tagLoving WivesIt's My Birthday Party

It's My Birthday Party


I just have to tell you about my Birthday Party!

My wife asked me two weeks before my Birthday, "What do you want for your Birthday?"

"I want you wrapped in a big red bow with your pussy shaved. I want you to tie me to a bed and sit on my face with your smooth little pussy so I can eat it until you come all over my face." I answered.

"Ok, funny little perverted boy. What do you really want for your Birthday?" She grinned and asked again.

"You asked and I told you." I replied.

"Ok, I guess I will just have to think of something." She said.

Not another word about my Birthday was said during the next two weeks leading to my day.

My Birthday finally arrived and it seemed a normal day with the exception that my wife kissed me and said, "Happy Birthday Honey."

After all, I was turning fifty and I just knew she would have black balloons or some other over the hill stuff to make me feel old.

My wife and I have been married for eighteen years and she is forty-five so maybe she did not want to rub it in too bad since she would be there in five more years.

Jan might be forty-five but she has never had kids so her body is still firm and the body that most women ten to fifteen years younger would envy. She has shiny brunette hair that hits her shoulders and tits that although I have never measured them I know that when she buys bras they are thirty-eight D. She weighs soaking wet about one hundred and twenty pounds and thinks she is fat. She is five foot ten inches tall and I tell her on a regular basis she is not fat and is gorgeous. Her big tits on her frame are always getting her looks from other guys. I love it because I know most of them are envious of me. The fact that I get to suck on her tits and bury my face between them just kills them.

I had been outside working and came in about four to the smell of fresh baked cake.

"That would not happen to be Birthday Cake I smell would it?" I asked.

"You know you have to have cake on your Birthday." She said grinning.

"I'm going to shower." I said kissing her.

After showering, I slipped on some jeans and a t-shirt and headed back to the kitchen.

"Honey, I forgot ice cream for the cake. Can you run to the store to get some?"

"We don't need ice cream. Just the cake will be enough."

"We can not have Birthday Cake without ice cream. Just go get some please." She replied insisting.

"Alright. On my way."

I grabbed my keys and headed to the car. The closest store was about a twenty-minute drive from our country home so I was not thrilled about a forty-minute drive just for some ice cream.

I got back and pulled into the garage, grabbed the bag of ice cream and headed into the house.

I opened the door going into the kitchen as usual and, "SURPRISE!" echoed through the room.

I was nearly floored as about twenty of our friends were there waiting for my return.

There were the usual jokes about being an old man now and the congrats for making it this long.

Jan had an assortment of alcoholic beverages on the counter and everyone but me had a drink and then Jan came up to me with a drink, a big grin on her face and a kiss.

"You are terrible!" I said.

"I know." She replied and kissed me again.

The party went on for about two hours before a few started to leave and everyone was gone in about three hours.

As the last guest left, Jan turned to me and asked, "Were you surprised?"

"Hell yes I was surprised! What would you have done if I had not gone for ice cream?"

"That would not have happened or I would have had to threaten withholding your present." She said grinning again.

"What did you get me?" I asked.

She then took my hand and led me down the hall and to the bedroom.

My cock was getting hard on the way there hoping she really got me what I had asked for.

We walked into the bedroom and there on the bed were rose petals spread around with only candles illuminating the room. On the bed were some scarves that I was assuming were for tying me to the bed. My dick was now rock hard.

"Why don't you get undressed and get on the bed while I get ready." She said then kissed me.

She headed to our bathroom and closed the door as I quickly got undressed.

I was lying on my back with my hard cock sticking in the air when the bathroom door opened.

Jan stood there in the dim, flickering light in the room. She was wearing a white pair of hose with a garter belt, no panties and a white short sheer robe. The most obvious thing was her completely shaven pussy.

"WOW! You look absolutely gorgeous!" I exclaimed.

She grinned and sexily walked to the bed. She grabbed the scarves. She pulled one and went to the corner of the bed. She tied one end around my wrist then the other end to the headboard. She leaned over to kiss me, then got another one and sexily strutted to the other side of the bed and tied my wrist there.

She then crawled onto the bed and straddled my chest. I was looking directly at her pussy as she asked, "Well what do you think?"

"I love it!"

She then turned and straddled me facing the other direction. She got on all fours. Her pussy and ass was right in front of my face. She then crawled down my body. She grabbed another scarf tying it around one of my ankles and the other to the footboard. The whole time I was watching her shaved pussy pointed at me. She then tied my other ankle.

