tagLesbian SexIt's His Own Fault

It's His Own Fault


I can't believe what happened last Saturday night. It was simply the most erotic experience I have ever had, possibly because it came from nowhere. I'd planned a night out with my boyfriend Josh but after listening to him moan all day about how sick he was feeling I decided to let him off and said I'd just go home and have an early night while he recovered.

Rather annoyed that my night had been spoiled, I wandered home taking a detour through the town centre just to pass the time. I felt sorry that Josh was poorly but I'd planned the best night ever! We had tickets to the theatre and then a table booked at the Burlesque club in town with dinner thrown in. I was hoping that the Burlesque dancers' skimpy outfits and seductive dancing would put both me and Josh in the right frame of mind to make perfect use of the hotel room I had booked for the night with the Jacuzzi bath and the massage oils ready laid out. God I was feeling hot just thinking about it. I'd hoped that all the attention would persuade Josh that a gift in return for me would be a good dose of licking followed by sex in every position possible. I'd booked the hotel room specifically as it had a balcony overlooking the main road. I'd fantasised all week about Josh taking me from behind while I looked out over all the people who would think they knew what we were up to but couldn't quite be sure!

Oh well, there was no way I was going to stay in the room alone. How stupid and desperate would I look as I checked in to a double room with a bubble bath and massage oils on my own! I'd phone and cancel it as soon as I got home. I'd probably lose the room fee but not a lot I could do. God I was getting madder with Josh by the second.

As I turned the corner heading onto the main road home I passed the art house theatre. I used to go there a lot when I was in college. We'd watch some odd foreign film or go late at night to watch a Japanese horror that scared the life out of us for a week. I stopped to look at the board with notices of coming films - 'Currently showing: Cecilia'. I'd never heard of it, it would probably be rubbish, but what was the point of returning to my empty house? The night was young!

Stepping inside I bought a ticket. The theatre was dead! I walked into the screen and had my pick of the seats. I sat on the back row, throwing my coat onto the seat next to me. I must say I was rather overdressed for the cinema as my original plans had been somewhat more extravagant! Never mind, there was no-one here to see anyway.

I settled down into my seat. Just as the lights dimmed a petite figure walked into the screen. It glanced around and saw me sat at the back. The figure sat at the opposite end of the row to me and removed their coat. Her hair flowed out of her hood, long brunette curls cascading around her face. God don't you just hate people who have it all. She was gorgeous, slim, well dressed. She smiled briefly at me then glanced away shyly, turning her head towards the screen.

I turned away too. I'd paid to watch the film not stare at strangers. The film was one of those black and white art house types, no big stars, most of the cast are Spanish and it had subtitles all the way through. But the more I watched the more I realised the subtitles weren't really necessary to understanding the plot! The young girl had fallen for a lover her father had forbidden and they had run away together. They were in hiding with little else to do the film suggested, than fuck each other senseless for most of the day.

The sex scenes actually weren't as vulgar as it sounds, they were lovers after all. The man ran his hands all over the girl's body as she gasped at his touch and spent lots of time teasing her hard nipples with his tongue, running it round her breasts before beginning to kiss his way down her stomach towards her shaven pussy. From my left I heard a gasp, followed by deep breathing. I turned towards the sound and quickly looked away. I kept my head facing the screen but moved my position so that I could see the girl out of the corner of my eye. I had seen correctly the first time! She was sat with one hand on her inner thigh, her legs slightly spread. I couldn't see her other hand but from the gentle moaning sounds now coming from her mouth I could have a pretty good guess where it might be.

The girl began to lean further back in her seat, apparently unaware that I was watching her. Her hand slid from her thigh lower down and she started moving it in a steady rhythm. My own clit began to tingle. I couldn't believe what I was watching. I moved my hand to my breast and began to play discretely with my nipple, pinching it hard, making my clit tingle even more. The girl turned to face me. I suddenly realised that I'd turned completely towards her and was staring at her as she masturbated. Her eyes moved downwards as she noticed me caressing my own breasts and a smile appeared on her face.

