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It's Not Easy to Be a Love Goddess Ch. 02


Dear Reader,

Though this story is published and available, I am more interested in having it read than in making money with it, so I will be uploading it by chapters to this site in the next weeks. Love, Cheleste


"Are you alright?" he asked me. He looked squarely at my escort, who released my arm, then back at me.

"May I show you out?" he inquired.

I rose from my seat.

"Yes, thank you," I said, looking into his lavender eyes and glimpsing the silhouette of wings which angled above his shoulders and down the length of his arms.

He placed his hand upon the small of my back, and guided me out of the restaurant. Finding a quiet spot next to the building, he took me aside.

"Thank you," I said again.

"Listen," he stopped me short. "The Cosmic Forces feel you need some protection. You have been assigned to a particularly difficult sector, so they have sent me to help.

"I will not often be visible to the masses, as I was just now, but you will always be able to see me. They do not see my wings when I become visible, as they vibrate at a higher frequency than the rest of my body. However, they are available to you should you ever need to fly a predicament."


So this was my introduction to Darian. He came at an opportune time, and none too soon. We strolled about the botanical gardens during the afternoon, dined elegantly at sunset—he had quite an appetite for an angel—and he flew me home once darkness had fallen.

Unlocking my door, I welcomed him to the warmth of my humble Temple. It was the smallest one I had ever occupied. I missed the spacious open reception lobby, with its gleaming marble walls and multiple hearths; the sun rooms, moon rooms, round altars, fountain pools and gardens of my former abodes.

Here, the cleansing pool was tiny and the waterfall which fed it miniscule, hidden away in a tiny room without even a window to let in the morning breeze as I practiced my daily ablutions. The gardens were reduced to a small patch of green with a few flowering bushes. But it was all I could afford, being the only goddess in residence.

I had made the best of it, as Darian saw when he entered and glanced around at the sumptuous draperies, plush couches, lynx carpets, and gilt furniture which graced the small sanctuary. I sank wearily into one of the couches and closed my eyes. It had been a long, if mostly pleasant, day.

Kneeling on the floor before me, Darian eased my sandals off and caressed my feet, taking each one by turns into his deft, skilled hands. The gossamer webs which were his wings brushed the floor behind him.

Unlike those of his feathered brothers of the air, when not in use his wings fell in graceful folds more like a garment than a structure, for unlike his brothers, there was no skeleton of bone at their core. Such was the transmutation when the frequency had to be lowered. But his remained high.

He kissed my feet then, murmuring, "I would pay you homage, Sacred Lady."

Ahhh. To be acknowledged after so many years of service to the unschooled. It was a cool drink after a long summer's drought.

His gentle fingers moved up my calves, over my knees and thighs, releasing tension and creating another kind of their own—an expectancy, a thirst.

He took my hands then, stroking with infinite patience, eternal serenity, communicating to every cell of my body his willingness to touch as long as they asked, as long as they desired to drink it in.

I could feel the colors of the rainbow coursing out of his fingers and into and around me. I could hear the subtle humming of his aura as it reached out to envelop me with the love I had been administering day in and day out to others.

His hands moved up my arms, pausing where there was any energy blockage, moving along once it was flowing again. I began to feel the tides of energy moving through my body as I had not felt them since I had visited the Purple Delta of Venus, before coming to this planet.

How utterly freeing and refreshing they were! They stimulated all my power and pleasure points, before Darian had even moved to touch them.

He then moved to the inner sanctuary, warming it with the heat now emanating from his palms. Rubbing in circular movements, clockwise and counter-clockwise, he awakened the sentries of the triangular power source. Joining their conduits, a line was activated, sending the life force surging in an unbroken current.

Then he placed his hands upon my sides, and the current flowed out his fingertips in five directions on either side, creating a matrix which linked with the triangle.

As he removed his hands to lift my blouse off and unbutton my skirt, I watched with pleasure the prismatic energy cords twist and curve with every movement, creating infinite designs like a turning kaleidoscope. Corresponding sensations moved within my body, linked to the glittering patterns of light.

He began to suck on the light patterns, bringing them into his mouth from my naked skin, and I saw them traveling through his body, following the course of the blood through his veins.

He stood up to remove his clothing and to present his monument of honor to me. It was dazzling with the golden glow, emanating heat and light as he kneeled again, bringing it to the Hallway of Power, Enlightenment and Life.

He entered the Holy of Holies then, shouting praises, singing a song to the Creator, the Golden Axiom, the Mother of All, and the Naked Truth.

Forcefully he danced within that Womb of Life, beating the pounding rhythm, making his offering to the All-Consuming Fire which burned in that place red hot, and then exploded into the White Light of Cosmic Oneness.

I shuddered with the force of his gift, overwhelmed with the awesome power of my office, ecstatic with the knowledge of our oneness and the terrible strength of love.