She turned again crawling up my body stopping just briefly to let her pussy rest against my hard cock. She squirmed slightly letting her smooth slit rub on me.

She knee walked up my torso again so that her pussy was only inches from my face. I could smell her sweet sex juices already flowing.

She looked down at me and asked, "Are you ready for dessert?"

"Oh hell yes." I replied.

She then scooted her body up mine until her pussy met my mouth. The skin of her pussy felt smooth against my face and lips.

I sucked on her pussy letting her hard little clit slip into my mouth and against my tongue.

"Mmmmmmm." I heard her moan.

My arms and legs tied to the bed was a huge turn-on. I wanted to reach up and touch her tits that I could just see past her vulva. They were undulating up and down as she rubbed her pussy against my mouth.

I then felt her hand grab my cock and began stroking it.

Suddenly my cock was enveloped in wet warmth and it felt like a mouth was around the head of my cock while a hand clinched the shaft. I stopped sucking on my wife's pussy trying to figure out what was going on. Jan I could see and she was not doing it. So, who was sucking my cock?

Jan knew I was perplexed so she looked down at me over her tits and grinned.

"Something wrong Honey?" She asked.

I could not really speak because my mouth was full of wet pussy.

"Don't worry. It is Sandy." She said.

I must have had a quizzical look on my face.

"Since her husband Dan passed away over a year ago she has not been with a man. I offered your services to get her back into the game and did not think you would mind." She said grinning again.

"Do you mind?"

All I could do was shake my head no.

"Somehow I knew you wouldn't."

I went back to sucking Jan's pussy with fervor now with the new addition to the bedroom. I could not believe my wife was offering another woman in our bed.

Sandy was Jan's best friend and a very good-looking woman with a fantastic body. I could never figure out why she was not already seeing other guys. Sometimes women that beautiful have a hard time because guys feel they are above them and they don't make the move. Or, it might be she was still grieving Dan's passing.

Regardless of the reason, she was doing a masterful job at sucking my cock.

I looked up as Jan grabbed her tits and pinched her nipples, "Oooooo fuck yessss." She moaned.

She began to grind her pussy into my face and I felt her juices begin to flow.

"Oooooooo my gawd!" She exclaimed as her body jerked with her orgasm. Her juices covered my face as she came.

Her body convulsed a few times and then she crawled off my body.

I looked down at my cock to see Sandy. Her mouth was circling my cock as she bobbed up and down on it. Her eyes looked directly at mine and I could tell she was smiling from the twinkle there.

"Sandy, climb up there. It's your turn. I want his cock in my pussy." Jan said.

Sandy let go of my cock as she sat back on her knees.

I had always wondered what she looked like naked. My mind had imagined it many times and I was not disappointed. In fact, the real thing sitting in front of me surpassed my expectations.

Sandy was younger than Jan and I. Dan had passed away in a car accident at the too early age of thirty-five.

Sandy was a doll with not huge but firm, full tits with big areola and nipples.

She got on her knees and I could not help but to notice that she too had shaved her pussy smooth. She knee walked up beside me and then straddled my body. She scooted closer until her pussy was about an inch from my face.

"Don't mind the cobwebs." She said looking down at me.

"I'll see if we can't clear out a few of them for you." I responded.

She grinned and moved her pussy to my mouth.

As I sucked her clit into my mouth, I could feel Jan straddling my body. I then felt her hand grab my cock holding it up, then the wet warmth of her slick pussy sliding down my cock.

Sandy moaned, "Mmmmmmmm"

Jan began fucking me, riding up and down on my hard dick.

I looked up at Sandy who was watching me eat her pussy while she pinched her hard nipples.

"Mmmmmmm. Jan you were right he is good at this." Sandy said.

I heard Jan say, "I told you you would enjoy it."

Sandy's juices were flowing now and coating my tongue and lips. She had a different taste than my wife's, but she did taste good.

Sandy began grinding her hips and pussy as I sucked, "OHHHHHH GAWD Jan he is going to make me cum on his face."

I looked up just as I saw Jan's arms wrap around Sandy's body. She grabbed Sandy's tits and pinched her nipples.

Jan kept my cock held tightly in her pussy and said, "Go ahead baby. Cum on him. He likes it."

"Ooooooooo fuck!" Sandy moaned as her body jerked and her juices released absolutely filling my mouth.

