tagIncest/TabooIt's The Way You Look At Me Ch. 15

It's The Way You Look At Me Ch. 15


This is a work of fiction. Names, character's, businesses, places, events and incidents are either products of the authors imagination or used in a factitious manor. Any resemblance to actual events is purely coincidental.


The past six weeks had been quite the adventure since that night in Paris. We headed home after the assignment had ended and spent a week in New York. Then we went to Alabama to see Jordan and Kelly and the new baby. We told them we were getting married and we needed their services as the best man and the matron of honor. They were so happy for us and gladly accepted the job.

After that we went to Berlin for three weeks before going home again. We went to Florida and told our parents that we were getting married and soon. We wanted to get married in early June before training camp and the preseason started. If we didn't do it before then, we wouldn't be able to until February after the season was over.

After that we were back on the road again. This time it was Barcelona. So far this was my favorite place we had gone. It was near the water, the temps were pleasant and her office was just around the corner. There wasn't a whole lot for her to do here but buy a few things and make sure things were running smoothly before we headed home again. I was thankful that Carrie sent her here this time around. It gave us a really good chance to plan the wedding and get everything in order.

"What do you think about these?" Jamie cheered as she came into the living room.

"What is it?" I asked.

"The center pieces I'd like to have on the tables."

"They look nice," I offered.

"Or do you think we should use these?" She pointed to a picture of another center piece she had looked at earlier in the week.

"I like those ones," I smiled.

She looked at my look and giggled a little. "You don't really care do you?"

"Well," I paused. "I like them but I'm not going to notice them. I'm going to be focused on you."

"Typical guy," she sassed.

"We need to figure out where exactly we are going to get married," I said. "You've given a list of ideas but you haven't really said firmly where you want to do this at."

"I kind of like the beach idea at sunset like Kelly did."

"That was nice and it would be a sentimental thing since that's where we had our first real kiss but..."

"But what?" she asked.

"Dad said you couldn't hear the vows and you couldn't see us because the sun was blinding them and the waves drowned out their voices."

"True," she smiled. "But it did provide us some cover when we snuck off after the pictures."

"You were such a bad girl," I smiled as I thought about it.

"But you didn't turn me down," she sassed.

"I'd never turn you down," I smiled.

"Well...where do you want to do it then?" she asked. "Maybe Paris on the bridge where you asked me. I've seen it done there before. That's sentimental."

"How is everybody going to afford that? How are Jordan and Kelly going to get here with a baby? And Bobby and Mary? Libby is still going to be our flower girl isn't she?"

"Yeah," she sighed. "You're right."

"I like that idea but I just don't think it's feasible to have everyone come all the way over here."

"Do you have an idea?" she asked.

"Actually," I smiled. "I just thought of one. What if...what if we ask Steve if we can use the house and have it there? Its big enough, it's not too far and it's out of the way."

"That's a brilliant idea Owen," she cheered. "I didn't even think of that."

"I'm not just a pretty face," I smiled.

"No," she teased. "Maybe sexy, but not pretty."

"Hey," I joked. "Be nice bad girl."

She shrilled as I stepped forward and smacked her butt hard. The thin material of her capri pants did nothing to protect her ass from my hard smack.

"Ouch Owen," she cried. "That hurt."

"Sorry," I said.

"Kiss it and make it better," she sassed in her little girl voice.

"Bring it here," I smiled.

She turned and backed up to me as I sat on the couch. My hands caught her hips and pulled her a little closer to me. She giggled a little as my fingers felt the soft skin of her tummy. I lifted her shirt up a little and saw the dimples on her back right at her waistline. I wet my lips and kissed her spine right where her pants started on her back.

"You smacked my butt Owen," she sassed. "Kiss lower."

"I'll get there," I teased.

My fingers curled around her waist and pulled her pants gently off her hips. Her white lacy boy shorts slowly came into view as her pants left her hips and slid down her legs. I could see the slight red mark on her cheek where I had hit her and I did kind of feel bad. My fingers curled around her waist again and hooked the elastic of her panties. I slowly worked them down her hips as I started kissing her back then down to the cheek I had hit.

