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Jade in Control


I woke up still lay on the floor with my hands tied behind my back. I could still taste my own cum in my mouth after Jade had made me eat it from her pussy the night before and my ass hole was throbbing from the brutal fucking she had given me with her strap on the night before. My mouth was dry and I felt disgusting. I desperately wanted Jade to untie me so I could shower and more brush my teeth, two things I really felt I needed.

I sat up and could hear the shower running. Jade must have already woken up and decided to leave me sleep. The shower stopped and she walked into the bedroom in a dressing gown. She was still damp from her shower and looked amazing.

"Good morning sissy, how are you feeling today?" she asked.

"Sore." was the only reply I could muster, she was clearly still in the same mood as the night before.

"Glad to hear it my little sissy." she cooed. "I hope you remember what I told you last night?"

"Of course I do Jade." I replied meekly, already feeling nervous at her mood.

"Good boy. Now I'm going to untie you and your going to get cleaned up. You have a busy dad ahead of you." She said, still cooing at me. I didn't dare ask what my plans were for the day, it seemed much safer not too, so I waited for her to cut me lose and then took a long shower.

I met Jade downstairs after my shower. She looked lovely in a sexy black dress with high heels.

"Are you all ready to come out shopping with me?" She asked. "We need to get you some new clothes, something more befitting of your new position in the relationship as my sissy slut don't you think?"

"Yes Jade." I found myself replying. I had no idea why I was going along with all this but the answers just seemed to flow from my mouth before me brain had a chance to think them through.

We arrived at the shops around forty minutes later. Jade had decided we should go to Cardiff which was the nearest city to where we lived. Apparently we needed somewhere that was busy with lots of shops. There was also a good chance of seeing people we knew in Cardiff. I was absolutely terrified but also quite excited about what may happen.

Jade decided we needed to go into New Look first, a large women's clothes store. We walked inside and straight away she walked up to an assistant. A well dressed young girl in her twenties.

"I need a skirt, something short and slutty. Can you recommend something?" She asked without hesitation.

"Of course I can. The skirts are just here." Replied the assistant. "What size are you?"

"Oh its not for me." Replied Jade, again without hesitation. Showing no signs of embarrassment she said. "Its for my pathetic boyfriend here. Last night he bent over and took a cock up his ass. So I'm going to make him dress like a slutty little girl. After all, a real man would have taken control, not a cock inside him don't you think?"

The assistant looked straight at me, an odd glint in her eye. She seemed more intrigued than anything else.

"Really?" she asked.

"He did yes." Continued Jade. "And then he swallowed a full load of cum, isn't that right slut?"

I honestly didn't know what to do with myself. I had never been so embarrassed in my life. I could feel my face going bright red and bowed my head.

"Yes Jade." I heard myself saying.

The girl giggled. "How about this?" She said, holding out a skirt that was so short it looked more like a belt than anything else. "He might need to try it on but its perfect don't you think?" she added.

"That's such a good idea." replied Jade, grinning from ear to ear. "Where are your changing rooms?"

Before I knew it, I was stood in one of the changing rooms, wearing a skirt and feeling totally degraded and humiliated. I knew I had to show them how it fit me. I was so embarrassed of how I looked but for some unknown reason I knew I had to walk out with my head high and not let them see how uncomfortable I felt. The girls had also chosen a tight top for me and I felt like such a sissy wimp stood there dressed in women's clothing.

Walking out of the changing room I could feel everyone in the rooms eyes on me. The whole room seemed to stop and stare at me. I wished so hard for a hole in the floor to swallow me. The shop assistant and Jade both grinned at me. "It's absolutely perfect." Said Jade. "Now all he needs is some slutty underwear and he'll be sorted don't you think?".

The assistant laughed. "Oh most defiantly. He looks very nice. They suit him so well!" She replied. "Now listen, you have my number. Call me if you want a night out with me and you want to find a real cock to satisfy you instead of this pathetic sissy okay?"

"Oh I will do." Replied Jade. "Very soon."

