked her bottom again, harder than before. And when he spanked Kristen's left cheek, Kevin came over and started spanking her right one. The two men alternated spanking her, one after the other, for a few minutes.

"Now," said Brendan, "you're going to be a good girl and do everything you're told, right?"

"Yes, daddy, I will." she said, grinning.

SMACK!! Brendan slapped her bottom hard. "We're going to have to break you of that smart mouth, now, aren't we?" he said. Kristen smiled, a wet spot beginning in her pubic patch.

"I know a way to stop that smart mouth," Brent said, "fill it with something." He was smiling wickedly and stroking himself.

"Oh, that's right," Brendan said, "I interrupted your hummer, didn't I, Brent? Well, I'm sure our bound up lady here will accommodate you. Won't you, Kristen? You'll give Brent his blow job like a nice little girl, won't you?"

Brent didn't wait for an answer. He hopped up onto the table, finally tossing Kristen's discarded skirt off of it. He sat in front of Kristen and held her head with one hand and aimed his cock at her mouth with the other. Her head was swimming with lust again as her tongue went for his meat. But Brent didn't just have her lick it. He rubbed it all over her face too, pushing it into her mouth when he wanted to. With her arms tied behind her back, there was nothing Kristen could do about it. She had to let Brent do as he wanted. She was just grateful for the times he put it in her mouth.

Matt had seen enough. His huge member needed release again. They'd all gotten,or were abut to get, their rocks off at least once, so he figured he was within his rights to get a second helping of Kristen. He walked up behind the bent over Kristen and entered her pussy with his eleven inches of solid muscle. She gasped around Brent's penis,which he'd finally pushed into her mouth.

And once again Kristen was filled with cocks. But this time she had no say in what happened to her...who did what to her or how. But her brain was mush anyway...and she didn't care who did what...or when...or how...or how often. She just knew she loved it.

Brent was finally getting his blow job, and was loving it. And Matt, pushing his immense erection more deeply into Kristen than she'd ever experienced before, was feeling giddy about it. As he pumped into her, pounding her quim with force and deep penetration, he took turns spanking first one buttock and then the other, yelling "Giddyup, Kristen! Giddyup! good horsie! "

Brendan, Kevin and Randy each had beers in their hands now, and they were raising them in salute to Matt's driving piston. As he soundly humped between Kristen's tied legs and yelled "Giddyup! ", the three drank their beer and shouted, "Ride 'er, Cowboy! "

Kristen, her mind pure mush, simply enjoyed the dual thrusting once more, loving her vulnerable position and situation. She wanted all of them to take her in every possible way. And while Brent and Matt did just that, the only thought she could muster was, "God, I hope they all fuck the hell out of me! " And on this particular night, Kristen would get her wish.

Since Brent and Matt had already had orgasms, it took them longer to achieve climax this time. They both pumped madly into Kristen, enjoying the hot wetness of both her openings. With her hands tied behind her back, Brent could do as he pleased with her head, toying with her, rubbing his throbbing manhood all around her face, putting it back in her mouth, then playing with her again. He got up on his knees and pulled her head upward at a sharp angle, forcing her to straighten up at the waist. He then knelt on one knee and had her lick his testicles completely, even as far back behind them as she could get her tongue. Then he told her to suck each one gently, taking it completely into her mouth and lick it softly. She was only too eager to do so. He switched knees so she could suck both testicles equally well.

When his testicles had been sufficiently sucked and licked, his burning cock went right back into her hot, yearning mouth. He held her head firmly in place and pumped himself savagely into her mouth. She could tell her was about to come. Matt, ramming himself into her dripping pussy, wasn't far behind either. Through her haze of sexual gluttony, she found herself wondering who would come first. She guessed Matt would, just by the way he was grunting and thrusting, his fingers digging deeply into her cheeks and hips.

She was right. Matt let out a howl of pleasure as he shot his steaming load once more into her. Despite the ankle restraints, his thrusts lifted Kristen off the floor, and she came around his magnificent tool. Her own orgasm coincided almost exactly with Brent's. But instead of coming in her mouth, he pulled out from between those hungry lips and stroked himself the final five or ten seconds to climax. He wasn't really paying attention to where those spurts went, though he made a halfhearted attempt to aim at Kristen's face. His aim was fairly accurate as several spurts creamed her mouth, face and hair, and several others went up over her shoulder and landed on her back...too close to Matt for his own comfort. The two men slowly stopped their thrusting and eased out of Kristen. All three sighed at the sensation of hard shafts slipping from warm, moist caverns.

With audible grunts, Brent rolled off the table and Matt walked away from it. But Kristen had little time to wait for her next session. Brendan, Kevin and Randy had played a game of paper-scissors-rock to see who would be next to enjoy the delectable Kristen. Kevin and Brendan won. Randy sighed and waited for his next turn.

