tagIncest/TabooIt's Not Like That We Just Fuck 2

It's Not Like That We Just Fuck 2


Stephanie Wilson, laid awake in bed the night the image of her mother was shattered. She had thought that moving in with her would finally offer her the stability that had been missing for quite some time in her life. A father who was more interested in his 20-something girlfriend and a series of loser ex's had sent her life into a spin cycle. She thought the mother whom she barely spent any time with, and only really knew about from her father's stories was going to be a safe harbor for her. The idea of safety and security were all but shattered when she woke up 16 hours earlier to find her brother bending their mother over the kitchen table and tonguing her asshole.

The 20-year-old thought she could fix things by reprimanding her brother and mother for their actions but found that was not possible. Stephanie's pussy still ached from the hard fucking her brother had given her, she never experienced anything like that in the past, she wanted to hate him for it, but she could not bring herself to. Then only a mere few hours earlier when her mother arrived home, she had a first-hand seat to watching them fuck. The image of her mother taking all of her brother's cock now burned into her head, she tried to close her eyes for sleep, but it would not work. The worst part of it all was as she tried to sleep and the images prevented it, anger at them was not the problem but rather her body getting hot, her pussy becoming moist and the hairs on her arms standing up in excitement. Stephanie was mad, but it was not at her family, she was angry with herself for being so turned on by what had transpired over the course of the day.

The alarm sounded awakening Stephanie from what little sleep she did manage to obtain. She felt horrible as she managed to climb from her bed. A sense of fear gripped her as nervous energy filled her stomach. Stephanie knew she needed to go downstairs, but what would she find today.

Jake Wilson sat at the kitchen table eating the breakfast his mother had left for him before going to work as his sister entered the room. “You can walk in here.” He stated with a laugh as he watched Stephanie peeking around the corner with trepidation.

“Wow, so you aren't, you know...”

“Fucking mom?”

Stephanie's heart jumped at the words of her younger brother. She was still shocked at the nonchalant attitude he took at the taboo relationship that had formed between him and their mother. “Yeah well can't blame me for worrying about it.”

“It’s cool sis we don't do it every day, and while we are on the subject, I am sorry about yesterday.”

“Which part?”

“The part where I kind of forced you into sex with me.”

“I can't say that I didn't enjoy it. I just don't think we should do it. I really don't think you and mom should be doing it.” Stephanie said as she slowly took a seat next to her brother at the kitchen table. She moved the chair slightly closer to her brother as she took a piece of bacon off his plate and started to nibble on it.

“That may cost you.” Jake said with a laugh as he pointed his fork at the piece of bacon his sister stole from him.

Stephanie smiled a bit as she finished her stolen food before she turned her expression into something more serious. “Jake is the story you told me really how it all happened? I watched you two last night, and the sex between you too is so vigorous, I just can't see it being the fact that you two somehow became fuck buddies.”

“I'm sorry sis, but that is all it really is. I serve a purpose that mom needs and well I enjoy it. I wish there were some tale of torrid seduction but it is not there. We have been just the two of us for a long time, and well we hooked up.”

Stephanie's mind wandered back to the night before as Jake tried his best to explain the sexual relationship between their mother Jennifer and himself. She could see it all flash through her mind almost like watching her own private pornographic movie. Her brother's words transformed into incoherent noises as she closed her eyes to remember all that occurred only a few shorts hours ago.

“Oh, it is not like that at all we just fuck.” The words Jennifer said to Stephanie the night before echoed through her head. She could see her mom as she stripped right then and there. The image of her naked body most likely burned into her long-term memory. Stephanie had so much planned to unload on her mom and brother with once she had them together. She had spent the afternoon rehearsing her speech to them, and how they needed therapy, and in a sentence of only 11 words, everything changed.

The mother she knew to be uptight and nearly joyless stripped a mere moment after walking into the house, and she did it for her son of all people. Stephanie's breathing picked up as she could see in her mind her brother Jake go to his knees and begin to orally please their mother. He did it almost like a dog being commanded to sit or stay; he saw their mother's pussy and immediately knew he had to please her.

“Hey, earth to Steph!” Jake yelled out as he snapped his fingers at his sister.