I had never been with a woman who ejaculated like this. It was shocking at first but yet very exciting.

I continued to suck and lick her clit when she nearly screamed, "FUCK YESSSSSS!"

Her body convulsed and jerked again nearly smothering me with her pussy and again my mouth was filled with her sticky sweet cum.

I had to move my head because she had my mouth covered with her pussy and my nose was buried in her slit.

Sandy saw me struggling and said, "I'm sorry baby was I smothering you?" as she scooted back a bit.

Jan still had her hands on her tits but was again fucking me and squeezing my cock with her pussy.

I felt the cum begin to boil in my balls and pulled against my restraints.

"OOOOHHHHHH FUCK!" I groaned bucking against the weight of both women on my chest and shot my load into my wife's waiting pussy.

It was a release that I had not felt in several years. I actually saw stars before my eyes as I exploded.

My cock went flaccid and slipped out of Jan's pussy.

Sandy climbed off my chest as Jan let go of her tits. Sandy was still sitting on my groin as my cum ran from her pussy and pooled next to my cock.

Jan then said, "I need to clean up and clean him up a bit then let's go out and get another drink. It will be a little bit before he is ready again so we might as well keep the buzz going."

"Sounds good to me." Sandy answered.

Jan crawled off my cock and went to the bathroom when I asked, "What about me?"

"What about you?" Jan asked.

I watched Jan run the water on a washcloth and wipe my cum from her pussy. She then came in with the cloth and wiped the cum off my groin.

"Are you ready for a drink?" Jan asked Sandy


Jan then looked at me and said, "You lay there and relax and build up some more cum. We will be back for more in a little bit."

"But..." I began

"We will be back in just a few minutes." Jan said as I watched both there tight little asses go out the door.

"Fuck what do I do now?" I softly mumbled as I laid there with my limp dick and tied to the bed with the flickering candle light to illuminate my nakedness.

I could hear the sound of glasses and ice and laughter from the other side of the house. I could not make out what was being said.

I laid there with my thoughts running wild on what was going on in the other room. I mean, when did Jan get into grabbing the tits of other women. She had never expressed the fantasy or the need of being with another woman. Maybe it was a reaction to the lust in the room when she did it.

My mind was racing with the thoughts of the two of them in there eating each other's pussies on the floor or on the couch.

I looked over at the clock on the nightstand, I had been there fifteen minutes alone with my thoughts, and my thoughts had given me another hard-on.

I soon heard the pitter pat of bare feet coming down the hallway.

I looked over at the door and there stood the two naked women. It was a very sexy view with the candle light softly warming their soft curves and big tits.

"Look Sandy. He apparently has been in here thinking about fucking. His cock is hard again." Jan said.

They both then came into the room and crawled onto the bed. One on each side of my chest. They sat there looking at me and I asked, "What?"

"Sandy had a good idea. She said Dan used to love it."

Sandy turned and reached for one of the candles.

She turned and said, "Dan loved this. Let's see if you do."

"You're going to pour hot wax on me?"

"Yep." Sandy replied.

"Wait...." I began before the first drops of wax hit my chest.

"Shit!" I exclaimed pulling at my restraints.

"Did you like that?" Sandy asked.

"No. It burned like hell." I said.

"You get used to it and then you want more." She replied.

"Maybe he did not like it. His cock went limp again." Jan said.

"That will change." She said as she dribbled more onto my thigh.

"Fuck!" I blurted out

She did not stop and poured more on my other thigh. I pulled at my restraints.

"Jan suck on his nipple and get it good and wet." Sandy told Jan.

Jan bent over, sucked my nipple into her mouth, and licked it.

She then pulled off and Sandy positioned the candle above my nipple.

"When the wax hits his nipple blow on it." Sandy told Jan.

I watched the wax like it was in slow motion falling and splashing on my nipple.

"Fuck." I yelled as it hit and then Sandy blew on it.

I had never felt such a sensation.

"Look at his nipple. It is hard as a rock!" Sandy said.

"His cock is as hard as rock too now." Jan said.

Sandy leaned over on her side and sucked my other nipple into her mouth and then poured the hot wax on it and blew.

"Ohhhhh." I moaned as my nipples were nearly in pain from being so hard.

The pain had turned into pleasure at this point as they took turns dribbling wax on my body.

Sandy then turned to put the candle down and turned back around with a piece of candy. She popped it into her mouth.