She let out a soft moan as her panties slipped down her legs and joined her pants at her ankles. I let my fingers curl around her hips until I touched her pelvis and the smooth skin that led to her cunny. My lips were working her butt, placing wet and gentle kisses on her skin. I kissed the red hand print on her ass a few times as she stood there and let me kiss her.

I worked my hand around her body to her ass. I cupped it firmly and felt the tender flesh in my fingers. I parted her cheek away from her butt and exposed her cunny in the middle. I smiled to myself as her pink lips opened and showed her excitement already. A little white pearl of moisture hung in the middle.

I circled my fingers around her butt until I touched her cunny. My middle finger spread the juice around on the way to her clit. She was already excited as my finger touched her clit and bumped the excited nub. She let out another moan as one of my fingers slipped into her.

"That's not my butt Owen," she cooed.

"It's not?" I teased.

"No," she sassed.

"Oh, should I stop?"

"No," she whimpered.

My finger curled deep inside of her cunny and touched her spot on the inside. Her legs twisted just a little in pleasure before I kissed her cheek again. My other hand started to move under her shirt and up her firm but soft tummy. I let my fingers trace her skin as my lips climbed higher up on her butt again until I was at the small of her back. I licked her spine until I reached her shirt.

She moaned above me as her hips started to turn against my probing fingers now. I felt them turn ever so slightly at first but now she was pressing her cunny harder into my touch now. Her foot carefully slipped from her pants as she pulled it free. She stood wider now and let my fingers tease her better with more space.

I wanted to taste her now. I could feel her juice leaking from her and running on my fingers. I turned her softly at the hips until she faced me. I silently directed her with my hands until she moved where I wanted her. I didn't move from the couch, I made her rest her free foot on the couch at my side while the other stayed on the floor. She opened her legs wide and moved her hips closer to my lips as I leaned in.

I took a long lick and let my tongue linger on her lips as I tasted her. I knew she was turned on and her taste confirmed that. It was sweet but strong like she always was when she was wet like she was. I flicked her clit with the back of my tongue once I finished my long lick. I kept teasing it, flicking it with the back of my tongue then using the tip to press on it.

It didn't take her long to moan loudly and run her fingers through my hair. She curled them through my hair and pulled me tighter to her cunny as I lapped at her. I used my hands to grip her butt and pull her harder to my face so I could control her undulations.

She started turning her hips harder as my tongue continued working her clit. One hand had slipped away from her butt and opened her up. It brought her clit out further and really let me tease it. My lips closed around it as she humped her hips against my face now. Her gasps were louder as she started to cum. Just these little whimpers and squeaks left her mouth as my tongue circled her until she pulled away.

She had this smoldering sexual look of lust on her face as she smiled down at me. Her hands went quickly to my shorts and pulled on them. I lifted from the couch and let her take them all the way to my ankles. I was barely settled on the couch before she was straddling me and resting in my lap.

My cock found her wetness quickly as she settled her light weight on my cock. I gasped at how quickly and easily I sank into her cunny. Her cheeks rested on my thighs as her cunny squeezed my cock. Her mouth found mine as my hands gripped her butt again and gave it a firm squeeze.

She started turning her hips against me. My cock was sliding along her wetness and feeling it grip me with perfection. She gasped into my kiss as her hips eagerly turned against me. I started lifting from the couch to press into her further. We were slapping together now as she panted in my face.

She changed the pace as she whimpered above me. She settled on my cock and started grinding on me. My cock was pressing so deep into her center now. Every twist of her hips let my cock touch her end. She was so slippery and wet right now, white wetness was running from her and coating my sack as she panted above me.

She looked down at me as she started to rise and fall on me again. My cock would travel the length of her cunny until just the tip remained inside. Then she would drop back down and let me burry myself all the way until I touched her end. I was pulling her hips harder as she dropped in my lap. I loved that feeling of plunging all the way into her and touching her end.

We changed silently now. She left my lap and moved to the couch next to me. I stood and looked at her as she leaned down and offered her cunny to me from behind. My feet slipped out of my shorts as I stood and turned to get behind her. Her cunny looked perfect right about now. Swollen and wet, the pink little folds looked so good I had to taste them again. I leaned down and gave her a firm lick tasting her desire.

