tagNovels and NovellasJack's Women Ch. 07

Jack's Women Ch. 07


"Jack. We're home." She said. I barely was able to open my eyes and say anything. Terry popped his head in and looked at me. Jade looked at him, a worried look on her face.

"He wont wake up. Help me get him inside." She said. Terry climbed into the bus and shook me. I mumbled something incoherently. Terry smiled.

"He'll be okay. He just needs some good hard rest." He said as he grabbed my arm and pulled me up, lifting me over his shoulder in a fireman's carry. He stopped at the drivers door and handed April an envelope.

"Here. Jack wanted you to have this, for being a great driver and well, you know!" He said. April opened the envelope and found two grand inside. She looked up, shock on her face. Jade came to her window.

"Call tomorrow. We might need ride again." She said with a smile. April just nodded, still shocked about the envelope.

Inside, Terry took me to the Master bedroom and laid me on the bed, leaving me in the capable hands of Gina, Jess and Jade. He excused himself and closed the door behind him.

"He looks like shit." Jess said as she looked down at me.

"He's over doing it. It's too much on him." Gina said. Jade looked at me.

"He in love with us all. Too much love in his heart." She said. Jess laughed.

"Too much sex maybe!" Gina and Jade giggled.

"Well, let's strip him down and get him under the covers." Gina said as she started to pull off my shoes. I was naked in only a few minutes and then shoved under the covers. Jade looked at Gina.

"I stay. You mother hen." She said. Jess looked at her.

"Your what?" She asked, not catching the reference.

"I'm the mother hen. I'm in charge of all you dirty tramps." She said. Jess laughed.

"Okay mother, lets go round up all your chicks and get this place organized." She said. Gina laughed and headed to the door with Jess. She stopped at the door and turned, looking at Jade as she stripped to nothing and climbed into the bed.

"Honey, yell if you need anything." She said. Jade smiled and laid down, sliding her young delicate body next to mine. She lay her head on my shoulder and started singing to me, songs I'd never heard of and barely heard in my sleep. Gina smiled and closed the door.

I must have slept for two days. I awoke with Tonya laying next to me, sleeping peacefully nestled in against me, her back to my front. I must have rolled over at some point, she had my hand tucked up under her chin. I lay there a moment before really coming to my senses. I heard hammering and sawing going on. I stirred at the sound, waking Tonya.

"Hello baby!" She said. I smiled and nuzzled closer to her, grinding my hips into her ass. She smiled. "Well hello to you too!" She said as she felt my cock starting to come to life.

"What time is it?" I asked. She looked at the clock.

"It's about two in the afternoon." She said as she rolled over, facing me. She was beautiful, sexy, desirable and I had an intense need to have her.

"What's with all the hammering?" I asked. She smiled.

"Mother hen. She's had construction going on since we got back to the house." She said. I looked at her.

"How long have I been out?" I asked. She smiled.

"Four days now." She said. I was wide awake now. I looked around the room, it was the same.

"What is she doing? Having them build another house?" I asked, noting the level of work going on outside the room.

"No. New kitchen. The addition to the house starts next week." She said, still smiling. My cock had grown to it's full length, I had to pee. Slowly, I slid to the edge of the bed and tried to stand. I got dizzy and sat back on the bed.

"What's the matter baby?" She asked as she crawled over to the side.

"You're gonna have to help me to the bathroom. I gotta piss something fierce!" I said. She gave a small laugh and got out of bed, her body stretching, giving me a show as she moved.

"Come on honey, lets drain that thing!" She said as she helped me up. I held on to her, my hand latching on to her tit accidentally. "Horny are we?" She asked as we walked. I chuckled.

"Some things don't change I guess." I said as we entered into the bathroom. I stood over the toilet, Tonya's hand holding my cock and aiming the steady and strong stream of piss into the bowl. When I was done, she shook it and looked up at me.

"Think you have enough strength for me?" She asked as she gently squeezed my cock, stroking the length of it. I smiled.

"Well, I can lay there, you might have to do all the work." I said. She grinned.

"I can do that! C'mon, lets get you back in the bed." She said as she helped me hobble into the bed. Once there, she lay me down and got me into position, laying completely in the middle of the bed. She climbed up, sliding in between my outstretched legs and lay down, her face above my cock.

"You just let me do all the work baby!" She said as she bent her head down and started licking all around the head of my cock. I closed my eyes, careful not to allow myself to drift off into the waiting sleep my brain desperately wanted to escape to.

