tagGay MaleJack and Toby Ch. 07

Jack and Toby Ch. 07



Toby wants to go to his ten year reunion, God, I don't know why. It's not like he's friends with anyone anymore. But I'll go with him, he confirmed his invitations a month ago without telling me. I can't believe it, typical of him and he even arranged with his boss for the following day off, so he was thinking in advance. So I guess he really wants to go.

I have to find something to wear, I want to at least look good on his arm if I'm going to go. I had a decision to make should I wear black or white pants. I have some really nice white Gucci ones, I know I paid an arm. Technically they are last seasons but the fit was to die for and I just had to have them. Toby hates when I do that, but I tell him I've to look good too, that I work with models all day. Plus it's my money, I should be able to do with it what I please. I could put a nice black V-neck shirt and a jacket on, I'll look wonderful. I think I've got just the jacket I need at Aspirations, I'll see if I can borrow it for a night.

Now I'll have to dress Toby, that's going to be the real chore. He hates getting dressed up. I asked what he was going to wear and he said jeans and a t-shirt nothing special. I was pissed with him that day so I had to walk away but the next day I came back with something else.

"Okay Toby, how about this. You can wear jeans but not a t-shirt."

Toby looked up at me from the couch, I could tell he was thinking, not this again. "What?"

I held up a black long sleeve button-up which he looks so great in it. It's not meant to be tucked in, it can be for the nerds, but it's shorter where you don't have to. "Before you ask, no you don't have to wear a tie, I wanted you to leave the top few buttons undone anyways.

"Can I at least wear my gym shoes?"

"Hell no!" God he's a heathen. "We paid a small ransom for your black boots and you're going to shine them."

"Oh God." Toby dropped his head. "Why did you have to be so fashion conscious?"

"Because, I'm Jack." I said as I walked out of the living room to retrieve his boots and the black polish.


I do love Jack but sometimes... I do wonder why. He knows how to infuriate me and lately it has been in overdrive. I had to actually walk out of the apartment last week, I wanted to hit him. I've never wanted to hit him before. Maybe this shits getting old, I don't know. But here I am shining my boots because he wants me to look my best, I don't care. Shit it's a reunion most of us will be shitfaced by nine.

When I finished shining my boots, Jack took them from me and placed them next to the dresser in the bedroom. When I came to bed, I noticed he had my best pair of jeans along with the black shirt hanging up on the outside of the closet. I didn't say anything, I just got ready for bed.


Walking into the hall there were already so many people there. Jack and I were directed to a table to sign in. They actually had us wearing name tags with our senior pictures attached, significant others or plus ones, whatever you want to call guests, just had name tags. When Jack and I walked into the actual hall itself they had a picture line, of course Jack wanted to get into it. The one that didn't want to come in the first place, I had to laugh.

I ran into old football buddies right away and we talked about old times, by then Jack had walked away. We were talking up a storm, some of their wives or girlfriends would interrupt but we continued to talk. Most of the guys have kids they couldn't believe I didn't, then they found out the reason when Jack came up and stood beside me. I could see the reaction on some of their faces, some already knew and it didn't even faze them.

Of course Todd had to be the dick he always was. "Toby you can't be serious?"


"Man, come on. You're not?" He couldn't ever say it.

"Gay?" I looked at him and a few of the others. "Yeah, I am and Jack's been my boyfriend basically since we were set up as study partners in drama class. Do you have a problem with it?"

"No man." He backed down but I could see him eyeing Jack. "I just didn't know."

"Well, we all lost touch, in some ways." We started talking sports again, which bores Jack so he walked away again.


God this reunion is BORING, I walked up to Toby one time and oh boy, now he's out of the closet. Guess he had never told his football buddies, oops. I saw the shock on their faces when I came and stood beside Toby, I couldn't resist putting my arm around his waist. That is when it dawn on them that we were a couple and Todd spoke up. Toby had automatically put his arm around me and you know what happens when you put Toby down, he bites back. Which I'm still amazed about that.


I walked away from the football group for a bit, I couldn't find Jack but I'm sure he's holding his own. I've had God knows how many beers and I was feeling good. I stood off in the corner watching everyone, it was interesting the differences in the kids back than and the adults they are today. If you want to call some of them adults.