Jade then allowed me to change back into my normal clothes and then I paid for the skirt and the top and left the store. I felt totally degraded and was terrified of what was coming next. We walked across queen street, Jade completely leading the way and me following. It was obvious she had planned where we were going next. I decided it was easier not to ask. We came to a stop outside Ann Summers, a sex shop in the high street. Jade looked straight at me and smiled.

"I hope your in the mood to look sexy for me slut?" She asked. "Yes Jade." was my meek reply.

We walked into the shop and again she walked up to an assistant working there, a middle aged lady who dressed like a teenager and looked very much out of place.

"Can I help you?" She asked.

"If you could it would be very much appreciated." Smiled Jade. "My boyfriend likes to cross dress and to get fucked in the ass. He likes to be treated like the pathetic, sissy wimp he is. What we're looking for is some sexy underwear for him to wear first off all please?"

The woman looked at me in a slightly disgusted manner. I was really surprised. When I had realised Jade was taking me into a sex shop I had hoped for a liberal attitude. This was clearly not the case with this lady.

"Of course." She said to Jade, looking slightly uncomfortable and clearly trying to remain professional. "What sort of underwear would your boyfriend like to wear?"

"Hmm, that's something only he can decided really." Said Jade. "What sort of thing would you like to wear sissy?"

I didn't know what to say. I had not expected for a second that Jade would make me pick something, let alone do it in front of someone else. I wanted to tell them I didn't want this. That I wanted to leave the shop and forget this day had ever happened, but something seemed to tell me not too. I had to pick something. I looked up and pointed towards the first women's underwear set I saw.

"Oh you are a slut aren't you?" said Jade rhetorically. "Red and black silk, you're going to look like such a whore when I make you up and fuck you like a girl again aren't you?"

"Yes Jade." I felt myself once again saying.

"That will be absolutely perfect." She said to the assistant. "The only problem is I don't really know what size he needs. Are you able to measure him please? We need to make sure it fits right."

"Of course." Replied the assistant. She then looked at me and continued. "If you would like to follow me I will fit you now."

I followed the lady across the store to a fitting room and allowed her to take my measurements. We then walked back to Jade and the assistant picked out the correct size underwear. At this point I hoped it was all over so much. I just wanted to pay for the underwear and leave.

"Will there be anything else you need assistance with today?" Asked the assistant.

"No thank you." Replied Jade. "We need to take a look for a butt plug for this wimps ass hole but I'm sure we can manage thank you."

"Of course." Said the assistant. "I'll be at the front of the store if you need me."

Jade led me to the back of the shop and went straight to the toys section. We stood in silence for a moment while Jade looked at a few different butt plugs on the shelf. Then she stopped at one and picked it up. It looked huge.

"What do you think of this sissy?" She asked very loudly. A few people stopped what they were doing and turned around to look at us. Jade held up the huge plug for me to see. It was the biggest butt plug I had ever laid eyes on. In big writing on the front it stated it had three vibration settings powered by remote control and the plug had a suction cup on the bottom of it.

"It looks awfully big." I mumbled, again going red in the face.

"Of course its big." Said Jade sarcastically, again loud enough for everyone nearby to hear clearly. "Something small would disappear into that gaping ass hole of yours after I stretched it fucking you with my strapon last night. There no point paying for a toy to disappear up your ass is there?"

"No Jade, not at all." I replied. Then I added so as to try and end the conversation. "That looks perfect for me."

"I'm glad you agree that this huge butt plug will be perfect for your ass." Said Jade, still at an uncomfortable volume. "It will save all the discomfort of another night on the floor after you have taken my strapon, or a real cock for that matter."

"A real cock?" I exclaimed, unable to help myself.

"Of course sissy. A real cock. Since you like getting fucked in the ass and you love the taste of cum so much, it's only fair that I let you have the real thing once in a while don't you think?"

"I. Erm. Yes Jade." Was the only reply I could muster. I was shaking. I couldn't believe it. My girlfriend wanted me to get fucked by men and had announced it in public. My cheeks burned. Once again I wished for a hole in the floor to swallow me. But none came. The remainder of the trip out seemed to fly by. My brain couldn't function properly. I paid for the underwear and the butt plug and drove us home.

