tagTransgender & CrossdressersIt Started As A Golfing Debt Ch. 03

It Started As A Golfing Debt Ch. 03


This is written by me, and can be reproduced for your enjoyment, however not if it is reproduced on an Internet pay site, without compensation for me --- the writer.


This story is fiction. It is meant to be read by adults. Children under the age of 18, please leave. All the characters in this story are of my own imagination, and not real in any sense of the word. Any similarities to that of living people is pure coincidence.

This story involves a man & his new neighbors who win a bet while golfing and soon his life is turned upside down. It is best to read the first 6 chapters - but I can tell you that the early chapters contain a bit of humiliation, some wrestling, and other things that make this story - not the typical one on the internet. This chapter contains scenes of sexual relief for Tom (the neighbor) and frustration for the storyteller ‘Chris’. There continues to be some domination involved as well as a bit male on male sex. In chapter 7 his sexy 19-year-old daughter discovers his secret. Will she become like him - a cock sucking pussy licking slut? Or will she express her dominant side and contiue to put her dad in his new place.

Comments are always appreciated, but please limit those to ideas & not to just give grief. At this moment, the story has 7 chapters and might be complete; although I can be tempted to add to the story at a later date.

And now --- on with the story. I hope you will enjoy.

Chapter 7 The Discovery.

That night I waited impatiently for my young daughter to return home from being the newest neighbor fuck toy. Just as Tom had warned, I couldn’t let on that I knew of her whereabouts. I had watched them both entice her into sex, and fuck her to the first of many orgasms.

Karen returned home at 1am, and I asked where she had been & what she had been doing.

“Daddy, I have been out with some friends. Don’t worry about me – I had another girl with me. She’s pretty tough, and can keep guys from having their way with little ol’ me.” She teased.

I pressed the issue. “Were you with some people I know?”

Karen looked at me rather strange. “Daddy, I am a big girl now. Who I choose to let into my life is my business. But I will tell you that I never knew that satisfaction could be so close to home.” Then her eyes got a dreamy look “Now, I need a hot bath and comfortable bed. Goodnight Pop!”

‘Let into her life’ for sure – I thought. She let them into her pussy, her mouth, and God knows where else after I left. ‘Satisfaction could be so close to home’ means that she surely will be joining them again soon. The only thing I regret was that she didn’t tell me what she had been doing, or whom she had been doing it with. This meant only one thing – she has a personal life – and chooses not to bother telling me about it. Then again, I presumed that since I am her father, and sometimes a role mother – why would I suspect that she would act any other way. After all, if it was me in her place – I doubt if I would tell my father that I had dinner with the neighbors, while they were served by a crossdressed male maid, and then fucked silly for desert.


Karen never did own up to her new sexual activities. Tom & Dee didn’t have any use for me the next week, but Karen was out each night till late --- but never needed to drive her car. So I knew where she was, and most likely what she was doing. I still couldn’t say a thing about what I knew.

On Saturday after our golf game, Tom had joined me in our house for a drink. Since neither of us saw Karen’s car in the driveway, we both assumed she was not home.

I returned to the family room with Tom’s beer in my hand when he pointed to the floor and ordered me “Unzip my pants – slut – and get to work on my dick.”

Obediently I began to kiss, lick and suck his huge magnificent cock.

Unbeknownst to either of us, Karen was home – and heard some noises in the family room, but before she made her presence known – she distinctly heard Tom ridicule her father.

“C’mon Slut. Be a good Pussy boy and suck this cock.” Karen overheard Tom saying. “You haven’t had it in nearly a week. I know you are aching for it now.”

Karen was about to enter the room when she clearly overheard Tom “This cock hasn’t had anything so nice as that gorgeous daughter you have. My-oh-my she’s so tight. Dee likes to watch me get my nut off with her. But she doesn’t suck a cock near as good as her ol’ man.”

Karen peeked around the corner and saw a little more than what she expected.

There in the middle of the room was Tom – tipping a cold beer bottle to his mouth while standing in front of me – her father – kneeling before him. Tom’s generous shaft glistened wet from being in my mouth. Tom’s plump instrument was dangling down over his walnut sized balls, and just beginning to fill with blood and thicken to its full 9 ¾ rock hard size.

“C’mon Slut, you want this full prick – don’t ya?” Tom teased while wagging his meat back and forth in front of my face.

“Yes Sir” I meekly replied – my eyes following his swelling prick.

