tagNonHumanIt's Always Time Act 05 Ch. 04

It's Always Time Act 05 Ch. 04


It's Always Time, Act 5: Just Desserts
Chapter 4: Through the Skin to the Core

Unyx stumbled, caught herself on one of the upright trees. "wait – what?"

Eurydice turned. "You need what Dee's got inside him, right? We all do." Raspberry and CeeCee marched backward into the field, each leading Dee by the hand. The bristled tops of wild grass tickled and stuck against Eurydice's glazed, green knees. "Well, the only way to get it is to fuck it outta him and into you. Not really your thing, so you just relax."

Raspberry yelped and stopped short, bumping up against Dee's right side. "I think a pussywillow just went up my butt." She leered up at Dee. "Care to lend a hand?" She slid his hand into the crack of her ass. She gazed down, whistling. "A couple good hard reams from that dick and the pussywillow'll pop out my fucking nose."

Eurydice sighed, rolled up an imaginary sleeve. Her arm lengthened and angled into a blunt, agate scythe. "Step back, girls." She swung her arm out and down, threshing a swath of grass in a single stroke.

"Watch where you swing that thing," Raspberry said, her free hand stealing down toward Dee's crotch. "You'll poke your eye out."

"You talking to Dee," Eurydice said, scything, "or me? Dibs on that dick, by the way. It's Mine, so I get the first shot. Or two, or twenty-two. Got that?"

Dee smiled and shook his head. CeeCee oozed close to Dee's left side, sizing him up, a sex-starved milf overeager to tip the paperboy. Her wide mouth and satin-soft lips trembled inches away from his neck. "You keep me waiting that long and I'll just eat the two of you."

Unyx pressed her back against the tree but found little shelter. Her eye-mask shrank into black contacts. "Are you really planning what I think you're planning?"

Eurydice tamped down the unruly sward. "Me, Raz, and CeeCee are gunna—oof—find out just how much cum Dee's really got in him. Something tells me we're going to need it all to face down my baby sister." She worked around in a wide circle. "And then we're going to fuck his cum into you, one nanogasm at a time, no matter how much of Nyx we gotta stuff up our snatches or how much Ursula-pussy we gotta eat. It's the only logical solution." She stood up and shrugged. "Don't you think?"

Unyx's eye-mask gushed over her face. "yes – yes – yes!" She waved her fists high in the air.

CeeCee hummed in thought. "You know, if I did eat you and Dee, we could both have him, right there and then, inside and out. What do you say, Dee? Dee, what's with that look?" Dee scowled and smoldered, sandwiched between CeeCee's luscious cream and curves on one side and Raspberry's stunning, shameless beauty on the other. "Why have you gone so quiet, honey?" CeeCee stepped back. "Why are you laughing, Eurydice?"

Eurydice made one last, long swipe with her scythe. "Cuz you gunna get reaped." Her scything-arm straightened, shortened, and split into five finger-long razors. She grumbled, shaking out her arm until her hand reformed. "There." She inspected her handiwork, a cropped circle of compressed and interwoven grass and brush, spanning several yards. "Perfect. The Green Man himself wouldn't wish for a finer bed." She stepped into the center of the clearing, and extended her hand. "Would you, Dee?"

Raspberry gasped, paled, and pulled away. "Lookit him." A sudden hush fell over the field. "What's happening?" Dee stepped into the circular clearing. The living bed of wild greenery rustled softly under his feet. Every noise sounded quiet and close.

"You've never seen Dee get really turned on before," Eurydice said, "that's all." She reached for his hand but Dee slid his fingers up and clasped her forearm, making her shiver.

CeeCee stood in the tall grass at the threshold of the green bed. "Dee's really turned on?"

Eurydice peered into Dee's eyes. "A little bit, yeah." Together, they knelt onto the green.

Raspberry quivered at CeeCee's side. "Lookit. It's like, it's like..."

Eurydice breathed, "The wrath of a god," and moved close and kissed him. Dee cradled her face in his hands, bowed her backward with the ferocity of his need. He broke the kiss and Eurydice cried out in wordless, mindless delight.

"It's time," he said.

* * * *

Dee ran his fingers over the heart-shaped contours of Eurydice's face and into her hair. She felt electric, not hot, under his hands, although he could see her heat churn the air. Her surface tension was plastic but alive. She laughed in helpless pleasure, eyes half-crossed and half-closed, butterfly kissing his wrist and arm between the giggles: "Ah-hah, ah-hum, hm-mm."

"So alive," Dee whispered. He leaned forward, one hand supporting her neck, the other sliding down her sleek, bare back. A spray of wildflower buds spotted the grass around them.

"I live," Eurydice said, lying back onto the green bed until Dee loomed over her, "for you."

