tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJacey's Reluctant Awakening Ch. 04

Jacey's Reluctant Awakening Ch. 04


(This is a series of stories about the sexual awaking of a girl through progressively more intense encounters with her sexuality, and the people around her that want to take advantage of her. Her awakening involves her gradual and reluctant capitulation to her strong sexual urges. The story will progress through encounters from innocent, straight, lesbian, reluctant, entrapped, dominance, etc. This story follows Jacey's poolside ordeal, embarrassing nudity, and nipple torment at the hands of her girlfriends.)


As Jacey relaxed under the warm water she admired the large shower stall as it filled with steam. She would love to have a shower like this at home and such a luxurious house to live in as her friend Jennifer.

Again the thought flashed through her mind -- was Jennifer really her friend? Why would a friend be so nice sometimes and so mean the next -- why did all the girls pick on her and embarrass her sexually? Why would her friends, so beautiful and with boyfriends, act like such perverted lesbians and tease her?

She looked down at her still sore nipples. She never had them pulled so hard. How humiliating that Jennifer's brother saw her naked and being dominated like that by the girls. She felt a little sorry for herself. God she hoped he never says anything about it to his friends and their mutual gymnastics teammates.

She picked up a bottle of shampoo and lathered up her hair. She would have to decide what to do. She leaned her head back and closed her eyes to rinse her hair. This felt so good.

Jacey felt a very slight cool draft. Finished rinsing her hair and opened her eyes. She jumped with a start at the sight of Jennifer naked in front of her. She hadn't even heard her enter the bathroom -- how did she get in with the door locked?

"Geez Jacey, are you going to hog all the water?" Jennifer asked nonchalantly, as if it was perfectly normal that she had intruded into Jacey's shower without asking or even announcing her entry.

"What are you doing?" Jacey asked alarmed, as she covered her breasts with her arms.

"I'm taking a shower silly. Its a huge shower, we can share and save hot water Don't be a prude, I've already seen you naked, well essentially naked. Don't worry, I won't tease you again," said Jennifer as she came into the water and Jacey stepped out of the way.

Jacey stepped back and started toward the glass door of the shower.

"Hey, did you try this conditioner?" Jennifer stopped her with a question.

Jacey turned to look, "No."

"Well you can't wash your hair here and not use it. It's awesome. Come here."

Jacey had learned already it was best to just go along with Jennifer. She eased back to the center of the shower. Jennifer squeezed a big glob into her hand, "Turn around." Jacey did as she was asked.

Jennifer stood in the spray of the warm water as she worked the conditioner into Jacey's brunette curls. This did feel nice.

When she was done, Jennifer turned Jacey around to face her, "Here, you wash my hair while you let the conditioner set."

Jacey didn't say a word as Jennifer poured the shampoo into Jacey's hand and turned around. Jacey reached up to Jennifer's head and started to lather in the shampoo. As she worked she hoped that this situation would remain friendly and normal. But she had to do it, she had to ask.



Jacey paused to choose her words, "Why are you nice to me sometimes and then...then mean to me other times?"

Jennifer didn't answer, but turned to start rinsing the shampoo from her hair. Her beatifully tanned body was on full display in front of Jacey little gymnast body. Jacey's eyes looked from her beautiful neck, down over the most full and erotic breasts, at her flat stomach and waist, slightly flared hips. Her eyes landed on Jennifer's completely bare pussy and paused, it looked erotically out of place on this sexy body. And her long legs were perfectly toned. Jacey was sure that although a lot of guys found her little body hot, she would never look as gorgeous as Jennifer.

"Well, Jacey, I'm not mean to you," Jennifer's voice snapped Jacey back to reality. "I'm just playing with you. All of us girls have played with the new team members that way. You're just the only new team member this year, and it's my second year as captain. Are you mad at me?"

"I don't know," Jacey mumbled, "it's just so embarrassing...and I don't think...well I've never had girls be so...so lesbiany with each other. I mean, are you into girls?"

Jennifer laughed a little, "Come on Jacey, I'm not a lesbian. You know that. But I can appreciate a hot girl's body, and its fun to play with girls sometimes."

Jennifer picked up the soap and started to lather her body, "Girls are so much sexier than guys, it fun to feel each other sometimes. And we certainly know how to make each other all hot and bothered better than our dopey guys. But I love boys, I don't love girls."

Jacey was feeling better, but was withdrawn.