“Get your clothes off – boy. I want you to be naked when you suck my prick.” Tom ordered.

I quickly yanked my shirt over my head, and began to stand up so I could remove my pants when Tom pushed on the top of my head shoving me back down to my knees. “No, slut. You stay on your knees. Take your clothes off from down there.”

None of this was lost on Karen – who up till now naturally assumed that she was the only family member who was getting intimate with the neighbors. At this point – she didn’t feel comfortable barging in on the two men. She just had to see and hear what was going on, without getting noticed. Karen inched a bit closer to the side of the doorway to get a better hiding place, and still be within earshot of the action.

“You lost 15 holes today. You owe me a couple of dozen blowjobs from last week. I own your pussy boy mouth for a long time – don’t I slut?” Tom pointed out the obvious position I was in.

“Yes Sir” I again mumbled.

When I was naked – and my face back within a few inches of his bloated cock Tom began to ridicule me. “Go ahead and tell me who is bigger, superior man?”

“You are Sir” I humbly admitted.

“You want my cock. I can see it in your eyes. Tell me what you want – and WHY I SHOULD LET YOU HAVE IT.” Tom threatened to take his dick elsewhere.

I started babbling “Sir – I want to suck your cock. I love the way it feels inside my mouth.” Then if his humiliation of me wasn’t enough – I go out and encourage some more disgrace by showing how docile and compliant I have become. “You’re better at golf, more useful with women, and it is obvious to me that you’re more man than I ever could hope to be. You and Mistress Dee turned me into a slut maid – and I enjoy it. Please allow me play with my feeble dick while sucking on your swollen cock.”

WHAP – SMACK. Tom cruelly slaps me with his rigid cock. “You’re not begging enough to satisfy me yet.” He sneered as he looks down on his submissive neighbor. “But I’m amused that you know your position beside me.”

My own dick was getting hard. I liked being used this way. It was obvious that I must be getting excited by submissively doing anything Tom asks. “You are right Sir, I am not man enough to stand in your presence. I believe the guy with the bigger dick deserves to be adored. Show me that I’m your bitch. I’m your cock sucking, pussy licking, ass kissing wimp.”

Although Tom has been in panties when his wife Dee commands it, he was very pleased that for now – he was Master and I was his lackey. He was still in his clothes, with his powerfully thick dick hanging outside his pants while I was naked and on my knees begging to suck him off. My debasement made him feel even more powerful.

“Kiss my balls, and then kiss the head of my dick.” Tom instructed.

I obeyed.

“Now crawl to the refrigerator and fetch me another beer. Then get back here on your knees and finish the job” Tom told me.

I started to crawl off toward the kitchen when he stopped me. “Slut – what do you say to me?”

I said the only thing I could think he might like – “Thank you Sir for letting me pleasure you.”

He smiled and motioned for me to fetch his beer then he sank into the couch – his semi-erect cock dangling out of his pants.


I obediently crawled to the kitchen – Karen couldn’t get out of the way in time – and thus surprised me with her presence.

“Daddy – Are you really his Slut Maid?” Karen shockingly asked.

I was stunned. “Karen ---what are you doing home? Oh my God ---- This isn’t what it looks like ----“ I stammered.

“I think it’s EXACTLY what it looks like! You didn’t answer my question. Are you his Slut Maid?” Karen shot back at me.

Again, I couldn’t answer her – I tried desperately to cover my nude body. “Um – Well, We’re just playing a little game. I lost a golf bet.” I wanted to rationalize my actions.

Tom got up off the couch and sauntered into the kitchen when he heard Karen’s voice getting upset. He didn’t even bother to stuff his 9-inch member back inside his pants. He didn’t interfere – just stood there waiting to see what would happen now that Chris was caught adoring his prick.

Karen reached out and slapped my cheek, stunning me in the process. “I’m going to ask you one more time. You better answer me with one of 2 words – yes or no. Are you his Slut Maid?”

I stared at her – I could see the shock in her eyes. I glanced at Tom and I could see the smug look in his eyes. I went back and forth – viewing them both, but no words came out of my mouth. I wasn’t ready to answer her.

Tom made it easy. “Slut. Who gave you permission to get off your knees? I told you to crawl in here and get me another beer – then you can come back in the family room and worship my cock.” Then when I didn’t drop to my knees, or acknowledge his comment he added “Just moments ago you said you adore guys with bigger cocks.” Tom made a point to grip the base of his shaft thrusting his hips out toward Karen & me.