When we arrived home, I placed the bags down on the floor. Jade immediately spoke to me in an exceptionally dominant tone. "Okay then sissy. We've had a lovely day today and I'm sure your excited to try on your new things. So you are going to take these bags of shopping into the bathroom and try them all on for me aren't you.'

"Yes Jade." I said, picking up the bags that I had only just placed down.

"There's my little sissy slut." She said. "Ill need to take the butt plug from you though." She continued and held her hand out. I passed her the bag. "Now that's my obedient little sissy." She said. "Make sure you look like a complete whore for me now wont you?"

"Of course Jade." I replied, and proceeded to the bathroom.

I stripped in front of the mirror and looked at myself. How had this happened? Until last night I Jade and I had been equals, trading roles in the bedroom and exploring but never anything like this. I was stood here after possibly the most humiliating day off my life preparing to dress as a woman for Jade, preparing myself for whatever she had planned with the butt plug we had bought and unsure if she had meant what she said about other men fucking me. The more I thought about it, the more I started to wonder if this was just Jade exploring her more dominant side. That must be it surely. She wants to see how far she can push me as a submissive. It made sense.

I dressed myself slowly, making sure I looked right for her. The knickers were uncomfortable to put on around my cock but I managed to keep everything held into them. I then put the bra on. It was much easier than I had imagined. I had seen Jade put it on so many times backwards, then turn it around before putting the straps over her shoulders and tucking her breasts into it so it fit perfectly. It worked will for me and I adjusted the cups so I was covered, although I had nothing to tuck in.

I then pulled the skirt up. It was a tight fit but I managed to get it over my hips. Then I pulled the top over my head and then adjusted everything in the mirror. It all fit me really well and for a man dressed as a woman, I looked pretty good.

I walked out of the bathroom to find Jade in the living room. She had placed one of the dinning chairs in the centre of the room and using the suction cap, stuck the butt plug in the centre of the chair. I could see lubricant glistening on it.

"You do make a good sissy." Cooed Jade. "Such a pretty little slut for me. But I need to see that you can act like one. I want you to position yourself over the chair, pull your sexy knickers to one side so your ass hole is exposed. And I want you to sit down, taking the butt plug inside you for me. Are you clear what you need to do for me sissy?"

"Yes Jade. But it's so big, I really don't know that it will fit." I replied.

"Of course it will fit." She replied in a firmer tone. "Sluts like you need to learn that everything you are given fits if you try hard enough. And I've put lube on it because I'm in such a generous mood. Now sit the fuck down and talk it."

I walked over to the chair and turned around so my back was too it and then pulled the knickers to one side as she had instructed me too. I started to lower myself onto the butt plug. At first it went inside me quite easily. The fucking Jade had given me the night before had stretched me well and the lube helped considerably. I continued to lower myself slowly onto the plug. Then it started to hurt. I tried to will myself to sit down but the stinging in my ass prevented my body from doing so. Jade sensed my hesitation.

"Sit the fuck down slut boy." She commanded. "I gave you instructions to take the whole thing, not half, now take it all."

"I can't." I said, strain from the stinging sensation showing in my voice. "It hurts too much!"

"That's not what I want to hear!" Jade replied sternly. "I want you sat down!"

I started to speak but before I could utter a word Jade decided to take control of my fate. She grabbed onto my shoulders and pressed down on me hard. I had not expected it at all and started to fall back. I had no control over my body and as Jade applied pressure on me I couldn't help but sit down, taking the butt plug inside me in one quick movement. I felt my ass stretch and then agonising pain as the whole thing slid inside my ass. I felt my ass cheeks hit the chair and stopped moving downwards.

Jade then took both of my arms and pulled them behind me.

"I need to tie these up I think." She said. "I don't want you to be able to easily pull yourself off now do I?"

I didn't answer her. Again the question was rhetorical. She held my wrists behind me with one had and reached for some string she had placed on a table nearby. Then she bound my hands tightly so I couldn't move them at all.

"Right then slut, you need to get acquainted with your new toy." Jade cooed at me. "I am going to leave you two alone for a while. Some alone time for you."

