tagLoving WivesIt Started as Janie's Exploration

It Started as Janie's Exploration


A true story, names are changed.


During my first marriage, to Janie, a friend of ours went through a nasty breakup in her relationship. With no place to go and no money, we offered Patti a place to stay with us until she could get back on her feet. We had a two bedroom condo so she took the extra bedroom -- though we had only one bath.

We all worked at the same consulting company, so we could often share rides while commuting. Janie was also taking classes one night a week, so I could get a ride home with Patti while Janie went to class. I was working a lot of late nights then also on a rush project, so that also provided opportunities for Janie and Patti to drive together home while I would drive separately later. The time that we would ride together gave us extra opportunities to talk and become fast friends.

Patti wasn't with us long and wanted to get out dating again. We both thought it was her way to quickly move past her break-up. She liked to dress up as hot as she could -- short skirt, low neckline and black hose. She always black hose, and as Janie well knew, I have always had a think for women in black hose.

Patti dated a couple of guys from work and on more than one occasion came home in the morning looking, satisfied, tired, and with rug burns on her knees. Although they would occasionally make jokes about doing the "walk of shame", I never heard any details about these encounters. Patti may have shared details with Janie, but they apparently felt it would be indiscrete to share with me.

As a couple of months passed, our friendships grew. Janie and Patti had always been friends, and they were very different. Patti was very petite, with nice legs but a little flat-chested. Janie was a little plump, with very nice curves, and very large breasts with dark nipples.

In terms of sexual preferences, well, as I said, I never heard any stories about Patti's nights out, so I had no idea of her preferences. The rug burns on her knees only made me guess that she either liked doggy style or liked giving head -- or maybe both.

Now Janie, she really liked to get oral -- especially if I would slide fingers both into her pussy and her ass -- or she liked to be fucked from behind while using a vibrator on her clit. Fucking a vibrating pussy can be very arousing, and it can make it very difficult to last long! But she wasn't into giving oral, and definitely wasn't into swallowing. She also liked mild restraints or a blindfold or both. I think that if she felt she couldn't control the fact that she was being fucked, it made it more ok to cum. Perhaps that was part of her Catholic upbringing - feeling guilty about enjoying sex, so that it was easier to cum if she was being forced and it wasn't her "fault" that she was doing it.

We started spending more time together on the weekends, especially Saturdays. In the afternoon I'd mix a pitcher of strawberry daiquiris, and in the evenings we'd go out dancing to a local club. Patti was still dating, and had actually dated a friend of mine a few times where he had ended up spending the night in her room. The first time that happened was quite a surprise! The next morning Janie and I came out to the kitchen to see Patti in a robe and Scot -- who was muscular 6 foot 3 and about 240 pounds, in a woman's robe that was much too small for him. Somehow Janie managed to make breakfast without cracking up laughing.

After awhile, one fall night Janie and I were in bed, cuddling before we went to sleep, and suddenly she asked "Have you ever thought about Patti?"

"What do you mean?" I responded.

"You know. Fucking her or something."

"Well, I'd be lying if I said I don't notice her. But I haven't thought seriously about it or made a pass at her."

"You think she's attractive then?"

"Yes, but don't take that the wrong way. You're both attractive. Sometimes she's running around here in a robe or shorts and a tee and it's hard not to notice."

There was silence for a minute.

Janie continued: "I think about her too."

"What do you mean? Are you jealous?" I asked.

"No. I wonder what it would be like to kiss her. Or to be in bed with her. I wonder what it would be like to kiss a woman -- how is it different than kissing a man?"

"Do you want to be with her?" I said, quite surprised.

"I'm not sure" said Janie. Another pause. "Are you mad at me?"

I paused. "No. I AM surprised. I might have a little discomfort, because this caught me off-guard. But I'm not angry. It's mainly just the surprise. You've never said anything about being interested in a woman before. There's been no hint."

"I know. I'm surprised too. I just needed to share. I won't do anything. Don't worry about it."

"I'm not worried" I said. "And if you want to, I think you should. I'd find it arousing. That probably doesn't surprise you -- there's the joke about two women and every man's fantasy."

"I don't know if I would want you there." replied Janie.

"I can understand that, Janie. But if it becomes a real thing, especially a regular thing, I'm not sure that I can't be a part of it in some way, even if just to watch, or at least be in the condo, or allowed to watch even if I don't watch the whole time. We're married, and if you have sex with someone else I feel like I should be a part of it in some way."