I could see someone in my peripheral vision and looked over and it was Caleb Forrester. Caleb was actually one of the smartest guys on the team, he didn't goof around as much as I did in school. "Hey Caleb."

"Hi." He smiled and handed me another beer. "How have you been?"

"Good and you?" I had to get close to him so I could hear him, the music was on the loud side and when the guys were talking we were pretty much shouting anyways.

"I'm doing great, thanks. Can we go somewhere to talk?"

I smiled. "Sure." I followed him out into the lobby and outside. There was a little seating area to the side of the building where we could talk. "I lost track of you after high school, I knew you went out of state for college but that is about it."

Caleb smiled, I think he liked I noticed him enough to know he went out of state for school. "Yeah, I didn't want to go anywhere around here. I wanted to get out from under my family you know."

"Actually I don't sadly." I responded. "Not that I still live with them." I quickly added because he looked at me kind of funny. "I didn't go away to college just went to community and became a cop, just for a year. I hated it and still lived at home until I had a stable job as a security guard."

"Well it's all in what you like. Right?" Caleb smiled, wow did he have a nice smile. I must be drunk.

"Yeah it is. How about you, what did you become?"

He laughed, "I'm a Traffic Engineer."

"A what?"

"I try to make traffic flow better, per se. Try to solve issues to free up the congestion, but to be honest it's always only a temporary solution. We can build new freeways, more roads or lanes and there is always going to be congestion. It will relieve it for a moment but then less carpooling or more people start driving and we're back to where were before we had the new lanes we didn't have the year or two before."

"So you get paid, in a sense to do nothing." I laughed.

He chuckled and sat his beer down between us. "Yeah you can say that." I'd finished mine and sat the bottle down between my legs.

"So, is there a Mrs. Forrester?"

He coughed, "No, I ahhh." He looked at me then down. "I don't know why I have a hard time telling you this, because you're definitely out of the closet. I'm gay."

"Oh, well then a want-a-be Mr. Forrester?" I smiled.

He hit my thigh when he picked up his beer, he was looking right at me and smiled. "Not yet, but I'm taking applications if you would like to apply." I just laughed.

We sat and talked for a bit longer, but we both wanted another beer, so we went back in. Jack was standing at the entrance and the way he looked I knew I was in for it. "Hey Caleb, I'll catch up with you in a few." I winced.

"Did you have fun talking to that hussy?" Jack asked with so much attitude.

"What are you talking about?"

"That one you just called Caleb. Did you have fun, flirting with one another?"

"Jack, really I don't know what you're talking about. We were talking, that was it. We were talking about high school, college and what we do now."

"Take me home, Toby." Jack responded.

I scoffed, there was no way. "Jack, I'm toasted, I was headed in to get more to drink. I'll get you a cab and I'll get one later."

Jack stormed off he was pissed at me. I don't know what he was talking about Caleb wasn't flirting with me. I turned and headed back into the hall and Caleb was standing at the doors with a beer for me. "Did your boyfriend leave?"

"Yup, he stormed off wherever Jack storms off too. Knowing Jack, to Tom, Dick or Harry."

"What?" Caleb looked at me.

"Nothing." I shook my head. "Nothing, let's drink." Caleb smiled and put his arm around my shoulder and led me to a table and we sat down facing one another talking. We actually had to get kind of close so we could hear one another but hell I didn't care.

Sometime later we had switched to shots, hell we paid enough to attend the reunion might as well get our money's worth, right. God I don't remember Caleb asking if I would like to stay in his hotel room but I must have said yes because we were both stumbling into it sometime that night.

"Man, I've only got one bed." I really don't know how he was speaking all I wanted to do was pee and sleep.

"No problem." I walked straight to the bathroom and peed. I was unbuttoning my shirt on my way out and Caleb passed me with a smile. He had pulled the covers down, I rounded the bed, kicked my boots off and took my pants off. I didn't think twice I laid down as always only in my boxers and I was out before Caleb returned.

When I woke the next morning of course with a raging headache, Caleb must have woken before me because when he heard me moan he nudged me. "Here take these and drink this." I just looked at what I was taking it was Tylenol and a bottle of water. I had to pee again, I didn't want to because I knew the room would possibly start to spin but I needed to go. "Where you going?"


"Let me know if you need help aiming."

