tagBDSMIt Started with a Chocolate Biscuit Ch. 02

It Started with a Chocolate Biscuit Ch. 02


Judy opened the door and led Christine into her favourite tea-shop. Not only did the shop make first class tea and scones, it was also perfectly laid out for Judy's plan, and the owner was an old friend. Since the morning she had confronted Christine about what had happened with Bill, she had been waiting for the perfect time for the next step.

Today wasn't just the next perfect step, it was a chance for a double win... For her and for her friend Mandy who she had talked to at great length the previous day on the telephone...

The teashop was laid out in an L shape. Judy led Christine to a table at one end of the L, a table which was only overlooked by one other, the second table being occupied by a couple in their early 50's. From Judy and Christine's table it felt that if they looked, they would be looking over the shoulder of the woman. The man would be able to see Judy and Christine clearly. Around the corner of the L were another four or five tables with a sprinkling of customers, although Christine realised that while she could hear their chatter, she couldn't see any of them.

The owner of the tea-shop came to take Christine and Judy's order. Coffee. Sandwiches. Cake - a light lunch, as long as you didn't count the calories!

Until now, Judy and Christine had been making small talk. As the owner of the teashop returned to set up the order Judy leant over to Christine. "Take your panties off."

Christine jumped. She knew lunch was going to be the beginning of something, but she was still stunned by Judy's command. "What? I can't. People watching. I'll find the toilet..." the conversation was whispered - Christine desperately didn't want the other couple to hear.

Judy snapped back in a whisper. "You will not. You will take them off here. Now."

Judy gave Christine a long hard stare, until at last Christine's will gave way. It was difficult - she put her hands inside the waistband of her skirt and pushed her panties down as far as she could, desperately trying to be as discreet as possible. She tried to hide her actions when she reached under the sides of her skirt, and pulled her panties to her knees, then wriggled them down to her ankles. At last she kicked them off, but Judy reached down, picked them up and pushed them into her own handbag.

Christine felt strange - she had never been without panties before -- at least in public - it was embarrassing, it was arousing... Christine looked around, desperately hoping that no-one had seen her. She looked at the other couple, and briefly caught the eye of the man there, who dropped his eyes quickly to the table, his face red. She knew he had seen, he had seen something.

Christine studied the man a little as she waited for her lunch. He was about 52 or 3, with a full head of hair and a well trimmed beard. He looked gentle, some might even say kind, his face warm. Almost looked like everyone's favourite uncle...

The sandwiches appeared along with the coffee. Judy smiled inwardly - this all seemed so ludicrous! She also noticed that Christine was squirming slightly as she ate. Christine frowned as Judy produced a notebook from her pocket - it looked like one of the notepads waiters use in restaurants, and began to write something in it, then took out the piece of paper and folded it in half. Christine was normally pretty good at reading upside down, but Judy had shielded her notepad with her hand.

There was movement at the other table. The lady was getting up. To go to the toilet, or something - it must have been that as she left her coat on the back of the chair. Christine felt a spectator in something she didn't understand, as Judy stood up, stepped towards the other table and put the note in front of the man who was still sat there, then returned as if nothing had happened to eating her sandwich.

Christine's curiosity was too much for her. "What did you just do?" she whispered. Judy held up her hand, and nodded to the other table. Christine watched as the man read the note, went even redder and seemed to squirm uncomfortably. He quickly put the note in his pocket as the woman - returned to the table.

Again, Christine's curiosity couldn't hold back. "What was all that about?" she whispered. Judy pulled a bit of paper from the pad - a carbon copy of what she had written.

Christine read the note Judy had given to the man on the other table. "She has been a very naughty girl, and I am going to spank her bare bottom after lunch." Christine went bright red as the words registered with her - Judy meant her - Christine! She hardly dared glance at the other table, but the man's eyes were fiercely concentrating on the bowl of soup in front of him. He also looked slightly uncomfortable in his trousers as he squirmed gently.

Christine whispered again. "Why did you do that?"

Judy smiled gently before whispering her reply. "Honey, it's just the beginning. In any case, I think you are enjoying yourself."

Christine was about to vehemently deny it, but a tingle stopped her. Instead she whispered, softly "Are you really going to spank me?"

