tagLoving WivesJade's Special Day Ch. 03

Jade's Special Day Ch. 03


It was around 6.30pm when I lazily roused from as relaxed a sleep as a person can possibly have.

Jade lay beside me, naked, unconscious and helpless, her arms still cuffed to the metal frame of our bed.

I lifted her phone from the bedside table and took a few pictures to mark the occasion, not that I really needed any more after this afternoon's events, but it would be a rude surprise for her the next time she flicked through her phone!

Rather than wake her, I set about planning the final part of Jade's day as my slave.

I texted Paul.

"Jade and I are in town later, shopping. Shall we call around with a bottle?"

"Yeah. We've no plans. Just sitting around."

I met Paul way back, when a girl I was dating was good friends with his then girlfriend, now wife, Adele. Unlike most circumstantial acquaintances, we genuinely became best of friends.

And like most men, I had enjoyed many a rude thought about his other half. She was a good looking girl, with the same little tits that Jade has, and a similarly curvaceous body, if not a little more diminutive. She was the blonde to Jades brunette, and had the cutest of faces... little nose, pink lips and bright white teeth. Very... I don't know... innocent.

We'd holidayed together once and spent many a drunken night, partying together as couples. I was never too disappointed when the sun came out and her clothes got a little more skimpy, and I can close my eyes now and still picture her in that green bikini. Still, that's about as much I can brag about, despite a botched attempt by Paul and me to get her and my old girlfriend to play strip poker. The result was two naked men, and two girls with only their shoes removed. Gutted.

Paul and I had discussed trading a few pictures of our respective partners, but he never really backed up his big talk. In fact, he could hardly see straight when we played strip poker that night! Somehow, I don't think Adele, or Paul for that matter, was as open minded as Jade and I.

I got dressed and took out a lovely, figure hugging retro red dress for Jade, which buttoned down the front, all the way down to just above the knee.

She stirred as I freed her from the handcuffs, and she greeted me by pulling me in and kissing me deeply, her hand clasped around the back of my neck, as her other hand traced the outside of my jeans in search of dick. I was glad to see that depriving her of a first orgasm of the day was still having the desired consequence... but no time for that. Not now.

I gave her a simple command...

" Shower, dress, car in fifteen minutes. Clothes are in the bathroom."

I had picked out black panties and black bra, both covering her assets, but semi-see through. She would wear a cute pair of rounded red high-heels that complimented her red dress beautifully.

Sure enough, she bounded into the car after about 20 minutes. On any other day, this would have been a small victory for me, as she never gets ready in less than half an hour, but today was different. Today, she was my slave. Back into the house we went.

I marched her into the lounge, and demanded she undone the buttons on her dress, from the bottom to her naval. I then placed her on all fours on the sofa, pulling the dress up and over her back, and whipping her panties down to her knees in one quick, bullish action.

"I said 15 minutes. How long did you take?"

"I don't know. I... "

Her next word was unintelligible, but was a natural reaction to the stinging sensation she was now felling on her peachy, upturned ass. And another, as her cheeks began to redden from two... now three slaps of my hand against her private flesh.

Jade liked to feel like a naughty girl. She loved the idea of being the bad girl in the class.

"Will you be 15 minutes the next time I ask you to be?"

"Yes, but what happened was..."

Slap. Slap. Slap. Pause. Her breath was quick with expectancy, and then it began to slow down, a natural reaction to my inaction. One more. Slap.

"You want to try again?"

"Yes, Sorry. I am a bad little whore for being late. I deserve your punishment. It won't happen again, I promise."

I shoved two finger into her wet pussy from behind and roughly finger fucked her, all the time building her up inside, as she panted and pushed back to meet my thrusts.

As I pounded into her like a horny teenager, I told her that next time she was late, she wouldn't be able to sit down, and gave her five minutes to fix herself and meet me again in the car. She was there in two.

"So, what's the plan my handsome master?"

"Shopping... Its seven thirty now, and they're open until nine."

"Ha ha! It can't be that straight forward after today. Come on! What's happening?"

"Your favourite lingerie store. ... You get two new bra and panties for being such a good little whore."