Her mouth was magic on my dick. Licking up the length before swallowing me, taking me into her throat on the first shot. I groaned and wrapped my fingers in her hair, holding her still while I humped my hips up into her face. She moaned around my cock, her tongue working me as I fucked up into her.

I was approaching my orgasm fast. It had been awhile since cumming last and my body wanted the release. I stopped, letting her head go. She looked up at me.

"I'm not ready to cum yet. Climb up here and let me have that pussy." I said to her. She smiled and straddled my head, her knees on either side as she lowered her pussy to my mouth.

I'd always wondered if a black girl or a Latino tasted the same as a white chick. Answer, yes. It goes with the old saying, it's all pink in the middle! Same as taste, they all taste relatively the same. With my hands on her ass, squeezing her supple flesh, I ate her cunt, licking and sucking until she flooded my mouth with her cream. Her voice carried and Gina came in, wearing a pair of bibs that didn't cover much if she hadn't had the shirt on.

"I see you're awake!" She said as she stood at the open door. Tonya sitting on my face, back arched, head rocked back in the throes of an orgasm. I heard her, but I couldn't stop licking Tonya's pussy. Gina closed the door and slipped out of her clothes, sliding into the bed next to me. Her hand rubbed up Tonya's belly to her pendulous tits, rubbing them, holding them, pinching on the nipples. Tonya came like no other, her juices constantly flowing into my mouth as her thighs shook around my head and her pussy convulsed over my lips. When she finally came down off her orgasmic high, she fell to the opposite side of the bed and instantly was on my cock, sucking it back into her mouth and throat. Gina looked at me.

"Sleep well darling?" She asked me. I turned my head and smiled.

"Like a fucking rock! I can't believe how long I was out!" I said. She smiled.

"You had us worried there for a while. We even had a doctor come and look at you while you slept." She said. I smiled.

"Was it a female doctor?" I asked. She laughed and kissed me.

"Now why would you say that?" She asked.

"Because, you like to torture me with beautiful women even though I have all of you here with me." I said as I looked up into her eyes.

"Yes I do and no, it was a guy." She said. I smiled.

"Did he make it out alive?" I asked. She laughed harder, prompting someone to open the door. I looked past and saw Jess coming in.

"You're awake!" She said. And then she noticed Tonya sucking me. "Oh yeah! You're awake!" She said, a knowing smiled playing on her lips.

"Its not my fault. Tonya started it!" I said. Tonya looked up and scraped her teeth on my dickhead. I flinched and looked at her. "You did start it! So damn sexy, how could I not get hard!" I stated. All three girls laughed. "So, you have work going on out there?" I asked. Gina smiled.

"Yeah. Doing a little remodeling." She said. I smiled. "That's okay right?" She asked. I smiled and patted her ass.

"Yeah, that's fine. Everyone okay? Settled in?" I asked. Gina smiled.

"Yeah. Everyone picked their room partners for now, until we can get the other rooms added on. It's tight upstairs, but it will be okay for now." She said. I smiled and then groaned as Tonya took me back into her throat. I couldn't stop this time. I grasped Gina's ass and Jess by the waist and held on as I flooded Tonya's mouth with a huge load of cum. I hadn't had sex in four days, I needed to relieve my balls.

Tonya squealed as the first blast took her by surprise. Then moaned as the subsequent spasms sent more and more cum into her mouth, which she greedily swallowed quickly.

"Oh God I needed that!" I said. Tonya lifted her head up and smiled, cum spilled out and covered her chin, which Jess went after like a lion on a hunt. She licked Tonya's face, which ended up in a kissing contest. When they broke, they were both smiling.

"I think they needed that too!" She said. I smiled.

"Where's Terry?" I asked. She smiled.

"He's out there directing the workmen. And keeping the girls at bay. The first day, almost nothing got done, the guys kept stopping to ogle the girls and the girls were constantly coming down, showing off their junk for them, teasing them. Terry finally had to order all the girls upstairs and refuse to pay if the work didn't get completed on time." Gina said.

"When is it supposed to be done?" I asked. She smiled.

"It'll be done today. That's why there's so much noise going on out there. They want their bonus." She said. I smiled and stretched now that Tonya wasn't between my legs anymore.

"So, you ready to get up baby?" Jess asked as she returned to my side while Tonya went to the bathroom to wash her mouth out. I smiled and shook my head no.

