tagLoving WivesJackie and Artie Ch. 03

Jackie and Artie Ch. 03


This is the third episode in a series entitled "Jackie and Artie". If you have not read the previous two episodes of this series, I encourage you do so before beginning this chapter.

"Jackie and Artie" is a romantic story about a dominant hot wife and her submissive cuckold husband. While they have a deep and abiding love for each other they do lead an alternative lifestyle. If this subject matter offends you or makes you feel uncomfortable I strongly suggest that you find something else to read.


I hadn't eaten since lunch. While I was too excited to actually be hungry, I realized that not eating would be a mistake. Wanting to avoid the distraction of ordering and eating dinner at The Goldenrod, I opted to pick up a cheese burger and a Coke from a drive through at a fast food hamburger restaurant.

The cheese burger and Coke were both gone by the time I reached the edge of downtown. As I passed the Civic Center I saw the signs advertising the building trades show and smiled. For the rest of my life a trade show would have an entirely new meaning for me.

A block ahead on the right I saw the sign for the Goldenrod Supper Club. Jackie had been correct; parking in this area of downtown was virtually nonexistent. I pulled up to the curb in front of the restaurant and stopped. A young man wearing a blue windbreaker with the logo "Goldenrod Valet" on the back hurried around the front end of my car. I opened my door.

He held it open and said; "Good evening sir, welcome to The Goldenrod. May I take care of your car for you?"

Leaving the keys in the ignition, I picked up my Kindle and got out my car. The young man handed me a claim ticket. Thankful that Jackie had briefed me on the appropriate routine, I handed him a five dollar bill.

As I walked up the sidewalk a doorman opened one of the heavy double oak doors to the restaurant and said; "Good evening sir, welcome to the Goldenrod. My name is John. When you're ready to leave, give that claim check to your server. We'll have your car waiting for you when you come out."

As I walked passed him, I said; "Thank you John." I was feeling quite sophisticated.

The decor of The Goldenrod was extravagant. Actually flamboyant or even garish might be more accurate descriptions. The floor of the entrance hall was covered with a thick red carpet. Large gilt framed mirrors hung on each side wall and a crystal chandelier was suspended from the ceiling in the center of the hall.

On my left I passed a coat check room. I didn't have a coat. It was early November. While it was chilly, my blazer was still adequate protection against the cold.

There was a maître D station at the opposite end of the hall. A man dressed in a black dinner jacket was standing next to it. On either side of him there were two large open doorways. The one on his right was quiet, the doorway to his left echoed with the buzz of conversation and the clink of glasses. I assumed that the door on his right led to the dining room and the door on his left led to the cocktail lounge.

The maître D stepped forward. "Good evening sir, welcome to the Goldenrod. Are you having dinner with us this evening?"

I glanced through the door on the Maître D's left. I was correct, it was the bar. Smiling at him, I said; "No thank you, I'm just going to go in here and have a drink."

"Very good sir, enjoy yourself."

I nodded to him and walked into the bar.

The bar at The Goldenrod was impressive. Considering the clientele they were trying to attract that wasn't a surprise. It was a large room, at least sixty feet by forty feet. The entire length of the wall opposite the entrance was taken up by an ornate oak bar. A series of shelves extending from the bar level to just below the ceiling took up the wall behind the bar. The shelves were filled with an extensive selection of liquors. The rest of the space in the room was occupied by sixteen square tables with four chairs each.

About two dozen men all dressed in suits or sport jackets were standing by the bar in clusters of four or five. Another three groups of men were seated at the tables. One of the groups was quite large. In order to accommodate everyone in their party they'd pushed two of the tables together.

Two tables were occupied by women, one group of three and another group of two. None of the women were wearing business suits. Instead, they were all wearing cocktail dresses; dresses that were more suitable for a date then a business meeting. I suspected that they were here for the same reason as my wife and her sister.

There was an unoccupied table in the back corner of the bar that afforded an unobstructed view of the entire room. I walked back to it, sat down, opened my Kindle and turned it on. Connie had given me good advice. The Kindle provided me with an unobtrusive facade that would allow me to observe the activities in the bar without drawing undo attention to myself.

While I was getting settled a striking, middle aged blond made her way to my table. Dressed in a black miniskirt, thigh high nylon stockings, spike heeled pumps and a low cut tight white blouse that just barely contained her ample breasts; she was the sexiest cocktail waitress I'd ever encountered.