"Jacey, look at me," Jennifer asked. "You're not a lesbian, right. But you think I'm sexy, I know you do, I can see it in your eyes. And you got turned on last night when we tickled you. You got turned on today at the pool and the kitchen, right."

Jacey nodded.

"So relax, have fun with it...and we'll be best friends, I know it," Jennifer assured her, knowing full well the shy little Jacey, deep down, was so eager to be liked by her and the other beautiful girls.

In silence, Jennifer offered Jacey the soap, and Jacey took it looking up a Jennifer's beautiful face. "You wash me," Jennifer said, part command, part coaxing Jacey out of her shell.

Jacey raised the soap toward Jennifer, not quite sure where to start, her heart raced with where this might lead. She put the soap on her arm and started. First one arm, and then the other. She moved the soap to Jennifer's shoulders and then her chest.

Jennifer confidently eased her arms back and puffed out her chest.

Jacey's hands trailed delicately between Jennifer's boobs and down to her stomach. It was even firmer than she expected. When finished, she looked up to Jennifer to turn around so she could do her back.

"You missed something pretty obvious," Jennifer glanced down at her glistening wet breasts and then back to Jacey.

Jacey had never felt another girls boobs before, not intentionally, and certainly not naked. She took a quiet deep breath and put the soap to Jennifer's boobs. She expeced them to be softer since they were so full. As they were soaped up, Jennifer took the bar from Jacey's hands. Jacey now was free to massage them with both hands. They were amazing. Jacey could barely get both hands around their girth. And yet they were firm, bouncing nicely, but not flopping around at all. Jacey was just getting into it when she realized that was probably enough.

She looked up a Jennifer as she stopped and they locked eyes.

"See how nice that was?" Jennifer assured her handing back the soap to Jacey and turning around.

Without a word, Jacey knew her job was now to wash Jennifer's back. Jennifer pulled her long hair around to the front of her body, and Jacey admired the toned, sleek body before her. She soaped up her shoulders and put the soap aside. Now her hands freely worked the soap down her back following the sexy curve to her slender waist and then back out to the flair of her hips. She paused to think if she was done now.

"Don't forget my legs," Jennifer said, bending forward a bit and stepping her legs about shoulder width apart.

Jacey hesitated and then knelt down to the floor. She soaped up Jennifer's legs along her calves and thighs. Her hands started at her ankles and travelled up the exquisitely long and toned legs. Jennifer seemed to relax forward, which arched her but out sexily.

Jacey's eyes followed her hands up her legs. She couldn't resist, and glanced to see what this other girl looked like between her legs. Her hands slowed as her gazed transfixed on the sensual gap between Jennifer's legs. Her hairless gap revealed a perfect vulva with just the hint of her inner lips peaking past. The indentation of her entry was apparent and Jacey's eyes caught sight of Jennifer's pink anal rose bud. Jacey blushed at the sight of this most intimate part of Jennifer's body.

Jacey stood as her hands reached the uppermost area of Jennifer's thighs. She withdrew her hands timidly. Jacey's nipples had stiffened at the eroticism of the washing, and she hoped Jennifer's wouldn't turn around and see her condition.

"Jacey, you need to finish," Jennifer said quietly but firmly, "I need to be clean down there too." Jennifer wiggled her butt a little to be clear and leaned forward putting her hands on the shower wall.

Jacey lathered her hands with the soap, her heart racing. This was too much for her to comprehend. She was about to touch another girls most private parts. She let one soapy hand start at the top of Jennifers perfectly rounded butt and then let her fingers start to flow down into her crack. Jennifer could tell Jacey wasn't going to be bold enough to press deeply into her crack, so she bent forward more lewdly to make it clear what needed to be cleaned. Jacey took a deep breath and let her fingers work the soap down Jennifer's crack; she closed her eyes as she let her fingers travel gently over the crinkled rose bud. Jacey let her fingers work in a little bit more firmly around the area, and she could feel a heat radiating from Jennifer's body there.

Jennifer encouraged her with a very quiet purr. "Oh that is nice, keep going," she whispered.

Jacey's racing heart almost felt like it stopped. Her mind raced, where was Jennifer making her go? She was actually going to wash her pussy? But Jacey let her hand start to wander down past Jennifer's sexy rosebud. She let her finger's glide along the Jennifer's thigh, and pressed them in the crease between her thigh and pussy mound. She wasn't sure if she should be slow and careful, or quick. She let her hand go past Jennifer's pussy and wash her pubic mound a bit.