"Good! I've been wanting to lay with you for a while now." She said. Gina smiled.

"All the girls have been fighting to get a chance to lay with you while you slept. You've nutted probably ten times." She said. I looked at her with surprise. Tonya came back out of the bathroom, her hips swaying in time with her shaking tits.

"Eleven!" She said with a satisfied smile. I looked at her.

"You dirty little tramps! Taking advantage of me like that!" I teased. They all laughed.

"You didn't seem to mind and each girl has gotten what they wanted. They all nutted and got to sleep with you." She said. I frowned.

"And I don't remember any of it." I said. Gina smiled and leaned down.

"Don't worry baby, as soon as you get your strength completely back, your gonna be on double duty. You can't possibly think that we're not gonna use you and that cock can you?" She asked. I smiled.

"I guess not." I replied. I closed my eyes and lay there with Gina, loving the way her body felt against mine. She was so curvaceous she felt right. Maybe that's why she was the Mother Hen. She was my number one girl.

"Well, c'mon baby. I think I can get into the kitchen to fix you something to eat or would you rather get a shower first? She asked. I looked down.

"Shower and a shave then food." I said. She smiled.

"You better shower with him. He was pretty weak when I took him to the bathroom." Tonya said as she came back into the room. Gina smiled down at me. I knew what she had in mind. I sighed and pushed the covers off me. Gina helped me out of bed and slowly we made it to the bathroom. I stopped by the toilet again, she smiled.

"I'll give you a little privacy." She said as she stepped back into the bedroom. First time I shit in four days and it felt like I gave birth. I flushed the toilet and opened the window and turned the fan on. I sprayed some air freshener and let the room air out before I called for Gina. She came in and didn't say anything about a lingering smell, which surprised me and helped me to the shower.

She stripped down and joined me, getting the water at just the right temperature before ushering us beneath it. Damn it felt so good to have the hot water cascading down my back. I smiled at her as she soaped up the loofa.

"This water feels so nice!" I said as I closed my eyes and let the water beat down on my skull, running down over my face. She laughed.

"Yeah, we all say the same thing until the water gets cold. Then you'll hear one of us scream!" She replied. I smiled and then moaned as I felt her hands on me, rubbing me and soaping me up with the loofa. She was gentle, careful not to press to hard or she'd push me over. I was already leaning against the wall for support as she washed my front. Starting at the top of my head, she scrubbed, working her way down onto my face, remarking about a shave as she went down to my neck and then my chest.

Gina was just as attentive as Jade as she washed me. Getting into every nook and cranny as she lifted my balls, had me separate my legs then down my legs to my feet, lifting each so she could get between the toes. She spun me around slowly and worked on the back of my body, starting at my feet and coming back up. She paid a lot of attention to my ass, even sliding a soapy finger inside. I grunted when she did this and she smiled.

"You're liking that way too much." I told her. She laughed as she slid her finger back inside and wiggled it around. My cock instantly stood straight out. She removed her finger and washed my back and my shoulders. When I turned around to rinse my back off, she saw my cock and smiled.

"That's what I was looking for!" She said as she got down onto her knees and took me inside her lusty mouth. I let her fellate me until I felt my knees start to buckle.

"You're gonna have to take me to the bed for this." I said. She smiled and let my cock go with a pop from her lips.

"I can definitely do that!" She said. She let me rinse completely, feeling the water a little longer before she shut the water off and stepped out of the shower for towels.

Dried off, she helped me into the bed and attacked me even before I was comfortable. Her mouth took me completely in, sucking my into her throat as she rolled my balls around inside my scrotum. I moaned out as she started to tickle my asshole. No warning at all when she slid her finger into my ass, I started to cum, blasting off inside her mouth.

Gina giggled around my cock, drinking my cum as it shot out of my slit. She eyed me as she sucked, looking for my reaction to her finding my instant cum button. I couldn't move I was still so weak. I just lay there and let her use me. When she was satisfied there was nothing more oozing out, she slid up next to me and smiled.

"That was nice. I needed that little bit of protein!" She said. I smiled.

"Glad I could help! You know, your going to hell for taking advantage of a weak man like myself." I said with a sly grin.

"Weak man huh? When we're done with you, you wont be able to walk, let alone get out of bed!" She said as she climbed over me, straddling my hips as she sat down on my cock, trapping it against my belly and her pussy.

