It's Legal on Other Planets! Ch. 03


It was sex with Monica. It was awesome. I pinned her to the bed and had my way with her, or maybe I had her way with me. Hell, I don't know. We weren't remotely done when Stacy sauntered out of the bathroom in one of Alyssa's short silk robes and then downstairs. We certainly weren't talking, though. Just breathing heavily and grunting in ongoing satisfaction as I thrust into the woman laying underneath me again and again.

Toward the end, we both gave up on technique or elegance and just rutted. I got more than a little physically possessive, holding a fistful of her hair and slamming into her. Monica's mouth couldn't form words; all she could do was grunt. She gave up keeping her legs wrapped around my hips, too, letting them fall open for me. We came together in a long, throbbing bout of wonder, and finally had to just lay together to regain our senses.

Amazingly enough, neither of us were out of breath. We were breathing heavy, to be sure, and my muscles had much the same good, worn-out feeling one gets from a massage, but for all the exertion neither of us were the least bit uncomfortable. I barely even softened up inside her, either.

"So good," Monica whispered finally, kissing my neck. "Thank you."

"I was afraid I was taking it a bit too far there," I confessed. "I just couldn't stop."

Monica shook her head. "Oh no. Not at all. Normally I'm not into getting rough like that, but in your case? Anytime. You don't even need to ask. And certainly not this weekend," she added with a smile. "Remember. We might want to have something more like a dating relationship after this weekend, but for now? You be selfish. Anything you want. Whenever you want it. We'll enjoy providing."

"I think I might want a shower this time," I grinned.

"Go. I need a few moments to lay here anyway. You feel really good inside me, but honestly I could use a little break."

I kissed her again, softly and affectionately. I'd known her for less than 24 hours, and most of that was either craziness or sex or just plain sleeping, and yet I knew I was falling for her. The way she kissed me back gave me some hope that she might be feeling the same way, as did her happy sigh when my lips pulled away. "Mmmh," she said. "I hardly want to let you go. Having you in me is nice."

"I could stay...?"

"Nah. Go. Promise me there'll be more later. Gives me something to look forward to."

"Both of us," I grinned, giving her one last kiss before gently disengaging and standing up. I couldn't help but stare. "I did that," I said, gesturing to the well-fucked beauty on the bed in front of me.

She made no effort to draw her legs together. "Yeah," she agreed, "you did."

With that, I staggered off to the bathroom. Within only a few minutes, the wobbly feeling in my legs was gone. I softened, but didn't really go flaccid. I had this strange, full-body high that blended a good night's sleep and the greatest sex of my life—which, admittedly, is what I'd just been enjoying all night and morning.

I got the water running in the shower and took care of business while I waited for it to warm up. Funny enough, my first thought on awakening was usually that I wanted to go to the bathroom, but now I found that while my digestive system was certainly working (sue me, I'm a corpsman, I think about this stuff), there was a lot less urgency and, as I found, a lot less need.

Enough about that, I figured. I got in the shower and started washing up. I couldn't get over our stamina, or our need to indulge it. We all just wanted more and more, and our bodies more than rose to the challenge. I grew thoughtful about examining myself as I showered, noticing that plenty of little aches and pains had gone away. Hell, some of them were things I'd just gotten so used to I didn't even know they hurt anymore. But it was all gone. As Stacy had told me on awakening, too, my face and neck were still perfectly smooth. Not a bit of stubble.

I looked toned and fit. Felt that way, too, and it's not like I hadn't only just gotten out of a frontline combat unit—I mean it wasn't like I was letting myself go to hell after being discharged—but I looked good. Better than ever.

And, before I knew it, I was erect again, and now that my head was a little clearer I couldn't help but notice that that thing was bigger and badder than ever, too.

I dried off. Took a good look at myself in the mirror after wiping away some of the steam. Yep. Still my face. Still my hair.

I walked back into the bedroom to find Monica in exactly the position I'd left her. "I feel wonderful," she declared to the ceiling.

"Yeah," I said, coming around to the side of the bed where I could kneel down beside her. "Me, too. Can we talk about that for a moment?"

"Hm?" she asked, looking at me.

"None of this is natural. Nobody should have this kind of stamina. Or libido."

"Well, no. But like we said, aliens, right? Alyssa had them make some improvements on you while you were still in the military. She arranged the same for us, too. Not sure how much it cost her out of her, uh, payments or whatever, but I got the feeling that she was having so much fun earning her pay she started running out of things to buy. It's not exactly a traditional human economy out there. They don't always arrange things in ordinary numbers or cash or anything."