“What?!” Stephanie questioned loudly as her memories of the night before were shattered by her brother yelling at her.

“You zoned out like a stoner looking at all the pretty colors.”

“Jake, do you date still?”

“Yeah, why wouldn't I?”


“Again we just have sex.”

“So you're telling me your girlfriends are okay with it?” Stephanie questioned as she bit her bottom lip and raised an eyebrow in confusion.

“I don't really tell them, the only people to know are well you, me, mom and a couple friends.”

“Friends? Yours or hers?”

“Little of both.” Jake said as he took his plate and dropped it into the sink.

“Daddy is seemingly so normal and boring now.” Stephanie said as she sat at the table wondering if Jake was pulling her leg or if her brother and mother were engaged in some type of group sexual activities.

Jake kissed his sister on the cheek as he departed the kitchen towards his bedroom. “I'm going to go shower.”

Stephanie felt a chill run over her spine as the kiss from her brother no longer seemed like some sort of innocent show of affection between a brother and sister. Her body tingled when his lips touched her, the image of his mouth on her and on her mother shot through her mind. “I need to go lay down.” The young woman stated aloud to the empty room as she stood up and walked passed the bathroom pausing outside the door listening to the shower running; she could not help but picture Jake's naked body.

Stephanie threw back the large white comforter on her bed as she dropped her exhausted body in. She laid there and took several deep breathes inhaling and exhaling as she slowly closed her eyes. She was finally beginning to feel at rest, a feeling of calm washed over her right before the images of the night before came rumbling back through.

Jake, her younger brother on his knees, their mother Jennifer standing their fully nude her legs straddling his head. Jake's tongue was probing their mother's pussy; Jennifer was moaning and grabbing at her son's hair to grind her pussy all over his tongue. Jennifer reached out and pulled her daughter closer as she was orally pleased. Stephanie tried to shrug her mother off to no avail, as she was pulled in close to the couple.

“Oh my god sweetie he is so good at this.” Jennifer moaned to her daughter as her son's tongue danced across her clit. “Baby mommy needs to be fucked now.” Jennifer stated almost clinically to her son, as he responded by simply standing up and starting to undress.

Stephanie was shocked and turned on as she witnessed her brother almost behaving like a zombie obeying their mom's orders. Jake was so forceful with her this morning, but now he was acting so different. Jake dropped his loose-fitting pants to the floor allowing this swollen erect cock to spring free. Stephanie near gasped as she seen it again, her body still ached from the rough fucking she received from her brother earlier in the day, and now she was staring at the same cock all over again.

Jennifer reached out and took her son's cock in her hand, the mother's finger's not even able to wrap entirely around it. Jake let out a soft moan as his mother's gentle hand gripped his veiny shaft using it to pull him into the next room.

Stephanie mentally wanted to use this opportunity to escape, but her body had other ideas as she followed her mom and brother into the living room. Jennifer's bare feet walked across the still damp spot on the floor where her daughter's juices coated the carpet. “Oh my naughty girl.” she said with a devilish smile while looking at her daughter. “You wanted to lecture me, and you're just as guilty.”

“He basically forced me.”

“Oh, poor baby forced by her little brother.” Jennifer said as she mocked her daughter.

Stephanie's anger grew at her mother's attitude, but her sexual tension grew at the same time. “Please stop you two.”

“You can leave sis.” Jake said informing his sister of what should have been overtly obvious, as his eyes never wavered from his mother's tight body.

Stephanie knew Jake was right, she technically could leave if she could just get her mind and body to work together. She did not like it, but she had to admit she was turned on watching the scene before her. The same person who dominated her earlier was now almost like putty as their mother turned loose of his cock so she could lay down.

Jennifer laid down on the couch with her legs spread, her small strip of pubic hair still wet with her son's saliva as she curled her index finger to call him closer. Jake knew what his mother wanted as he climbed onto the couch holding his hard young cock in his hand; he slowly guided the head inside her wet slit. Jennifer growled as her son took his time filling her, she could feel every inch, every swollen blood-filled vein as he inserted his cock fully into her pussy.

“So hot.” Stephanie moaned under her breath.