"Right... Why do I think you are not telling me everything?"

We just laughed like naughty school children, and fifteen minutes later we were walking through the door of her favourite boutique store, an upmarket place with everything from vintage underwear to real slutty, stripper type two pieces. I think Jade was surprised that I didn't ask her to touch herself in the car. This was all too 'normal' in her opinion.

We searched together, Jade being the usual eager shopper, and before long she had four choices, and we headed towards the dressing rooms, so she could try on the top halves. No test driving panties allowed in this shop.

I told her I would be sitting at the door and would text her instructions. Her eyes formed slits, her mouth in a half smile, as she turned on her heels and disappeared behind the curtain.

I took out my phone...

"Try on the top half of the half-cup, red bra. Take everything else off, keeping only your black panties on. Ask the shop assistant for her opinion."

A minute later and Jade was leaning through the door, calling over this young, Asian attendant in a black denim skirt and a tight indie t-shirt.

The seat at the door gave me a clear view but I was 10 yards away, and they talked in quiet tones. The dark haired, hot little helper spent a good 90 seconds giving her a good looking over, before turning with a smile and heading back to the register.

Buying the underwear was just the prop I needed for my real treat, but I thought I would have a bit of fun while I was calling the shots. Another couple entered the store, with the female making a beeline straight for two sizes of a black corset-style item, and whisking them straight into the second dressing room, adjacent to Jades. The boyfriend stood, like most, just a yard away, checking his phone and doing his best to not get impatient. Well, when opportunity knocks...

I texted Jade and, fifteen seconds later, she was fulfilling her mission... leaning through the curtain , raising her voice and asking me to fetch her the "white set we looked at."

I delivered, then returned to my seat further away, and was pleased to see Jade had read the whole text.

There she was, the curtain gaping open by about 3 inches. Too far away for me to get a proper eyeful, but perfect for our stranger, who was no longer worried about how long his girlfriend was taking to try on her sexy outfit.

For a good five minutes, I could only see the back of his head, but his neck had certainly turned about 90 degrees from its original position. Lucky him. I have caught a sneaky glimpse myself of things I shouldn't have in ladies outlets. I felt proud to return the favour.

His girlfriend emerged before Jade, and they walked to the cash dispenser. She was saying something to him but he wasn't listening, and she barked at him for being in a world of his own. I couldn't help but laugh, knowing full well where his mind was!

One more text...

"Pick two sets, pay for them with the credit card and meet me in the car. You have ten minutes."

After the spanking she endured this evening, she managed it in eight, and we were making the short journey to Paul and Adele's apartment.

As we parked on their street, Jade sat in silence while I prepared an email on my smart phone to send to hers. I told her that I would send her a mission via email once we were inside their house. She had to excuse herself, head to the bathroom, and read her challenge on her blackberry.

We found our friends already with red wine in hand, and both dressed in casual jeans and t-shirts, although Adele's was pleasantly tight, with a little of her midriff on show. As we were offered a glass of wine, Jade headed to the bathroom and began to read...


Your mission tonight is to use your best friend to please your master.

Use all your cunning to reveal as much of Adele as you can over the next couple of hours.

You must also try your new underwear on in front of her, in the bedroom, and try to capture evidence of this on your camera phone.

If you please me enough, I will allow you to cum later. If you fail, you will go to bed chained to the bedpost and frustrated.

That is it... no more details. Use your imagination...


Within two minutes of coming back from the bathroom to join our foursome, Adele couldn't resist asking about Jade's new purchases, with my loyal slave-girl leading her by the hand to an upstairs bedroom to show her what she had bought. They took their wine, and the bottle, with them.

For the next fifteen minutes, Paul and I had our usual conversation, which was made up of football, crude comments about each other's partner and general humorous banter. Paul was great value as a friend and we got on very well.

Twenty minutes past by...

Twenty-Five minutes...

"Typical women," said Paul. "Adele brought a dress so by the time they show off to each other what they bought it'll be midnight!"

I half-laughed, knowing that Jade had more than clothes on her mind.