Another long pause.

"I'm not going to do anything anyway."

"Why not? Are you afraid she'll say no?"

"No, I'm scared, but I'm more afraid that if I make love with Pat, the two of you will think its ok for you to fuck." "And it wouldn't be?"

"I'm scared of it. I feel like she's thinner and prettier than me."

"Janie, I promise we won't do anything without your permission. And we won't do it first. Feel free to go for it with Patti if you'd like to."

Another long pause. "I might. I need time to think about it" she said.

And we went to sleep.

A couple of weeks went by, and the topic didn't come up. One night when Janie was at class, I was watching TV, and slowly enjoying a vodka and tonic, and Patti came home, having driven separately. She sat down and asked me to fix her a drink too. After awhile, she asked if everything was fine with Janie. I said sure, and asked why she asked.

"She and I just haven't talked as much the last couple of weeks. I'm worried about it. Is everything ok?"

I thought for a moment and then said: "She's been thinking about you -- sexually -- and she's not sure what to do with that."

Patti was silent. She paused and said "Wow." She paused again and finally said: "Like how? What do you mean?"

"Like -- what would it be like to kiss you."

"She told you this?"


Patti paused. "I'll have to think about that. I've never done that, but it might be interesting."

I decided not to push the subject. So I just waited, watched TV, and continued my drink. Patti didn't talk about it further. After about a half hour she asked again if Janie had said that -- the thing about kissing her, and I reaffirmed it again.

Then I said "Can I ask you a question -- as long as we are on the topic of sex?"


"Do you like to perform oral on a man? Janie struggles with it a little, especially because she is uncomfortable with swallowing, and I'm wondering if there is anything I can learn from a woman's perspective that might make it more enjoyable for her."

"I like it a lot" said Patti.

"Like how?"

"Well, if I start when the man is still soft, I like the feeling of him growing hard in my mouth. It makes me feel sexy and powerful that I am pleasing him; that he wants me, and it arouses me a lot. I like the feeling of his hardness between my lips and yet of the smooth skin. I like when I can feel the pulsing of a vein, or the way a man grows just a little more and gets a little harder just before he cums. I like teasing a man, making him more aroused, by licking it, or wetting and touching just parts of it. And I like the sounds and look of pleasure and relief when I take him deep in my mouth and throat after teasing him. The way his hands will hold my head then and pull my mouth down onto his cock while I suck on it. At that moment I know I am the most important thing to him, his being is in his cock and in my mouth. I like the sense of power from that and the sense of trust a man gives me right then, when he loses himself in the pleasure of my mouth.

I like the way a man's cock will twitch when I tease him, or lick his halls or finger his ass. Most of all, I like the way it throb's and pulses when a man cums into my mouth, and I can swallow him down."

At that moment I was wondering if I was sweating and red-faced. Patti certainly had me aroused. But I tried to maintain a sexual conversation between friends.

"Janie doesn't like to swallow. I miss it. It's not necessary all the time, but would be nice every now and then. I know -- from what old girlfriends have told me -- that I'm very salty. But it would be nice on occasion."

"I can understand how she feels. It can take getting used to" said Patti. "Have you told her how much it means?"

"Yes, but she's not ready to try for more yet."

"You'll just have to be patient then" and she giggled -- noting that my crotch was quite hard from the discussion.

Just then, Janie came home. The topic changed.

That night, Janie said "I was worried when I got home that you'd be fucking Patti."

"I told you I wouldn't without your permission sweetie."

"I know, but all these feeling are so new to me. I'm just nervous."

"I understand. But give it a shot. I think Patti is interested."

"What makes you say that" Janie asked.

"I dunno. A hunch. Just a feeling I have."

"I think I will -- this weekend."

I hugged her and we went to sleep.

The next morning I had finished my shower first and was making coffee in the kitchen. Just as the coffee was done, Patti came in, dressed in only a robe, fresh from her shower, wet hair wrapped up in a towel. Her hair up showed off the sexy neck that women have.

"Janie's in the shower" she said.

I poured her a cup of coffee. As I turned to hand it to her we paused for a second and our eyes locked. I reached out, and undid the belt on her robe. It fell open, partially exposing her breasts, and a nicely trimmed pussy, with just very short hair all around.