"Sure thing." I chuckled, but that wasn't the best thing to do when you have a headache. "Ouch."

Caleb was still lying in bed himself, he watched me all the way from the bed to the bathroom and back. Something about aroused me and I hope he wasn't looking at my boxers much.

We were just facing each other in the bed staring until I closed my eyes and fell asleep again. I could've sworn that I saw Caleb smile just as I closed them. I woke to Caleb asking if I was going to sleep all day and I just laughed at him. "Shit you sound like Jack."

"Damn, you've got nerve." He laughed. "Don't worry, I just woke too."

"What time is it anyways?"


"Oh Shit, Jack is going to kill me." I jumped up and grabbed for my pants.

"Do you want me to come with you and explain?"

I laughed, "Yeah like that would look any better. I'll go home and face the fire. I've done nothing." I scoffed. "Unlike him all these years."

"You keep mentioning something on those terms. Does he cheat on you?" Caleb asked.

All I did was shake my head. "Not going into it right now, Caleb."

"Well I'm here for the rest of the week actually to Sunday. Here my number but sadly tonight I've got family obligations. What are you doing Sunday?"

"Sunday is always family for me, but I'll give you a call." I took his number but I dialed it so it rang through and stored his number, he smiled at me and picked his phone up.



When I arrived home, Jack wasn't there go figure. I wonder how pissed off he is and when he will return. I was tired so I went to bed, I know it was only after four but I had to work tomorrow. I woke the next morning to my alarm, I had a few missed texts from Caleb, I chucked when I read them. If I did hustle, I was going to be late.

I still didn't hear anything from Jack and I was texting occasionally with Caleb, it was nice to hear from someone that wasn't Jack. I needed to get a friend circle again, Jack pretty much ran away all of my friends. I decided what the hell I don't miss family night that often, Caleb's not going to be in town long we could go out to dinner. So I texted and asked if he was free. He called me a few minutes later.

"I thought you had family tonight?"

"Do you want to go out or do you want me to go to family dinner and shoot the shit all evening with my dad?"

"Well if you put it that way." Caleb laughed. "Maybe we could go to dinner."

"You decide and depending where, is if I have to stop home and change or not."

"Well I think you'll have to anyways, I don't think a security guard uniform will be welcomed most places." He jeered.

I laughed. "I don't wear a uniform Caleb, at least not anymore."

"Then please show up here after work, I would love to see this."

"Yeah Caleb." I laughed. "I get out at three, so it's a little on the early side to eat."

"I think we can find something to do, a bar or somewhere to go."

"I do work tomorrow."

"Then bring a change of clothes or we can stop and get some, tell your boyfriend to come along." Caleb laughed.

"Yeah like that would work, anyways, not sure he's even around right now."

"We're going to discuss this one Toby, you keep making too many references to it." Caleb warned.

"Yeah, hey I'll call ya when I'm leaving." I hung up and finished my day.


I knocked on his hotel room and he opened the door with a smiled. "There is no fucking way you're just a security guard, you're buying dinner." He looked me up and down. The way he was looking at me made me a little bit uncomfortable but only a little.

"You're the one that makes our roadways quote unquote fucked up and gets paid for it. I think you need to pay." I laughed at him. "Anyways, I think you probably get paid a hell of a lot more than I do. Also I have a boyfriend that takes most of my pay, what do you have?"

"Granted." He admitted. "Let's go get a beer or something."

"I could use one."

"Where's your car?"

"Parking lot, why?" I asked.

"You heard from your boyfriend yet?"

"Not a peep."

"Why don't we head back to your place, grab a case of beer, a pizza and watch a game on the tube and just shoot the shit where we don't have to worry about being overheard." Caleb asked.

"Sure that sounds good to me."

Before we left I ordered for a pizza from a place that wasn't far from my apartment. Next to the pizza joint was a liquor store so we stop for a case and a fifth of whiskey, which was probably a bad idea. Because we got wasted before the third inning of the Dodger Astros game, which the Dodgers didn't score until the eighth and it was a one zero game, so a very slow game.

Caleb and I were just talking and drinking, I had too loose of a tongue about Jack. He was asking too many questions and I was answering. I was telling him about how unfaithful Jack was to me, Caleb was very interested.

