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Stewart had a niche business. He'd been making nice money for a while now and had gathered a reasonable nest egg. He now had competition from a corporation and, rather than cuts his margin and just getting by, he was preparing to shut up his current shop and turn to another business. He already had a couple of things in mind and the capital necessary to make a go of them. His small factory might need some retooling but the men were efficient and willing to work. They'd be able to switch to new products without any fuss. Even his office and sales staff should be able to adapt to his new plans with the minimum of disruption. Everything was going smoothly in Stewart's world, except for one little problem.

By chance, his current office staff were all young women, most of them in their early twenties but a couple of older women as well. His office manager, Shirley, was one of the older women, being about 40, and was smoothly efficient. She was in charge of hiring, as well, but had to consult with him before firing. She had come to him with a problem with one of the girls. Brenda was a trouble maker, upsetting the other girls for no reason. She pushed boundaries when there was no need to. Several girls had lodged complaints about her, and Shirley had spoken to her about several things.

Stewart asked for a few examples. What sort of boundaries was Brenda pushing? One example he was told was casual Friday. Most of the staff took advantage of it, but Brenda took it to the extreme. Last Friday she wore Daisy Dukes and a cut off T-shirt. She doesn't work directly with customers, but it was still a bit over the top for a workplace.

"Do you want me to fire her?" queried Stewart. "Grounds seem a bit thin."

"No, no. She's very efficient. Brenda does all out computer programming and repairs and she's real good at her work. In that area we're lucky to have her. It's just that she has the interpersonal skills of a gnat. I need you to find a way to reason with her or to discipline her. I've tried and it just doesn't seem to take."

Stewart checked Brenda's personnel file. Her credentials were good and she had a degree in Computer Technology. Good references, but he noted they all stressed her skill at her work. Stewart was slightly surprised she was working for someone like him and not in a corporation getting better money. He decided to ring her last two employers and see if he could get more background data. After explaining his problem to a couple of personnel managers he was starting to get a better handle on the problem, and called Brenda in for a chat.

Brenda came in and went on the offensive without waiting. "Have you called me in to fire me, too. Mrs. Janders could have done it."

"Too? You've been fired before?" queried Stewart, lifting an eyebrow.

Brenda just looked down, saying nothing.

"Hmm. No, I haven't called you in to fire you. I want to review your performance and see how you're settling in."

"I do my work OK. Mrs. Janders has no complaints about it," came a defensive reply.

"Then why did you think I might want to fire you?" mused Stewart. "Shirley says you do excellent work and she's very happy with it and doesn't want to lose you. So let's discuss your personnel skills. How do you get on with the rest of the staff?"

"OK." A short, blunt reply.

"No. According to what I'm told, you're actually having a few problems in this area. My understanding is that you're the one who creates the problems."

Stewart went on to mention some of the conflicts in which she'd been involved. Pointed out that in some of these, she must have known that she was in the wrong, but had just refused to back down or apologise, turning a minor oops into an argument.

"Another matter that has been brought to my attention is casual Friday. Everyone is allowed to dress down, but you take it to inappropriate extremes. Why?"

"The rules don't say I can't." Brenda replied, belligerence starting to show through.

Stewart was starting to understand the girl now. From what he had heard from her previous employers and Shirley and from her whole attitude towards him it was becoming increasingly apparent that for some reason she had no social skills. None whatsoever, and when she was not sure in a situation she just blasted straight ahead, not looking for a more diplomatic path. She presented an interesting problem.

"From what I've seen and heard you have excellent technical skills, aren't afraid to work and do a good job, and Shirley really doesn't want to lose you. Unfortunately, against that is the fact that your social skills are badly lacking, and you seem totally uninterested in learning any. I want you to at least try to build your social skills up a bit, to where you can function here without all the friction. I have a couple of books I can let you have that might help. If you're not sure of the correct action in a given situation, ask. No-one's going to bite you for asking. And I'd rather you didn't wear Daisy Dukes to work."

"Yes, sir," came a rather bored reply.