Judy looked at her. "Of course I am." Her reply - spoken in a normal voice, suddenly broke the spell of the moment, and the two women returned to their sandwiches, and what seemed to Christine totally bizarre small talk about clothes and fashion and families..

As they finished their sandwiches, Judy started to write another note. Again that Christine couldn't read. A few minutes later the other woman had left her place, and Judy had given the man the note. Again Christine watched as he read it. This time he did look at her, then looked down. It was also very clear now he was trying to contain an erection. Even the most naive person would understand that.

Again, the lady returned, and Judy handed Christine a copy of the note. Christine blushed deeply as she read. "Being spanked makes her very wet. I bet you would love to taste her pussy." She blushed partly because she was already feeling wet. She blushed more because of the man on the next table.

The owner of the tea-room brought the cakes, while the lady on the other table went to order something from the counter.

As she did Judy "pounced". Christine couldn't make what had happened - Judy had got to her feet, had moved to the man on the other table whispered something, and seemed to drop something into his coat pocket. A long time before the other woman returned with an extra pot of tea she was back in her seat.

"What was all that about?" whispered Christine, unable to contain her curiosity.

"You'll see," said Judy, also whispering. She paused. "Do you think he's cute?"

Christine was taken aback. "Who is cute?"

"The man on the other table," whispered Judy.

For the first time Christine looked at him properly. Well, yes, he was cute. He may have been in his early fifties, but he had an innocent charm. As Christine surreptitiously checked him out, she also began to tune into his wife's conversation with him. "So I'll only be five minutes - go in the butcher down the road, then come back and we can go..." She was standing up and putting on her coat as she spoke to him, then headed for the door, leaving the man on his own.

Christine's mind was puzzling - she had suddenly twigged there was something more going on here. What happened next really startled her.

Judy simple leant over the table, put her hand under Christine's chin and kissed her. Then kissed her again, this time long and slowly. At first Christine was startled, but suddenly realised this was part of a game. A game she had to admit she was enjoying as well. After a few moments she began to return the kiss, their tongues meeting and playing. Suddenly she felt the hand move - it was cupping her breast over her t-shirt, squeezing gently, pinching her nipple.

Christine's nipple went instantly hard. She suddenly thought this was so good, Judy seducing her and yet also knowing there was a game going on here. She knew this was also for the benefit of the man on the other table.

At last, when the door of the shop opened, Judy broke the kiss, released the breast she had been toying with, and instantly Christine and Judy just looked like two friends having lunch again. This time it was Christine who felt brazen - just as the woman on the other table sat down, she gave the man a hard stare and a wink. She had twigged that part of the game was about getting him aroused...

She noticed he was definitely aroused. He was bright red, breathing slightly harshly, his hand had clearly been on his trousers while they had been kissing. He was clearly sitting in a funny position to accommodate the hardest cock he had probably ever had. Christine smiled, wondering what next.

Next seemed to be an argument. The man and woman were arguing. She wanted something from him - a shopping list. It was in his pocket. He should give it to her. He wouldn't. Saying it's not there. She was demanding he empty his pocket so she could make sure. At last she told him she would do it. She reached into his coat pocket and took out the contents and put them on the table. Christine was watching this unfold, and suddenly realised why Judy had earlier been to him and spoken to him, and what she had slipped into his pocket. On the table were Christine's panties. Still slightly damp...

Christine gasped, then stifled the gasp - this was still part of the game.

It was apparent the woman on the other table was not happy - she was clearly about to explode.

She exploded. "You dirty old man. Whose knickers are you carrying around? What trollope have you been shagging?"

Everyone in the tea-room would have heard the outburst, as she continued. "Can't trust you anywhere. The moment I turn my back you have your thing up the nearest slut you can find. And then like a little pervert you steal her knickers. You've probably got a whole collection of them hidden somewhere at home."

The man stuttered, trying to protest his innocence, but she was not to be stopped. "How many women have you fucked? I ought to take you out of here and give you a good caning. Let all these women see what a sod you are. Let them see what a prick you are. Better - get out your prick and let them see it, so they can see what must have been out in the presence of loads of other women. Let them see the tool that's seen more daylight than a flower on midsummer's day. Let them see the tool that's been in more holes than a Black and Decker drill."