She growled and gripped the back of the couch as my tongue touched her lips. I tongued her hole for a minute and tasted what she leaked. She looked over her shoulder at me and begged me with her eyes. My tongue felt good but she wanted my cock. I couldn't resist those eyes and the way they looked at me.

I stood again and found her puss with my cock. I slowly opened her up and watched her pink lips part as the head stretched her open and let me sink into her. I let myself sink into her as she squeezed the couch and turned her knuckles white. She let out another long moan as I reached my max and started to pull out.

I plunged into her with a steady pace. I watched her ass ripple with perfection as my hips bumped into it with each stroke. She moaned loudly and started her dirty talk. I loved that side of Jamie. You'd never think she would be the way she was behind closed doors. I was the only one who got to see that side of her though and I loved her because of it.

She arched her back more and brought her ass higher in the process. I was pressing down into her cunny as I stood on my toes and picked up the pace a little more. Her cries became more urgent as she grew closer to release. Her legs started trembling as her orgasm tore through her body. Her body shook as she started pressing back into me. I had to grab her body and steady her so she wouldn't slip away.

Her one arm fell away from the couch and gripped my forearm as I steadied her. Her nails dug into my skin as she cried out in pleasure. Her cunny squeezed my cock and sent me over the edge now. Her wetness flooded my cock as my cock filled her with my seed.

She lifted herself from the couch as my arms pulled her to my body. I was still flooding her cunny as her mouth found mine. We placed these hungry and passionate kisses on each other as my cock still emptied into her. My hips still turned into her as the last of my seed left my body.

We slowed to almost a stop as we both finished. She panted into my face as she smiled her content and loving smile at me. I loved the way those blue eyes looked at me. I loved the way she smiled and softly stoked my face with her hand. I found her neck and kissed her there as my fingers traced her throat. Felt her breath catch as I traced her neck. She chewed her lip the way she did as I looked at her face again.

"Hmm, fuck Owen," she growled.

"I know," I smiled. "Too bad you have to go back to work now."

"Hmm," she growled again. "There wasn't a whole lot going on there today. Maybe I can call off for the rest of the day and spend it in bed with you."

"That would be twice this week," I teased.

She giggled now. "I have been skipping work a lot haven't I?"

"It's up to you baby," I teased still. "I could go for seconds. And thirds."

"Bad boy," she sassed in her little girl voice. "Tomorrow's Friday, then we have the weekend to do whatever. I better go back in."

I slipped from her but caught her before she could turn and leave. I found her mouth and kissed her lightly. My tongue found hers as we tangled them slowly together. I tasted her kiss for a minute before I finally let her go.

"I love you baby," I smiled.

She smiled up at me. Her perfect and content smile that said she loved me without a word. "Love you too Owen."

She kissed me again before she slipped by me. I watched her go before I put my shorts back on and looked at the center piece she had brought home for my opinion. It looked nice and it would do.

"Do you really like it?" she asked.

"Yeah," I smiled. "It's perfect."

"Do you want me to call Carrie and ask her or are you going to call Steve?"

"I'll call," I replied. "It was my idea."

"Alright baby," she cheered. "I'll be back by five so we can get some dinner."

"Later baby," I smiled.

The apartment was quiet now that she had left. I sat on the couch for a moment and decided if I wanted to work out again or not. I had hit it pretty hard this morning so I was thinking about not doing another one until tomorrow. My phone started ringing from the bedroom. It was very unusual for me to get a call on my phone when we were overseas.

"Hey Phil," I answered.

"Owen," he cheered. "I didn't wake you did I?"

"No," I chuckled. "I don't think we are on the same side of the pond."

"Oh?" he questioned. "Where are you?"

"Barcelona Spain."

"Shit," he chuckled. "I guess we aren't are we?"

"Nope," I chuckled with him. "It's that time of year you know? Offseason and traveling with Jamie."

"How's it going over there? Am I missing much?"

"If you don't like beautiful women then you ain't missing much," I joked.

