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It's My Party


It's My Party and I'll Cry If I Want To

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Wow, I'm turning the big four-oh and I think my wife is planning a surprise party for me. Brandi and I have been married for almost twenty of those forty years. We've enjoyed many of the finer things in life and a terrific life together. We're not over the top rich, but between my work as Vice-President of Marketing, and my investments, we don't really want for anything. We have a great home with four bedrooms and four-and-a-half baths. Our oldest Daughter, Marianne just left for her freshman year at the university, and her younger sister, Alicia is starting her Senior Year in High School. Both girls are great students. Marianne graduated in the top five percent of her class, and Alicia has a shot at being valedictorian if her grades hold up through her senior year. Our Family life has always been great, with lots of sharing and vacations as a family.

Brandi has never complained about anything out of want. It has always been my goal to see that every one of her desires is met happily. Our sex life is pretty good for a couple who has been married as long as we have. There is rarely a week goes by without us hooking up at least three times, and on vacations usually every day. I am totally committed to monogamy as is Brandi. We have used many things to fulfill our fantasies, but we both agree we will never look outside each other to fulfill our sexual desires. We do use toys, videos, internet porn, and sexy talk about including other people in our sex play. The line has been drawn for both of us at the talking stage. We enjoy fantasies of three-ways or about Brandi fucking another man or me with another woman, but we both reassure each other that it is no more than private "sex-talk" between two loving people.

Now, about that "surprise" birthday party that I am sure is planned for this coming weekend. I really can't put a finger on any definite clues, its just the looks and giggles I hear behind my back from Brandi and Alicia, and the fact that Marianne will be coming home on Friday Night for the weekend after only three weeks in school. Brandi knows I don't really like to celebrate my birthdays, but she always does something and I am guessing that since this is my big four-oh that it will be a bigger deal than I will like. Rather than causing a fuss, or hurting feelings, I'll just go along with it and try to make the most of it. After All, Brandi's fortieth is only about thirty days away and I can make it pay-back time then because she really doesn't want anyone to know she'll be forty.

Brandi had finished the dishes and I was in the living room reading the newspaper. Alicia was up in her room studying, and Brandi came to sit next to me on the sofa. She said, "Jeffrey, I want to give you a very special birthday present this year. I am going to give you a "free pass" to live out any one of your sexual fantasies."

I looked at her questioningly saying, "Please tell me exactly what you are talking about?"

"Jeffrey, what I am saying is for you to pick any fantasy we've ever talked about, and let's live it out, no matter what it involves. For example, you might want to tie me up on the bed and paddle my behind until it is red, or maybe you want to have another woman join us in bed, or whatever you can imagine. It is a free pass good for one-time only."

I was a little stunned, but I replied, "Thanks for the offer, but I think we do fine already just the way things are now. I certainly don't want to live out a three-way or anything like that. I have no real desire for any woman other than you."

"Honey, it doesn't have to include another woman, it can be any of the things we've talked about but never done."

"Okay, Brandi, I'll think about it and let you know if I come up with any ideas." I already had a couple ideas running through my mind.

As the weekend approached, Brandi grabbed me as I came home from work on Thursday night and said, "We have the house to ourselves tonight, Alicia is gone to the Library to study, then she's going over to her friend Sally's house to spend the night since they are working on a science project together. So Let's have a little fun, okay?"

Well, I'm never one to turn down "a little fun" especially when we won't have to keep especially quiet. We quickly ate our dinner and put the dishes in the dishwasher, and hurried upstairs. I asked Brandi, "Did you have anything special in mind?"

She looked me in the eyes and said, "Yeah, I want to talk about your birthday present while we are just cuddling and kissing. Have you come up with anything yet?"

I winked at her and replied, "Actually, I have. But I'm not ready to tell you about it yet."

She smiled and said, "Oh, come on baby, give me a chance to get it ready for you."

