tagErotic CouplingsIt Started As A Joke

It Started As A Joke


It started out as kind of a joke. "Hi Ann...I want to hire your husband to paint my living room" came the phone call from Elaine.

"He's available, and I'm sure he'd be glad to do it" responded Ann.

Ann's hubby, Don had just retired and had plenty of time on his hands. That evening, they both went to Elaine's to scope out the project. As she opened the door, Elaine said "I had to get dressed...I usually hang out naked when I'm home."

"Yeh, right," Don responded. "Somehow I don't believe that for a minute" he followed. Elaine is a fine looking woman, in her early 40's, petite with a nice figure, and lives alone by choice. She never married, but had several long term relationships all ending with her living without a man. She and Ann work together and the two of them socialize frequently.

While the girls went into the kitchen to chew the fat, Don took a look at the job and thought to himself "I'll do this job for nothing if she'll stand around naked while I work." He reported to them that it was a simple job that wouldn't take long. "Great" said Elaine. "When can you start?"

Don said he would pick up the painting supplies and get started the following Monday. Elaine promised to get Ann a key the next day so Don could come in and get started. After more chit chat, Don and Ann left to return home.

"Do you think she was kidding about having to get dressed"? Don asked Ann. "I hope so...that would be too much of a temptation for you, especially when you have a key to her house," Ann laughed.

That night, Don had trouble sleeping as he continued to think of Elaine walking around her house naked. "What a fine piece of ass she'd be," he thought to himself. "I could make that job last a week if she was there stark naked" he continued to think as his cock started to harden. "Save it, big boy" he whispered to himself.

Monday arrived, and off to the painting project he went. He started in with patching some holes, painting the borders, etc. Around noon, the phone rang and he heard the answering machine pick up the call. "Don, if you are still there, pick up, it's Elaine" he heard. "Hi Elaine, whatcha doing, checking up on me?" he responded as he lifted the handset. "No...just wanted to let you know I am taking a half day off and am coming home. Wanted to give you a chance to get dressed in case you are naked!."

"Hah, I thought you were the one who spent the time naked in your house" Don chuckled. "Yes, I do, but didn't want you to be embarrassed when I came barging in the door" she laughed back. "How's the project going? I promise not to interfere when I am there."

"You won't bother me, unless you are naked, then I'll have trouble concentrating on the job!" he teased back.

"Guess we'll just have to see when I get there" Elaine teased him again. "OK, see you when you get here," Don said and hung up the phone.

"Geez, I wonder what her game is," Don muttered to himself. "Guess I will just have to wait and see what she has in mind."

Shortly after, Elaine came in the front door and announced "I'm home! Wow, you have certainly made great progress. Looks like you are almost finished."

Don looked at her and smiled, saying "Only a little longer and I will be."

"I'm going up and grab a shower, so I'll be out of your way and you can finish up," she said.

He could hear the shower running and some singing coming from the bathroom. "I wonder what she's going to do?" he thought to himself. It didn't take long to figure out. Elaine came downstairs with her wet hair wrapped in a towel and wearing a terrycloth robe. "I'm disappointed...I thought you'd be naked" Don said with a wry smile. "How do you know I'm not under this robe?" she teased.

"I don't' Don said, "but if you are, then the job is in jeopardy."

"How so?" she asked. "It would not be possible to finish this if I knew you were naked underneath" he said with a hushed voice. "Well then, I guess we'd better let you finish the job before we answer the question, hadn't we?" she said as she made her way to the kitchen.

"Can I get you something to drink?' Elaine called out. "Not right now, but if you are naked, then I'm going to need a good stiff one!" Don yelled back. "I'm hoping YOU have the good stiff one!" she responded. Now the game was on for good...there was no mistaking her intentions, and Don had a difficult time finishing up the job.

As he finished, he took all the tools down to the basement to clean the rollers and brushes. When he was done, he went back up to the kitchen where he found a note that said "I have one more job for you upstairs."

