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Jacquie grew up on a remote outback property. She did her schooling by distance education, at first through a crackling radio connection, and latterly by Internet. Every semester she attended a regional conference for senior high school students. It was a rare opportunity to mix with others her own age. Back at home, the nearest neighbours were 100 miles in each direction. Her siblings were two brothers 12 and 14 years older. When she was a kid they had been away at boarding school, then university, and now they made their lives in the city. Neither had any interest in the property.

Jacquie, on the other hand, wanted nothing more than to learn the jackeroo (cowboy) trade and eventually run the family property. Her parents, on the other hand, wanted her to marry a boy from the bush and help him run their land. Their plans included Jacquie taking an accountancy and bookkeeping diploma so that she could look after the business aspects, while her partner did the man's work.

Times were tough, so Jacquie, unlike her brothers, was not sent away to boarding school. When the time came, there was enough set aside for her to attend the agricultural college in the largest town, 500 miles south. As well as offering a good farm business course, it also attracted the boys from the bush who were learning the more 'manly', practical side of farming and station work.

None of this, of course, fitted Jacquie's ideals. She never wanted to marry, and she certainly did not want to be confined to the house. As soon as her lessons were over each day, she burst outdoors. She was happiest riding her horse or motorbike, swimming in the creeks and dams on the vast property, hanging out with the jackeroos. She would scrape her long blonde hair back from her face, secure it in a single pony tail and push it up under her Akubra hat.

Jacquie plotted her destiny very carefully. When the time came, she kissed her loving and misguided parents goodbye, and enrolled in the college course they had chosen. As soon as she got to the town, however, she ditched the course and enrolled in a combined station management/mechanics course.

Each week Jacquie wrote or called home. She was able to relay to her parents her excellent results, and by disguising the course names slightly was able to keep them off the scent. Her mother made (at first) discreet (and later overt) enquiries as to whether Jacquie had "met anyone"? By which of course she meant husband material. Jacquie assured her mum she was mixing with a wide range of great guys, none of whom she was romancing, all of whom would one day settle down into farm or station lives. After six months, she started introducing the name Chris into the conversation regularly. "Chris is also learning all about the business of farming" she said, rather ambiguously, never mentioning exactly in which course her new friend was enrolled. Her conversations were peppered with references to Chris. Mum was delighted that at last her daughter had met someone with whom she seemed quite taken. At then end of the three year course, Jacquie decided she needed to get more practical experience in the life she wished to pursue. She wanted to find work as a jackeroo, learning the trade from the bottom, and the rough end up. She made contact with several employers in the remote northern part of her country, thousands of miles from home. Eventually she found a position, and wrote home, telling her folks she was off to the city for practical work experience in her field of endeavour. She mentioned the large accountancy firms which were hiring trainees.

* * * * * *

Jacquie had been attending the distance education seminars in Big Town for the past 3 years. In her final year of school she found herself billetted with a new student who had recently moved from the city. A townie, she brought big city ideas with her, and spoke in a rapid staccato which was rather different to the laid back drawl Jacquie used. Kristina was a self-assured young woman of southern European descent, with an olive complexion and dark, ringletted hair. The most immediately apparent feature which set her apart from the other, country girls were two visible tattoos, one adorning her upper arm, the other peeking out on the top of her breast, always visible because of the lowcut singlet tops she wore. The first day, Jacquie sat next to Kristina and noticed that while the singlet top had wide, gaping sides, Kristina's didn't wear a bra. Her firm, large breasts were clearly visible from the sides. Jacquie couldn't help sneaking glances at both tits and tatts as often as possible.

That night, after Jacquie and Kristina had unpacked their bags for the week long stay, Kristina threw off her top, shorts and panties and pararaded nude straight into the ensuite shower attached to their room. Inhibition was clearly not on this girl's agenda! By contrast, when it came Jacquie's turn, she took her boxer shorts and tshirt into the bathroom with her, undressed in the limited space, and contrived to don her night attire there as well. Kristina didn't bother with night clothes, slipping gracefully between the sheets of her single bed without the benefit of fabric between her and the sheets.

The two young women made some small talk in the dark as they got to know each other. They exchanged brief biographical information, and then, eventually, Jacquie ventured: "I couldn't help noticing your tattoos .... Um, did they hurt?" Kristina laughed and said "Like hell! But my girlfriend dared me, and that was that!"