"Hi sweetie, I'm Traci. What's your name?"

"I'm Artie."

"Hi Artie; why are you hiding back here in the corner?"

"I don't know, I guess I'm just shy."

Traci smiled at me. It was an irresistible smile so filled with warmth that it could melt an iceberg. "I love shy men."

Unable to come up with a reasonable response I simply smiled back at her.

Traci laughed. "You really are shy. Artie, I think I'm already in love with you." She leaned over giving me an unobstructed view of the small portion of her breasts that had been previously concealed by her skimpy blouse and said; "What can I get you from the bar?"

Grinning, I answered; "I'd like a Heineken."

"Sweetheart, I know just where to get one. I'll be right back."

Traci turned. As she walked away my attention was momentarily focused on her gorgeous rear end, but then I glanced at the entrance to the bar and saw my sister-in-law. She was standing in the doorway surveying the room.

A second later Jackie joined her. I stared at her in amazement. While Jackie had warned me that on these evenings she adopted a persona that was a little more daring than usual, I wasn't prepared for what I saw. Both women radiated sexuality.

Jackie's shoulder length light brown hair was combed back and draped loosely along the left side of her face and neck. Her mascara and eye shadow were thick and dark, her lips heavily rouged.

The bright red cocktail dress she was wearing was tight and low cut, so low cut that I was afraid her large breasts might pop free at any moment. The dress was also shockingly short. I could actually see the lace tops of her thigh high stockings and the stays of her garter belt. Amazed, I stared at those stays. My wife was wearing a garter belt. I didn't even know that she owned a garter belt.

I wasn't surprised to see that Jackie was wearing black patent leather pumps with at least five inch heels, I'd expected those. Jackie has always loved sexy shoes. The silver bracelet she was wearing on her right ankle did surprise me. I'd read enough stories on the cuckold web sites to understand the significance of that fashion choice.

Even more surprising was the silver, jewel encrusted choker Jackie wore around her neck. Like the dress, garter belt and anklet; I'd never seen it before. I assumed that it had to be high quality costume jewelry. If it wasn't, it must have cost a fortune.

Nattie was dressed in a similar fashion. Her hair was a much darker shade of brown than Jackie's, but it was about the same length and this evening she also wore it combed back and draped casually along the left side of her face and neck. While her cocktail dress was a rich shade of magenta rather than red, it was every bit as short and low cut as Jackie's dress.

Nattie was also wearing a garter belt, stockings and a bracelet on her right ankle, although her bracelet was gold rather than silver. She was wearing a necklace too, but it was a simple string of pearls rather than the dazzling, jewel encrusted choker that my wife wore.

I took a quick glance around the room. Every man at the bar was watching my wife and her sister. I felt a momentary sense of pride. It was quickly replaced by a feeling of cuckold angst when I remembered that one of these men would later take my wife back to his hotel room where he would enjoy all the pleasures her body has to offer while I wait patiently for her to return home.

My distress grew when I remembered that when Jackie did return home the only pleasure I'd be allowed would be to masturbate like a teen aged boy while she taunted and teased me about the ecstasy she'd just experienced in the arms of another man.

Of course I was a masochistic, submissive cuckold, so my distress almost immediately turned into intense arousal.

I also knew that the only reason Jackie was going deny me the pleasures enjoyed by the other man was because it was part of a game we were playing, a game both of us found unbelievably exciting.

After a quick survey of the room Jackie and Nattie walked over to a table only two away from mine. While I desperately wanted to smile at them, I didn't. I knew it was forbidden. Instead I covertly watched them from behind the facade of my Kindle.

As Jackie and Nattie sat down they both winked at me. My heart soared. Continuing to pretend that I was reading my Kindle I smiled at them. They both winked again.

I noticed that the chair Jackie had chosen was directly opposite from mine. She was facing me. Nattie was seated on Jackie's left, which meant that her back was to the bar. This puzzled me, especially Nattie's position. I thought that both of them would have situated themselves so that they could easily watch the men at the bar.

As I was considering this, Traci arrived with my beer. She set a pilsner glass in front of me, poured the bottle of Heineken into it and said; "There you are cutie."