As he mounted the steps, he could hear what sounded like moaning coming from Elaine's bedroom. He tiptoed over to the door and peeked inside. What he saw blew him away. There on the bed was Elaine with a dildo plunging in and out of her pussy. Her eyes were shut and she was thrashing about the bed, obviously enjoying herself.

"Can I be of assistance?" said Don as he quickly stripped off his clothes.

"Eat my pussy" cried Elaine and he quickly placed his mouth on her pussy as she pulled the dildo out. He thought to himself that his cock, while a decent sized one, couldn't compete with the 9 inched dildo she apparently pleasured herself with on a regular basis.

"You couldn't wait for me?" he said with a slight laugh. "I just wanted to get started so I would be good and wet for you" she responded. He laughed and went back to licking her pussy. He was pleased to find that Elaine had a fairly large clit that stuck out about ½ inch when excited, and made for a lovely nub to suck on. It didn't take long for her to achieve her first orgasm and it was a loud one with her squeezing his head as she resoundingly came. As her spasms subsided, Don withdrew and lay down beside Elaine, stroking her breasts and licking the nips as her body returned to normal.

"That was heavenly" she exclaimed, and then leaned over and gave him a sensuous kiss, working her way down his body until her lips met the rapidly enlarging cock which hung between his legs. By the time she made it down to his crotch, his 6 ½ inch cock had risen to the occasion and she took it into her mouth and started to lick the head. By now, there was ample pre-cum for her to enjoy, and enjoy it she did.

"I can't wait to taste the finished product" she said in a husky voice. "But first, I need to have this monster in my pussy. It has been a long time since I felt a real man in there, and I want to enjoy this for a while. Don't you cum in me. I want to taste you in my mouth."

Don slowly withdrew his aching cock from her mouth and lay on his back. Elaine rolled over on to him and placed her pussy directly over his vertical pole, which she held straight up in the air. As she slowly descended on his rock-solid cock, he could feel the heat emanating from her pussy. The feeling was exquisite and he had to hold back from cumming. Once she was settled, she started a slow up and down motion, every so often staying down on the base of his cock and making slow circles with her hips. Don could feel his cock touching the mouth of her cervix, and he was sure she did as well. As she pulled up on his cock, he shifted her hips back a bit so his cock could rub against her "g spot," and as it did, she shivered as though having small orgasms.

"Do you like that?" Don asked. "Oh yes, that's an unbelievable feeling. No one's ever done that for me before."

Don picked up the speed so she could have a big orgasm and it only took about a minute and she was shuddering with ecstasy. Elaine collapsed on him, completely spent.

After a few minutes of relaxing, and with his cock still very hard, she moved off of him to lay beside him. She took his cock in her hand and started to stroke it. "I want to make you feel good too" she said, and leaned over and took his throbbing meat into her mouth. She ran her tongue around the rim of his cock head and sucked on the head a little. "I taste pretty good" she said as she licked her cum off his cock. " I know I am going to like your taste" she whispered as she took him totally in her mouth in one complete movement.

"If your pussy can stand it, I'd like to 69 with you" Don begged her, and she complied readily. As she placed her fully satiated pussy over his mouth, she began to suck his cock rapidly stroking it with her hand as she sucked. He, in turn, had once again found her love nub and was sucking on her clit for all he was worth. It didn't take long until she started to cum again, and feel his balls tighten up in preparation for unloading. As she moaned through her orgasm, he unloaded a mighty stream of cum into her mouth which she swallowed as fast as he came.

They were both spent and collapsed next to each other on the bed. After resting for a bit, Don said "I think I need to get home soon."

"You know, now that you've painted the living room, it makes the dining room look bad. Are you up for another room?"

"You bet I am, especially now that I know you do walk around naked" Don responded. "But that'll be our little secret. Call Ann and tell her you need another favor."

To be continued...

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