She was reaching her climax. "You're nothing more than a whoring, cock-swinging slob."

It was odd. After she finished, then a pause, then a round of applause - Christine remembered it was started by Judy, but quickly joined by all the other women in the tea-shop. As the applause continued, the woman grabbed the man by the collar and dragged him out of the shop. He seemed in a really mixed up state, embarrassed beyond belief, his trousers not fitting too well, finding it difficult to walk properly as the woman dragged him by his tie. Within a moment they had gone. The Café went quiet.

In the quiet Judy turned to Christine. "Time for us to go." They put on their coats, paid their bill and left.

As they reached a car Judy pointed towards, Christine realised the car already had people in it. Judy opened the door and Christine gasped. In the front driver's seat was the woman from the tea-room. In the back, behind the driver, her husband, squirming with embarrassment.

"Well," said Judy. "Have you met my friend Mandy?" She pointed in the back of the car. "And this is her wimp of a husband Bruce."

Mandy got out of the car and smiled at Christine. "Did you enjoy lunch?"

Christine hesitated, went bright red, couldn't think what to say.

Mandy continued. "Well, Bruce did. I'm sure he would like to share the back of the car with you for the journey back to our place. I'm sure you can keep him..." Mandy paused, thinking of the right thing to say. "...excited. Don't worry, I've told him he is not to misbehave. You can touch him - he isn't to touch you." Mandy pointed to the open door to the back of the car. "You can sit in the middle."

It was clear that for Bruce, the journey was overwhelming. The total humiliation he'd experienced in the café, being teased by Judy about Christine, and now sitting tightly in the car, next to Christine, with both him and Christine strapped in with seat belts - all of that was having an effect on him - he squirmed in embarrassment, squirmed trying to make himself more comfortable, trying to get his trousers to accommodate his erection.

It was Mandy who spoke, as she reversed the car out of the parking space. "Christine, why don't you make the sissy more comfortable - undo his trousers, let his cock have a bit of fresh air."

Christine was also embarrassed, but she had gained some confidence in herself, knowing that this man next to her was completely at the submission of the whims of the other two women, and was lower than her in the pecking order in the car at that moment. She did, without too much hesitation, undo his trousers, undoing the belt and button, then lowering the zip. Bruce didn't resist her at all, but did little to help her either. It was also obvious that he was uncomfortable inside his underpants, so Christine almost without thinking put her hand inside to ease his cock out of the top of the pants.

The touch of her fingers against his cock clearly had an effect on him as well - he moaned as she touched him, his cocking twitching in response. Christine also noticed that there was a damp patch on his pants - he had spilt a lot of pre-cum through the morning and lunch. Christine, feeling her power of this man, let her finger swirl through the pre-cum, swirl around the tip of his cock. Again he moaned, his cock twitched.

Judy, sat in the front, smiled. She had noticed - Christine had done more than she had been told to. Christine had teased the man as well. Judy spoke to her with a wink: "Why don't you kiss him?"

It took Christine a moment to realise what Judy meant, but she was feeling brazen. It was also the first time Bruce responded to what was happening to him. He whispered, "Please, no." Christine smiled, bent over and kissed the tip of his cock, tasting his precum, making him moan in pleasure and arousal. She held the kiss for several seconds, before pulling away.

It was Judy who interrupted, with a laugh in her voice. "Perhaps need to leave him be - much more and he'll be shooting stuff all over the clean car. Never get it cleaned up, and it'll leave a strange smell..."

Judy let her voice peter out, and the journey continued with Judy and Mandy chattering away, talking about the café, friends, husbands.

As they chattered it was again Christine who was feeling a bit brazen, teasing, as well as turned on. She whispered to Bruce: "I hope they let you cum in me, in my mouth or my pussy."

Bruce remained silent, but it was obvious that he wanted that as well - his stiff cock, still exposed from his undone trousers, twitched as Christine spoke to him. Judy smiled - she knew Christine always wanted to be submissive, but was enjoying her also teasing Bruce, and willing to torment him - in the nicest possible way!