Brenda returned to her work, leaving Stewart with the feeling that he'd been talking to a brick wall. He left the books he'd mentioned at her work station later that day, but noticed when he went home that she'd left them behind. That Friday he was at work early, when Shirley came in.


"Brenda. It's casual Friday and she's in Daisy Dukes and a cut-away T-shirt again."

"Send her to me."

Brenda came in with defiance on her face. Stewart gently questioned her mode of dress, only to be told it was casual Friday.

"I thought we'd covered this last week. I distinctly remember mentioning inappropriate dress."

"You didn't say not to," argued Brenda, "just that you'd rather I didn't and the rules don't say I can't. I haven't disobeyed any order so you can't fire me for this."

"I'm the boss. I can easily find reasons to fire you, but then I'd lose a valuable employee. You will find there are a lot of things not written in the rules, because it's assumed that common sense will prevail or a gentle warning will act as a prompt. These seem to be failing with you, so I feel that I should point out that putting you across my knee and spanking some sense into you is also not forbidden by the rules." Stewart smiled gently.

Brenda stared at him, dumbfounded, eventually gasping out an unsure "You wouldn't dare."

"Why not? It's not against the rules."

"I'd resign."

"That would be your choice, of course, but it wouldn't help your sore bottom, or your embarrassment, now would it? I suggest that you return to work, remembering in future that casual Friday means use your discretion, and you'd better show some next week. And if any of the others have a shot about what you're wearing you'd better grin and bear it. If you get into any trouble out there today I'm going to assume it's your fault and put you across my knee, and I suspect that the rest of the staff will enjoy the sight. Got it?"

Brenda fled.

The rest of the day passed incident free, but when everyone was leaving for the weekend Brenda came to Stewart's office and asked if she could have a word. Stewart waved her in and indicated a chair. Brenda sat, while watching the rest of the staff leave, and the turned to Stewart and, in a very small voice, asked if he wanted her resignation.

Stewart sighed, and explained. No, he did not want her to resign. Nor did he want to fire her. All he wanted was for her to put in some effort improving her social skills and to show a little more decorum about how she dressed.

Brenda was quiet for a moment, then asked, "Would you really have spanked me?"

"In front of the others? No," he laughed. "That wouldn't have been fair to you or to them. In private, however..." Stewart's voice trailed off, and he rose and moved around his desk to stand next to her. "Stand up."

Brenda, puzzled, rose to her feet.

"Now bend over my desk."

Brenda was feeling increasingly more nervous, but yielded to the command in Stewart's voice and hesitantly bent over the desk.

Stewart slipped a finger under the material either side of her Daisy Dukes, and gave a gentle upward tug, causing the material to ride up into the cleft between her buttocks.

"Might I spank you privately on what is effectively a bare bottom in the work place. I think I just might."

His hand came down hard on her buttock cheek, causing a sudden squeal, quickly followed by a spank on the other cheek and another squeal.

"Inappropriate clothes for work." Spank.

"Deliberately disobeying my intent." Spank.

"Not trying with the books I left for you." Spank.

"Not willing to co-operate." Spank.

There were a number of squeals and squeaks during the spanking, but Brenda just stayed there, frozen into place, not really believing this was happening to her.

Eventually, Stewart returned to his seat, indicating to Brenda to sit back down.

"If you want to keep your job, Brenda, you are going to have to co-operate."

"Yes, sir," came a small reply.

"Now I expect you to read the books and make more of an effort to get along with the rest of the staff. Part of your job is to get along with your fellow employees."

"Yes, sir."

"There will be no more Daisy Dukes."

"No, sir."

"And wear a bra, in future."

"Sir?" came the indignant inquiry.

Stewart sighed, rose and walked back to stand in front of Brenda again. Before Brenda realised what he was doing, he casually reached down and lifted the front of her t-shirt, exposing her breasts.

"This cut off T-shirt meant that I saw these puppies bouncing in time to the spanking. You will please wear a bra in future.

"Yes, sir," came the scarlet faced reply. "How will I know if my social skills are improving enough for you?"

"Shirley will keep an eye on you and advise you, but you have to actually listen to what she says. She really values you and only wants to help."