Brendan found Kristen's panties and tied them around her eyes as a blindfold. She was now helpless in every possible way. All she could do was let these five men use her completely for their pleasure. Now she couldn't even see who was doing what to her. She had become their toy.

Kevin got behind Kristen and dipped his fingers in her dripping sex. He then lubricated her anus and slowly eased his member inside her. As he slowly built up speed and got a rhythm going inside her, he reached his other hand around her and played with her pussy. With his free hand he too spanked Kristen's bottom, as Matt had done.

For the second time that night, Brendan climbed up on that table and slid his erect manhood into Kristen's ever hungry mouth. But when he got his cock deep in her mouth, he stood up, thereby forcing Kristen to stand up straight as well. Kevin had to rock back on his heels slightly but he hardly noticed. Now Kristen was standing straight up with Brendan in her mouth and Kevin between her cheeks.

Brendan, with an evil grin on his face, motioned to Randy. He pointed to the space between Kristen and the pool table, and then made the screwing motion with his hands, two fingers on one hand forming a circle, and the index finger of his other hand going in and out of it. Randy was puzzled at first, but then saw what Brendan meant.

With a grin of his own, Randy went over to the table. He got on the floor in front of Kristen, facing her, and then slowly stood up in the small space between her and the table. Grabbing her breasts, kissing them, licking them, biting them, sucking them, he inserted his eager cock into her pussy, forcing Kevin to quickly remove his fingers from it. Kristin gasped at the unexpectedness of it...then sighed.

Randy began humping her solidly from the front as Kevin did the same from behind. Their thrusting tools were separated only by a thin membrane, and she felt as if she had one huge cock ramming deep up inside her. The sensation was incredible. She had never been fucked from the front and back at the same time and she was becoming insanely horny from it...in spite of having had several orgasms already.

Being tied and blindfolded as she was, she had no idea who was doing her from the front, or from behind, or even who's pulsating rod was filling her mouth. She was surrounded by anonymous dicks and she couldn't believe the pure ecstasy of it! She sucked and bucked her hips like a mad woman, writhing and moaning. She loved the feeling of being a sex toy for these men, of being bound and unable to refuse them, and of not even being able to see who was doing what to her. The only thing she could tell was that none of the penises inside her belonged to Matt, because his was huge and she could tell his member from the others easily.

For the next hour, the five men took turns with Kristen, alternating who used which orifice. Sometimes they came inside her, sometimes on her...and she didn't care, because she was having the most orgasmic night of her life. She was enjoying lust just for the sake of lust. She was sex incarnate. There was no romance, no sensuality...just raw, uncompromising sex! And as each man switched to a new position and had his pleasure from her, she had orgasm after glorious orgasm.

Finally, the orgy of lust began to wane. All six of them were exhausted. Penis and pussy alike had all been rubbed raw. Crotches, once insatiable, now burned and sought rest instead of release. Brendan and Randy untied Kristen's legs and hands, and removed her blindfold. They didn't even have the energy to sit in chairs, but slumped down to sit on the floor, some of them lying down, staring at the ceiling. Kristen lay sprawled on her back, her stockings and panties and the rope lying about her. Her arms were outstretched at her sides. She breathed slowly and deeply, her body completely devoid of any energy whatsoever...but her lips were curled into a sated smile, and she wondered if she'd ever be able to get that smile off her face. She was sticky with sweat and come, and was even happy at that sensation. She was in a very happy place.

None of them spoke for several minutes, all of them saving what breath they could. Finally, Kristen was the first to speak, and she said in a shaky voice, "Hey, is that all you guys got? You wimps done for the evening? Out for the count? Your loads all shot? Guess you're wussies after all."

The men only groaned. She wasn't fooling them at all. But, just in case, she said, "Just kidding, guys. That was incredible!! I don't think I've ever come so much in my life! You guys really were my Dallas Cowboys tonight." After saying that, she just smiled and licked her lips.

Brendan replied to her in his own exhausted voice, "Damn, Kristen...I bet you really could take on the entire Dallas Cowboys team! You are one helluva sexual animal! "

"You bet I am," she replied, "and I think you guys are pretty hot studs, too."

A couple of exhausted hands went up in a thank you wave, and a couple of whispered grunts of gratitude were forced from panting lungs, but otherwise there was silence and inactivity again for about fifteen minutes or so. Then, Brendan sat up and slowly forced himself to a standing position. A pale beam of light was coming from the crack between the window curtains, and sunlight could be seen through the curtains themselves. It had become daylight.

Slowly, they all got up and started getting dressed. Kristen had her stockings and panties, but had to hunt a bit to find her skirt and tube top, with the fellas' help. She put her panties and stockings in her purse and only put on her top and skirt. She went to the ladies room and washed herself off as best she could, fixing her smeared, runny makeup, and tried to make some improvement in her destroyed hair. She was only barely presentable by her own standards when she emerged to face her "cowboys." They were all dressed, though in some instances a bit shakily.

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