Jake smiled as he heard her but could not take his eyes off his mother his gaze locked in their eyes not even blinking as he withdrew his cock from her. The teenager pulled himself all the way back allowing just the head to barely remain in the hot wet opening as with a single thrust he buried himself all the way back in, impaling his mother on his 18-year-old cock.

“Is this what you wanted mommy?”

“Oh yes, baby fuck your bad mommy.”

The X-rated chatter sent Stephanie into a spin, the day's events coupled with now seeing the actual sex and listening to the way they talked was making her own pussy wet. The feeling of anger at them for their taboo behavior now replaced by feelings of jealousy. Her eyes shot wide open as her mind finally managed a complete, coherent thought, at this moment in time she was jealous of her mother as she laid there taking Jake's big cock.

Jake's thrusting was hard and fast, his mom and he were not the types to make sweet love. They were more into fast hard sex they wanted to fuck each other, just as Jennifer so aptly put it when she came home. Jake pushed his mother's legs up as high as he could so he could feel himself deeper inside his mom. Jennifer despite being nearly 40 was still as flexible as she was in her teens as legs were nearly behind her head now thanks to Jake.

The sound of their moans and groans was all that filled the room, the flesh on flesh sound seemingly echoed. As both mother and son started to glisten with sweat, the smell of sex filled the room. Stephanie's own pussy now ached it wanted the attention again. The same care she spurned earlier in the day.

Back in reality though as Stephanie laid on her bed running the events in her mind, she could tell she felt the same as she did before, her pussy was on fire, and the older sister wanted sex, she needed sex. She slowly slid a finger inside herself as she clenched her eyes shut trying to remember all the sights, sounds and smells of last night. The finger inside her was granting her small relief as the horny girl worked in a second and finally a third. She breathed heavily as her chest heaved as she tried to pound her own pussy with her long fingers.

Jake toweled himself off and threw on a pair of boxers as he stepped out into the hallway. The air of the air conditioner felt even colder on his still damp body. He had thought a lot about the recent occurrences and did feel somewhat sorry for it. “Yeah she is kind of the outsider, here but she is my sister, and well this is actually messed up to the normal person.” Jake spoke in a low tone whisper as he walked down the hall towards his bedroom. His monologue interrupted by muffled moans escaping from behind his sister's bedroom door.

Unlike his sister Jake did not have trepidation, he pushed the door open quickly but gently enough as to not disturb his sister. Jake's cock reacted quicker than any other part of his body as he looked at his sister writhing in her bed pounding her fingers into her hairless pussy.
“Oh my god, Jake what are you doing.” Stephanie said as her eyes opened and her body froze.

“Checking on you I heard a noise.”

“Jake please help me.” Stephanie pleaded while her fingers remained lodged deep in her quivering pussy. “I don't want to be like this, but I need it, and I want it.” Stephanie could not believe the words as they escaped her mouth. She did not want them to be true, but she knew the state she was in was all derived from her brother's actions.

“Stephanie are you sure?” Jake questioned his sister as he climbed on to the large queen sized bed and pulled his sister's fingers from her body. He took a moment to suck on each one individually almost as if giving them a blowjob; he cleaned every bit of her wetness from them.

“Please Jake, I know it’s wrong, but I don't care.”

Jake's cock struggled against the thin boxers that were attempting to contain it, as he moved into position to please his sister. He inhaled deeply taking in the scent of his sister's wet pussy before he leaned in to kiss it. His scruffy stubble scrubbed roughly against her bald pussy, as he continued to kiss then gently spread her pussy lips.

Stephanie quivered and shook with each kiss, the scrapping stubble even aroused her, she did not know how the change occurred in her brother, but this was not the same person who practically forced her into sex the day before. Jake was now kissing and was gentle with her; the tenderness of his kisses and licks was more loving.

“Oh, my... Oh yes.” Stephanie moaned softly as her brother finally parted her pussy lips so he could thoroughly probe her wet opening. His tongue slid in and out before moving up to find her clit. He nibbled it then sucked it before licking it gently again.

Stephanie's hand ran all over her brother's head grinding her wetness on his face. She loved the loving touch he was showing but at the same time, a small part of her yearned for what she was given the day before. “Please, Jake use me.”

