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It's Not Easy to Be a Love Goddess Ch. 06


"You see, I'm a love goddess, and I have a very special Gift for you; and I haven't even given it to you yet."

"Oh, okay," he said, with the air of a sheep willing to be led wherever I chose to take him.

I took his hand then and led him into the bedroom. Darian followed. I lay down on the bed and instructed him to sit beside me.

"Now," I explained. "I want to play a game with you. You like games, don't you."

He nodded.

"So, the game we're going to play is kinda like capture the flag. Only, instead of a flag, I'm the prize. Got it?"

"I think so," he answered.

"So here are the rules. Your team (meaning all the parts of your body, and I mean all the parts) can touch any of the members of my team, as long as I don't tag you. If I tag you, that means you can't touch me there, so you have to find a new place to touch, or kiss, or whatever. You can go back to a spot where you got tagged and you may or may not get tagged there again. It's that simple. Ready to play?"


He reached out to squeeze my breast. I tagged him. He pulled his hand away.

"What? You don't want to be touched there?" he said incredulously.

"No," I replied. "Try again."

So he slid his hand down my pelvis to my groin. I tagged him.

"What? Wrong again? I don't know if I like this game!"

"You will," I encouraged. "Just keep trying."

So he touched my thigh. I tagged him. He touched my calf. I tagged him. He touched my foot. I didn't tag him.

He fondled my foot a little, not quite sure what to do with it. But I gave him assurances in the form of sighs and little noises of pleasure. I suggested he try another member of his team on my feet. So he rubbed his arm on them. Then he began to kiss them all over, and draw the toes into his mouth to suck on them.

I squealed with delight, at the sound of which he left my toes and spread my legs, touching his tongue to the folds of skin at their juncture. I tagged him.

So he went back to my feet. I tagged him.

He moved to my calves, and I didn't tag him. His pillar had again grown full and upright. He began to rub it along my legs, doing contortions with his buttocks to guide it where he wanted it.

"M-m-m," I said. "I like that."

He was doing very well for a beginner at this game. Then he placed his hand on my breast. I tagged him.

He took my hand. I tagged him.

He leaned over and kissed my mouth. I didn't tag him. His tongue played inside my lips and teeth, and filled my mouth with its warmth. I sucked on it and kissed back, but I continued to let him lead.

Then he straddled me above my shoulders and began to move his wand over my face, my cheeks, my hair, my closed lips. I closed my eyes and felt the soft swipes over the sensitive skin of my nose, my eyelids, my forehead. He was being very creative, and had caught the spirit of this game.

It was one I played often to teach my patrons. Sometimes I had to give quite a bit of coaching. But Bobby was doing beautifully.

He moved his body down mine and pressed full-length upon me. He put his arms around me and hugged. He kissed my neck, and then made a pathway down my arm with kisses, and sucked on each of my fingers. Then he did the same with the other arm. My moans and squeaks cheered him on.

He straddled my thighs, sitting on them and rubbing his hands up and down my sides and belly, moving inward, getting closer to my breasts, then switching to another angle and moving in again.

"Yes!" I urged.

He leaned over and brushed his hair along my arms and over my belly.

He licked my ribs, traced the edge of one round globe, and then the other. Then, he began to scale each mountain by a path that circled around and around until he had reached the summit.

He lowered his lips to my nipple, and I tagged him.

So he went to my feet again, and began a slow climb up my legs. He kissed my calves and kneecaps, holding my thighs with his hands, and found the tender little hollow on the insides of my legs under the knee, where he played with his tongue.

Then he made tongue patterns up the insides of my legs, and I spread my legs wide like a butterfly, and welcomed the worker bee to his well-deserved nectar.

As he delved and licked with his tongue, I took his fingers and pinched them around my nipples, working them in a gentle twirling pattern. By this point, all the energy and blood flow of my body was swirling toward and out of my molten center, and every move of his tongue and lips registered ecstatic pulses through me.

He continued to suck until the pulses reached their peak, washing away from the center and down to every nerve ending he had touched on his long, amorous journey.

Then I took charge again, and pulled him up to meet face to face.

"Now I can give you my Gift," I said. "Now you have made your sacred pilgrimage, and are worthy of heaven's reward."

I took his pillar and brought it to the entrance of the Sacred Hallway of Enlightenment, Power, and Life.

"Enter, worthy one."

He thrust inside then, and I leaned back, threw my arms at right angles to my sides, summoned the tiny flame which was like a drop of fire from the All-Consuming Oneness, and drew it into him.

He groaned loudly, thrusting fiercely and giving himself over wholly to the powerful forces at work. The golden energy conduits sprang up around us, exploding into pure white light as they shifted into the cosmic dimension.

Darian leaned over and kissed the back of Bobby's head as the energy ebbed. Bobby looked up at him.

"Good job," Darian smiled at him. Then he vanished.

Bobby wasn't nearly so anxious to leave this time. In fact, he took the opportunity to avail himself of one more sacrament—that of confession.

"I don't know why I should tell you this," he said slowly. "But I'm married. And I really love her, y'know? I guess I didn't realize how much until tonight.

"It'd kill 'er to know I did this. But I jus' . . . got tired, y'know? She's always buggin' me about what she wants me to do around the house, and why can't I help with the kids more, and why didn't I take out the trash, and . . . I guess I could do a little more for her.

"But, it's jus' . . . well, she don't wanna have sex with me near as often as I want it. And I jus' decided, what the hell, I'm jus' gonna go git me some, and . . . I s'pose she might have more energy for sex if I helped out a little more . . .

"I wonder if she'd like that game we played . . ."

I smiled at him. The Immutable Jewel was already doing its work.

"It's worth a try," I replied.

Bobby took his time leaving, and kissed me good-bye at the door, with a "Thank you."

Darian came out of the bedroom then and put his arm around my waist.

"You're wonderful," he commented, squeezing my middle.

"So are you," I returned.

Then he led me into the bedroom, and we slept the sleep of the dead until Angela's cries pierced the silence.

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