The girl shifted again further down in her seat seemingly no longer interested in the film showing on the big screen. She moved her right leg up onto the arm of chair, her skirt riding up around her hips. In the darkness I could just about make out the glistening of her cum on her pussy lips as she moved her fingers back into her wet hole. Involuntarily my hand moved away from my nipple and down to my clit. I was so horny and it was throbbing so much I couldn't help myself. I looked into the girl's beautiful eyes and she smiled again, motioning with her head for me to come closer. I was horny but not mad. I knew this wrong. I knew that people don't masturbate for each other in cinemas and I knew Josh thought I was safely tucked up at home. But the feelings in my body overrode all sensible thoughts. As my pussy became so wet that it was running down my lips I stood up and moved so there was just one seat in between me and the stranger.

The girl was even more beautiful up close and I could see now that she was completely shaven just like the girl in the film. Her skirt had ridden up to her waist now giving me a full view of her fingers sliding in and out of her moist pussy. Her head fell backwards as she moaned louder now that she had been noticed. Her other hand caressed her breast squeezing her nipples as I had done earlier. I still had my hand tucked into my trousers rubbing slowly at my clit which had swollen with all the excitement. It was so sensitive. I couldn't take it anymore. I stood up to unzip my trousers so that I could have easier access but as I moved to settle back into my seat my eyes wandered back to the girl's open pussy.

Instead of returning to my chair I knelt in front of her. My head knew this was wrong but my body wanted it so badly. I put one hand down my trousers and into my now dripping pussy. As I pulled it out soaking wet I put my other hand down there instead and began rubbing my clit. I let out a moan as I touched myself making the girl look up and notice me in front of her for the first time. She looked nervous, the smile now gone, but did not move away. With my wet finger I began to make small circles around her pink clit as she continued to finger herself and rub her breasts. Her smile soon returned and I began to gain confidence. I moved my hand away from myself so that I could concentrate and began to massage her clit more firmly. I pulled her fingers out of her pussy and replaced them with mine. I'd never been with a girl before but had done this to myself loads of times. Within minutes she was breathing more deeply and began thrusting onto my fingers. By now Josh was completely out of my head and we'd missed most of the film.

My pussy was still tingling and I longed to be touched like I was touching her. I needed to feel Josh's tongue on my clit. My confidence grew as I began to move my head between her legs. She looked at me, breath held in anticipation. My fingers still moved deeply inside her tight pussy as my tongue began to lick her clit. This was completely new to me. I moved my tongue in small circles as Josh did to me then began to press my tongue more firmly onto her pick flesh. I tried to lick faster but it was difficult. The girl was beginning to tense up as she became closer and closer to orgasm. I moved my fingers away from her pussy and began to fuck her with my tongue, pushing it deeper and deeper into her, tasting her sweet juices. Within seconds the girl grabbed my head with both hands and pulled me into her as I felt her body shake and her muscles get tighter on my tongue.

When she had finished the girl looked up. She smiled shyly again before looking embarrassed. "I .... erm..... erm...... I've never been with a girl before", she whispered. She seemed ashamed now that it was over but I was still horny. My clit was throbbing and my knickers were now dripping wet. "Neither have I", I replied, slightly embarrassed now that the atmosphere had changed as she'd cum. The girl moved her leg off the arm of the chair, before quickly grabbing her coat and half running, half walking out of the cinema.

I stayed where I was, stunned at what had happened and at my illicit encounter with the beautiful stranger. The lights in the cinema became brighter and I quickly grabbed my own coat and left before the staff came into the screen. I wandered for a while through the town thinking about what had happened. Did I regret it? No. Did that make a lesbian? No. Did that make me a cheat? I suppose yes but it serves Josh right for ruining our night out.

I returned home, alone, and ran a bath. Sat in the warm water I thought again about the whole experience but in the privacy of my own home reminisced on the good parts whilst running my hands over my body and deep into my tight pussy. I might not have got my release from the beautiful stranger but the memories I had left certainly made my orgasm stronger.

It was the first time I had ever been with a girl but not the last. Now it's normally me who cancels mine and Josh's nights out -- whenever the art house is showing what can only be described as porn -- to see if any other single females have had the same idea. And they usually do.

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