Jacey let her two hands meet in between Jennifer's thighs and then steeled herself to be bold. She let her hands begin to wash Jennifer's pussy folds, gently at first, then let her fingers press into the folds more. She felt Jennifer's entire body relax slightly, and noticed her head hung lower between her arms. Jacey let her finger press into the cleft of Jennifer's pussy and felt it almost sink into the warm hole but eased back quickly. She let the hand around Jennifer's backside pass over the hole again, pressing in but not penetrating as it passed.

Jennifer shook her tight little derriere gently, "You are a little tease Jacey." Jacey wanted to protest, but she was at a loss for words.

"Thank you, tease," Jennifer said as she turned to Jacey smiling and began rinsing off her body. Jacey just smiled back.

Jacey was starting to wonder, almost hope, that Jennifer was going to insist on washing her body now. She just stood there compliantly.

"Okay, lets get out," Jennifer moved to the door, grabbing a towel for herself and handing one to Jacey.

They dried off in the spacious bathroom, and Jacey wrapped the towel around her chest.

Jennifer dried with a leg propped up on the tub deck. As she finished, she inspected her body to see if she needed any shaving and saw Jacey admiring her body.

"I like being smooth as a baby. But you have to keep everything moist and watch out for irritation," Jennifer explained, "hand me that lotion." Jacey complied quickly.

Jennifer squirted a large dab onto her finger, and quickly began to work it around the crease between her thighs and pelvis, and then slowly started to work it over her pussy mound and even folds. She locked eyes with Jacey while finishing and smiled, the milky lotion disappearing quickly.

"Why do you leave the patch of hair on yours? I would think those tight gymnast outfits would demand otherwise," Jennifer queried.

Jacey snapped to, "Well I do shave for tournaments during the season, but for training we wear more athletic shorts, so I don't have to shave everything."

Jennifer turned and walker toward her, "Let me see yours." It was kind of a question, but more of a nice demand. Jacey didn't resist as Jennifer undid her towel. It was odd, but for some reason, Jennifer looking down her body outside of the running shower was so much more uncomfortable. Jennifer let the towel drop to the floor and slowly knelt down in front of Jacey, running her hands down Jacey's sides as she did.

"Come on, don't be shy. Put your foot on the tub," Jennifer prodded Jacey's leg.

Jacey slowly and quietly lifted her leg to the tub edge.

"Very nice and dainty,...so tiny and pink," Jennifer teased. Jacey blushed. "Sit down on the tub and let me tidy that up for you."

Jennifer folded the soft towel and put it on the edge of the tub. Jacey sat down without questioning, her mind lost in the odd intimacy of the situation.

Jennifer rummaged through a drawer and turned around with a small battery operated trimmer.

Jacey sat on the tub with her feet on the floor. Jennifer knelt before her, preoccupied with the trimmer settings.

"Come on, put your foot up on the tub," Jennifer prodded Jacey's leg with a stroke along the thigh.

Jacey felt the goose bumps spread across her body. She lifted her foot and put it out to the side. Her pick folds were now fully on display, she had never been so exposed before a person other than her doctor, and that was only once a few years ago.

"We are going to trim you up with this for now. Then we'll get you a waxing appointment next week," Jennifer informed her. "Your hair is so fine, and there is hardly anything below your patch," Jennifer commented and queried at the same time patting Jacey's mons with her hand. "Do you shave down lower all the time?"

"No," Jacey blushed, "I just don't get much down there."

Jennifer switched on the trimmer and it made a quiet humming sound. "Don't worry, these won't get you and I'll be very careful."

Jennifer started at the top of Jacey's mound with a gentle stroke of the trimmer into Jacey's fine pubic hairs. The touch of the trimmer sent chills through Jacey's body, and her legs instictively twitched to close. Jennifer put her other hand on Jacey's inner thigh to still her movement and kept working.

The trimmer moved effortlessly down Jacey's mound. The tingle and hum filled Jacey's pelvis with a buzz that was igniting the sexual urges in her pussy like she had never felt before. She was almost afraid of the feelings pulsing through her. She reached down to stop Jennifer's hand as the trimmer neared the cleft of her pussy.

Jennifer smiles and moved her hand away acting like she didn't know what this buzzing sensation was doing to Jacey, "Don't worry, I'll be careful, relax." It was assuring, but also clearly a command. "We're almost done here."

Jacey relented by leaning back on her elbows; this would keep her hands from responding to the teasing.

