tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJacey's Reluctant Awakening Ch. 02

Jacey's Reluctant Awakening Ch. 02


(This chapter is primarily dedicated to a mild escalation of the playful sexuality between the characters – there is some sexual interaction by the pool, but skip if you are looking for strong sexual content.)


The next morning the girls roused from the slumber party and were making breakfast and cleaning up the living room they had all slept in the night before. Jacey waited for a chance to use the restroom, and then readied herself to join most of the girls in the kitchen. She noticed that her nipples were slightly noticeable under her t-shirt, but needed to get to her bag to find her athletic bra. As she left the bathroom, Shannon ran into her in the hall and directed her to the kitchen before she could make an excuse to return to her bag.

"Girls, sleepy head is up," Shannon announced as the entered the kitchen.

All the girls were lounging and prancing around as scantily clad as they were the night before. Jacey tried to act as natural as possible, and soon realized that nobody acted as if last night had happened. She took a seat on the bar stool at the counter and joined in the small talk.

Jacey didn't hear Jennifer enter the kitchen behind her, so was slightly started by the arm curling around her waist.

"Hi little Jacey, how did you sleep last night?" Jennifer teased. The other girls giggled a little. "I'll bet you slept like a baby after all our excitement last night." Jacey was blushing and getting nervous and didn't say a word.

"Oh, come on Jacey. Don't be shy. That was fun last night," Jennifer assured her. "Besides, you can repay the favor later."

The girls giggled, and Kerry blurted out, "That should be fun!" And they all laughed together.

Jennifer leaned in and squeezed Jacey to reassure her, Jacey could feel her full breasts on her back and arm. As Jennifer pulled away, she lazily let her hand run up Jacey's side and then boldly, but subtly let her hand cup Jacey's breast before leaving.

Jacey was too surprised to even react to it. She was a bit insulted that another person would so brazenly feel up her body that way. But she also felt her heart race with the realization that last night's fun was not likely to be the end of her sexual experiences. She was lost in thought about whether that was a good thing, or bad thing.

Jennifer's mom entered the kitchen and a commotion of hellos from the girls ensued rousing Jacey from her thoughts.

"Mom, this is our new member, Jacey," Jennifer introduced the two.

Mrs. Rebecca Lowry was a beautiful woman in her late 30's, but her body was amazing. She wore a lavender sports halter top and black yoga pants. Her sandy blonde hair was a little messy, but stylish and sexy. Wow, she looked like she had stepped right off the pages of Shape magazine.

Her shoulders and arms were lean and taunt, her stomach perfectly flat and sexily exposed, and her breasts were perfect -- full and round, defied gravity, and there was even a hint of her nipple through her sports bra and halter top. She was almost more beautiful than her daughter Jennifer.

"Hi Jacey, it's a pleasure to meet such a lovely young lady," she smiled and gazed caringly at Jacey as they shook hands.

"Nice to meet you Mrs. Lowry," Jacey said, while in an odd way she was almost embarrassed she wasn't more beautiful and presentable to the glamorous woman before her.

"Jenny, I have to run to the spa. The silly receptionist quit last week, so I have to open again. Hopefully I can hire someone soon," Rebecca said as she swirled through the kitchen gathering her stuff to leave. "You girls have fun today, see you."

As the girls finished up breakfast, Jennifer prodded everyone to get ready for a day out by the pool. Girls changed and made their way out to the pool, leaving Jennifer and Jacey cleaning up the final messes in the kitchen.

Jacey was thinking about Jennifer's mom, and the mention of needing to hire someone. "Jennifer, your mom said she is trying to hire someone."

"Yeah, my Mom has a spa she opened a year ago down near the beach. She had this dumb receptionist working for her that she caught stealing and had to let her go. So she has been really, really busy," Jennifer explained.

"How hard is the job? I mean, how many hours do you think she needs someone?" Jacey inquired.

"Oh, I think about 20 hours a week. It's pretty easy -- just answering the phones, scheduling, helping out. Why are you interested?"

"I guess so, I haven't really had a job before, but I could use some money instead of relying on my parents all the time. So I've been thinking about a job, but don't know what I could do."

"Well, I used to do the job part time, but got too busy. I could easily get my mom to give you the job," Jennifer said as she walked over to stand beside Jacey standing at the sink rinsing some final dishes.

Jennifer ran her hand down Jacey's back and let it settle right in the small of her back above her perfect buns. Jacey looked up at Jennifer.

