tagIncest/TabooJack & Jill Didn't Climb A Hill

Jack & Jill Didn't Climb A Hill


If a story containing ANAL, CRUELTY, multipal Ds or oversized dickeys are important to you please be advised. You will be disappointed here.


I am Jack and my sister is Jill. Honest those are our real 'nick' names. We are fraternal twins. Our proper names are John and Julia. When we were ten our parents divorced. After a custody and asset split battle we each ended up with one parent as our primary custodian with several joint visitations during school vacation times.

We made up for our separation with several times daily contact by phone and e-mail. We were emotionally as close as many other twins and had virtually no secrets from one another including most of our sexual ones. Notice I said most.

Jill being quite athletic she played most sports but she really stood out in track. For that reason she received a full scholarship at one of the top previous all women colleges.

Me? Although a better than average golfer I am also a math whiz. I found out that being a math whiz gives you a better chance at scholarships than many other activities. However it did mean that our previous dreams about attending the same college were not to be.

Not that it made our parents unhappy. Saving a hundred plus thousand each made them both happy. New car happy that is. We each ended up with new cars and a few other perks.

College for us both like many others put an end to our virginity which is my case proved exciting but not overly erotic. Anyhow at the end of our Sophomore year we both ended up at mom's home near Ocean City Maryland. Sis had a job waiting tables there while I had a job as part of the grounds crew at a nearby golf course.

We are both tall, I am an even six feet she is about two inches shorter. While neither of us are skinny we are not overweight either. We both eat well but exercise mostly by running and playing tennis.

Jill has nicely shaped firm breasts which slightly over filled a B cup but don't quite qualify for a C size. I don't pretend to be an expert, that is just what she told me

As to cock size which seems to be important to some readers all I can say is mine has never been measured. So far no one has looked at it than turned away to cover their mouth and titter. Neither has anyone looked at me in awe then said. "Wow."

We are both what is usually called dirty blonde and are attractive to the opposite sex without being outstanding. Jill is very sexy mostly because of her manner and not because of the way she dresses or because of her dimensions. She does have nice legs though. As I said, I am no virgin, nor is she, however neither of us could be called promiscuous either.

Mom was spending the summer with her sister in the Pocono Mountains which meant that we had the condo to ourselves. We arrived almost simultaneously in the mid-evening. We greeted, unpacked and cobbled up a light supper. Afterward we exchanged little gifts as we usually did when getting together after a long absence. Nothing elaborate or expensive but just a thought.

I had bought Jill a yellow sleep length T-shirt with our college mascot on the front and the college name on the back. She presented me with a plaque with a saying. "May we ____ all the girls we please and please all the girls we ____.

There were two bedrooms in this condo so since mom was not home Jill took over mom's bedroom while I took the other. Being somewhat exhausted from the trip I went to sleep quickly without indulging in my ritual masturbation. I woke up early and took a quick swim in the pool then a shower in the changing room.

When I returned to the unit I heard the shower going so I knew that Jill was up so I fixed coffee and found the makings of an omelet in the frig. I cobbled up two with cheese and salsa finishing just as Jill came into the kitchen.

She was wearing the T-shirt which fit her just right showing her B/C size boobs with their perky nipples to advantage. My penis tented my well worn running shorts which made me happy that I was, by then, seated. I guess that she noticed it though. She came up to my side, draped her arm over my shoulder. Then blatantly looking down at my lap said.

"It looks like you approve of the way this looks on me."

My arm was around her waist which was not an unusual act. My hand was resting at the juncture of her hip and her waist about where the waist band of her panty should be. After a few seconds I realized that there was no panty under there.

As the realization struck I became fully erect. She was still looking down at my lap.

"Men!" She said in pretended indignation. But as she spoke I noticed that her nipples which were about level with my eyes had also become erect. I couldn't help myself, my hand which had been at Jill's waist reached up and gently touched an erect nipple and squeezed it gently.

"Women!" I muttered. Jill gently struck my face in a pretend slap.

"Jack!" She said gently. "You have exactly five minutes to stop that."