I was speechless. I couldn’t think of a thing to say. I didn’t want to say YES and tell my daughter that I am the slut maid who she couldn’t stand last weekend. I was afraid to say NO with Tom standing there to dispute me.

Tom raised his voice “SLUT – GET ON YOUR KNEES LIKE I TOLD YOU!”

I looked at him. He didn’t look happy. He looked like someone that I needed to listen to. It was like everything was in slow motion, but I didn’t react fast enough to suit him.

“NOW – SLUT!” Tom commanded “KNEEL! And get your hands away from your TINY DICK!”

I slunk to my knees, spread my legs some, and then placed my hands beside my legs – exposing my shaved crotch and my now deflated little worm of a dick.

I could feel Karen’s eyes boring into my crotch after the comment that Tom made about my prick. Seeing my submissive behavior as I meekly obeyed his command, I am sure she wondered about a lot of things.

Tom calmly spoke again. “OK slut, you have earned a punishment for disobeying a real man when I gave you an order. That will take a back seat to all Karen’s questions that need answers. Don’t make it worse for you - Fetch my beer, and we’ll sit in the family room and politely discuss this.” He turned and walked back to the couch and plopped down.

I stayed on my knees and crawled to the fridge – grabbed a beer and scurried past Karen to my Master.

Karen quietly followed me to the family room and sat at the other end of the couch.

I went to sit in the chair but Tom stopped me. “No, Slut – you begged me to let you suck my dick, and that is exactly what you are going to do.”

“But I thought we were going to discuss what Karen saw” I complained.

Tom explained much to my amazement “Karen and I are very familiar with each other. We will discuss this like adults. You on the other hand are my slut. As such, you belong on your knees, with a real man sized cock in your mouth.”

I disagreed, “She is my daughter and as such doesn’t need you telling her anything. I am her FATHER” I whined.

“She may be your daughter and you may be her Father – but you choose not to tell her that you’re my Slut Maid when she asked you 3 times. You have earned some serious punishment for that.” Then he reached out and fiercely slapped my face two times in quick succession.

He brought some tears to the edge of my eyes.

“Turn to face Karen!” Tom ordered

I meekly scooted toward where she was on the couch.

“Knees spread --- WIDER!”

I opened my legs and let her once again see my withered dick.

“Interlock your fingers behind your head” Tom instructed.

“Now, I will give you ONE MINUTE to tell her anything you think she should know – about you, your desires, and fetishes. I won’t tell you when your minute is up – but you better have your mouth on my cock before the 61st second. No matter what is said after that point, I command you not to let my cock out of your mouth until I say otherwise.” Then looking at his watch, Tom said “Your time starts - - - NOW!”

This was all such a shock to me – I didn’t know where to begin. The first few seconds, I tried to formulate what I wanted to say – then just burst out with my remarks “A picture is worth a thousand words. Seeing me on my knees – submissively doing whatever Tom says probably answers your questions. I am his slut, and Dee’s maid. In case you’re wondering - they didn’t beat me into submission. I found I liked it without anything more than a threat. It hurt me to see you being taken by them last week – but I guess now that you know what my position is in all this – you will forgive me for my erotic desires.” I looked at her – she was speechless. Then I scooted over to Tom’s lap and said “IF you’ll excuse me – My Master gave me an order and I really don’t want to disobey him.” Then with my hands still interlocked behind my head I scooped up Tom’s cock with my tongue and started sucking it deep into my mouth.

“Good Slut – you had 8 seconds to spare.” Tom gleefully stated.

Then Tom looked sheepishly toward Karen “What can I say – he loves my cock.”


Karen bewilderment was evident “When did you start doing all this – while I was away at college?”

I pulled off Tom’s cock and was about to answer her when Tom shoved my face back into his crotch. “No, SLUT, You engulf me – Karen and I will discuss this situation.” He warned me.

I stuck my tongue back out – and licked his shaft from the base to the tip and then opened my mouth as wide as I could to swallow his massive prick until it tickled my throat. I could see Karen discomfort out of the corner of my eye, or so I assumed.

Tom went on to explain. “We have been doing this for a little over 4 weeks. It seems that we have a natural born slut here. As you can plainly see, he’s not much of a man. Rightfully so, he has been confused over this weakness – he desires to serve those who he feels are his superiors. Dee’s aggressive nature and her ability to make a man obey -- made him an easy target to manipulate. He’s masochistic and extremely open to suggestion. He LOVES to obey us, and his tiny little prick gets so turned on when one of us forces his mouth into oral sex.” Then patting my head like a favorite pet he added, “Isn’t that right Slut?”