"But Jacey, I would have to know that you would be great for my mom, and would really appreciate the job," Jennifer said more quietly.

"Of course I would Jennifer," she said, matching the quietness.

Jennifer's hand moved lazily to Jacey's hip and up Jacey's side again as their eyes stayed locked on each other. Jennifer reached over to Jacey's shoulder and turned her to face her.

"How nice Jacey? How nice could you be to me?" Jennifer trailed her fingernails down Jacey's arm and then up to touch Jacey's neck. Chills tingled across Jacey's arm and back. Jacey didn't know what to say, she was enthralled and worried at the same time.

Jennifer's hand curled around the back of Jacey's neck and her other hand around her hips to find the small of Jacey's back. She pulled Jacey in closer to her body.

"Would you be really, really nice to me Jacey," Jennifer said as she leaned down to kiss Jacey.

Jacey pulled back instinctively, confused by the thought for a moment.

"That's not really nice Jacey, especially after the wonderful kiss we enjoyed last night as you thrust your hips around so wildly," Jennifer smiled as Jacey blushed. Jennifer lowered her lips again, and this time Jacey let herself be drawn into the kiss.

It was a brief but full kiss, and Jacey had almost instinctively opened her mouth to continue to a deeper intimacy. But Jennifer pulled back and just smiled at her.

"Now that was nice. Now go get a swimsuit on, and let's get out to the pool," Jennifer said as she pushed Jacey away gently.

Jacey turned to walk way, lost at the thought of where this could all be going and also feeling a sexual tension course through her body, she could feel her breasts firm with a slight swelling at the momentary engagement with Jennifer.

But then she realized a startling fact and blurted out, "but I don't have a swimsuit with me Jennifer."

"That's okay, I'll get you one of my little sister's, she is about your size," Jennifer offered.

Jacey had to wonder how old Jennifer's little sister was. She had to squeeze into the mini sport-short style swimsuit bottoms and tiny bikini top. She wasn't very pleased with the white, unlined fabric, it seemed too shear. And the bottoms were so tight they kept working into her ass crack as she walked out to the pool.

Jacey moved quickly to a chase lounge to join the other girls without attracting attention to herself. Most of the girls must have gone home while she was changing because there was only Jennifer, Shannon, Kerry and herself at the pool.

"Hey Jacey, you need to get a tan on that little body," Kerrie commented as she sat down on the chase lounge beside her.

Kerry had an amazing golden brown skin tone due to her exotic Asian heritage. She was also a small girl, only a bit taller than Jacey. But she was more "developed," with perfectly full and firm C cup breast and nice bubble butt. Her long black hair softened her slightly angular face. Jacey admired her exotic beauty as she laid back and glistened under the late morning sun. She wondered if those perfect globes of cleavage between her bikini top could be fake, but dismissed the idea.

Shannon had walked up to sit on the other side of Jacey, "You have beautiful skin Jacey, just starting to tan, but you are going to burn and dry out without suntan lotion."

"Yeah, ummm..."Jacey thought aloud.

"Here Shannon," Jennifer interjected as she approached, "put this on her." She tossed a bottle of suntan lotion to Shannon.

Jacey put out her hand to take it, but Shannon protested, "Don't be silly, you heard Jennifer, I'm to do it."

Shannon was your classic California blonde -- a long athletic body with perfect willowy curves that executed femininity and strength at the same time. Her long, light sandy-blonde hair was nearly perfectly straight, although at the moment she had it tied up in back. Her swimsuit was athletic and tight, and accentuated her curves perfectly. Her breasts were a full B cup, and like Jacey were firm without even a hint of sag, as if they had emerged on her chest only days ago. In lieu of a bikini top, she wore a think, small tight t-shirt. Jacey's eyes were drawn to Shannon's small, pert nipples accentuated by the pink t-shirt fabric.

"Give me your arm," Shannon instructed, and Jacey complied without question.

Shannon squirted a stream of oil onto Jacey's arm and started spreading it around as she held Jacey's hand.

"Lay back Jacey, I'll take care of you."

Jacey laid back on the reclined lounge. Her body sank down bit in the lounge, and Jacey felt her bottoms grow tighter on her crotch. She glanced down to see the thin fabric tight over her hips and mons, revealing her small patch of pubic hair more clearly than she would have preferred out in a public area like this.