"All this build-up," Raspberry bitched, standing at the edge of the bed, eyes bugging, "just for some missionary?"

Dee caressed Eurydice's neck, squeezed the cello curve above her hip. She sighed, "Your hands feel so big." She luxuriated on the mat of grass, arms crooked above her head. Wildflower blossoms opened on the living bed, haloing her head in a quiet riot of pastel colors. "You make me feel so, so safe, Dee." Dee circled a thumb over a wine-dark nipple. It hardened like glass, making her gasp and arch. "And so fucking hot." Dee slid his hand down her tummy and slipped a finger into her molten sex. Eurydice whimpered. "No more. No more teasing." He lay down over her in a slow, full-body clinch, his dick pressed against her inner thigh. She chewed her lip. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me."

Raspberry gurgled, "H-holy shit." Raspberry fell to her knees, head bent, hair falling about her face in long, drippy chains of orchid petals, overshirt flapping open to reveal lavender gel-flesh slick with perspiration. She pawed her pussy, a tangy bouquet of berry-and-sex complimenting Eurydice's heady citric perfume. "Fuck her. Fuck her before I fucking explode."

Dee shifted, balancing his weight on his left hand pressed into the matt of grass above beside Eurydice's neck. Green shoots sprung up between his fingers, burst into flowering Baby's Breath. The frantic growth raced over the grass until the two lovers were ringed in yellow Anemone, vibrant Holyhock, and trembling rosid flowers of every color in nature's paint box. Dee gazed deep into eyes of green gem-fire, the head of his cock nudging against Eurydice's outer labia. "What's my name?" he asked her.

She smiled. She sighed, "Green Man," and he entered into her. She was satin and lightning around him, fluid but so strong, stronger than anything he had felt since they had left SRU together, since he—What had Yves called it?—achieved kensho. Everything had become soft and impermanent clay, but by touching Eurydice, penetrating her, he knew a flux so powerful, thick and fast it felt eternal. Dee felt like he could fuck her forever.

"I love you," he said, moving against her, and then with her as she picked up his rhythm, "forever." She wondered up at him, emerald eyes wide as saucers, her mouth open in a silent, exultant O. "I'll fuck you," he said, his tempo growing longer, deeper, "forever." She wrapped one hand, and then another, around his neck, and her whole body began to move under him, rocking in time with each thrust. "What's my name?"

"Green Man," she said, eyes locked on his. The ring of flowers around them expanded in spiraling arms. "Cum in me," Eurydice begged. Dee felt the fingers on his neck melt and merge, saw her soften in a slow dissolve. "Cum in me now. It's so good." Her legs, sex and belly began to yield, runny and slick. "You make me feel so good that I'll..." She gasped and gulped. "I'll burn up."

Dee hooked one arm under her leg, his hand spread across the hollow of her knee. "No." He pressed his fingers into her supple flesh. "You won't."

Eurydice shuddered. "Oh God. Ah fuck." Her arms fell. "Oh, wow." She clawed the green bed, tore great clumps of flowers from the ground, uprooting whole plants in strong, perfectly formed hands. "Nanomek," she mumbled on the verge of incoherence. "Nanogasm. So many, so much, so fucking good." Her leg grew taut in his hand. "What's, what's happening?"

Dee smiled, remembering. "Nanomek density." He rocked onto his knees. He hauled up Eurydice's leg, now firm and fleshy as any showgirl's, until her shin bounced against his shoulder. "I'll fuck you, forever," he said, and dove deep. "I'll fill you, forever."

Eurydice cried out. Her head whipped back and forth, arms outspread, fingers digging into the green bed, anchoring herself in place. "Flying," she breathed, barely a whisper, "flying. Cumming. Flying." Her toes got gluey and stuck together. Dee caressed and kissed them, tasted a tingling tangy honey, his rhythm into her unrelenting. Her toes reformed, their surface tension snapping back, and they curled in the spasm of orgasm. "You break me down," she babbled. "You build me up. You burn me up you bring me back. Over and over and all over and always and—and..." Dee plucked up her other leg. He tipped her hips, hugged her knees to his chest, and drove deeper. She groaned, low and half-mad. "And you still. Haven't. Cum."

* * * *

Raspberry fell onto her back in the tall grass, knees bent, pelvis pumping, hand twitching against her gushy sex. She spoke through gritted teeth. "Weren't we s'posed to be fucking his brains out right now? All I wanna do, all I can think about is Dee on top of me." Her index finger fluttered atop her clitoral hood. "Dee inside me. Dee cumming in me. It's like I'm tuned into channel Dee-eee..." Her last word stretched into a whine. She clutched at her breast, teasing a nipple erect. "'Eezus Christ! I don't have enough nanomek left to get off anymore!" She frigged herself sloppy. "It just itches itches itches and I can't cum—just one more orgasm and I'll come apart I know I will, I—Ah fuck I'm goin' bugfuck!"