Jacquie didn't quite know where to take that statement, but she felt a tingling sensation between her legs, and was conscious of a sense of moisture gathering when Kristina said the word "girlfriend".

"I suppose you have lots of girlfriends?" Jacquie asked.

"Oh, yes, but so far noone serious" replied Kristina.

"I haven't had much opportunity to spend a lot of time with others my own age" said Jacquie, "Though of course, I am friends with some of the boys and girls from these seminars, and have many on-line pals on the Internet."

Kristina laughed and said "Well, real is always better than cyber, but cyber can be fun too!"

Jacquie had the distinct impression they were talking about quite different uses of the net!

The girls fell into silence and eventually Jacquie was drifting into sleep, when she heard a rhythmic rocking from the other bed, and low moaning and rapid breath. It startled her fully awake, and as she realised what Kristina was doing, she listened intently, starting to feel underneath her own waistband, pushing her hand against her moistened pussy, and daring to enjoy the other girl's self-pleasuring.

Jacquie might have been relatively inexperienced, and more innocent than her roommate, but she was not totally so. Last year she had deliberately surrendered her virginity to Caleb, one of the final year male students. He was not there this year, having gone overseas once more with his diplomat parents. She had been curious what the experience would be like, and had liked Caleb well enough. She found sex with him a wholly underwhelming experience, and had not sought to stay in touch once they went back to their respective homes at the end of the week. Truth to tell, she got hornier looking at pictures of women in magazines, and lately, at night, she had begun exploring the lesbian porn sites on the web. She had even gone into a chat room one night and pretended to be a man in order to try to chat to women. That had been reasonably unsuccessful!

Nevertheless, always true to herself, Jacquie was prepared to entertain the possibility that she was attracted to girls, not boys, and, hell, Kristina, with her ambiguous statements and obviously uninhibited approach to her body, sure piqued her interest!

Jacquie got up to go to the bathroom. Whilst horny and wanting to masturbate herself, she wasn't quite ready to do so not 3 feet away from Kristina, a girl she had only met that day! She sat on the edge of the bath and began fingering herself in the dark. She pushed down her shorts and rubbed her clit vigorously. She continued to circle it and ran her fingers along her now-wet slit, gathering juice to lubricate the bud even more. She took off her tshirt so she could fondle her hard nipples with her other hand. Eventually she shoved 2 fingers high into herself. As she gathered momentum, the bathroom door opened, and there stood Kristina. For a short moment, Jacquie froze, but then the other girl crossed the floor and took both Jacquie's small,pert tits in her hands. She knelt, pushed the tits as close together as possible and sucked the nipples into her mouth. It took Jacquie only a few seconds more before she shuddered her cumming, and moaned into Kristina's ear.

Sensing that Jacquie would not know how to react next, Kristina leaned over and kissed her hard and full on the lips, prising her mouth open and exploring and probing with her tongue. Eventually Jacquie broke free and gasped at the extraordinary pleasure she was feeling - so much different to her experience last year with Caleb. Oh, god, she moaned, and before she knew what she was saying she whispered to Kristina "Fuck me!"

Kristina laughed, and said "Sure...but not here on the cold bathroom tiles my dear", as she lead Jacquie back into the bedroom. They sank to the floor on the deep pile carpet. Kristina kissed her way down Jacquie's body, starting with hey eyes, her lips, and nuzzling her neck. She continued all the way down over the gentle rise of her belly and eventually between her legs. Jacquie spread her legs wide and Kristina lapped at the blonde pussy, darting her tongue all over the labial folds and clitoral stem and bud. Eventually she used a hand to push the pink lips apart and to stick a finger high into Jacquie's cunt. Jacquie writhed and gyrated her hips, her mind attuned to nothing other than the pleasure she was receiving from this other woman.

"OH FUCK" she screamed as she squirted juice all over Kristina, and she pressed her thighs tight round the sides of Kristina's head. "FFFFFF_UUUUUUUUUUU_CCCCCCCCC_KKKKKKKK" Her cum was more intense than anything she had thought possible. She flopped limp on the floor, but Kristina wasn't finished yet! Next thing Jacquie knew, she had been flipped on to her front, and her ass was pointing into the air. Kristina's tongue was darting up and down her crack, cleaning up all the girl-cum from clit to ass. Now the tongue was circling her ass hole, rimming it, gently sucking on that pink/brown puckered hole. Jacquie couldn't believe how excited this made her feel, and her muscles involuntarily relaxed a moment, allowing Kristina's tongue entry to that most mysterious place. Fingers were stroking her slit again, and plunging deep, deep into her cunt. She couldn't feel exactly how many, but she felt full. She bucked and rocked with wild abandon, and then blacked out for a millisecond, the most exquisite "little death" that accompanied the most intense of orgasms.