His naked body wrapped around mine, reclining with me on the couch, and his upper wing covered us like stained glass which had melted into soft contours.

My head was spinning with joy, my heart singing at the top of its lungs, and my womb—my womb was laughing hysterically like a happy, crazy lunatic. For an ovum sat perched upon its spongy walls, waiting for the army of spermatozoa to overtake it, waiting to open its door to the chosen one with whom it would join in the next twelve hours.

"You know you will be relieved of all duties for the next thirteen months," Darian said softly. "But this one."

I grinned like a Cheshire cat.

"I'm ready," I said, drunk with pleasure. "Let Motherhood come to me with all its voluptuous abundance!"

I raised my arms up and out to the Universe.

"I welcome it!"

I was so happy, everything Darian said made me giggle.

"Time off for good behavior!"

"Vacation time!"

"Teddy bear time!"

"I'll love her with all of my heart!"

Darian raised his eyebrows at me.

"It's a girl?" he asked.

I nodded.

"It's a girl," I smiled.

"Of course," he breathed out, nuzzling my head. "Someone has to carry the torch here, doesn't she?"

"Mmm-hmmm," I hummed.


I didn't realize until I received this reprieve how hard I had been working. Not a Friday or Saturday night had gone by since I had entered puberty that I had not administered the sacraments to the members of my parish, except for the few my father had vetoed before I won my battle with him.

That, of course, had simply been a matter of realizing that in order to protect him from the knowledge still too wonderful for him, I had to use my girlfriends as messengers and their homes for reception points.

In those days, I was like an itinerant preacher, dispensing the gospel in the wilderness, using makeshift Temples. My creativity was stretched to the max as I found it necessary to hold services in the most unlikely of Temples.

However, I discovered that bedrooms strewn with baseball caps and layers of dirty clothes, posters of rock bands, and dried-up spaghetti from last night's dinner were actually quite sensual, and their earthy odors strangely enticing, when no parents were at home. Ever after, I could never smell the incense of dirty socks without feeling a nostalgia for Buster and his cronies.

Likewise, the back seats of automobiles, while cramped, earned a charm of their own for me. The smell of vinyl, pushed into my face with incredible pressure; the bounce of the seat springs, coiled to their limits; and the throaty cry of my adoring altar boys as they forgot me in the moment of conversion, were memories I would cherish always once I moved out of my parents' house and got a more permanent Temple.

That, of course, I had had now for several years. And since that time, I had often entertained initiates during the week, as well as on weekends. I didn't know how thoroughly they had exhausted me until now. This vacation was welcome and timely.

And, I had received a promotion! The sacred station of Motherhood was now to be given me. I had never, in all my 639 lifetimes, ever stopped receiving the eucharist which rendered me sterile until just last month, at the prompting of a heavenly message.

It had not been easy, in this new home, to find the necessary wild fruits and herbs which went into the host and wine. But one of Buster's friends had an older brother who was majoring in botany at the university, and the unusual plants were the tithe he brought me at his initiation once I had informed the friend of what I needed for a "science assignment."

I had always known my fruits were borne in other realms, as I planted the Seed of Love within my followers. But now, I was to have the privilege of bearing a daughter! I was going to savor every moment of it!

Darian kissed my hair with soft angel kisses, lazily traced patterns along my arms, and squeezed me with happy hugs.

"This is my first time, you know," he said.

"Really?" I looked up at him, and then settled into the cradle of his body again.

"Mine too."

"It's exciting, isn't it?" he said.

"It's awesome. I can feel her in there, waiting to be. Waiting for the male chromosomes to introduce themselves to the female. Waiting, hoping, for the new journey she is about to begin!"

He ran his fingers lightly down my breasts; reached to suck lightly on one nipple and then the other, murmuring, "I think they need to get used to this."

"Oh yes!" I cried. "I can't wait until their fountains spring up to feed her! She will be so grateful; so healthy! So loved."

He sucked then, drawing them out, nourishing himself on their taste and texture in his mouth. Then he laid his soft hair on my chest, listening to the gentle thump of my heart.

"I . . ." I began, but he stopped me.

"Shhh," he whispered. "Your heart is speaking. It's saying . . ."

He stopped to listen, putting his long index finger to his lips. "It's saying . . ."

He listened again, placing his hand on my waist, ". . . I'm willing; I'm willing; I'm willing . . ."

He smiled.

"Yes; yes; yes . . . I'm willing too," he said.

He looked up at me then, and I couldn't believe this angel of a man had come to me. His face was so radiant, so beautiful.

I couldn't believe this miracle had come to nestle his head on my breasts, just when I had started to believe I would never, ever find one of my kind on this planet. I had wondered who the father of my child would be. I had never imagined it would be an angel! I was swooning in his love.

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