CeeCee quivered at the green bed's threshold. The chaotic carpet of flowers zipped around the bed's periphery, inches from feet the color of fading cornsilk. She held up her hand, and after a moment's hesitation, eased it forward, wincing as she passed the boundary of the bed where the grass had been laid flat. A flush rushed down her fingertips, sallow yellow revitalizing into sunny lemon. "Raz. Oh, Raz, feel it." Her arm surged forward, filling up with churning, vivid cream. "It's blood music."

Raspberry could only grunt. "Nanomek? Spooge-free nanogasm? Bull-fucking-shit." She squirmed a dainty foot onto the green bed, pinky toe brushing the lips of a blue tulip. Her jellified leg flashed an opaque violet. Raspberry squealed in surprise, yanked her leg back. The dark purple stole up her leg in an undercurrent of swirling inner gel. "Yes! Fuck yes! I'm finally gunna get laid. But first..." She sat up, tongue caught between her teeth, finger fucking herself something furious. "I'm gettin' off."

* * * *

Unyx braced herself against the tree, her eye-mask narrowing into a horizontal slit. "something - wrong."

"Oh, hey!" Tomoe's voice almost made Unyx jump out of her skins. "There you are, little sisters. I thought I...um." Tomoe stepped up beside her. "That's...um." Tomoe's eyes followed Eurydice's feet as they traced little helpless circles above Dee's head in the center of the green bed. Dee hugged her legs higher, dragging the green girl's hips into the air. "That's a lot of..." Eurydice's ass bounced against Dee's haunches in wet, meaty slaps. Eurydice could only babble nonsense words and rip flowers out of the ground, roots growing and wriggling about her hands before she let them fall. Tomoe gulped, hands toying with the neck of her blouse. "Kuzbu. Yeah. Lots."

Unyx thought it through. "kuzbu - kudzu - Green Man?" She shook her head. "missing - some - connection - what?"

"You can't see it?" Tomoe popped open the top button of her white blouse, watching the green bed grow into a sea of petals, a flowerbed.

Unyx's eye mask shrank into contact lenses as she squinted. "We think we see something but we keep getting distracted by the...you know." She blushed, silver on milk-white cheeks. "The Easy girl we're going to start fucking in a few minutes. This space-time/second sight stuff is new to both of us. The whole 'knowing the future but still living in the moment' thing? It's kinda like getting stoned, but nothing's funny and there's no munchies." Her blush darkened into grey. "Not the food kind, anyway."

Tomoe rubbed the flat plane of her chest above her breasts, forcing her blouse to fall open in a slanted V. "You're thinking fourth-dimensionally. Go up one more." Unyx set her jaw, head bobbing and weaving as if trying to peer through a crowd. Then her jaw dropped and she wobbled on her feet, grabbing the tree to keep her balance as her gaze swept skyward. "There you go," Tomoe drawled.

"Kuzbu, kudzu, Green Man," Unyx pondered. "SB said Dee got more yang when he ate nanomek, when his energies, his yin and yang, were already unbalanced." She shook her head. "This isn't about sperm at all, is it?" Tomoe gave her a one-shouldered shrug. "It's about life energy, yin and yang, right? Meliae don't need sperm, they need yang to balance all their extra yin."

"Don't we all," Tomoe sighed, taking a step toward the flowerbed. "But don't get all new-agey on me with that 'balanced life energy' bullshit. Sometimes, a girl just needs a good, hard screw."

Dee hooked his thumbs under Eurydice's knees, squeezed her thighs, and bore down into her. Her legs crooked back far enough for her tits to rebound off her knees as the shadow of his thick cock disappeared further into her translucent core than ever before. "What's my name?"

Tomoe took another step forward, unbuttoned the second button of her blouse, murmuring, "Green Man," an instant before Eurydice screamed the same reply at the sky.

Tomoe hung her purse on a nearby branch. "It's been a long, long time. Since forever." Unyx realized Tomoe was talking to herself. "I'm sure SB wouldn't mind if I...maybe just a little..." Tomoe drew near the edge of the flowerbed, working on the last buttons of her blouse.

A third voice, softer and less sure than Tomoe's, spoke up behind Unyx, but this time she was not surprised in the least. "Uh, hi? Little girl? You wouldn't happen to have five dollars on you, would you?"

Unyx turned about-face and got her first good, real-time look at Jo Echo. The tall, toned, brunette beauty looked beat-up, bruised, bedraggled, and downright filthy. In stark contrast, her coppery one-piece dress was pressed, pristine and ready-to-wear for a night on the town. Unyx let her eye-mask leak over her face. She folded her arms across her perky breasts, rocked her violin-curvy hips and tapped a high heeled boot. "little - girl?"