Since my party was to be a surprise, I didn't want to spoil it be letting on that I knew about it, so I quickly devised a plan to make her squirm. "Okay, I guess it is better for you to know about it ahead of time. At exactly ten o'clock Saturday night I want you to come to me in the living room wearing nothing but your bikini bottoms. Then I want you to kiss me passionately and just see what happens next. Remember, exactly ten o'clock in the evening, no matter who is here, even if our daughters see you do it." I then watched her blush a bright red and look away from me.

Brandi was caught off-guard but tried to recover. "Oh, I couldn't do that in front of the girls."

I kept pressing, "So what you're telling me is that I can't have my present? Are you playing Indian Giver now?"

She knew she'd stepped in it but wasn't ready to tell me about the party yet, so she hesitated, then said, "Let me think about it, okay?"

I wasn't about to let her off easy, so I went right back on the attack, "Brandi, you offered me a present, and now you have to think about it? I thought we had a better relationship than that. Is there something you're not telling me?" I figured that would make her spill the beans about the party.

"Jeffrey, you know I wouldn't do anything and try to hide it from you. It just makes me a little nervous...Who knows just who might be here on a Saturday night. We haven't talked about our plans for that night, what if we decided to go out?"

She was now definitely on defense so I forged ahead, "Well, I thought it was my 'free pass' and I choose to be home on Saturday night. It doesn't matter to me who else is here, I just want to have you come to me in the living room without any clothes but you bikini bottoms." She knew we'd talked before about her being exposed in semi-public situations, so this fit her description of a 'free pass' perfectly, but she was hesitating, I'm sure because at ten o'clock Saturday evening the house should be full of party guests.

She was caught in a catch 22. If she didn't agree to the terms, she would be reneging on her present, and if she did agree, she'd be all but naked in front of dozens of our friends. Her only other option would be to cancel the party and just be at home alone with me on Saturday night. To me it didn't really matter, because as I said earlier, I'm not into celebrating my birthday in a party situation.

Maybe I should describe Brandi. She's 5'9", weighs about 125 pounds, has shoulder length brown hair with a few scattered blond highlights. Her tits are fabulous. They are full "b" cups with almost NO sag. Her areolas are dark pink and silver dollar sized with eraser type half-inch nipples that grow even longer when erect. She still could pass for late twenties. So, she has a lot to show off!

Finally, Brandi decided, as she answered me, "Okay Jeffrey, you are perfectly right. It is your present and if that is what you want, that is what you'll get! So, how long do I have to stay dressed like that?"

It was done. I had long had a fantasy of watching her show off to other people, and it usually came up that it was both men and women. So, if she continues with the party, that fantasy will be realized, and if she cancels the party, I'll just enjoy her! Then I thought, what if she changes the party to tomorrow night? Its just too late for that, so I felt assured that we'd have a public display of Brandi's exquisite body followed later by some really HOT love making. That would be a really GREAT birthday present.

I decided to push the envelope a little further, "Honey, I'll give you the rest of the directions Saturday night when you come to me at ten o'clock."

"What do you mean, 'the rest of the directions'? Isn't it enough just to have me in your arms nearly naked?"

"You'll see, I have a couple of things in mind that follow along with my fantasy!" I am thinking it will happen in the middle of my Birthday Party and I'll make her serve some drinks, especially to couples, still topless. She'll get embarrassed, but it will turn her on too, and it will make our sex later even hotter if possible.

"You have really raised my curiosity index about your plans Jeffrey, don't you want to share some of them with me now?"

I was more than content to leave them sit in her mind at this point. After all we were only talking about two days hence, and she needed a little time to worry about how to pull it off anyway. I just smiled at her and said, "You'll know what the time is right. Just remember, you were the one who insisted on giving me the free pass. Now that you've convinced me to accept it, I intend to enjoy it fully!"

Brandi just moaned a little but she knew that nothing I'd do would put her in any danger, but she also knew I loved to see her embarrassed and my request would certainly do that to her with a house full of friends and relatives. She also knew that it would be no big deal to our daughters since we'd spent many evenings as a family swimming nude in our private pool. There was absolutely nothing sexual about those times. We just had very little shame with each other as a family. Brandi and I never had any sexual contact other than kissing and hugging in front of the girls.