I smiled at her and said; "Thank you." And then not being familiar with how things worked in a bar like The Goldenrod, I naively asked, "How much do I owe you?"

"Honey, a Heineken is four dollars, but I started a tab for you. You can settle with me when you're ready to leave."

I nodded.

"But if you'd like, you can tip me right now." Traci raised her skirt, exposing her garter belt and thong panties. Several dollar bills were tucked under the straps of her garter belt. Understanding immediately, I took out my money clip, peeled off a dollar bill and nervously slipped it under her closest garter strap.

As soon as I was finished Traci winked at me and said, "Thanks Cutie, I'll check back in a little while to see how you're doing."

She turned; while she was walking away I glanced at Jackie and Nattie. They were both giggling.

Traci went directly to their table. "Hi Jackie, Hi Nattie; I thought I might see you tonight. Where's Connie? She never misses the opening night of a trade show. I hope she's okay."

Both Jackie and Nattie smiled at her. Nattie said; "Our mom is fine. She had some business she had to take care of. She'll be here little later. I came early because I wanted to visit with Jackie for a few minutes."

Jackie said; "I can't stay late."

Traci nodded. "I know, you have to get home to your husband." Then giggling she asked, "Does he enjoy slippery seconds."

Looking at Traci with mock indignation, Jackie said; "Traci Dylan, you know very well that I always make the men I meet here wear condoms."

Traci grinned. "Oh I know that. I was just trying to find out if your husband knew what you were really doing tonight."

Jackie looked at me. I knew what she was asking. A little thrill rippled through my loins. This was an opportunity to take another baby step. I slowly nodded.

Smiling, Jackie turned to Traci and said; "Would it shock you if I told you that he knows exactly what I'm going to do tonight?"

"Are you telling me that you have an open marriage?"

"Nope, it's only half open; I'm the only one who gets to fool around."

Traci smiled. "It not only doesn't shock me, it makes me like you even more. I happen to have a several close friends who enjoy that lifestyle. Honestly, I wish I could find a sweet guy who'd like to be my cuckold."

Nattie laughed. "Join the club. My mom and I would both love that too. I can't begin to tell you how much we envy Jackie."

"Is her husband a sweetie?"

"The absolute sweetest."

I glanced at Jackie. She was grinning. She was also intently watching me out of the corner of her eye.

Traci said, "Every cuckold I've ever met is a sweetheart. I'd love to meet your husband. The next time there's a trade show, why don't you bring him with you. I'll bet he'd love to watch and I promise you that I'll take very good care of him."

Jackie looked at me again and again I knew exactly what she was asking. The previous evening she'd made it clear that she wanted people to know that I was her submissive husband and her cuckold. Eventually I wanted that too, I just needed a little time to get used to the idea before we announced it to the world. Traci seemed like a nice person and she said that she had friends who enjoyed the lifestyle, so this seemed like a good opportunity to take another baby step. While I did realize that there was a chance for embarrassment, I didn't actually know anyone here but Jackie and Nattie, so if the situation did become unpleasant I could always leave. Taking a deep breath, I looked directly at Jackie and nodded.

Jackie turned to Traci and said, "Will you promise to be discreet? He's kind of shy about this."

Nodding, Traci said; "I understand. Don't worry; I used to be a pro. For me, discretion is a well-established habit."

"Okay, we'll trust you. My husband is here tonight. You just served him a beer."

Traci looked at me and then back at Jackie. "Cutie is your husband?"

Nattie said, "He sure is."

Laughing, Traci said; "I stand by my previous statement. Every cuckold I've ever met is a sweetheart."

Jackie and Nattie both laughed. Behind my Kindle I was blushing.

Concerned that we'd just created a disturbance all four of us looked around the bar. Several men were watching us, but it was immediately apparent that their attention was focused on Jackie, Nattie and Traci and that interest was purely prurient.

Traci sat down in the chair to Jackie's right. It put her in a position that allowed her to talk to Jackie and Nattie while still including me in the conversation. In a conspiratorial tone of voice she asked, "Okay, so how is this going to go down?"

Nattie looked at me and then she turned to Traci and said; "Actually we do have a plan."

Traci asked, "What is it?"

Jackie said, "Originally we were just going to do what we usually do when we're here and let Artie watch. On the way over here we realized that we had another option and we decided that it's a better plan."