Jake continued his slow actions trying to take his time with what he was doing. He wanted to savor the moment with Stephanie, his sister who scolded him the day before now wanted to be used. She reached down and pushed her brother back some so she could move a little more freely, as she rolled onto all four's. Her firm round buttocks were in the air now the tan skin highlighted but the stark white tan lines that outlined her. “Put your tongue in my ass, like you did mommy's.”

Jake did not need anything further to be said as he parted the firm cheeks of his sister's buttocks. He again inhaled deeply taking in all her scent, as he lowered his mouth to her butt. His tongue circled the hole several times as his sister moaned and grasped at the pillows and sheets, which adorned the bed. Jake then just as he knew she needed more slid his tongue into her ass; he started pushing in then sliding it out back and forth. His cock raged in his shorts as his tongue fucked his sister's butthole.

“Oh god Jake, I know why mom loves this.” Stephanie moaned out, the older sister was quivering and shaking as she spoke. She had been with more than a few men, but none had ever done this to her, in fact until she saw her mother enjoying some anal pleasure, Stephanie believed anything involving anal to be disgusting and dirty.
Jake took a chance and slapped his hand firmly against his sister's butt, and much to his delight she responded just as he hoped. The shock of pain resonated through her body, the pain pushed Stephanie ever closer to the orgasm she needed. The sizeable firm hand of Jake then found her butt repeatedly as he spanked the butt he was happily tonguing. The pleasure and pain sending the girl over the edge as she thrashed her head back as the orgasmic rush overwhelmed her body.

Jake had managed to pull his boxers free from his body without stopping his work on his sister's body. He kissed his way from her ass up her back kissing along her spine, making goose bumps form as he moved up. He raised up and slowly without speaking, a word guided his throbbing cock into his sister from behind.

“Oh Jake, use me like you did mom.” Stephanie pleaded again as her eyes clenched tightly as she knew what was coming.

“Just like I did mom?” Jake questioned as he managed to contain himself only fucking his sister with the head of his cock. He wanted to shove himself all the way in, but he wanted the moment to last.

“Yes please, I can be a better than mom.” Stephanie pleaded as her mind raced, the cock head felt amazing, but she needed more. She could see in her mind, her mom pinned to the couch being fucked like a common whore by her brother and she wanted to be that, she wanted to be used more.

Jake smiled, as he knew Stephanie was taken aback the night before when she watched their mom and him use and command each other in a variety of ways. The thoughts of his mom coupled with his sister's pussy on his cock caused the young man to immediately spurt cum inside his sister's pussy. “Oh fuck!” he groaned as he could feel the cum spilling from his cock and from her pussy.

“Oh please, I need it.” Stephanie begged as a feeling of disappointment started to fill her body, she was afraid that this half-hearted fuck was all that she was going to receive.

Jake took a few moments to compose himself without actually pulling himself out if his sister's body. He inhaled deeply as he started to push into her further. The younger brother did not take but a few strokes to get his incredibly sensitive cock all the way into his sister's now cum filled pussy. The long-dominant strokes shook the bed and nearly slammed his sister's head into the headboard as he did it. Stephanie came quick and hard from the fucking thrashing her head back and forth moaning out cuss word after cuss word.

The room was hot, and their actions were causing the temperature to rise exponentially, the young siblings both glistened with sweat as Stephanie started to push back against her brother trying to match his deep, impactful strokes. The hard, powerful strokes forcing Stephanie's pussy to stretch to accommodate the girth of the cock invading her. The cum that Jake previously deposited now splashing out covering him as he neared another massive explosion.

“Fuck I'm gonna cum again.” Jake groaned as he tried to hold out more but he knew that was soon to become an impossibility.

“Cum in me, little brother.”

Jake finally let out a guttural, animalistic groan as the head of his cock exploded globs of thick hot white cum deep into his sister. Jake gasped for breath as he fell backward on the bed his cock sliding out of the abused pussy of his sister. Stephanie rolled over her body ached from the hard fucking she had just received, but at the same time, she saw a prime opportunity as she moved on the bed throwing a leg over her brother's face lowering the cum filled pussy to his mouth.

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