As Shannon worked the oil up her arm, Jacey glanced over at Kerry laid out on the lounge next to her. Her body was glistening now with a delicate sheen of sweat from the warming sun. Her cleavage looked right out of Sport's Illustrated, her flat stomach was flawless. Jacey's eyes arrived at her hips and realize that Kerry's skimpy bikini bottoms were stretched between her hip bones, creating a taunt bridge of fabric that didn't touch her depressed stomach before her mons rose up and lifted the fabric tightly. That ever so innocent reveal of Kerry's tender flesh was just so sexy to Jacey she couldn't take her eyes away.

"That is so sexy, huh," Shannon offered, and Jacey flinched at the realization that she had been caught staring. "You should see the guys at the beach hovering around behind us when we let our bathing suits do that. Too funny. It's not like they can actually see anything, but guys are so easily teased!" Shannon laughed.

Jacey tried to relax again, and shut her eyes so she wouldn't be tempted to look again. She felt Shannon pour some oil onto her shoulder and then down her chest and stomach. This made her nervous that Shannon was going to be massaging oil into her chest and stomach, her hands instinctively went to her own stomach while her eyes remained closed, but she felt Shannon push her hands away.

"That's my job cutie," Shannon instructed.

"Let me help with your job" Jacey heard Jennifer's voice as she sat down on the lounge next to her.

Jennifer poured some oil on Jacey's legs and started to work from her shins up toward her thighs. Jacey wanted to appear confident and happy for the attention, but her stomach was taunt with nervousness. Jennifer pushed her thighs apart as she worked the oil into her legs. Shannon's hands were gliding over her chest, and her fingers pressed into her small cleavage and slightly under her bikini top. As Jennifer's hands were now working the top and insides of Jacey's thighs, she suddenly stopped and patted Jacey on her mons firmly, startling Jacey and making her recoil.

"That little muff of your's is so cute, but we'll have to remove that. A cheerleader has gotta have a smooth undercarriage," Jennifer said matter of factly.

Jacey wanted to explain that she shaved during gymnastics season, but decided to just stay quiet.

The girls lounged in the sun for a few minutes making small talk and Jacey started to get really hot. She stood up and put her lounger down flat and laid back down on her stomach. Jennifer immediately motioned to Shannon to put oil on her back.

"Let's get your back covered," Shannon offered as she straddled Jacey hip and poured some oil onto her back.

Jacey didn't even bother protesting. She was kind of pleased to get the attention by now. As Shannon spread the oil around her back, Jacey felt the bikini top ties suddenly pull untied.

"Gotta get these out of the way, besides you don't want tan lines right?" Shannon quipped rhetorically.

As Shannon finished up what had turned into a very nice massage of Jacey's back Jennifer sat back on Jacey's lounger. She prodded Jacey's side a little, "Lift up a little Jace."

Jacey obliged by lifting her chest slightly only to be surprised as Jennifer whipped her bikini top out from under her.

"We don't want to get that all oily," Jennifer teased.

Jacey pressed her chest down on the lounger and was immediately distressed by her awkward position. The lounger was the typical set of vinyl bands stretched across the medal frame. Her bare chest now pressed down into the bands, and her oiled skin immediately made the bands slippery.

"Jennifer, come on, give me the top back. I won't get oil on it, I promise" Jacey pleaded.

"That's okay, its right here when you need it. Just relax."

It was only a couple of minutes until Jacey could feel that the bands were being pressed apart by her small but firm and oiled breasts. Suddenly, she felt the bands slip aside and her breasts pressed through to hang down through the bands. She tried to pull her chest up a bit, and the bands squeezed back on her breasts as she rose up. The bands were just close together and elastic enough that they pinched her nipples slightly as she tried to adjust.

Jacey was careful to realign herself so that her nipples pressed down centered on a single band and then laid still to keep from that happening again.

Then she felt Jennifer sit across her ankles and poured oil on the back of her legs. She started to work the oil into Jacey's calves. As she worked up her legs, Jennifer's massage of her hamstrings was more vigorous. Her hands were quickly working toward the bottom curves of Jacey's perfect little buns, and as they arrived, she was pressing Jacey forward on the lounge with her firm massage.

"Wow Jacey, you have such a perfect little butt, and I love how these tiny shorts form fit them perfectly," Jennifer complimented.

Jennifer was unabashed in her massage of Jacey's buns with the oil, letting her fingers slip nonchalantly under the shorts.