This time Jacquie's scream brought a banging on the door! The supervising teacher was wanting to know what was happening, and demanded to be let in. Kristina coolly hopped up and went into the bathroom. She tirned on the bathroom light and threw Jacquie her night clothes.

Jacquie hurriedly struggled into her shorts and tee and opened the door to Ms Percy. "It-it-it's OOOO...k " she stammered..."Um, just a nightmare....I am prone to disturbances in the night....no need to w-w-worry."

At that,bold as anything, Kristina, ambled, nude from the bathroom with a glass of water. "Oh, Ms Percy, I heard poor Jacquie here screaming and so I thought perhaps a glass of water might be needed."

"Thankyou Kristina. I knew you girls would be good for each other when I roomed you together". Ms Percy stared lingeringly at Kritina's supple, firm body. "Anything I can do to help, just call - you know my room is next door".

"Sure" both girls nodded. Jacquie said she felt quite secure now, it must just have been adjusting to the new environment, but Kristina was taking just fine care of her.

As they closed the door on Ms Percy, both young women began to laugh. "Well, I'm not all that tired" said Jacquie, "And after my terrible experience, I need a bit more assistance - could you suggest anything?" Kristina lay down on her bed, beckoned Jacquie over and pulled her down on top of her. "Perhaps you'd be better off without restrictive clothing...". She pulled the t shirt over Jacquie's head once more, pulled the boxers down and off, and then expertly guided the blonde pussy over her face. Jacquie turned around, her ass in Kristina's face, and bent forward to explore the so far unrevealed delights between Kristina's legs.....

* * * * * *

By day the two girls studied hard, by night they fucked joyously. Ms Percy kept dashing furtive glances at them as, heads bowed together, they worked on a geometry puzzle together. On the last day, after a swim before dinner, Ms Percy encountered them in the sauna, Jacquie massaging Kristina's bare shoulders. "You girls seem to have got along very well. I must say, however, that at certain times you have looked very tired. I hope you have been sleeping well, especially after Jacquie's unfortunate experience the first night." They reassured her they had been fine and had enjoyed getting to know each other.

"That's great. Because I have a small problem, and I know you two girls are the ones to help me solve it." Ms Percy's brow was a little furrowed. "The convention centre has messed up the bookings, and they have double-booked my room for tonight. They are most insistent that I have to move out. You two girls have the biggest room, and I know you won't mind if I share with you tonight, on the fold-up bed."

Jaquie blanched and hesitated, her shoulders stiffening slightly. However, Kristina remained totally relaxed and said, "Ms. Percy, we would be delighted!"

An hour later Ms Percy arrived at their door with her bags. Kristina was relaxing on her bed, her silk kimono barely covering her pussy, the top flopped open revealing her breasts. Jacquie opened the door. She was wearing the boxers and a spaghetti strap singlet top. Her 32B's were pointing outwards. Ms. Percy dumped her bags, then accidentally dropped a bathroom wash bag. Out rolled a phallus-shaped vibrator, which she calmly picked up and placed beside the rollout bed.

Tonight, being the last night of the residential school, there was a party in the evening. The two girls and their teacher readied themselves in the reasonably cramped confines of the room and adjacent bathroom. Kristina wore a short, slinky, sparkling black dress with shoestring straps, and 4 inch stiletto heeled open toed fuck-me shoes. She dazzled and shimmered. Jacquie wore a simple mint green and pale pink straight 'flapper dress' encrusted with beads, and a matching shawl draped over her shoulders. Her mother had insisted she bring it, despite Jacquie being far more comfortable in her usual outfits of jeans, boots and open-necked shirts. The biggest surprise was Ms Percy, who dressed in a very formal tuxedo, highly polished black patent boots and who slicked her short hair, boy-like back from her face. Instead of a ruffled shirt, however, she had on underneath her jacket an extremely low-cut white satin sleeveless vest, with no bra. Her tits were large and ripe and the vest barely skimmed the nipples. Throughout the week she had worn very unaudacious knit tops and trousers, or plain skirts and blouses - very teacherly. To put it bluntly, Ms Percy looked hot, and she looked butch! Jacquie's heart skipped a beat and Kristina, seeing Jacquie's reaction, smiled enigmatically.

