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Jack of Hearts


(A second bit of playfulness from the old Cyberpunk Gm. Meet Jack, slickest fixer in the game. Wrote for fun.)

The light filled haze of the club, neon at war with brilliant laser light. Like siblings they fight constantly meeting and tangling together. Walking into the club I look down at the splashes of light that make my ChameleonBlend* suit goes into convulsions trying to keep up. I shift my stick in my mouth and take a draw from it at the same time. The blue smoke boils around in my mouth carrying the sweet bubble gum flavor between my teeth. I inhale enough of it to feel the buzz then send the rest out to join the other smoke in the club. The very air a riotous orgy of sinful flavors. They hang like morning mist in the air giving the laser lights something to work with

I see my marky sitting looking all out of place in the corner. I want to chuckle at that. Who the fuck does this Jersey boy think he is. His body sculps bulging under his CK#1 Tan skin. I can see the work he's had done from across the room. Peck implants for that massive upper body look are just the start. I sigh as I walk towards him. At least they look top shelf.

Walking up I jar the hell out of him by dropping my valise on the table in front of him without a word said. I flip the back of my coat out from under me and drape myself like lace across the chair in front of him.

"Ready to fly, Jersey boy? Got the cred?"

He looks at me sweating bullets wondering if I'm the NarKer. I can see it in his eyes. The late night Infomercials have him in their grips, eyes bulged out like lemon lime sodas

I spin my case and pop it open. The inside lined in red Vedin* silk I know what he sees. The black on black of my Maxis7000* must be calling his name like a lover. He settles down just a bit. No NarKer would have this. Not even a plant. The Johnny-Boys in Blue wouldn't let a NarKer carry one. They're not fools. A good NarKer is hard to find but handing one 200K worth of Sims* gear? Not happening.

Still seeing doubt I reach into my pocket and pull out my card. The old playing card comes to rest on the table between us. The red Jack is so well know in town even a Greeny like this one knows it. He noticeable relaxes.

"Come on Jersey boy. I got others wanting to fly tonight."

He pulls his out Debcard and I smile. Cha Chin Boda Biing.

Pulling the hard lines from my case I move to hook the bio's to his skin.

"Here?" he asks pulling back.

I smile at the Greeny.

"Why not? You think anyone here gives a fuckshit? Look around Jersey Boy. The last thing anyone here gives a fuck about it what the fuck a sculpty like you and pimper like me are doing."

I see his eyes roam the crowd.

Oh for fuck sake. There's a girl getting ass fucked over a table nearby and this Jersey boy's worried about getting caught. Like the Jonny-Boys in Blue don't have better things to do tonight. Theirs is not to wonder what the fuck, theirs is simply to dunk their nuts in the black and do it till payday.

He nods after a second.

Chuckling I hook him up. I smile with contempt when I see his skin going flush, his pulse starts to throb in his throat. I know without looking under the table that the little waster already has a hard on. I normally give a warning but not tonight. I have others wanting to fly and I don't really care if I loose this Jersey boy. There probably a dozen more just like him ready to take his place.

Hitting the stud I see the blue haze of light from the other side of my case flash his face. His eyes go rigid, His body locks in rictus as the current surges into his very core.

Sitting back I take a long draw on my stick them move it out my mouth for a second. The comfort of rolling the long pipe between my fingers is a old friend. I blow the bubblegum smoke into his face not that he can see. His whole mind is locked into the Sim* play before him.

I look around the club watching the lights play, listening to the DJ-man mixing, tricking, and sticking. He has the place tapped. I glance back to Jersey boy.

His breath is a pant he's all but hunching the air trying to drive his cock into a wet hole only he can see. The Maxis7000* has him by he shortys and is janking them hard. His every nerve is firing by now. Spasms of pain and pleasure are making his brain scream the only reason his mouth isn't doing it is that his vocal cords have spasmed to the point he can't make more than the 'wheeny' sound of a fly boy I heat.

My eyes go to the table nearby the girl in blood red fishnet BodyGlove* she's watching with a pant what's going on. I grin at her and motion her over.