I bobbed my head up and down, as I didn’t dare take my mouth off his prick.

“I asked you a direct question – you better answer me – and go on telling me all the things I like to hear.” Tom threatened as he pulled my hair on the back of my head – yanking my mouth off his stiff prick.

“He’s absolutely right. I never experienced this kind of sex when your mother was alive, and I haven’t found the right woman since then. I AM NOT GAY. I just get turned on pleasing them, and doing what they say.” I divulged my affirmation

Tom made me feel even more inferior by ordering me “Turn and face her – spread your legs wide – and show Karen how turned on you are.”

I obeyed.

Karen couldn’t help but stare at my straining 5-inch prick. It was hard but insubstantial. Tom’s staff dwarfed it. My whole body was shaved, and my balls looked smaller somehow. I wasn’t that embarrassed until a smirk began to form on Karen’s lip. She thought I looked bizarre.

“Growing up here – I never really saw you -- I always thought you were bigger – DADDY – I always thought you were a MAN” Karen mocked me as she said the word ‘man’ she looked at Tom’s ferocious prick. “If you are our neighbors maid, and slut – how can I ever be expected to look up to you?”

“I guess --- that I ---- don’t ---- deserve ----- your ----- respect” I mumbled.

“What are you good for now?” She asked.

Before I could stumble out a response, or even think of one – Tom laughingly spoke up “Dee says he’s got an amazing mouth. She loves it when I fuck her with a real cock – then he slurps all my cum from her pussy giving her an awesome orgasm in the process.”

I squirmed at that thought.

Karen nodded her head. “You are perfectly right. You do not deserve my respect.” Then looking at Tom – “And you – I know Dee has had you in panties and you are so obedient to her. What makes you any better than him?”

Tom confidently stroked his massive hard-on and explained. “I’m obedient to Dee when she has me in panties – that is true. But I don’t have the desire to drop to my knees and suck his little 5 year old prick.” Tom proudly smiled.

“Plenty of guys have a 5-inch dick. More than anyone cares to admit. So having a bid dick doesn’t necessarily make you better than him.” Karen reasoned.

“In a way - You are right. But I don’t have the impulse to drop to my knees and serve someone else, especially a man. Dee and I are married. She has a way with me. Many couples have a unique bedroom policy that allows them to have playful and erotic adventure. These things don’t harm anything or anyone. But our SLUT – is not like that – he begs for sex – unusual sex – such as sucking cum that I planted deep inside a pussy. He willingly submits his mouth for my use. And He ENJOYS IT.”

I blushed at the truth. I really did enjoy being told what to do – when to do it – and how to do it.

Tom taunted Karen “So what’s it going to be – are you going to become our plaything too? Are you going to let someone fuck you anytime they want? Are you going to kneel down and beg to be allowed to suck a real big cock?”

Karen stood up – moved to within an inch of my kneeling form. Planting a leg on either side of my face, she commanded “Take my gym shorts off – bitch!”

I started to raise my hands to her short red satin gym shorts when she stopped me.

“NO. Use your mouth!” Karen instructed me.

I meekly pressed my lips to her shorts and gently tugged till they went over her hips and down past her knees till they lay in a puddle at her feet.

“Stay where you are. I want your cock in me – and I am climbing on.” Karen told Tom.

Tom just smiled and waited for her to ‘use’ him.

Karen straddled his lap and ever so slowly descended his erect pole. She inhaled deeply as she reached the bottom of his cock. She could take no more. All 9 ½ inches were expanding the limits that her moist pussy could absorb. His incredible dick stretched her lips wide – and plummeted deep within her body. He went to push up against her – but she motioned for him to remain still. She wanted to fuck him. She wanted that prick in her – but on her own terms. I watched from my knees as my lovely daughter rode this monster till it squirted its seed deep within her womb.

“Get on the floor --- face up SLUT!” Karen pointed to me to lie down beside their feet.

She crouched above my face – and then slowly dropped her wet gooey pussy over my mouth and nose. I inhaled her strong scent – that smell of freshly fucked young pussy. Then I began to do my duty as I saw it – I licked, slurped & sucked her pussy till all the cum was free – and she had been brought to an awesome orgasm.

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