The pressure was pushing Jacey forward, pressing her nipples into the strap until they started to slide forward. And then they were pushed forward enough that her breasts pressed their way between the slats of the lounger again. Jacey tried to rise up again to pull her breasts free, but she didn't want to be obvious and the straps had a way of squeezing her breasts together to hold onto them. She tried to press straight back, but her hands pressing on other straps simply stretched them.

"Jacey, quit squirming around," Jennifer commanded.

Jennifer's hands paused when they were firmly on Jacey's buns, having run up under her tight shorts. "Stop moving," she squeezed Jacey's buns firmly.

Jacey settled reluctantly, hoping that nobody would look under the lounge and notice her breasts plunging through. But the straps tension on her breasts was getting uncomfortable. She could feel her breasts firming under the tension.

"Now, you just hold still girl, or you'll be punished," Jennifer instructed playfully.

The words rang in Jacey's ears like a shock. Jennifer let her fingers from both sides under Jacey's shorts start to trail over to the sexy crease between her buns. As her fingers reached the crease they started to press in, and Jacey clenched her buns and squealed a little.

"Hey, get out of there," Jacey tried to command firmly but playfully, an attempt to not rouse Jennifer like she did the night before.

"Look at those perfect, strong buns clenched together," Jennifer teased, and Shannon and Kerrie giggled. Now Jacey knew that all eyes were on her.

Jennifer let her fingers trail down her creased to the gap between Jacey's pretty legs. Jacey's hands shot back to try and grab Jennifer's wrists, and in the process she arched her back up from the lounge.

Kerrie caught a glimpse of Jacey's breast pressed between the lounge straps and jumped at the chance to take advantage.

"Oh no girl, you can't fight Jennifer," Kerrie teased as she quickly crossed over to Jacey's lounge and sat astride her back facing Jennifer. She got ahold of Jacey's wrist and pulled them away from her butt, securing them together crossed in her lower back. They were hard to handle with the suntan oil, so the squirming was playful.

Jennifer raised a hand and slapped Jacey's tight buns hard through the stretched, thin fabric of her swimsuit bottoms.

"Owwww," Jacey protested, but then she stopped moving. Maybe stopping would deny the girls their fun. "Okay, I'm not moving."

Jennifer went back to guiding her fingers between Jacey's legs under the fabric. Jennifer was thrilled with the feel delicate flesh between Jacey's legs as her fingers passed over the sexy gap between Jacey's ass and pussy. Then she felt the swell of Jacey's pussy with her first fingers. Jacey wiggled her butt in mild protest as the intrusion. If they could see her face, they would see her blushing bright red. The weight of Kerrie across her back pressed her chest down firmly on the lounge and her breasts protruded further underneath.

"Shannon, look under the lounge, I think Jacey has a surprise for you," Kerrie teased.

"Oh my god, her tits are totally pushed through and straining," Shannon blurted out much to Jacey's immense embarrassment.

Jacey felt Jennifer start to push a finger into the cleft between her pussy lips. She squealed and wiggled furiously in protest.

"Come on! That's not nice. Why do you keep being mean to my?" she protested.

"Oh, I'm not being mean. I'm being nice. Don't you like it?" Jennifer taunted to the other girls girls.

"No, it's not...it's not normal. It's embarrassing!" Jacey plead to her new friends.

"Okay, I am just playing with my hot little friend," Jennifer responded; and with that she withdrew her hands and slapped Jacey firmly enough to sting across her buns.

"Come on girls, let's leave her alone." And the girls dismounted. "Let's get some ice tea inside."

As the girls started to walk toward the house, Jennifer turned back to Jacey, "Come on, Jacey, get up and come with us or I'll really punish you."

Jacey looked hurriedly around for her top so she could get up. She did like the fact that a beautiful girl like Jennifer just callled her hot.

"Looking for this," Jennifer raised Jacey's swim top up with her hand as she walked backwards toward the house. Jacey just stared, knowing that she wasn't getting it back. "Come on Jacey, get up, you've got hand to cover yourself, I'll give it to you in the kitchen."

Jacey gathered all her courage, and thought to herself angrily that she'd never hang out with these girls again! She turned herself away from the house as she pulled her breasts back through the squeezing vinyl straps. There was something strangely erotic about the slow pull on her breasts. As she sat up she quickly covered her small breasts with her hands and gathered herself to walk to the house. She could feel that her nipples felt full, not hard, but engorged from the previous pressure on her breasts.

Thank god they were the only ones home. Jacey mustered all her confidence and stood with a hand over each breast and walked toward the house.

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