Patti just continued to look at me, and then reached up and undid my belt. My robe opened, exposing a growing cock.

She moved closer and we each set our cup on the counter. I slid an arm under her robe and pulled her next to me. Our skin touched in an electric moment. I felt her petite hand grasp my cock and begin to stroke it, as I reached down with my right hand, and started to rub her pussy -- which was already a little slick. My left hand slid down to her ass and felt her creamy soft skin, and pulled her close.

Patti moaned.

We pressed tight, and kissed. She moaned again and squeezed my cock harder. Then she paused

"We can't. It will hurt Janie."

I looked at Patti and said "I think you and Janie need to talk. I think we all want to be in bed with each other, and just haven't figured out how to do it without hurting each other's feelings yet. Pat pulled my cock closer, and rubbed the tip up and down on her clit, closing her eyes as she did. I could feel her wetness on me.

"You're right." She said. "I need this -- I need this in me. And I think I need Janie too. I'll talk to her tonight."

"I'll work a little late so you two can figure things out"

Patti was still rubbing against my cock -- she paused and said "Yes, that would be the best thing to do." Then she kissed me deeply, sucking my tongue into her mouth, and she slid my cock between her thighs as she did -- not into her, but between her legs so her very wet pussy and clit could rub against my excruciatingly hard cock.

After a moment we heard the shower stop, so we kissed one last time and then separated. She took her coffee and went to her room to get dressed.

I came home late that night, and when I walked into my condo I was pleasantly surprised -- but Janie was scared.

Both Janie and Patti were topless. They had obviously been kissing and petting each other, and judging from two sets of aroused nipples, had been kissing and sucking each other's breasts. Janie immediately apologized, saying she had promised to talk to me first, but the conversation had just come up and...

"It's ok" I said. "I love you. I'm glad you're having fun. What man wouldn't love to come home to find to half naked beautiful women in his house?"

Both Pattie and Janie blushed.

Knowing that Janie wasn't sure she wanted to be watched, I decided she needed to know I trusted her and that she could have her space. So I said: "I know that you two hadn't planned this. But enjoy it. I'm going to go take a shower. When I'm done, if you two want our bedroom alone, I can take the couch for tonight. If you want to be out here alone, I'll wait in the bedroom. Just let me know. And then we can talk about things tomorrow. But tonight, just enjoy yourselves."

I could see a huge sense of relief and appreciation on Janie's face. As I walked toward the bathroom Janie stood up, pressed her breasts into me and kissed me.

"Do too much of that, and you'll have to satisfy TWO people tonight, sweetie." I said. I squeezed her butt and left the room.

When I finished my shower and was drying off, I could hear moaning from the living room. It was Janie, and her moans were coming louder and faster. Suddenly they turned into "Oh, oh god, oh yes! I love it. Oh yes!"

Then I heard the "down moans" the moans someone makes after having just cum. After a moment she called to me: "John, are you done with your shower? Can you come here?"

I back went to the living room, and they were both naked, in a lower light. But I could see that Janie's thighs were soaked with her juices, as was Patti's face. Janie was leaning back, and Patti looked liked she had just sat down opposite her.

"Patti's just made me cum most exquisitely. It was wonderful. Her tongue just feels different."

"Well, maybe Patti can give me some pointers later. I'm glad you're enjoying yourselves."

Janie said "Yes, I am. VERY much. Thank you for letting me do this John."

"I'm just happy you're having a good time."

"If it's ok with you John, I want to return the favor for Patti."

"It's fine with me sweetie. It seems fair!"

"I'm glad you approve." said Janie, as she started to rub Patti's pussy with her hand. "Would you like to watch?"

"I'd love to watch. I'd find it very arousing."

"Is that ok with you Patti?" asked Janie. "Is it ok for my husband to watch a woman eat your pussy?"

"I'd like that" said Patti. "But I'd like it even more if..." she paused.

"If what?" asked Janie.

"If he were naked too, so I could see how much it aroused him. I like to see how the things I do arouse a man."

Janie paused. She thought for a minute. Then said:

"John, that's ok with me if it's ok with you to watch but not touch." I leaned over and kissed Janie full on the lips, and whispered in her ear:

"I'd love to watch you do this."

With that, I slid off my robe, and sat on the loveseat across from the sofa. I was already a little hard.

