tagIncest/TabooIt was Christmas Morning

It was Christmas Morning


It was Christmas Morning and all through the house it was completely quiet except for the odd grinding of those annoying powered ornaments. You know the ones... you plug them into one of those tiny sockets on the light string and it lights up and a train crosses some mountain pass, or Santa eats a cookie or Mr. Spock gives Jim Kirk some intergalactic wrapped gift.

So as I crept from my room into the living room where the tree, looking like some overcrowded antique store hummed and whizzed, ground and whirred in all its electro-mechanical splendor, I just happened to peek over to the couch where to my surprise there appeared two lovely breasts just barely concealed in the faintest wisp of a gown.

"Ah, Santa, you have outdone yourself this year," I thought, trying to remember if I had ever had such a creative thought for my Christmas list. Then it came to me, Jaquay, pronounced "Jah-kay" like some hip-hop version of Jackie. Jaquay was my sister's friend from college, a student from some country that wasn't on the old globe in our study. Apparently after saying goodnight last night after dinner, she changed into this incredible gown and... and, well she was supposed to spend the night with my sister in her room.

Well, Christmas present or not, the sight of Jaquay on the couch, her incredible body just barely hidden beneath that delicate fabric, had inspired me, or should I say had inspired my erection. Anyway, as the story goes, while the rest of my family continued their long winter's nap, I quietly tip-toed over to the couch and knelt down.

Jaquay's face was concealed beneath some pillows so even if she was awake, she didn't see me kneeling just inches from her, gazing at her body, breathing in her scent. Now, my sister and I had never seen eye to eye on anything before, but looking over this woman, taking in her fragrance, I was impressed at her taste in friends. Well, I planned to investigate this taste a bit further as I carefully grabbed the lace edge of the gown and worked it up above her waist, exposing a surprisingly light tuft of hair above the tantalizing line of her slit.

Frankly, I was so absorbed in the fragrance and enticing sight that I didn't ask myself why a black haired, olive skinned goddess would have such light pubic hair and pale skin. No, all I was imagining was what incredible flavor would ooze over my tongue as I slipped it inside this stunning woman. Peeking up at her breasts, I could see she was still asleep by the way she breathed, so I took a deep breath and leaned my head in between her legs.

Remembering a Christmas ages ago when I got a brand new Operation game, I carefully eased my head closer and closer to the beautiful pussy, careful not to brush against her thighs and set off a premature alarm. I always was good at Operation, so while visions of sugar plums slipped through my mind, my tongue eased itself between her tight lips and I was rewarded with the earthy, tart flavor inside.

I worked quickly so my tongue was burrowed deep into Jaquay's pussy when I heard a moan and the words, "Oh Jaquay, you are insatiable." Odd words I thought, and the voice... so familiar. With my tongue now working in and out of this beautiful pussy I glanced upward and saw her. Yes, her eyes how they twinkled and her dimples so... "Mark?"

Then it hit me, light tuft of pubic hair, fair skin... damn, it was my sister! "Jenny, I can explain. I thought... I thought...."

"Shhhh, you'll wake everyone up," she whispered as she reached down and guided my head back between her legs. "Jaquay gave me her present last night, I guess it's your turn."

So, there it was. That little bitch of a sister, the one I fought with incessantly through the years was now expecting me to throw away all the animosity, all the petty things we fought about for years and years and years, for a quick dip between her legs. No, I was no fool, I looked her straight in the eye and said, "Jenny..." I then paused as I looked at her face, then down to her breasts, still barely concealed in her gown and then down to her pussy, open now, glistening with desire, "Merry Christmas."

I then leaned forward and shoved my tongue wildly into her pussy, slurping in her flavor, feeling her begin to move beneath me in response. Wanting to please her quickly, I eased my tongue out of her opening and worked upwards through lips like roses to her clit like a cherry. Immediately I took that cherry between my lips and sucked while my tongue danced over its delicate surface.

In just moments she grabbed my head and pulled me tight to her. She lifted her hips and ground her pussy onto my face moaning, "I'm coming, I'm coming."

I quickly pushed two, then three fingers into her and felt her pussy convulse around them as she came. Easing my mouth off her clit, I rested my head on her thigh as the pulsations around my fingers slowly subsided.

Jenny then reached down and pulled me up on top of her and whispered, "We need to hurry, before everyone else wakes up." I felt her hand grab my cock and guide is back in between her legs. It slid easily into her as I felt her moist warmth envelope me. As I began to work my cock in and out of her I looked up at her face. She smiled and whispered, "Merry Christmas Mark."

There was not a lot more to do at the time, it had been some time since I had had any sex, so all too quickly I could feel the pressure building in my balls. I had completely forgotten about all the problems my sister and I had once had, all I could do was feel her, see my cock slide in and out of her, and wonder why we had never done this before.

So yes this was Christmas and Jenny and I shared something that few brothers and sisters ever shared. As I got closer and closer I glanced down at her face, the intense eyes looking back at me, her contented smile, her merry dimples, and then just at the edge I watched as I drove my cock out of sight I murmured, "Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night." Then I came, spurting my come deep inside my sister again and again.

I wanted to do more with Jenny but we heard some stirring in the back of the house so I quickly withdrew from her and pulled my shorts back on. Jenny got up and rushed into the bathroom, emerging in a few minutes, looking prim and proper. She started a pot of coffee and as the rest of the household wandered into the living room we greeted each one with a hearty "Merry Christmas." And you know, that year both of us really meant it.

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