Jennifer pushed her other leg open and Jacey moved her foot up onto the tub as well. My god, she was spread wide open in front of her friends face. Jennifer enjoyed the display and capitulation by Jacey. As she moved the trimmer delicately around Jacey's pussy lips, she watched the goose bumps on Jacey's thighs cause her exquisitely delicate blond hairs bristle. The goose bumps swarmed up her abs and along her arms, and ultimately encased Jacey's breast causing her nipples to crinkle.

With Jennifers touch of the trimmer near the eadge of Jacey's pussy, Jacey unconsciously and subtly thrust her hips to meet the touch. She could see Jacey's lips turning a deeper shade of pink with excitement. Jennifer purposely took her time touching the trimmers here and there teasing Jacey. She worked her way lower and knew she was about to touch Jacey in a most private and sensitive area -- she braced Jacey's leg to keep her still in anticipation. Then she touched the trimmer to the taunt skin between Jacey's pussy and pink pucker. To her delight, Jacey's anus and pussy both contracted involuntarily as Jacey exhaled and trembled slightly. Jennifer let the trimmer trace around Jacey's anus delicately, causing numerous twitches of her legs and contractions of her anus. Jacey has abandoned her shame to her sensitivity at this point.

"Okay, we're almost done here. You are doing great and look so beautiful down here," Jennifer assured her. Jacey's mind only half contemplated the word beautiful - she would never have thought of that region of the body as beautiful.

"Now, I just have to finish up around the top here," and with that Jennifer let the fingers of her free hand gently press apart the lips at the top of Jacey's pussy.

Jennifer smiled in satisfaction at the pink bud of Jacey's clitorous being exposed and the moistness of Jacey's lips at they parted lower down. She watched Jacey's body closely as she touched the trimmer ever so closely to her clit. Jacey's pelvis lifted involuntarily to the touch and she groaned ever so quietly. Jacey didn't want to look down, but although untouched, it felt like her nipples had squeezed themselves into a knot. She opened her eyes slightly and saw her tight breasts and even tighter nipples.

But her gaze immediately travelled down to the beauty of Jennifer touching her between her legs. Jennifer's gaze was focused like a laser on Jacey's pussy, and the lust was obvious. Jacey noticed Jennifer's beatiful breasts were capped by their erect nipples.

Jennifer was done. But she continued to hold Jacey gently splayed open, and now she simply let the body of the trimmer settle down into the groove and rest directly on her clit. Jacey's abs flexed at the power of the sensation, lifting her hips into the trimmer.

Jennifer pressed it tight into the cleft and looked up to Jacey's face. Jacey's body was flushed with red and her face was drawn with lust, her lips parted as if she wanted to say something, her eyes half closed and half pleading. Jennifer let her hand run over Jacey's thigh pleasantly as she held the buzzing trimmer.

"I thought you might like this," Jennifer assured her with a warm and knowing smile.

Jacey wanted to respond, but she was embarassed and frozen with lust at the same time. She felt her pussy tighting rythmically, betraying her pulsing lust. Jennifer watched her for a few moments, pressing the trimmer around with the rotation of her hand -- she let her hand trail up Jacey's abs and toward her breasts. She locked eyes with Jacey and firmly grasped one breast. Jacey did nothing to resist, but looked away. Jennifer let her hand squeeze a nipple upward, and then pinched it between her thumb and the side of her forefinger firmly. Jacey's abs clenched to try and ease the pull on her nipple. Jennifer released her breast and pulled away the trimmer nonchalantly, turning it off.

Jacey's body felt weak as it relaxed.

"That is a wicked little sensation isn't it," Jennifer asked.

Jacey simply nodded her head in confirmation as she tried to recover her senses. As she looked back, Jennifer was squirting a dab of lotion into her hand. She looked up and smiled at Jacey, "And now the second best part."

Jacey was transfixed at the sight and thought of Jennifers beautifully tanned hand about to caress the bright white area of her pelvis and yearning pussy. She felt the cool lotion on her mons and relaxed in the luxurious feeling. Jennifer spread the lotion around her mound and then lazily down the creases between her excited pussy and thighs. Jennifer knew this was cooling off her little charge. She let her fingers trace down around Jacey's pink rose bud and saw her pucker contract. With a little more boldness Jennifer let her finger move the cool lotion right onto Jacey's anal ring and massaged it in a little more firmly. She saw Jacey's drop her head to the side and the tension of lust return to her little body.

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