"Yes, sir," sighed Brenda. "I'll listen, but what if I screw up anyway?"

"If it's by accident," said Stewart, "nothing much. You'll have the problem pointed out to you, quite possibly rudely. You'll have to grin and bear it, and try to fix it. If it's deliberate, I'll spank you again. Deal?"

"Yes, sir," Brenda said, biting her lip. Stewart was positive she was trying to hide a smirk at that stage.

"Come and see me after work next Friday and we'll discuss your progress."

- - -

The next week appeared to go smoothly for the entire office. The only problems were routine and Brenda seemed to be making an effort and improving. When Friday rolled around she came in casually dressed, but neat. At home time, everyone made a beeline for the door except Brenda, who seemed to vanish without coming to see Stewart. Stewart didn't worry about it as things seemed to be settling down, and was packing to leave when Brenda knocked. He shrugged internally, after all he had agreed to talk with her again, and invited her in while returning to his desk.

Brenda had taken the seat in front of his desk and was waiting for him to sit. Gone was the casual but neat look, replaced by Daisy Dukes and cut off t-shirt, both seeming even smaller than those from the week before.

Stewart raised an eyebrow, inquisitively.

Brenda blushed, but looks straight at him. "If I've screwed up too much these will make it easier if you have to spank me."

Stewart gave her a hard look. "I haven't had checked the personnel reports yet, so if you will just wait a moment?"

Stewart glanced at her personnel report, noting it was a lot better than previous weeks. "Shirley has no complaints. She has noted that your interaction with the others is a lot better and that you seem to be improving. The other girls seem willing to meet you halfway."

Brenda looked pleased and vaguely disappointed. "So I don't need to be spanked today?"

"There is one thing. I explicitly stated no more Daisy Dukes and wear a bra, but you changed into that outfit before you came to see me in deliberate defiance of my order. I can't let you get away with that and you know it. I'm sorry, but I feel you've deliberately put yourself, and me, in a position where I have no real choice but to spank you after all."

"Isn't it marvellous how we can justify the things we want to do," he mused, careful not to say that thought aloud.

"Sorry, sir. I guess I wasn't thinking," came a small apology.

"I believe you are regretting that decision, so I'll give you a choice. You can bend over the desk or come around here and bend over my knee."

Brenda rose, looked at the desk, then hesitantly came around to Stewart, who pushed his chair back as she approached. She stood next to him, nervous, not sure what to do.

Stewart gently reached out and flicked the button at the front of her shorts. "This will help you to remember not to wear abbreviated shorts," he murmured, taking them and sliding them down, leaving her bare except for an abbreviated thong. Stewart then placed a hand on her back, guiding her forward and across his knees.

Bending over him, looking at the floor, bottom high, Stewart noticed that her t-shirt had fallen forward, leaving her breasts bare. "You are well endowed for such a petite girl," he mused. "Still, I did tell you to wear a bra."

His hand came down firmly on her cheek, causing her to jump. And again.

The spanks were hard enough to make her whole body jump a little, and Stewart noticed that her breasts were swinging free, with one of them bouncing against his chair when she jumped. He reached down with one hand, and cupped her breast. "It's all right," he soothed her startled bleat. "I'm just protecting it from banging against the chair."

The spanking resumed, with swift hard swats quickly tenderising her petite bottom, turning it a bright red. As he spanked he pointed out that when he gave her specific instructions, he expected them to be carried out, not have excuses made for getting around them.

After judging that he'd done enough, he swung Brenda back to her feet.

"I trust that there will be no cause to spank you in the future, but your behaviour is really up to you."

Brenda hastily pulled up her shorts, and resumed her seat, carefully.

Stewart started to talk to her, just getting her impressions of the office and the work, what she thought of the new direction the firm was taking, then moving on to discuss her personal interests and family life.

He found her to be highly intelligent, which made her lack of social skills a bit of a puzzle, but Stewart decided that if she was finally making an effort, she should pick up the required skills quite rapidly.

Finally ushering her out and locking up, Stewart told Brenda that he would have another chat with her about her progress next Friday.