Friday at work was slow, so I decided to spend a little time setting up some surprises for Brandi at ten o'clock Saturday night. First, I called her brother and his wife and her sister and her husband and told them pretty much the whole story, including my 'free pass' and what I intended to do. They agreed to try to sort out the crowd and to heard the ones less likely to be embarrassed into the living room at about ten o'clock. They would tell the girls what was going to happen and let them decide if they wanted to be there to watch, or avoid the scene. As it turned out, both girls said they wouldn't miss it for the world and they'd lay it on thick to help with the embarrassment factor for Brandi. They both said she was the one who offered the 'free pass' and she should have to deal with it.

Friday night, I suggested we all go out for pizza as soon as Marianne arrived home from college at about six o'clock in the evening. It sounded like a good way to get some family time together. We really enjoyed the evening, and there was nothing mentioned about the next night.

Saturday Morning we all slept in expecting a late night that night. We all had brunch with eggs, pancakes, bacon, sausage, bananas, strawberries, and coffee, at about eleven o'clock. We talked about the evening without mentioning the party (it was still a surprise as far as Brandi knew) or my 'free-pass' birthday present. We talked about going out to dinner at my favorite restaurant to celebrate my birthday. I think that was Brandi's way of getting me out of the house so the guests could all arrive and be hidden. As I thought about it, that was pretty dumb, because as soon as we came home and turned on our street, I would see all the cars and end the surprise, but whatever she wanted, I'd play along now. We had a great dinner, and the restaurant brought out a small birthday cake and all the wait staff came over to sing 'happy birthday' to me. Brandi paid the bill and we headed home with me driving. When we turned the corner, I was prepared to see dozens of cars on our street and I'd say something like "Someone must be having a party!" You can imagine my surprise when I turned the corner and there was not a car in sight. Now I was puzzled.

Disappointedly I pulled in our driveway and hit the garage door button. As soon as I pulled in, I guessed that she'd called off the party and it would be plan b, and that was okay by me.

We entered through the pantry into the kitchen and into the living room. Brandi had me sit on the sofa and she brought me a drink. I had about two sips of the drink when she suggested we go into the family room and turn on the stereo and dance a little. That sounded good to me, so I got up and followed her with the girls right behind me. As soon as we stepped into the family room, the lights flashed on and about three dozen of our friends and relatives jumped up and shouted "Happy Birthday Jeff!"

How did she pull this one off? It turns out she hired a limo to shuttle people from the school lot a block away and had everyone in place before we arrived. So, there was an element of surprise after all. Actually, I was very pleased that she'd gone to so much trouble for my surprise. The evening went very well, as everyone was in a jovial mood, and many people were there who I wouldn't have expected, but was pleased to have them for my birthday celebration. At about nine o'clock, I tracked Brandi down to thank her for the celebration, and for all her work keeping everyone happy. Then I reminded her, "It's only an hour until your due in the living room!"

She blushed and asked, "Since we have a houseful of guests, can we wait until tomorrow for your 'free-pass?' I couldn't do that in front of all these people."

I knew she'd have to try to back out, but I just said, "A deal is a deal and a gift is a gift unless you didn't really mean it."

Her effort was half hearted, but she finally agreed to complete the request. Then she hit me with a good one, "Do I get a free-pass for my birthday next month? It'd be only fair, don't you agree?"

I was not really surprised at her question, I just didn't expect it until near her birthday, so I blew off the question saying, "Let's just concentrate on tonight before we talk about your birthday."

She accepted that, but I could tell it wasn't over yet, and I was right as she said, "Won't you at least promise me the free-pass and we can discuss it later?"

She was hopeful of catching me at a weak moment, and it almost succeeded but I put the question off again and turned to talk to some of the guests.