A few minutes later, Adele bounded through the door and past us wearing her new dress... a backless black number that stopped above her knee and climbed all the way to her neck. She barely looked at us, instead breezing into the kitchen with the simple words "more wine!"

Looks like my slave was using alcohol as her accomplice!

Soon enough, Adele had returned to the bedroom, with the odd burst of laughter filtering down to Paul and I.

This was nothing too different than usual, apart from the fact I knew of Jades mission and Paul didn't. For that matter, neither did Adele.

About another 20 minutes past before we heard Adele and Jade bundling down the staircase, breaking our relative peace with laughs and a little scream.

The door opened slightly, but no girls. Interesting...

Then I heard Adele's voice.

"Guys, we need your fashion advice."

More giggles, while Paul rolled his eyes in boredom.

"Which of these do you prefer?"

With that, both Adele and Jade waltzed into the room wearing both sets of underwear that Jade had bought this evening. Paul's eyes no longer rolled, but instead were popping out of his head, while even I was not expecting this, mission or no mission!

Jade stood there in a solid black, push up bra, cut low enough to just about cover the top of her nipple. That's the best I can describe it! The panties were also solid black, but tight, with the triangle covering her pussy. That was about all the material I could see from the front, as a simple string held it in place and stretched to where I couldn't see.

Adele stood beside her, wearing another two-piece, only this one was lacy and lemon coloured. A traditional wired bra made her little tits look like they must have when she was eighteen, and her lace panties were simply breath-taking. French knickers I believe they are called, and while they had three times the material of Jade's black skimpy ones, they had little holes above the pussy area, flashing little areas of skin between the lacy pattern.

The colour of them made it hard to distinguish, but without doubt I could spot touches of what looked like a light wisp of manicured blonde pubic hair.

They giggled like school girls.

"Well?" said Jade.

Paul clumsily praised the pair of them, whereas I decided to push the tipsy twosome further.

"It's hard to tell to be honest, without seeing the back."

They give each other a glance, and then turned to face the wall. Jade even placed her hands on it and stuck her ass out just a little, while Adele was posing, one hip higher than the other, as she moved her weight from one foot to the other.

Jade's panties were not a thong, but close, as they disappeared up her ass, emerging only in a v-shape near the top that measured about three inches. She looked fucking sensational.

Adele's were completely different, hugging the entire shape of her ass, showing off only the bottom part of her peachy globes.

Both girls, however, sported very tight panties, so we could make out the outline of their pussies from behind, as both of us obviously spent much more time looking at our opposite halves than our own partners, who we had fucked and ogled many, many times!

Adele broke the silence that fell as they turned around... the sight of both girls' asses rendered us speechless... turning back around with Jade closely behind.

"Which one should I keep baby?" she said to Paul. "Jade said I could keep one as a present!"

Paul said he liked the one she was wearing, but that was a schoolboy error, so I spoke up.

"I love the lemon one too, and Jade, you have loads of black underwear. And black on blonde is hot Adele."

This seemed to make sense to both of them, as they left us with a cheeky turn and one last glimpse of their asses, once again disappearing upstairs.

It took Paul about thirty seconds to realise why I was smiling... then the penny dropped.

"Ah! You are a fucking genius! Used panties from each other's girlfriend! Genius."

I reminded him he was married and began to tell him that Jade gets quite excited below the waist when she drinks but the sound of footsteps stopped our developing conversation in its tracks.

Both girls rejoined our company with immediate talk of a forthcoming birthday party we all had to attend, although Adele looked a little unsteady thanks to the wine, as she swayed a little in her chair.

Before long, Jade announced that she was tired and wanted to head home. I was happy with that, given that she had passed her mission with flying colours and I was limited to one glass of wine because of driving duties.

As we kissed each other goodbye, I enjoyed wrapping my arm around Adele's waist, knowing that I had seen more of her tonight than ever before. She thanked Jade for the panties and bra (that I paid for!) and we fell into our car and sounded our horn as we departed.

As soon as we were out of sight, I began to praise Jade as she sat grinning from ear to ear, looking very pleased with herself.

"How the fuck did you get her to do that?"