While we were just sitting there half wasted Jack walked in, he looked at the two of us on the couch and just the look on his face was priceless. He wasn't expecting me to be home because I should've been at my parents and then to be sitting there with Caleb, he looked at me than stomped off to the bedroom.

I stumbled in behind him. "Hi Babe." I tried to hug him.

"Don't Babe me." Jack responded while pulling a bag out of the closet. "I'll be back in a few days, maybe. You know how it is."

"Yeah Jack, I know how it is." I walked back out to the living room.


I couldn't believe it, he had that man stealer here. Can't Toby see him for what he is? And they are drunk again, Toby is an idiot if he doesn't think I don't realize he's fucking him. I should stay. But Roy asked me to come over to talk and he told me he would take me to dinner, more than what Toby would do, lately.

I can't believe that the asshole is here, I can't believe Toby would bring him back to OUR apartment. I won't even do that. I at least I respect Toby enough to not fuck anyone else here.


Jack had been gone all week and I've been having dinner with Caleb every night. Thursday night he asked me back to his room we had been drinking again and my car was parked at the hotel. I didn't have to work Friday so I didn't care.

I was sitting in one of the chairs in the room, it was okay but not the greatest chair to sit in. Caleb had pull the covers down on the bed and taken off his shoes and was lounging against the pillows. We each had a glass with whiskey on ice, had a game on low and we were more talking than watching.

"Toby why sit there you look uncomfortable, come take your shoes off and sit on the bed."

I didn't even bother sitting where I could see the TV, it didn't interest me. Getting to talk to someone, interact with someone, was so much better. I sat my glass on the nightstand grabbed a pillow and tossed it at the foot of the bed, took my shoes off and laid down but curled up towards him so I could see and talk to him, not the TV.

"You need to get better odor eaters, man. Your feet sink." I teased, they didn't but I was down near them. He moved them for a second and I laughed he sat up and hit me. We talked for a while Caleb turned the TV off because it became more of a distraction than anything.

At one point we were both sitting up facing one another, we had stop talking and I don't know what took over but we just started to kiss. Oh God, I don't know what I was doing. I just want to touch and kiss him. He was pulling at my shirt and it pulled me back to reality and I stopped kissing him.

"God what am I doing." I started to get off the bed.

"Toby, it's okay. Please don't leave." Caleb put his hand on my shoulder.

"I can't do this to Jack, Caleb. I know Jack fucks around on me, I know. But I'm not that guy. I'm in a relationship with Jack, I can't do this." I got up and walked to the door.

"Toby stay, you can't drive home in this condition. I promise nothing will happen."

"I'll call you tomorrow Caleb, but I don't think it would be good for me to stay. I can't trust myself, it's not you. If you don't believe, I'll even leave my car keys here." I looked at Caleb he looked hurt. "Actually here, you don't believe me." I walked over to the bed. "Here's my keys, I can't stay, I don't trust myself, I want you Caleb and I can't do that to Jack." Caleb stood up.

"Toby you don't have to."

"Yeah I do." I opened his hand and pull the keys in. I don't know why I did it. I think I needed to do it, I pulled him to me and kissed him again. God did I want him and I was so hard. "Oh shit, I do have to leave."

"You work tomorrow?"


"I'll bring your car to you in the morning."

"Okay." I walked to the door but as I got there he was behind me and push me up against the door and his cock into my ass, God was he hard.

"Are you sure Toby?" He said as he kiss my neck and humped my ass. I just nodded, I couldn't even rely on my voice at this point he kissed my neck again and moved away. "I'll see you tomorrow." I looked him in the eye, he took my face in his hands one last time and kissed me, I opened the door.

When I arrived home I dropped on the couch, I couldn't believe my fucking loyalty to Jack. He fucks around on me for years and is out all this week with someone else and I can't be unfaithful once. I know I'm going to feel guilty for the longest time just for kissing Caleb and I know it's stupid.

I decided to take a shower and go to bed, I walked into the bedroom and there sat Jack. "So did you fuck him?" God was he watching me?


"And I'm supposed to believe you?" Jack responded.

"Fuck you, Jack. You don't know how loyal I am to you, do you?" I just turned around and walked out of the apartment. I walked into the liquor store that was down the block from our apartment and called for a cab. When the cab showed up he asked where I wanted to go, I was already starting to feel the whiskey and told him Caleb's hotel.

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