"And,' he added sardonically, "if you feel you're likely to be spanked again and wanted to be dressed for it, just show up naked. That's how all the best spanking happen," he added with a laugh, hearing her answering giggle as she waved and left.

- - -

The next week, Stewart made an effort to just stop and chat with the various office staff, getting a feeling from them as to how they felt about the change in direction the company was taking, and how well they perceived it to be progressing. He also made sure to include Brenda in these discussions, drawing her out and getting to know her, subtly encouraging her interaction with the rest of the staff.

When Friday finally came, he remained in his office after work, waiting for Brenda to appear, not really sure that she would. He found that he was quite pleased to hear her knock, quickly inviting her to come in and sit. Brenda entered, not wearing Daisy Dukes he noted, and moved towards her seat, while he picked up her personnel report, confident that there would be nothing adverse in it.

Stewart looked back to Brenda smiling, about to congratulate her on her improved performance, when it registered on him that she was sitting there demurely, but not wearing a stitch. She was looking directly at him, a nervous smile on her face, hands in her lap and a pair of fine bouncing boobs on display.

Stewart sat there, just looking at her for a few moments. Brenda's face coloured as she felt his steady gaze, but for a few moments neither spoke nor moved.

Stewart slowly sighed and sat back, considering the ramifications of the situation, running over his hopes for the coming discussion and curious as to Brenda's. "I think you will agree," he said, "that your work performance, technical and social, have been above reproach this week, and that you have nothing to worry about in that regard."

He waited, but Brenda just sat, nodding slightly.

"It's obvious," he continued, "that you're expecting to get spanked, are actually asking to be spanked. Why? Why don't you tell me how you felt about our first two sessions. Tell me why you want to be spanked again, and what else you hope to achieve by this."

Brenda hesitated, and then began to talk. "That first time you spanked me, I was shocked. No-one has ever smacked me like that. I've been in trouble at work before. You know I was fired from my last two jobs even if the reasons were passed off as resignations. People there weren't interested in me. I didn't fit in the way they wanted so I was shown the door. You and Mrs. Janders were actually trying to help me and I couldn't see it. That first Friday I really thought you'd probably fire me, and I was ready for that, but all you did was yell at me and threaten me with a spanking? When I saw you after work and you told me to bend over the desk, I didn't know what to think and then when you actually started spanking me, like I said, I was shocked. And I was excited. You were actually interested enough in me to go and do something like that to make me see I was being stupid. The spanking stung, but didn't really harm me, if you know what I mean. You're a strong man and you could have badly bruised me, but you didn't. You just used enough force to get my attention, and you got it.

Last week, I wanted to see if I could get you to spank me again. I knew my performance had improved and you probably wouldn't, so that's why I changed into those shorts. I wanted another spanking. It was exciting to think about, and I liked being helpless while you did it. Then when you pulled my shorts down, you didn't pull down my panties and you could have easily. I couldn't have stopped you, and I probably wouldn't have even if I could." Brenda's blush increased slightly at this revelation.

"Then, when you did spank me, although it was harder than the first one, I could feel that you were still in full control and being careful not to really hurt me. Though I do suspect that you probably shouldn't have been holding my breasts while you spanked me," she added thoughtfully, "but I shouldn't have had them on display, so we're even there."

"Afterwards, you took time to actually talk to me, to get to know me and to get my opinion on things. And you listen. You don't just look at me while I talk, and think about what you're going to say next. You hear what I'm saying and you consider it.

Then when you tossed me that line to show up naked if I was expecting a spanking, I decided I would.

Now are you going to spank me?"

"So you want to be spanked because it makes you feel small and helpless and it excites you?"

"When you do it, yes."

"She's showing a lot of personal courage in what must be a difficult situation for her," mused Stewart, pleased with her honesty, "but I think I need to probe a little further."

"Do you know what happens to girls who run around in front of men with no clothes on?" he asked.

"Yes, sir," came the quick and breathless reply. "They get spanked."

"And what else?"

Brenda suddenly found reason to study the floor. "Men take advantage of them?" she asked.

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