"She has another trick to try on you."

"With candy?" I asked as Sandy crawled down between my legs.

She bent down with the candy in her mouth and sucked my cock into her mouth as my wife watched and peeled the wax off my nipples. The sensation of her nails scraping across my nipples and Sandy sucking my cock had me ready to fuck again.

Sandy sucked for a bit then pulled off my cock and blew her hot breath across my cock.

My whole body jerked as it felt like she had just put an ice cube on my throbbing cock.

I looked down at her and she looked up at me, "Bet you did not know peppermint candy could be so erotic did you?"

She bent back down to suck a few more strokes then pulled off and blew again.

"OHHHHH FUCK!" I moaned.

"I think he likes this." Sandy said to Jan.

She blew again and my cock was jerking with each breath across my aching cock.

"Does it work on pussy too?" Jan asked.

Sandy did not answer but crawled up next to me, she leaned in as if she was going to kiss me. I responded when suddenly the candy in her mouth transferred to my mouth.

"Let's see. Do you want to go first?" Sandy asked Jan.

"Hell yes!" My wife exclaimed.

Jan immediately straddled my body again with her pussy next to my mouth. She inched closer and I sucked her lips into my mouth letting my peppermint-tainted saliva coat them. I let the candy rest against her clit knowing what was going to happen when I blew across her hard little clit.

"Mmmmmm" she moaned as I sucked her.

I then pulled away from her pussy and blew.

"OHHHHH FUCK!" She exclaimed her body jerking with the sudden sensation of hot and cold hitting her clit.

I blew again.

"OHHHHH MY GAWD I'm CUMMMMMING!" My wife screamed.

Her body was convulsing with a huge and strong orgasm that was nearly ready to break my neck from her legs locked around my head.

I sucked her clit into my mouth again to lick it with the candy, as she was calming down. I pulled off and blew.

"FUCK ME!" She screamed, coming again. Her juices were oozing from her pussy with the orgasms.

"Let me try." Sandy said.

Jan crawled off my face and Sandy quickly took her place.

"My gawd I've never come so fast in my life. That was excellent." Jan said.

Sandy scooted her pussy to my face and I sucked her hard clit into my mouth. I again soaked her clit and lips with my saliva letting the candy rest on her clit.

I pulled away and blew.

Sandy did not scream or moan. She took in a quick breath and her body jerked as her pussy literally shot her juices out and onto my face.

"OHHHHH FUCK!" She finally screamed.

I covered her pussy again with my mouth and coated it for a second time.

I pulled back and blew.

My face was shot again with her cum as it squirted from her pussy, "FUCK!" She screamed as her body was convulsing on my chest and neck.

"My gawd Jan can I fuck your husband? I've got to have a cock in my pussy now!"

"Sure, but don't wear him out because I want his cock in me too."

Sandy crawled away from my face and scooted down my body until her wet, smooth pussy was rubbing against my hard cock. She rose up on her knees and grabbed my cock guiding it to her beautiful pussy. I watched as my cock head split her pussy lips and slid inside her.

"Oh my gawd." I moaned as she sat fully on my aching meat.

She was riding up and down on my cock like a wild woman. Her big tits were flopping up and down as she rode me.

I looked over at Jan who was watching my cock slipping in and out of her friend's pussy as she fingered her own pussy.

"OHHH MY GAWD!" I groaned bucking at my restraints and Sandy on my groin.

I exploded a load of my cum deep inside Sandy's pussy.

Sandy felt my hot liquid splashing inside her, stopped riding me, and simply ground her pussy against my groin, squeezing me with her pussy muscles.

"Shit Sandy I told you not to wear him out. I wanted to fuck him." Jan said.

"Sorry Honey. I just got carried away and he came before I knew what was happening." Sandy said.

"Got anymore candy?" Jan asked.

"Sure do." Sandy answered.

Sandy crawled off my cock as it slipped out and slapped against my stomach. Sandy went to the nightstand, opened another piece, and put it in her mouth.

She crawled back onto the bed and leaned over me. I was expecting her to give it to me when she bent down and sucked one of my wife's nipples into her mouth.

Jan rolled her head back as Sandy sucked her nipple.

I was in disbelief as I watched my wife enjoying the attention Sandy was giving her nipple.

Sandy pulled off her nipple and blew.

"OH YESSS." Jan moaned as her nipple stood at attention and her areola pimpled up from the sensation of the cool peppermint.

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