"Tell me." Traci was all ears.

Jackie said, "Our concern is that our little cutie is new at this. In fact this is his very first time watching."

"Really? You've been coming in here for several years and you've always told me that you were married."

Jackie quietly answered, "Yes, well Artie only recently learned about my interest in other men."

Raising her eyebrows, Traci said, "In deed."

Jackie nodded. "Yes, I was afraid that if my sweetie learned the truth about me he'd leave. As it turns out, when he did learn the truth he understood. In fact I was shocked to discover that he actually found the situation exciting."

"How did he find out?"

"He came home unexpectedly and caught me in bed with another man."

"That had to be traumatic for him."

"It was."

"How long ago did it happen?"


"And he's here tonight? Shit you guys are made for each other." Traci looked at me.

I flashed a chagrined smile and shrugged.

Laughing, she said; "I love you guys, please let me party with you."

Nattie said, "We'd love to do that, but right now Artie is our primary concern. We want to include him in our fun but we also want to protect him and we really want to avoid pushing him into a situation where he's going to be hurt or embarrassed."

"You said you had a plan for tonight. What is it?"

"I'm not interested in picking up a guy until Connie gets here, so we thought that maybe I should sit with Artie and give him a little encouragement while Jackie's hooking up."

Traci nodded. "That's a good idea. Can I help too?"

Jackie asked, "What did you have in mind?"

"I have to work, but the bar's not actually all that busy, so I will have a little free time. I thought that maybe I could occasionally stop by and give Artie a little physical stimulation."

"I think he might like that, but I have to warn you. You need to be careful." Jackie was smiling at me.

"You're telling me that he has a tendency to cum quickly?"

"Yes, especially when he's excited."

Grinning, Traci said; "That also seems to be a common trait of most cuckolds."

"That may be one of the reasons they become cuckolds." Nattie was grinning too, so was Jackie. I was once again blushing behind my Kindle.

Jackie looked at Nattie and said; "I think we should get started."

Nattie nodded. "Have you seen anyone that interests you?"

"Not yet, but I really haven't started looking. I've been a little preoccupied."

"Okay, it's time for you to get focused and start shopping." Nattie stood up.

Jackie laughed, "I love to shop." And then she turned her chair so that she was in a better position to peruse the men standing at the bar while still being able to watch me out of the corner of her eye.

Traci stood up. "Jackie, can I bring you a glass of pinot grigio?"

Smiling, Jackie said; "That is the beverage of choice for discriminating shoppers. Thank you, I'd like that."

"How about you Nattie? Same thing?"

"Yes please."

Nattie turned to me. "Hey Cowboy, how's your beer?"

I glanced at the glass in front of me. I'd taken one sip. "I'm fine."

Looking at Nattie, Traci asked, "Cowboy?"

Jackie turned and said, "That's our new pet name for him. In private we use cuckboy, but in public Cowboy is a little more acceptable."

Traci laughed. "I love it." And then she turned and hurried over to the bar.

Nattie walked over to my table and sat down in the chair on my immediate left. This allowed her to keep an eye on both Jackie and the men at the bar while she was talking to me. As she was sitting down she said; "I hope you don't mind a little company."

Setting my Kindle down, I said; "No, in fact I think your company will be reassuring."

"That's what we thought too, and I can't think of anything I'd rather do right now than reassure you."

Suddenly, I felt Nattie's hand on my leg. I looked at her.

She smiled and began massaging my thigh.

Completely disarmed, all I could do was stare at the table top in front of me. Natalie Reid is a beautiful, sexy woman; but she's also my sister-in-law.

Nattie's hand slipped to the inside of my thigh and then I felt her fingers brush my erect penis.

I gasped.

Nattie whispered, "Like that Cowboy?"

I looked up at Jackie, my eyes pleading for help.

She was watching me. Grinning, she mouthed the words, "It's okay, just relax and enjoy yourself."

I vigorously shook my head.

Jackie laughed and went back to perusing the men at the bar.

Nattie started tracing the outline of my erection with her fingertips.

I whispered, "Nattie, you have to stop that!"

"Why Cowboy? Aren't you enjoying it?"

Totally nonplussed, I stammered; "No! I mean...well, of course I am; but..."

"But what Cowboy?" Nattie's voice was soft and sensuous. She squeezed my penis.

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