About nine-forty-five she came to me and said she was going to get ready for the ten o'clock showing. She turned and headed down the hall for our master suite. I wasn't exactly sure what would happen, but I wouldn't make her stay undressed for a long period, maybe fifteen minutes then I'd send her scurrying to cover up. The girls were doing a good job of getting around the house and interesting different people in the areas where they'd best fit in. By ten o'clock, there were only seven couples and two single guys in the living room in addition to the girls and me. I saw Brandi coming into the room dresses in a long silk robe, and as she got near me, she stopped and let it drop from her shoulders. She was a knockout! She had only the tiniest bikini bottoms on and not another stitch of clothing save her four inch heels. She stepped forward to me and kissed me deeply and ran her hands over my chest. She then pulled into me and swiveled around with her back to my face, backing into my body. She grabbed my hands and pulled them up to cradle her tits. The room was now very quiet. She turned her head to me and kissed me again, or really she poked her tongue in my mouth. The people were watching every move we made. She whispered, "Are you ready to slip back to our bedroom and ditch this crowd?"

Tempted, I was, but I had a couple cards to play yet. "No, it's time for you to play hostess some more and get these people some drinks."

She turned back to me and said, "I'll do that as soon as you agree to giving me my free-pass next month."

She was persistent, and I began to read something into her constant pushing for a 'free-pass' so I decided to see if I could learn something else about it. "Brandi, you are really pushing for this free-pass is there something you want to tell me about it and why you want it so desperately?"

"No, darling, I just thought it would be fun to exchange free-passes just one time."

"Brandi, we've been together too long for me to buy that. Lets go over and sit down for a minute on the couch so we can talk. Now, tell me what you have in mind for your free-pass. You have pushed too hard to get me to give you one, I know you know how you want to use it. Spill the beans now."

She knew I wasn't going to let up until she answered truthfully, so she said, "Jeffrey, I do have something in mind, and I'll tell you about it later, but I am still nearly naked and everyone is staring at us so let's just finish your free-pass and we can discus mine, okay?"

She hopped up and pulled me up and kissed me deeply again, then I told her to serve drinks to our guests for a few minutes. She looked sheepishly at me and went immediately to the nearest couple and asked what they were drinking. After asking three couples, she headed for the bar, fixed the drinks, and delivered them on a tray, smiling at each couple. Then she went over to the two single guys and asked them what they'd like, and one of them (she told me later) told her 'fresh breast milk'. She told him there was none of that available but he could touch and see. He immediately grabbed her tits and massaged them lightly then she stood in front of the other one and asked him if he wanted to inspect them too. He complied and bent over and licked her nipples gently. She looked at me and stuck out her tongue teasing me. Soon she had delivered drinks to several couples and I told her we could go back to the master suite and get her dressed now. She took my hand and led me back entered, and locked the door. She immediately kissed me again, then looked in my eyes and admitted the plan in offering me a free-pass was to get one in return. When I asked her, "How do you intend to use your free-pass?" She blushed and sat down on the bed.

"Jeffrey, Please let me tell my whole side before you interrupt me, okay? I nodded in agreement.

"I know we have always said we would never act out any of our fantasies in real life that included another person in sexual play. However, I have had some real urges of late from watching internet porn and reading some stories on various sites to experience either a three-way with another man and you or just to fuck another man with you watching or even without you watching if you wouldn't be comfortable with that. It would just be a one-time thing, something to satisfy my curiosity and my carnal desires for raw sex, then it would be over. There, that's it, now do I get my free-pass?"

I just looked at her for a minute, then got up and walked back out to the party. She didn't stop me, she knew better. I was sobbing, and Alicia saw me first asking me "Dad, what's the matter? This is your birthday party you're supposed to be happy!"

I looked at her and saw her mother in her eyes and just cried some more, then as I settled down, I told her, "Your mother wants to have sex with another man and wants my permission to do it."

"No Way! Mom wouldn't do that, you must have been mistaken. How much have you been drinking tonight?"

I looked at her and realized I shouldn't be piling this on the girls, and said, "Maybe I misunderstood, It's my birthday, and it's my party, and I'll cry if I want too."

Alicia looked at me and knew I had spoken the truth, she just took me in her arms and said, "Dad, there is no way! Marianne and I will stop her and get those thoughts out of her mind." Before I could stop her she had her sister by the arm and was leading her to the master suite.

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