I nodded, hearing her out. I realize that most folks might've wanted all this explained up front rather than just shrugging it off for so long, but you know what? I had two amazing women show up at my door in lingerie and drag me off to bed. Damn right my brain turned off, and I've yet to see reason why I should regret it.

Anyway, this was all food for thought. "So do you know what it all means?" I asked. "Specifics? Alyssa and her alien date or john or whatever just said I wouldn't have to worry about viral or bacterial infections anymore. She was kind of hung up on the 'no STDs' thing. No pregnancies, either, apparently."

Monica stretched in the bed, perfectly happy to have me ogle her body. "Stacy and I both really only need about half as much sleep as we used to. And we eat whatever the hell we want and don't seem to be picking up any weight. I feel stronger now, too. I hardly even work out. It's all kind of unfair."

"And the sex?" I asked. "I mean am I gonna be this horny all the time? I should be completely spent, but as great as last night and this morning were, I'm still not done. I feel like I'm not nearly done."

"Good," she smiled. "It's not a constant thing. Well, it is, but it isn't. It comes down to mind over matter. Think of it like this: your body's been put into sex-overdrive compared to normal people, but that's gonna basically be your normal state from now on. There's a mental component to it, though; you do a little meditating and a little concentrating before you go to bed, or in the mornings, and then you don't have trouble with it during the day. It all balances out. Body stays ready to go all the time, mind keeps it from making you nuts. Alyssa can help you with that."

"But you can't?" I asked.

"No," she said, her grin turning a little bit wicked. "No, you need Alyssa for that. All Stacy and I can do is help you satisfy your freaky urges."

"Well, that's awfully kind of you," I smirked.

"Isn't it?"

"Still. After awhile, doesn't the vibe kind of lose its spark? Doesn't it just feel ordinary after awhile?"

"You'd think so, right? But no. Listen, I asked Alyssa the same thing. What she said was, 'When you're having great sex, don't you want it to go on forever? Don't you wish you always felt that good? Or that sexy? If you really could have it all the time, why wouldn't you?' And she's right. That's pretty much how it is.

"It's why we're all so easily aroused. It's why you keep putting out so much volume and why we stay wet and ready. It's why we all taste so good. Alyssa sort of worked out a wish list and asked the green guys what they could do, and poof. Magic sex machines. We've got actual limits, but so far we've never needed to push them.

"So on that note: Don't take this the wrong way or anything, but I feel like you should know... we all have a kind of pheremone thing going now, too. We find someone we like, we start giving it off. It's not really a conscious thing. It's just activated by personal attraction. But you'll find it's ridiculously easy to pick up on women now."

I blinked. "You're kidding."

"Well, they gotta be willing and at least a little bit interested," she shrugged. "Fact is, it don't really matter how good-looking or sexy you are; if you're a dick or if a gal is genuinely loyal to her man, she ain't gonna fuck you. It's not like you're turning anyone's mind off."

"Wow. That's, um. That's a lot to take in."

Monica shrugged. "So listen, you wanna go play the field for awhile, Stacy and I will be cool with it. I mean we certainly did when we got the benefits package. We were Queens of the One Night Stand for a year or two there and we had a great time. It's understandable. But at this point we've kind of developed some high standards, and so far you're the only guy who's met them, so... play around all you want, but just be considerate about it, okay?"

Wow. That was another bombshell. I nodded. "Anything else I should know?"

"Well, listen... you get why we're telling you to be selfish with us?" Monica asked. "We know exactly how you feel. We're almost as bad; we're just used to it and better at concealing it, but we get that damn horny, too, and you're the first guy we've had who can measure up. We knew the score coming in here. We want you to have fun with it. So you can drop the 'too good to be true' bit and just start using us like your favorite toys, okay?"

Again, I nodded. "That's gonna be a whole lotta sex."

"Good. Anyway. Right now I would kinda like a shower. And Stacy's down there making breakfast. Don't worry about interrupting her," Monica grinned.

I kissed her once again and then slipped over into my own room just long enough to grab a fresh pair of boxer-briefs and gym shorts. I threw on a loose shirt, too, but didn't bother to button it. I didn't want anything holding up one of my new best friends if they wanted to take it off of me again.

Downstairs, I was immediately confronted with my other immediate problem: the living room window was still completely shattered. A breeze drifted through, causing the drapes to billow gently. That was a problem. I headed upstairs to jump onto my computer, find a repair guy and then found my phone to call him.