"Yeah, but what a way to go!" I smiled up at her. She bent down, laying on my chest as she kissed me. I could still taste my cum on her lips, but I didn't care, what was I gonna do? Jump up and scream at her? Hell no! I just reached out and grasped onto her fantastic ass and kneaded her luscious ass cheeks! "You're gonna have to give me a while to rest. First Tonya and now you. I'm so weak right now." I said. She looked into my eyes, hers taking a serious tone.

"Are we doing this?" She asked. I smiled.

"No baby. Its just a lot on me right now. I hadn't been laid before you sucked me in the car in probably a year. And now I'm getting it five times a day! I'm completely exhausted." I said. She smiled.

"So, we are huh?" She asked with a wink. I laughed lightly.

"You don't really hear me complaining do you?" I said. Now she giggled.

"Nope! Problem is, I don't think Sonya will let us get at Terry. She's got him under lock and key!" She said as she ground her wet pussy down on my dick.

"Yeah. I noticed that. Just give me some more time to heal up. Pamper me, you know breakfast, lunch and dinner in bed for a couple days, plus some hot bodies to lay next to me, make sure I don't get cold, you know... the works!" I said. She laughed up at me.

"You don't think we're doing that now?" She asked. I smiled.

"I have been out of it for a few days, I have no idea what you've been doing!" I said. She looked at me serious again.

"Don't worry, everything is being taken care of. Terry has stepped up and is helping run things. Your friend called and Terry told him what happened to you. He came and saw you. We tried to wake you. He's a nice guy." She said. I looked at her wide eyed.

"Mack? A nice guy? Shit, he's one of the most vicious company men I know! At least he used to be. Maybe he's slowed down in his old age. So, what did he say about the drugs?" I asked.

"He took them and left us a couple big fat suitcases. He said to call him when you got up. He'd give you the combination to them then. He also asked about the guns. Terry said they weren't for sale." Gina said as she played with my hair.

"Good. I'm gonna teach you all how to shoot. I guess I better call him and get the combo. Where the hell is my stuff?" I asked as I looked around the room. Gina smiled and pulled open the night stand and handed me the phone. I smiled and pulled her to me.

"God I love you! You're so sexy, so much fun in bed and you treat me so well." I said as I looked up into her eyes. She smiled.

"I love you too Jack. We all do." She said as she laid her head down on my chest, still humping her pussy on my cock, waiting for it to get hard. I dialed Mack's number.

"Jack! How you feeling buddy?" He said as he answered, recognizing the number.

"I'm still weak but my girls are taking care of me." I said. I could hear him chuckle.

"Taking care of you? Hell! They're the one's that did this to you! But hey, what a way to go right?" He said with a laugh. I chuckled back.

"So, I'm awake, what about that combo?" I asked. I heard him cough into the phone.

"Jack, I couldn't get you the value of the drugs. It's significantly less." He said.

"What are we talking about Mack?" I asked him.

"Fifteen mil. That's the best I could do." He said.

"Mack, you know who you're talking to. I know you got it and I know you kept it. Bring it to me or I will hunt you down." I said. He laughed into the phone.

"Just fucking with ya buddy! It's all there. You can have your girls count it. Combo is 1-9-4-2. Call me when it's all counted. We need to get together for a drink. You haven't been active in a while, I may be able to use you." He said.

"We'll see." I said. He chuckled into the phone and hung up. "Have the cases brought in. We'll open them and start counting." I said. Gina smiled and started to lift off me until I stopped her.

"On second thought, fuck it. It can wait. Just lay that amazing body back down on me and lets just cuddle until I get hard then you can ride me to a thunderous orgasm." I said. She smiled and lay back down, kissing up my chest to my lips. I passed out again, this time not in such a deep slumber. I woke up when Gina inserted my hard cock into her pussy.

I didn't open my eyes though, I just found it funny if I acted like I was sleeping through it this time. Gina rode me with gusto to four orgasms, each bigger than the last. I opened my eyes on the last one to her moaning with her mouth in the perfect o. I reached up and grasped her titties in my hands, squeezing them, shocking her to know that I awake and semi-participating.

"Nice to see you awake baby! You wanna give me a hand here? I so need to cum one more time!" She said. I let her tits go and latched onto her hips. At first, there was a back and forth motion going and then Gina missed a beat so I just held her hips in place about six inches above me and started lifting my hips.

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