tagErotic CouplingsJacked Ch. 02

Jacked Ch. 02


Finding the bar was easy enough, but getting out of the campus was hard the hard part. Pretty much everyone there had something to ask her, almost like they were trying their best to keep her from getting out to find Dave and his cock. Throughout the whole ordeal, all she had on her mind was getting a hold of his cock and have him pound her brains out. She was actually dripping during her talk, soaking her panties almost thoroughly. She just hoped no one actually noticed.

It was already twenty past eight when she parked her car and rushed out to Sam's Tavern. She strode into the bar like she had a hot poker being struck into her ass, she was that anxious. The place was dimly lit, with tables for eating all around and a bar at one end. She peered hard to see if she could spot him. There five men there, all almost the same size and build but when she saw a head of unkempt brown hair, she knew it was him. As she approached him, she noticed he was chatting to one of the staff behind the bar. She was a young Latina with dark brown hair and full, plump lips. She was cutie from what she could see but her physique was something Harley could not make out as the bar was blocking her view.

Harley stood behind Dave and tapped him on his shoulder.

He turned around, "You're late."

"I know, I know but I'm here now," she sighed.

He smiled.

"What do you want to do?"

"You know what I want to do," she answered.

"No drink, no meal? Just straight to the point?"

"Yeah, so hurry up."

He smiled and shook his head.

"Whatever you want, Harley," he got up from his stool and turned to the Latina. "I'll see you later, Jesse."

Jesse smiled with a nod as she acknowledged their departure. Harley noted she had a nice smile. They walked out of the bar and headed a few blocks down the street and into one the buildings. They headed up the stairs and stopped in front of an apartment door as Dave pulled out a key, unlocking the door. He opened it and let her in first. I was a small but cozy living space with a single couch and two mismatching chairs. There knickknacks here and there but not many pictures. But for a guy's place, it seemed very feminine.

"You live here?" she aked.

"Nope. I t belongs to a friend who lets me use it whenever she's not here."

"Where is she?"


"Then she's probably not coming home anytime soon?" a smile grew on her face.

"Probably not," he locked the door, turned around and pulled the zip of his jeans down.

"Good," she approached him and stuck her hand into his pants and planted her mouth on his. It was their first kiss, even though she had already placed his cock in her mouth and sucked his cum out of it. She opened her mouth and allowed his tongue to enter. He could taste his cum all over her tongue and the rest of her mouth. Heads turned left and right as they explored each other's mouths. Her hand moved up and down his shaft as they kissed before she pulled it out of the confines of his pants. She kneaded it hard as they kissed, getting him to groan a bit into her mouth. He put his hands on her large breasts and felt how soft they were.

He then undid her shirt and opened it. She removed her hand from his dick to get the shirt off. He lifted the straps of her bra off with his thumbs as she unbuckled it from behind. The bra fell away and released her breasts. They were full, round and very big. They sagged a little under their own weight. Her nipples were big, pink and their points were hard.

He stood there, silent for a second as he admired them and caressed them with his thumbs.

"Finally..." he said as he pushed her backwards, guiding her to the couch and making her lie across it. Her breasts sagged to the sides as she laid down. He hovered above her and took one of her nipples into his mouth and began to suck on it. Harley moaned, putting her hands on his head and pressing his head down. He took this as a sign to suck harder and he did. She moaned even louder. After a few minutes of sucking her nipple, she pulled his head to the other and he began again. She moved one of her hands to his hard cock and held it, squeezing it hard under the influence of his ministrations on her breasts. The harder he sucked, the harder she squeezed. He used his teeth to massage and nip her tits, making her flinch and moan.

He pulled himself away as she tried to undo his pants. He took off his shirt, revealing his hard muscles, then reached for his pants, unbuttoned them and pulled the back over his ass. Breathing hard, she grabbed his dick with both her hands and stroked it vigorously. He pulled her pants down, getting rid of her shoes as well and then ripped off her underwear. The smell of her drippings was strong, which turned both of them on. He stood up to get his pants off. She sat up and took his cock into her mouth. She moved her head back and forth along the first few inches as he worked his shoes and pants off.

He pushed her off his cock and made her lie back on the couch again. He got back over her again, this time with his enormous cock hanging down directly over her pussy. She began to breath very hard once she realized this was it, she was going to get to feel his massive cock enter into the pussy. How much would it hurt? Would it kill her? Would it tear her womanly parts wide open when he plunged in and out of her? How wonderful would it feel to have that thing moving in and out of her channel? Those thoughts raced through her mind as she stared at his cock. Her moist lips were parted, waiting for it. Her breasts wobbled and jiggled as she trembled when he lowered his weight and his cock inched closer to her opening. The head between her lips and she nearly leapt off the couch.

"Jesus, please go slow," she said. "Slowly..." He held his cock there for a while, and then all of a sudden pressed forward with his hips. The head of his cock split her open and pushed slowly into her body.

"Oh my fuckin' god," she cried out loud.

It felt unbelievable. It filled her up, stretching her insides as it made its way up her passage. Her mouth was open the whole time, her eyes wide with surprise. It was painful but she expected that. With a cock that big, sex wouldn't be easy. At first at least. His hips were keeping her legs apart and his cock was sliding in slowly. She raised her head to look at their crotches. He had about half of it in already. It hurt just to have that amount in her, but she wanted his whole shaft inside her body, if she could handle it. And she wasn't sure if she could but she wanted to find out.

It felt like an eternity but it finally hit the end of her channel. He stayed there for a while, letting her fell him inside her and letting her body adjust to the huge invader that was nestled inside her.

"Oh god, that's deep..." she panted, looking up at him with her wide eyes.

Dave smiled then lowered his head and kissed her. Softly at first and then more aggressively as he began to move his hips. She began to groan while he kept his mouth glued to hers. He pumped his hips slow and smoothly then gradually began to pick the pace.

She was tight, fitting snugly around his member. He loved how she felt. He wanted to cum inside her, badly. He began hammering into her body, a lot harder than before. His hips went up and came down, jamming his fat cock into her body. She couldn't believe how good it felt to have such a large cock inside her but it made it hard to breathe. All the yelping, moaning, groaning and whimpering made her very short of breath.

"Jesus, don't stop... don't stop..." she moaned deeply. "Fuck me... fuck me..."

He didn't need the encouragement but he didn't mind hearing it. He was making her cum. She groaned, her body shuddering beneath him. Her eyes rolled back into her head as her body convulsed and she screamed. Her canal began to constrict around his cock, making it even tighter. He pounded faster as his climax began to build, grunting and straining until his orgasm reached a peak and he burst inside her.

"Christ!" she yelped. "I can feel it..."

His cum shot out of the end of his cock and into her womb. It filled her up and was about to leak out of her but the base of his cock acted like a cork, keeping it in side of her. She held him tightly, squirmed underneath him on the couch. Finally her arms went limp and dropped onto the couch, panting hard. He laid on top of her, placing little kisses on her face and neck as his hips slowed down, thrusting when his cock had an occasionally spasm.

"Oh my god..." she sighed softly. "That was..."

"Fantastic," said a female voice other than Harleys.

Her eyes shot open and saw that Latina, Jesse, standing behind Dave.

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