"Want to fly? I can get you so very high." I tell her when she slides in next to my chair. My eyes roam her body. The red fishnet hugs her skin giving nothing but lust back to the looker. She nods her head in a near manic way. I hide my grin when I see 'the sign' showing in her so very strong. That twitch that the Frequentflyers all get. "2k for all the way. 5Cs will get you almost there."

She licks her lips. The forked tongue going to both the top and bottom lip simultaneously. I lift an eyebrow without meaning to. She takes that as acceptance and drops to her knees next to my seat. When her hands start to roam across my SythyLeather* pants I just watch. Looking up I see that Jersey boy is about half way through.

As she opens my pants I feel the cool smoky air brush my cock. She leans in as I sit back.

I have to fight hard to keep a moan out my mouth as I feel that bizarre tongue go to work. Like having two women at the same time almost. Then I hear a click. When I look down I see her jaw unlock and her mouth descend. I can't help the moan as her mouth opens impossibly wide. She engulfs my cock all the way down and then her lips pull in my balls as well. That forked tongue begins to dance all around my sack down the length of me around the base. Then I feel her throat start to work on the head.

Hearing a horsy I look up to see my Jersey boy making the 'wheeny" His whole body is shaking now. The convulsion lock has him good and hard. His hands grip the table so tight his fingers are denting the surface.

"Oh fuck." I moan. I wish and I hadn't. She doesn't need to know how good she is at this. It will lower the price next time. But then if this is how she wants to pay who am I to complain. I'll let her fly night after night for this.

Lips like silk pulse around the entire base of me. Her tongue moving my balls in her mouth, the head of me deep in her throat, the muscles rippling around it. I look down and see little open flaps on the side of her neck. The BreatherGills* letting her suck me to the root but still breath. Well what the fuck ever man she's good.

A movement from Jersey boy catches my attention then. He's shaking his head from side to side him mouth opening . A bit of drool slips from his lips as he shakes his head no. It falls to lands on the table . I yank back my case. Amateur fuck! That's a 200k system he's spitting around. I almost yank his ass into reality for that. I want to do it. To hear him scream as the really real word grabs his cock and rips it like ...

"Oh for fuck sake." I moan. That forked tongue working me, I'm ready to cum before I even know what's happening. When I start to cum my hand comes to rest on top of her head as a suction to be endured not enjoyed begins. I look down to see her cheeks caving in. I can feel her gulping me down, pulling shot after shot up out the balls she's licking. My cum, SynthyFlavored* of course, pours out of me into her mouth. I moan as I feel her licking it from my balls into her cheek then letting it drop back down to be licked again. When she swallows her throat convulses around me in a way that is incredible.

Her lips come off my skin with a noticeable pop sound, like a cork from a wine bottle. Looking down I watch her licking me clean even as she resets her jaw. As she lick the last drops off the head and sits up I see her eyes for the first time. Those reptilian red Mombas* have always given me the creeps. As she opens her mouth I see that tongue now holding a huge amount of my cum She tilts back her head and I can almost see it sliding down into her throat.

Jersey Boy is drenched in sweat. I can smell that he has 'planted a garden' in his pants. My nose curling at the smell I hit the stud and watch him drop like a doll it's strings cut. I move my case even as his head hits the table top. The contacts peal of him easily his skin slick with sweat.

I pick up my card from the table. The old worn piece of waxed plastic is slick under my fingers. The fucker drooled on my card! I grimace and go to wipe it in his hair, then decide his greasy locks would only make it worse. I use his shirt instead.

Snake girl is panting next to me. I see her eyes go icy cold when I close my case. She grabs my coat even as I stand up. Her face right in my face I see a set of Snakers* pop in her mouth. My nuts cringe back at the idea of how close they just were to those long fangs.

"My place. I'll let you fly all night," my hand follows up her side till I cup her breast. I feel the nipple like a hard pebble under my fingers. "Sound like a deal?"

She nods eagerly then starts to drag me towards the door. My eyes go to her ass and I grin. Money made, cum already in her mouth and a night of fucking that tight thing to look forward to.

"Going to be a good night, for the Jack of Hearts."

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