Janie started to lean forward and position herself between Patti's legs, and kept gently stroking her pussy. Pattie put one leg up on the back of the sofa, and the other wrapped around Janie's back. Janie started kissing Patti's belly, and slid lower to her pussy which was clearly aroused, and swollen. She looked up at Patti's face, and saw her juices still on Patti's face. She paused for a second. Then said "John, why don't you kiss Patti and kiss my juices from her face?

"Are you sure, sweetie?" I asked.

"Yes, but don't take too much advantage of my good nature."

Janie lowered her lips to Patti's pussy again, and started kissing, nibbling and licking at Patti's pussy lips. Patti's head went back, her neck stretched, and he hands lowered and cradled Janie's head. I needed to watch for a minute, mesmerized by the site. My cock grew harder, and I noticed Patti watching it grow.

I decided this was a good time to take up Janie's offer, and I walked to the sofa, and took a moment to enjoy the look that Patti gave my now very erect cock. Then I knelt next to the sofa, and leaned in, and began to kiss Patti's face, and taste my wife's juices on Patti's lips. Patti kissed back and moaned. I reached down and stroked my wife's hair as she passionately kissed Patti's pussy and began sucking on her clit. Janie moaned a little in response to my touch.

One of Janie's hands came up and started rubbing Patti's right breast. I kissed Pattie again, and our tongues met. Then she put her lips around my tongue, and sucked it into her mouth, in a way that can only make a man think about having his cock sucked hard. I grew a little harder, and Patti moaned again. Then I felt a hand on my cock. It was Janie, stroking me as she continued to lick Patti. I stroked her hair some more as her tongue flicked over Patti's clit. Patti was enjoying this immensely, her head tipping back, her legs wrapping around Janie, and I was enjoying watching -- right next to the action.

Janie squeezed my cock again making me twitch. Then she reached up with her left hand and took Patti's right and intertwined her fingers with Patti's hand as she still passionately sucked her clit. Patti moaned in response. Janie took her hand, and placed it on my cock, and stroked me up and down with their combined hands. We could both tell that Patti was further aroused by feeling this very hard, very forbidden, cock. Patti moaned as Janie continued to lick her pussy.

Then Janie suddenly rose up, slid up higher, and started sucking on Patti's breasts while Pattie kept stroking me and I kept kissing her. Then Janie slid higher her face came next to mine. For a moment all three of us met with our tongues together, and then Janie started kissing her, and reached down between her legs and rubbed her clit with her fingers. Patti moved her legs even tight around Janie's back. In response Janie slid two fingers into Patti, and started finger fucking her with the same rhythm that Patti was using to stroke my cock.

Patti whimpered.

Janie leaned forward and breathed in Patti's ear. Patti shivered. Janie whispered -- "You like my tongue on your clit, don't you?"

Patti shook her head yes, and moaned "Uh huh."

"And you like my fingers inside you, don't you?"

Another whimper, and another "Uh-huh"

"You like the feeling of my husband's cock, don't you?"

Patti paused.

"Don't you." Said Janie.

"Yes. Very much. I like cocks a lot."

"Then 69 with me"

And the girls moved into a 69 on the sofa. Janie was underneath, licking and kissing and sucking and fingering Patti's pussy. I enjoyed watching her passion and saw that leaning forward with her head was a little uncomfortable for her. So I put a pillow under Janie's head to help her angle her head up. Then I moved and watched Patti licking Janie's pussy and watched Janie raise and grind her hips in response.

Janie said to me "Look at Patti's pussy, isn't it beautiful"

"Most inviting," I said.

With that, Janie kept sucking on Patti's clit, but reached out toward me. I stepped closer and she started stroking my cock. As I grew harder she grabbed me tighter, and then pulled me closer.

She reached over and took the head of my cock in her mouth for a minute, sucking had, while she rubbed Patti's pussy. It was very powerful to be sucked hard and to watch my wife do that.

Then she started licking Patti's clit again while stroking me -- and raising her arm over her head, pulled me around the top of her head onto the sofa -- and then towards Patti's very wet tunnel.

Then she started rubbing my tip up and down Patti's slit. She rubbed the head of my cock all over Patti's clit till Patti moaned. Then she'd suck on my cock for a minute, and rub Patti's clit with my cock again.

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