That said she bent and blew into my ear. That was followed by what seemed like a slow motion event as our faces turned toward each other followed by our lips meeting in a gentle kiss. It was full of promises and things unsaid. Just as we drew apart I felt my sister's tongue touch my lips.

With that we separated both of us with red faces. Without a word Jill sat down and we both ate without looking at each other or speaking. Till Jill happened to look up at the clock.

"Look at the time!" Jill said. "We better hurry."

Her face registered dismay as she reminded me that we were to spend the day at our favorite beach on Assateaque island together with six friends to celebrate the end of the school year.

It was a Tuesday in mid June and it was a perfect beach day. The water was great, just warm enough, the wave pattern just right for having fun together. The beach while not deserted was such that the various groups were comfortably separated.

Jill was wearing a one piece swim suit which fully covered her from boobs to upper thighs. The other girls were wearing Bikini's which wee relatively modest also.

We all entered the water and were indulging occasionally in horseplay when I realized as did the others that my sister's wet swim suit clung to her like a second orange skin as it became soaked with water. Every line of her body was obvious as if she were naked. Actually it was more exciting in some ways than if she were truly naked.

I couldn't help but become somewhat erect. I suspect the other guys did too. It did change the tone of the get together as the horseplay got suddenly more raunchy.

The water was filled with gently rolling high waves. When we were in the trough we were in water just above our waists. When the next wave rolled in it was just over our heads. The water was cool, the sun was hot. All in all a perfect day. Sometimes we would ride the wave up, sometimes we would dive into it and some times we would indulge in some horseplay.

As the horse play got raunchy the guys all began to cop a feel if they could. The girls, who like my sister were not virgins, began to grab something too if they got a chance. Soon every one was feeling everyone else, gender not being a barrier. That went on for a while then everyone began to pair off.

Within a few more minutes the other couples, everyone but Jill and I had gone back to the beach. Jill and I were alone in that part of the ocean as the waves continued their gentle rolling. simply held hands as we lifted ourselves for the higher waves.

Then as the next wave approached she faced me and put both hands on my shoulders. As I made my little leap to keep my head above water Jill jumped with me then wrapped her legs around my waist.

The extra weight kept me down so the wave went over our heads. As it did she planted her lips on mine. When the wave receded her ass was hanging below my waist and her crotch was wiggling against my erection. As the wave passed us by we began to kiss seriously with Jill humping against my hard on.

We were still kissing hard our tongues teasing, still humping our crotches together, when the next wave swept over our heads. We pushed apart and came up on the other side coughing and laughing with joy. The ice was broken. This was the next step in a new phase of our lives and we both knew it.

Finally cold in spite of the nice weather we too returned shivering to the beach. We dried ourselves quickly then threw ourselves down on to the blanket to get out of the breeze. Meanwhile I had noticed that two of the other three blankets were missing although their other belongings were there.

I looked at Bill who along with Rita was catching rays on the adjacent blanket. I raised my eyes in a questioning look.

"Over in the dunes." He said. "Making out." Stating the obvious.

"And you guys?"

"Rita's not well."

"Oh." I said catching the implication. "I think we'll head back to the house to get set up for the get together later. You know the way?"

Rita looked at Bill and nodded. I said that we would be expecting them when ever they got there. For them to take their time. Jill and I bypassed the changing rooms, quickly found our car and hurried home. Three minutes after entering the front door we were under the shower together.

We were still in our suits as we hugged and kissed under the hot water. We helped each other out of our wet suits washing the sand away. I was enjoying my first recent sight of the Jill's naked body. She was looking me up and down too. I hoped that her pleasure matched mine.

Jill soaped her hair and I began to massage the shampoo into her scalp. She moaned her enjoyment with sounds that reminded me of sounds of erotic pleasure.

"I just love what you are doing. The feel of your fingers on my scalp is going straight to my pussy."

"As soon as I finish your scalp my fingers will be in your pussy."

"Oh God, I hope so."