It was, to be blunt and quick, a boring conversation. Yes, I have a broken window. Yes, as fast as possible. Can you expedite? Sure, how much does that cost? Oh. Wow.

And then it hit me: I don't have money problems anymore. I have Alyssa. She explicitly told me to take her bank cards and go nuts. Feeling still a touch guilty about it, I used my own card just the same, resolving to use Alyssa's to cover the weekend but wanting to make the gesture of paying for the damage I'd done myself. Sure, maybe we effectively had unified finances now. Sure, maybe it was chump change compared to what Alyssa had stashed away. And yeah, maybe I'm weird. But it was a thing.

I went downstairs once more, seduced by the wonderful smell of bacon, and picked through what little broken glass had fallen on the inside of the living room on my way around to the kitchen.

Stacy stood there at the stove in Alyssa's short blue robe. God, those legs were a vision, and the way that robe failed to quite cover up her ass was nothing short of an invitation. She had to know, I figured. Hearing my footsteps, Stacy bent slightly and pushed her ass out a little. "Hope you don't mind a little wait," she said. "I like to take my time and get everything right."

"I don't mind," I said. At first instinct, I didn't really believe that she wasn't putting on a deliberate show for me. Thing is, she was also cooking. I saw stuff for pancakes and scrambled eggs or maybe omelets, all waiting for a later stage, but at the moment she was focused mostly on the big pan of hash browns and the other big pan of bacon. It was almost as if the flirty body language wasn't even a conscious thing.

Slipping up beside my new friend, I asked, "How long have we got?" Without even asking, I picked up discarded dishes and tools and put them in the sink to wash them off. She could cook, but I figured I could at least clean a little.

"Oh, fifteen minutes or so," she said. "Maybe more. I had to find everything in here. First time I've cooked in this kitchen. Usually Alyssa stays at my place. Or we're at Monica's. Alyssa talked about buying someplace extravagant once you were in the know." She looked down at the mixing bowls and assorted tools I was cleaning. "You know you aren't supposed to do that. I'll take care of it."

"I agreed to let you cook. You can at least let me help clean up a little," I smiled. "I'm sorry, I'm just... I was raised to do things myself and never expect anyone to wait on me. I get even more self-conscious when it's women, because I don't want to be a chauvinist douchebag or make anyone think I expect it."

"I don't think you expect it." She smiled back, giving no further argument. "We really are here for you to just kick back and let us fawn all over you. But you're scoring an awful lot of points by reacting like this. Just so you know."

"I'll take 'em," I said, finishing up. With Stacy still cooking, there wasn't a whole lot to do. "So you and Monica and Alyssa spend a lot of time together?"

"Well, you know how it is," Stacy chuckled, not yet looking back at me. "Three bi-sexual girls get all spun up by alien technology, can't find a guy who can keep up with them. Can't find one you trust enough to tell the whole truth, either. So you wind up developing some habits to take the edge off."

The blunt hint could've put me on the floor. "So you've all...?"

Stacy's head turned ever so slightly. Her eyes slid up toward me. "All the time," she smiled. "Started with just a little playtime in college, and we all liked it too much to stop. Trouble is, it's not enough. We all love the cock."

She let the suggestion hang there for a moment, then turned her face back to her work. Everything Monica had said to me about knowing what sort of state I was in replayed in my ears. I lost all shame or hesitation.

"Never tried sharing anyone before," she went on as I slipped around behind her. She didn't hear me slide my shorts down to the floor and step out of them. "I gotta admit, it's way more fun than I—oooooh," she shivered as she felt me move in behind her, slipping my cock up between her cheeks. I slipped my hands up her arms, then down them again, bringing that hand with the spatula down onto the countertop along with the other one.

"I'm happy to be shared," I murmured as my lips brushed up against her neck and toward her ear.

"Oh god," Stacy moaned, pressing back against me. I put my hands on her hips, enjoying both the feel of the silk robe and the figure underneath it, and then freely took it upon myself to gently rub her back, and caress her sides, and then reach around and up to cup her full, luscious breasts.

She let out a tiny, happy whimper as I gently rolled her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers. "Don't let me distract you," I teased.

The shudder that came from her then hinted at this being more of a turn-on than I had hoped. "Kyle," she whispered.

"Yes?" I asked.

"Can I trust you?"