"I just kept topping her drink up every time she went to the bathroom or was preoccupied. She was holding the wall by the time we ventured down the stairs. I tried to get her into the black panties but she wasn't that drunk! Needed a slut like me to parade those!"

I wanted to pull over and fuck her on the spot, but instead I asked her to tell me more.

"Well, I have a pair of lace panties in my bag that were pressed up against her cunt just half an hour ago. I also took a picture."

"Of what?" I asked.

"Adele from behind in the black panties. She tried them on too, but wasn't willing to show you! When she was looking in her closet for her new dress I did it on my phone on silent when she was facing away. You should be able to zoom in and see more of her ass."

Jade had surpassed herself, although I was surprised by her next comment.

"But the bad news is you can't see that picture."

"Why is that?"

She just raised her eyebrow and lifted her phone out of her purse, waving it at me like it was some sort of conclusive proof in a court room TV drama. I shot her a confused look, before turning back to the road.

"This isn't my phone. It looks like it, but it isn't. It's Adele's. It's funny how easy it is to get confused and lift the wrong one. I wonder what pictures are on here, Luke?"

My speedometer dial increased my an extra 30 kilometres an hour, and ten minutes later I was pulling into our driveway, having spent the last period of time listening to Jade flicking through Adele's phone, making comments the whole time.

"Interesting... wow... mmm... that's nice... you will love this one... Adele, you dirty bitch."

I loved it, hearing my girlfriend enthusing over mystery pictures of her sexy friend, and making my dick hard in the process.

As soon as I stepped through our front door she gave me the phone. She told me take the memory card out and copy it to my computer while she called Adele's home phone and explained the 'mistake'.

It only took a couple of minutes to copy, but it seemed like forever, and by that stage Jade had informed me that Paul was on his way over in a taxi to swap the phones back.

I told her to change into something sexy and wait for me, as I pieced Adele's phone back together and opened up the copied files.

There were over a hundred pictures but, sadly, no videos. As I flicked through the first 20 or so, deleting as I went, I began to think they were all 'normal' shots until up popped a 'self-pic' of Adele taken in her bathroom, from above the waist, of her waving to Paul (I assume!). She was wearing... nothing.

Her little nipples were light pink and quite small, in keeping with her wonderful pale skin. They were slightly tip-tilted and they seemed to be standing to attention.

The next few pics were almost the same... just versions she had taken before choosing the best one to send!

The next flesh I discovered was not Adele's, but Pauls! ...Pictures of his hard cock in his hand. I was sure it was his as he had a little tattoo on the inside of his wrist, which I could just make out.

It was quite long and thick. A bit like the girls themselves, his skin is lighter than mine, but I would be hard pushed to choose between our dicks in terms of length and thickness. I saved those for Jade.

Then came just one picture of Adele in the shower, leaning out far enough to take a nice shot. This started above the knee, and I finally got a glimpse of her pussy, albeit with her legs closed and her lips out of sight as she leant forward to avoid getting water on the camera. Still, I was right about her patch of blonde pubic hair, which was well taken care of but long enough to look natural. I couldn't believe I was seeing this.

What followed were a few more pictures of Adele in her bra and one of her in a simple white bra and lovely cotton panties, albeit a little soft in terms of focus. I was beginning to realise that Paul must have been too much of a softy to push for more 'porn' style pictures.

And that was it, really... until the last picture.

It was a close up of Adele's face. Her eyes were half closed as she gazed into the camera, obviously extremely drunk at the very least. Her black eyeliner was smudged and she looked like she was as far gone as possible without being passed out. In the corner of the picture was the tip of Paul's cock...

Just second's earlier, his hard dick had spurted shot after shot of spunk over the face of his wife, covering her cheeks, mouth and one big lash across her nose and onto her forehead, falling between her watering eyes.

I was motionless, as I just stared at this depraved image on my computer screen. The silence was broken by Jade, as she came into the room, holding her finger to her mouth, gesturing to myself to keep quiet.

She was wearing a little blue Teddy nightgown that barely covered her arse. I loved her in this.

She whispered in my ear...

"Paul is at the door. He can't come in as the taxi is waiting. I told him you were sleeping. I will give him Adele's phone back."

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