With that she walked across to the table. She picked up the remote control for the butt plug and pressed a button to start it vibrating. It was a gentle pulsating more than anything and despite the pain I was in it felt quite nice inside me. Then it got more intense, she had pressed the button for a second time. It was a more constant vibration this time, still pleasurable but not so much as before. Then it increased for a third time. My ass felt like it was going to explode. It was so intense and painful. I gasped at the pain.

"There we are sissy boy. Have fun with your toy. I'll be back shortly."

With that Jade left the room. I was hurting, a lot. I tried to get up but where my hands were bound it was impossible to stand enough to remove the plug completely. It was close but the most I could do was move myself three quarters of the way up it. I decided to sit still. The last thing I felt like doing was fucking myself with the plug. The pain was starting to make me feel dizzy.

I sat for what felt like an eternity before Jade returned. My ass had started to get used to the plug deep inside me however and I was starting to enjoy the sensation now the pain had subsided.

Jade looked amazing when she walked into the room. She was completely naked with her hair down. Her body had always impressed me. Her huge yet firm breasts, her small waist and perfect ass. She looked like a goddess.

"Now then sissy boy." She said. Her tone was firm and dominating, yet sensual at the same time.

"You are going to put on a show for me, and if you behave like a good slut for me, I will let you cum. Is that clear?"

"Yes Jade." I gasped. My cock had gone rock hard but was jammed inside my knickers, and the plug inside me felt so good now I was aroused.

"Good boy." She said. "I'm going to sit opposite you. And you are going to ride the plug for me, taking it in and out of your ass. Your going to close your eyes and moan like a slut for me. & if your slutty enough I will allow you to cum for me."

I didn't question her or hesitate in my actions. I started to ride the plug. I was so turned on and despite its size the plug felt really good. I closed my eyes tight as I had been instructed and started to moan, quietly at first but getting louder the more I got into it. I was fucking myself really hard now, riding the butt plug with gusto and moaning as loudly as I could. It felt incredible. I wanted to cum really badly as the plug massaged my prostate. Had I been able to touch my hard cock I would have exploded. Then Jade spoke.

"You can stop now slut, you have worked hard enough for me."

I opened my eyes and looked towards her. What I saw was one of the worst sites I have ever seen in my life. In Jades hand was a digital video camera. She had recorded the whole thing. Immediately my cock softened and I started to panic. What if people saw.

"Aww slut, your cock doesn't seem to be as hard as it was. What's the matter." She smirked at me. "Are you worried why I made a video of you? Its really very simple. You didn't seem too sure about being fucked by other men, I wanted to make sure whatever I tell you to do is done as for me."

She was smiling from ear to ear as she spoke. I felt physically sick to my stomach.

"From now on I own you." She continued slowly. "You will permanently be my slut. You will follow my instructions without hesitation and should you decide not too, a copy of this video will be passed to your colleagues, friends and family. I will leave you and you will be alone, known as the sissy boy who fucks butt plugs in drag by everyone else. Are you clear?"

"Yes Jade." I stammered, still feeling very sick. My head hurt. Her tone of voice was different and I knew she meant every word of it.

She then stood up and walked over to me. She placed one foot on the chair in front of me and lifted her body. One of her legs went over my shoulder and her wet pussy pressed against my face. This had clearly turned her on.

"Lick it." She commanded. "Make me cum sissy."

I started to run my tongue over her and worshipped her. I licked her as hard as I could, wanted to make her cum, more now out of fear than anything else. I lapped at her pussy for ages and she pushed herself against my face, I couldn't breath but I didn't care. All the while the pug vibrated inside me.

I started to enjoy it, the plug was massaging me and her pussy tasted amazing. I licked harder than I ever had before, running my tongue over her hard clit until she started to pulsate. I licked her with everything I had, my cock getting harder by the second until finally she grabbed hold on my hair, pushed herself really hard against me and moaning loudly she came.

Then she climbed off me and grabbed my balls hard. Massaging my balls. I started to once again cum without orgasm and she caught it all in her hand. I came until there was nothing left inside me. Then she raised her hand to my mouth.

"Eat is sissy boy!" She commanded in a firm voice. "I don't want this shit on my hand."

I licked al, the cum from her palm, sucking up every last drop until all the cum was gone.

"Now wasn't that nice sissy?" She asked.

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