Whilst, officially, none of the students were allowed to drink alcohol, a fair number were slipping off discreetly to their rooms during the party and quaffing hidden supplies. Not a few were sneaking puffs of dope out the back down by the river, and the intense pulse of the dance band was stirring passions and helping promote a sexual energy. Both Jacquie and Kristina were in demand as dance partners, and they enjoyed themselves with their fellow students, all the while Jacquie wondering how they would manage one last night of passion together with Ms Percy sharing their quarters.

At a quarter to twelve they slipped off into the shadows outdoors, by the river, and became locked in embrace. Jacquie's hands slipped easily under Kristina's impossibly short skirt, and into the g-string she was wearing underneath. She cupped Kristina's butt cheeks in her hands and ran her fingers all over their olive smoothness. In response, Kristina thrust her pussy forward against Jacquie, her wetness seeping through towards Jacquie's dress. By now Jacquie had pushed the black dress up over Kristina's hips and had one hand cupping the firm ass, the other kneading pussy. A twig snapped nearby and the shadows darkened further as a figure stepped out. The lovers sprang apart, to find Ms Percy standing there smoking a joint. She had abandoned her jacket, and unbuttoned the vest, leaving her breasts exposed, nipple rings glinting in the moonlight. Her honey voice drawled "I see you have become very close friends, but I am still your teacher, and have a responsibility towards you. To your room - NOW!"

The girls smoothed themselves down, and with all the dignity they could muster, strolled back to their room, with Ms Percy a pace or two behind.

They entered the bedroom, followed by their teacher who closed the door and turned the lock. She stood, back against the door, as Jacquie and Kristina sat on the edge of their beds. Ms Percy unbuttoned her trousers and dropped them to the floor. Jacquie gasped and Kristina's eyes boggled as they took in the scene - Ms Percy had been packing. She wore a diamante-encrusted leather harness, holding a black leather dildo. It was studded with perfectly smooth, rounded metal studs. She strode to the beds and pushed them as far apart as possible - right against the walls, leaving a large carpeted space between and then smiled.

"I have been watching you two very closely indeed, and I believe it is time for some intense instruction. Jacquie - very cute dress, but you're not femme by nature. Now you have a taste for girlsex, we need to ensure you fulfil your true destiny. In all ways. Kristina - you are perfect, a delicious slut, waiting for your fill with two women."

With that, she handed the vibrator to Jacquie and ordered her to turn it on. Kristina she told to get down on all fours. She told Jacquie to slip underneath Kristina and suck the dangling tits and use the vibrator wherever she felt she'd like. Jacquie was delighted to comply, and Kristina was grinning broadly, having hoped against all hope that something like this would happen. She had set the scene well this afternoon by tempting Ms Percy with her open kimono, and she knew the teacher had been lusting after her since the first night. Whilst having initially seduced Jacquie, and played domme, she had been thinking how best to release the pent-up butchness in her lover, and was now delighted the older woman was willing to train her.

Kristina swayed and moved her body, her dress having been pulled over her head by Ms Percy. Jacquie's mouth on her hard brown nipples, pulled and licked and sucked them. She arched her head back and thrust her ass higher. Jacquie was lieing under her, her legs stretched out between Kristina's spread legs. Jacquie began to run the vibrator all over Kristina, and as she reached lower, she ran it all along the outer and inner lips of her swollen cunt lips, before gently, then insistently massaging her throbbing clit..

Ms Percy ....Lila....stood over Kristina and Jacquie with a self-satisfied look on her face, her gorgeous, mature breasts swelling and nipples as large as peach stones, hard. Eventually she too got down on her hands and knees and started licking Kristina from behind. She was redistributing the clear luscious juice all around her ass, lubricating her with saliva and juice. She started massaging Kristina's ass with a finger, and then teasingly placing the tip of her dildo at the sweet entrance and withdrawing. With each thrust forward she went a centimetre deeper, until Kristina was ready to open for her. Kristina was in a frenzy, being fucked by these two dykes. Her gutteral moans filled the airspace and the musky smell of her sex filled their nostrils. At the same time as Jacquie thrust the vibrator deep inside Kristina, Lila banged the dildo into her ass. Kristina thrashed and writhed and it was not long before she came in an explosion of fireworks.

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