"Sorry." Jo fidgeted, downcast, stealing sideways glimpses at the obsidian Goth girl. The angular, porcelain-white face with raccoon eye-mask. The thick, licorice pigtails. The Go-Go boots that stretched up into a gleaming, black bodystocking so tight she looked more naked than naked. Even the little rounded mound of her pubis was described in shine and shadow. Jo stared at Unyx's candy-coated camel toe. Unyx cleared her throat. Jo started, squeezed her eyes shut. "Sorry! Sorry."

Unyx held out an empty, gloved hand. Jo peeped at it, blinking in surprise as a few dollar bills unfurled out of the polished-black palm. "fifteen - dollar - gift - no - strings - 'kay?"

Jo stuttered, "Okay," and delicately plucked up the bills. The tip of her index finger brushed against the vitreous, frictionless surface of Unyx's palm. Jo's skin seized up in goose bumps. "Wow." She snapped out of her Unyx-ogling trance, seemed to notice her surroundings for the first time. "What's going on, anyway? Holy shit." Jo pointed to the flowerbed.

Tomoe slowly slipped her blouse off her shoulders, revealing the rosy Wonderbra underneath. Beyond her, at the heart of the flowerbed, Dee and Eurydice rutted without any apparent modesty or fatigability. "I wasn't dreaming it," Jo said, "It's really him. The 'What?' guy. The Master." She frowned down at a pair of unblinking eyes like twin ebony reflecting pools. "Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Cherry - nanomek."

"Nano-what?" Jo asked "You mean the nova-whatsis?"

"novilunium - nanomek - yes." Unyx tapped her chin with the tip of a claw. "little - left - very - little - but - some."

"Is that, um, bad?" Jo's fistful of dollars rustled as she started to tremble. "And since when did you have, uh, claws?"

"not - sure - but..." Unyx's eye-mask siphoned away until only her irises shone as starless night. "Best to play it safe. Can't really risk it, so..." She stepped close. Eurydice's orgasmic wailing orgasm echoed around them as Unyx smirked, claws flexing, shoulders rolling. "Looks like we've got to go in and get it out."

Jo skittered back. "What do you mean?"

Unyx scraped a thumb and forefinger down either side of her neck. Ursula felt Nyx's talons, gentle and frictionless, caress and tickle her neck. Nyx felt Ursula's pale flesh tremble beneath her fingertips, soft and solid and sweet. Together as Unyx, both girls relished the touch of her lover's flesh and her own flesh as experienced by her lover's touch. The double sensation was as confusing as it was wonderful, as maddening as it was intimate.

It took all of Unyx's willpower to focus on the pretty brunette standing next to her. Pretty grotty is more like it, added Ursula's inner Martha Stewart as Unyx eyed the grime and sweat drying on Jo's arms and legs. We are Unyx, but we are not touching that until it's had a bath.

"How do you feel?" Unyx asked.

"Hammered, hung over," Jo answered. She touched her hair and flinched. "Gross. And kind of disconnected." She rubbed the bridge of her nose. "It's hard to describe, it's like, uh..."

"Like you're running on automatic pilot?" Unyx suggested, tipping her head.

"I was going to say like being gorked on nasal decongestant, but, yeah, 'automatic pilot' is better. So what are you saying?"

"Black Cherry's still in your noggin." Unyx hooked a thumb in Dee's direction. Dee was French kissing Eurydice, holding her knees up almost to her elbows. "That guy's name's Dee, by the way. You just called him 'Master'." The green girl made, muffled, manic mm-mm-mm! noises with his every thrust. "Although I think I'm starting to empathize."

Jo grimaced. "I did?" She clutched her head. "Oh, fuck, you're right, I did. I can still hear that cherry chocolate nutjob inside my head. I can't stand it." Her eyes widened, imploring. "Can you really get her out? Please? I'll do anything."

Unyx nodded. "We can, but you'll have to trust us. Once we begin, it'll be dangerous to stop—she might be able to take hold of you again completely if we do—and things'll get even weirder before they start getting better. Something tells me you're going to like it, though."

"Whatever, just...wait." Jo pointed. "What's she doing? What's going on?"

Tomoe had stepped into the flowerbed, arms open and hugging the air, giggling like a schoolgirl. Her raven hair billowed about her bare, petite shoulders and slender back, although no breeze blew. Her creamy-olive skin darkened into a golden bronze, the kind of flawless tan only seen in fashion magazines. She kicked off her high heels, laughter sparkling, skin glowing in health. Unyx noticed no change in Tomoe's height when her tall heels came off. Tomoe's flying hair tickled her bra strap. Unyx was certain it was shoulder length just a few minutes ago.

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