The four of them sat quietly for a few minutes, as the car twisted around some side streets before pulling up outside what Christine assumed was Mandy's house. It was a smart house, nicely kept gardens, double garage. The four of them left the car, walked across to the front door, Bruce trying to hide his exposure with his hand. They entered a sitting room in the house that could only be described as luxurious. The three women were sat on the settee and armchair, Bruce his trousers still undone, stood in front of a marble fireplace.

It was Judy who spoke to him, in an almost contemptuous voice. "Well, you could at least take those stupid clothes off. All of them." Bruce paused, then undressed - in seconds he was standing naked, his cock still as hard as a rock, looking acutely embarrassed as the three women looked at him.

It took Christine a few moments before she tuned in to Judy and Mandy's conversation - it was the mention of her name. It was Judy who was speaking...

"...Bill was telling me that Christine really liked it - after he had spanked her she let him shag her... Well he says she was ready and desperate! It was okay for him to spank her for telling on him eating a chocolate biscuit, but I still need to give her a good spanking for her allowing him, you know..." Judy's voice tailed off. Up to that moment Christine's embarrassment had subsided, but now she felt it rising again.

Judy continued. "... Then I had an idea - you had said you didn't know how to spank, but wanted to spank Bruce, that he needed it, so why don't I arrange a session where we all win - I get Christine spanked, you get to practice, Bruce gets what he deserves, and I begin Christine's training to top men, bottom to women. It's a, um, quadruple whammy!"

Everyone was left speechless, didn't know how to respond. It was Judy who continued, as if the silence meant everyone agreed with her. "...so what I'll do Mandy, is get you to spank Christine, so you can have a bit of practice, then she can spank Bruce, then I'll take Christine upstairs - apparently she has never made love to a woman before. You can do what you want with Bruce."

Inside Christine was dumbstruck at the folly of it all, it seemed like she had moved to a parallel universe, but she stayed quiet as the rest did - almost as if they would do whatever Judy said. "So, Mandy - I suggest you sit on this chair;" she pointed to a low soft chair, but without any arms, "then order Christine over your lap."

Judy paused. "What I generally find best is for a girl to leave their clothes on, but just removed their panties, or pull the panties to the knees. But as you know - Christine's not wearing any at the moment."

Judy paused and smirked, before continuing. "The important thing about a spanking is that as well as the physical side, there has to be as much humiliation as possible with it - and keeping their clothes on, pulling the skirt up - it seems more humiliating than having no clothes on at all..."

There was a long pause, then it was Mandy who spoke, with a tentative edge to her voice. "Christine, come and lie over my lap." Again a pause, then Christine stood up from her chair, moved to Mandy, knelt beside her, then lay herself over Mandy's lap. Judy nodded and smiled to her, so she lifted Christine's skirt to her waist, bearing her ass.

"Now, Mandy," said Christine, "What I normally do is tell then to spread their legs wide. It's part of their humiliation - they know that their pussy is showing, their rectum is showing..."

Christine slowly spread her legs, but then jumped, as Judy barked "Bruce, don't touch yourself!" Christine realised that Judy had organised it so Bruce could see between her spread legs, could see her pussy which she knew was glistening. It was natural for him to get uncontrollably aroused, but it was obvious, somehow, that Judy would "control" him as well.

The speed of the first slap surprised Christine - she yelped as the hand landed on one side of her ass. She guessed there would be a red hand print there - a ludicrous thought, as she squirmed on Mandy's lap fighting the stinging. The second slap, on the opposite side of her ass followed quickly. Christine's mind seemed to be running on two tracks - part of her was fighting the pain, squirming, the other half almost cold - thinking that Bruce was probably enjoying the show...

The third and fourth, then fifth and sixth followed quickly, each one building up the stinging that Christine's body was trying to fight, each causing her to scream in pain...

At 9 or 10 Christine lost count - there was just the pain, the heat coursing through her ass, wrapping around her legs, coursing through her pussy... Suddenly her cold logical corner was telling her she was excruciatingly aroused - spanked by a woman...suddenly feeling this woman putting a finger in her pussy, caressing her...spanked...more caressing - Christine guessed she had been spanked 20 times when Mandy stopped, and carefully helped her to her feet.

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