"I'll be on the next flight over then," he laughed.

"I'll come pick you up."

"No, no," he laughed still. "I've got a lot going on over here. No time for a vacation right at the moment."

"You getting ready for the draft?" I asked.

"Yeah," he replied. "You know how it is."

"Not really," I joked.

"It's busy right now," he offered.

"I bet."

"Listen, the reason I called you is I have a little bit of business to discuss with you."

"Alright," I sighed. "What do you have?"

"New York called me and asked me if you would be interested in being traded."

"Traded?" I asked taken aback. "Did they give a reason? I pissed them off with the sideline thing didn't I?"

"No," he chuckled. "They forgot all about that as soon as the kick went wide left. They have bigger things to worry about than that."

"Ok?" I questioned.

"It's nothing you did Owen. It's all business."


"It's nothing against you Owen, trust me. I've been around long enough to know that. It's just a business thing. They screwed up and they have to make a move to fix their own fuck up."

"I don't understand," I sighed.

"Let me explain so you have a little better understanding of what's happening," he sighed. "What's his face played really well the season before you got there so he held out so he could get the deal he wanted and he did. Last year he played like shit. He got hurt, he didn't produce, so on and so forth. You came in and played very well for a rookie. You started three games, played in a few others and played very well. You may not have won all those game but you kept the games competitive. You scored points, made good plays and showed the team you are ready to be a starter."

"This season you are going to come in there and most likely get the starting spot. I can't see you not getting it. You have a year under your belt. You understand the ins and outs of the pros now and your game is only going to improve. He's on the downslide right now. He's getting older and that one good year was probably his peak. You follow me so far?"

"I guess," I sighed. "If I'm that good then why would they want to trade me?"

"Business Owen," he sighed. "It's all about the dollars. I see it going like this. You get that starting spot next year and play well. You give the team a winning record and maybe you take them to the playoffs. The following season I come in there and tell them you want more money and a new deal to secure your future. You need X amount of money to be happy and comfortable. You know the drill."

"Yeah," I smiled to myself. More money did sound good to me.

"The problem with that is pretty simple. They signed him to a four year deal worth a lot more money than I would have paid him given his age and résumé. With you wanting more money, it's going to cut into the cap space by having two high dollar quarterbacks on the roster. They won't be able to attract talent in other positions without them having money to offer."

"The logical thing seems simple and I know it's what you're thinking. Trade him away to free up some cap space. And they want to do that but who's going to take a guy with that amount of money attached to his name at that stage of his career? I can't think of anybody."

"So you think of the next option. Dump him and focus on you. And that's all fine and dandy but...if they dump him they still have to pay him the guaranteed money he has coming to him and it's still going to count against the cap. They are in a no win situation right now so they have to clear up some cap space to save their asses."

"Hmm," I sighed as I thought.

"They don't want to trade you Owen but they have to really. They are going to pick another quarterback in the draft, sign him to a three year deal and wait for the other contract to expire. With the CBA deal they just signed, the new guy can't come in there and ask for the moon. He's bound by the deal for three years. In three years the other contract runs out and he gets dumped that way."

"I guess," I sighed. "It makes sense if you look at it that way."

"They are doing you a favor by asking you this to be honest," Phil said. "They could do the dick move and dump your contract and pay you the two hundred they owe you in guaranteed money and tell you good luck. Then you would have to try and find a team and hope for the best. If they trade you, they will help sell you just like I'm going to help sell you. It sounds complicated and it is but...this is a better deal to take a trade rather than take your chances again."

"Well," I sighed long and hard. "Who is interested in me?"

"I can think of four teams off the top of my head. I haven't made any calls since I have to ask you about it first. We put that no trade clause in your contract so you have to clear it before you can be traded."

"How long have you known about this?" I interrupted him.

"I found out about it last night around five. I was busy so I told them I would get ahold of you today and give them an answer as quick as I could."

"Ok," I sighed. "So who is interested in me?"

"Like I said I haven't made any calls but four teams come to mind since they are looking for a quarterback. Oakland, Tampa, Miami, and Cleveland."

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