"I want to trust you. You seem wonderful. But I gotta know. Really. Because if I can't trust you...ooohhh," she moaned, grinding into me more and reaching up to make sure my hands on her breasts stayed right where they were. She'd gone almost hoarse. Her voice sounded weak. "Kyle, if I can't trust you, I swear to God I'll crush you like a bug."

She felt me grin against her neck. "Good," I told her. "I'd have it coming."

"Oh Kyle, I gotta... I gotta tell you something," she breathed, and ground against me. "I like you so much. I like playing with you so much."

"Me, too." She seemed to be on a repeat cycle, or maybe just having trouble completing the thought because of the physical distractions. I was nothing but patient.

"I want to trust you with something."

"I promise not to abuse your trust."

She giggled just a little, and leaned her head back and turned it just enough for a light kiss. Her eyes fluttered up at me. "I want you inside me, Kyle," she whispered. "Come inside me and I'll tell you my secret."

We held our gaze. I kept my hold on her breasts, because she encouraged it with one hand. With her other, she reached between our legs and guided me to her. Then we pushed together, her pussy so wet and welcoming and my cock so stiff that we had little trouble joining deeply. She let out a light, satisfied moan as I buried myself in her.

The "oooh" that Stacy let out was only a little short of joyful weeping. "Kyle," she cooed, "you feel so good!"

"It's mutual," I assured her. We ground together a little while, just slowly fucking over the stove. If it turned out she had nothing of importance to say at all, I'd still have been happy to humor her. This was fun.

"I'm... I'm... ooooohhh yes... I'm really submissive, Kyle," she confessed in a soft, trembling whisper.

My eyes opened. Leaning over her as I was, our faces were almost side by side. I heard her let out another moan as I pushed into her. "You're safe with me," I told her. "What do you mean by that?"

"Oh," she whimpered. "I like... I like... I'm not into being... unh... tied up or... degraded, but... I like a... I like a guy who'll just take me how he wants. I like you being in control. Fucking me like this. Oh god. I just wanna give in to you. I like being taken. Possessed. Oh fuck. I want you to know it and... unh... use it."

My hold on her tightened and I thrust just a little harder. The admission seemed to raise the feeling of intimacy between us instantly. It's hard to describe, but there it was: one second this was a great, kinky, naughty kitchen fuck, and then suddenly it was something more—and better.

"You can trust me," I whispered to her. "I'll be good to you."

"Will you?" she asked. "Just take me and fuck me? And then respect me later? I don't want to live like this all the time, Kyle. It's not... unh... it's not who I am in the... in the rest of my life. It's just sex. But oh... oh God, Kyle..."

She seemed to tighten around my cock and grow wetter at the same time. "It's why I don't have a boyfriend. I need a good guy. Someone I can trust. Find a balance with. You are so awesome, Kyle."

"Sssshhhh," I told her, feeling my way through this new territory. "We'll talk about it later. When I'm not fucking you," I added with just a bit of a growl.

"Mmmhh!" Stacy agreed, and kept pushing her ass up against me to take as much of me as she could. I didn't want to pound into her. We both enjoyed this slow rhythm too much for that. But inevitably our pace picked up as we drew closer to a shared orgasm. I thrust harder, too, opting for power over speed in my thrusts. Stacy loudly approved.

"Kyle!" she cried out. Her voice grew loud and shameless. "Unh! Kyle! Fuck me! Oh god yes fuck me! Like that! Please don't—don't stop! Fuck—ooh! Oooh!"

Then a hand came around to her cheek and slender, mocha brown fingers slipped into Stacy's mouth. I blinked and looked at Monica, standing beside us now in a fuller robe than Stacy had with a stern look on her face. "Finish this quietly," she said. "We have company."

"What?" I blinked and paused.

"Finish," Monica repeated. She wasn't insensitive to our position—that much was clear in her tone—but at the same time, she was compelled to interrupt. "It's important. Don't walk away from her like this."

I don't think I could have just walked away, to be honest. Had the President or a bus full of nuns or a news crew walked in on us, I'd have had to keep fucking Stacy. I slammed into her harder now, fucking her and holding her tits with possessive urgency. Monica leaned in to Stacy's ear, whispering affectionate things to her and holding her face gently as I used her body from behind. I deliberately built toward an orgasm, holding back my grunts as well as I could when I started to pulse and pump into her. Stacy experienced a near-simultaneous orgasm triggered by the sensation of my flooding her within. Monica kissed her to smother her audible reactions.

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