As the soap seemed to be nearly all washed away I bent my head the blew into Jill's right ear. I followed that with my tongue making it act similar to what I might do with it to a woman's pussy given the chance. It must have worked. I felt Jill come. As she came down from her high she reached back with her hand and found my erect cock.

She was beginning to stroke it and it was getting harder by the moment when there was a knock at the bathroom door. "Jack. Are you in there?"

I promptly answered. "Yea mom. What are you doing home?"

"Lois wanted to spend a couple of days at the beach. We decided that we could work out the sleeping arrangements somehow."

A moment later she called in saying. "I can't find Jill. Is she in there with you?"

"No." I lied. "Don't know where she is." Then in an attempt to buy some time. "You fixing lunch?"

"I'll call out for some pizza." I heard her stomp down the hall toward the kitchen. Jill meanwhile had dried herself and was peaking out the door. Seeing that the coast was clear she ducked out and into mom's room. Later I discovered that she had sneaked over the balcony railing and on around the house just in time to join our friends. She told them a half truth and they went along with her tale to our mom and aunt.

That was the beginning of a frustrated afternoon which might have been unnecessary had we known of the long history of Barb and Lois. It was almost midnight before our guests departed and Barb and Lois trundled off to their bed. Jill had just finished loading the dishwasher when we heard their door close. The dishwasher began to fill as my sister turned to me saying.

"Finally! I thought we'd never be alone again. I'm so God Damn horny I could screw a banana. Which incidentally I have done just in case you need to know that."

I leaned back against the counter as Jill leaned against me front to front. She locked her hands behind my head and moved her lips to mine. As I pursed my lips to meet her's I felt her tongue begin to part mine. This was followed by her soft lips taking my upper lip as her tongue massaged it from end to end.

We quickly open our mouths and let our tongues battle. I had my hands on her ass feeling her firm cheeks under the thin material of her shorts.

"Where?" Asked Jill.

I thought for a minute then said. "The bedroom. It's further from their room and the door does close. I can always say that I was out somewhere if they notice that I'm not on the couch."

Hand in hand we walked quietly toward the spare bedroom. As we entered the hall between the bedrooms we heard noises from mom's room. We paused then moved closer to her door, moving quietly, listening intently. After a moment we looked at each other and grinned. I could hardly prevent myself from giggling.

A moment later we were in the bedroom holding each other and grinning as we both held in our giggles. We had both come to the same conclusion.

"They're having sex in there Jill. Mom and Aunt Lois are having sex. I wonder how long that's been going on?" I wondered out loud.

"Since they were our age I'd bet." Jill replied. "At least they have no complaint if the catch us doing it. We are going to do it aren't we?"

"You bet your life we are!" I said as I threw my sister down on the bed.

===JILL picks up the story from there ==

"It's about time!" I said. I thought I said it to myself but I must have said it aloud.

"What? Did you say 'it's about time?"

"Yes damnit! Now shut up and do it." With that I lifted my butt off the bed so Jack could get my shorts off.

Meanwhile I was tugging his shorts down but having trouble getting them past that stiff pole sticking out from his crotch. As I did that we managed at last to get ourselves into the time honored missionary position. That accomplished I finally I got his shorts down below his ass. A moment later I felt his hand guiding his hard on around seeking a place to hide it.

We managed that very pleasant chore quickly. At long last I felt my brother's cock slide into my love cave. I squeezed it as tight as I could trying to express my love and my desire. I had waited so long and it felt so good. I lifted my ass and wiggled bringing the tip right into my cervix. Once there I held still just enjoying the feel of it.

"Oh my God!" I said to myself. "It's really happening. It is rally happening."

In our eagerness we quickly began to fuck. It took about fifty strokes and two fall-outs before we got it just right. I was no virgin but this was the first time I totally one hundred percent really enjoyed being screwed. The tremors, the overflow of my pussy juices, the constant twitching of my pussy, all combined to make this the greatest of all.

I also was no stranger to orgasm but I knew that the one fast overtaking my body was going to be the best ever. For the sake of avoiding problems with our mom and our aunt we were keeping it as quiet as we could. But it was really too exciting for both of us to avoid quick orgasms. Jack came first. Feeling that I came quickly in a body ripping orgasm which was enhanced by my brother's cum filling and heating my insides.

Jack hardly paused before he began pumping his cock in and out of my willing love hole again. Things suddenly got very sloppy as his cum mixed with the copious quantity of pussy juice I was generating began leaking down my crack and all over the bed. I had a momentary flash of explaining the stain to my mom but it went away fast in the excitment of the present.

By then my body had made up it's mind to orgasm again. Then orgasm it did. My crotch was slamming and circling and shuddering as my body trembled from my toes to my scalp. It was even better that the one of just a short while before,

Then I felt my brother come again. Not so much cum this time but I felt his body react from his head to his toes. Never had I had a guy evidence so much pleasure from his orgasm. It made me very happy. This time both of us being exhausted we hugged and kissed for a moment then still inter-tangled we rolled over on to our sides.

A while later I awoke with various parts of my limbs tingling from a lack of circulation. I woke Jack and made him roll away from me then sat on the edge of the bed as my circulation recovered. As I sat there I became aware of another pool of cum and pussy juice forming under my crotch.

Holding it in as best I could with my hand I made my way to the shower. As the water temperature stabilized I stepped under and let it drain as I also relieved my bladder. I was reminded of another afternoon shower after a session with a guy who I called preacher boy. (My first) He always came quickly, he came often, he produced great quantities of cum, but he was a lousy lover.

Back in the bedroom I awoke my brother. I handed him his clothes and a clean sheet and said to him.

"Get your butt out on the couch and your underwear on. Wipe the smile off your face too. That would be a dead give a way." Jack gave me a quick kiss and slipped away.

I sneaked down the hall to listen at my mother's door for signs of activity. It being quiet I quietly and carefully opened the door. They were asleep. They were uncovered and naked. My Aunt Lois was sleeping with her head to the bottom of the bed and her hand resting on my mom's thigh. If there had been any doubt about their relationship that doubt was now eliminated.

With that I went back to my room and stripped the bed. I turned the mattress and replaced the bottom sheet. I also opened the window to both freshen the air and enjoy the mixture of outside smells coming in and the sex smell going out.

I lay back in bed wide awake and reviewed the days events with a big smile on my face. That led me into contemplating other sexual activities which might be in my future. With those thoughts uppermost in my mind I fell into a most pleasant dream filled slumber. I awakened satisfied and wet.

I was harshly awakened by my brother spraying my naked body from a squirt bottle filled with water. He was aiming it first at my tits then at my pussy. It was starting to feel pretty good to me before our Aunt Lois stuck her head in the door. She took in the sight said. "Naughty. Naughty." and left. I dried and dressed and joined the other three for breakfast.

I was to report to work at ten to begin training. Jack was to begin his job early the following morning. What with the staggered hours and the ever present mother and aunt nothing happened between my brother and I for about a week. Finally the ninth morning after I first wore the T-shirt I woke up at seven o'clock with a free day ahead.

Jack was free until ten when he was supposed to ride up someplace to pick up some new equipment which apparently was to take the rest of the day. I listened for noise from mom's room. Hearing none I went quietly down the hall and looked thru the partially opened door. I saw an empty but freshly made bed.

I made my way to the kitchen where I found a not announcing the sisters return to the Pocono Mountains. I made my way still being quiet to the living room. I expected to find my brother sleeping under a sheet with a tent having formed above his crotch. I got naked then walked into the living room.

As expected Jack was on the couch. He was however awake. The sheet was on the floor and his penis was pointing at the ceiling and appeared to be fully engorged.

"I've been waiting for you. Climb aboard."

A moment later my right knee was on the couch cushion my left foot was on the floor and we were trying to make a bull's eye aiming Jack's cock into my pussy without using our hands. With a little slip and slide the chore was done and I wiggled my way downward until we were fully engaged.

I squeezed my brother's cock as tight as I could then lifted myself upward until only his prick head was still inside. Maintaining that position I bent forward and kissed him using lot's of tongue. By then my pussy complained about being empty so I pushed down and filled it again.

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