tagErotic HorrorJake Hunter: Jake in Cuffs

Jake Hunter: Jake in Cuffs


Jake Hunter rolled over with a groan. Handcuffs rattled against the bed frame. Well, shit. That's never a good thing to wake up to.

Knowing that he'd already given away that he was awake, he went ahead and opened his eyes. He was in the kind of bare concrete room that you see in movies more than real life. That means that whoever picked me off last night has guests here often enough to actually keep a room set aside. Domini? He's usually not this, well, dirty. Probably Keane, then. Good. I might have a chance of convincing him that I'm after different prey.

He was surprised to see his clothes stacked neatly on a chair by the door. His knife and gun were placed on top. No sign of his cell phone. Why leave his weapons? To taunt him? A washbasin on the wall and a single bare bulb on the ceiling rounded out the furnishings. No toilet? Meant guests didn't stay long. Not a good sign.

The sound of the lock opening was like a gunshot. Jake considered faking sleep, but it wasn't likely to get him anywhere. He flipped onto his back, and attempted to look as nonchalant and confident as a naked man handcuffed to a dirty bed can.

A woman came into the room. Unusual, but potentially useful. She was of average height, but had a strong build that would be far more flattering on a man. It did give her a very generous bust line, though, and the cut of her blouse said she knew it. The way she had her hair pulled up in a bun was not good for her face, though. She took in the lines of his body, and glanced behind her at the door. Trying to appear casual, she kicked it closed with her heel.

Putting a tray of food down on the bedside table, the woman said, "My name is Meg. I'm here to make sure you're okay, and feed you. Are you still sick from the drugs?"

Jake shook his head. Her Cornish accent pretty well confirmed that he'd stumbled across one of Keane's operations. That at least gave him a nice fifty-fifty chance of getting out alive. Even better odds if he could get this girl on his side. With a smirk, he said, "I'd be doing a lot better without these bracelets. What say you let me up, and I can cover up a bit. There's no need to expose you to all this, after all."

Meg turned away quickly, blinking. "Now, I can't do that. I don't even have the keys," she stammered. "I'm just here to make sure you eat". Even as she pretended to be demure and flustered, her eyes kept straying to his naked groin. His cock was starting to thicken and twitch.

The woman sat on the bed next to him, her hip tucked in next to his waist. She began spooning soup from a bowl on the tray into his mouth. Jake kept eye contact with her, asking her where she was from. He kept away from any mention of Keane or what she was doing here. He had to get her defenses down before he could hope to enlist her aid. To that end, he also deliberately allowed bits of the soup to dribble down his chin. Sure enough, her wiping of his chin started to feel more like caresses.

Soon, she leaned over and kissed him. She jerked back immediately, afraid. He smiled up at her. "It's okay. I don't mind. And I already noticed that there is no camera in here. You can kiss me if you like. I imagine you don't often get an opportunity to be with a man where you feel completely safe, hm?"

She gave him another shy smile and leaned in again. She kissed his mouth thoroughly. When Jake felt her tongue against his lips, he gladly parted them. She shifted on the bed, pressing her mouth greedily to his. She drew the very breath out of him. When she finally broke away, he didn't need to pretend to be panting and dizzy. He also certainly didn't need to pretend to be aroused.

Meg was hardly done, though. Her mouth and hands began to explore his body. A life of action kept his muscles hard, and having his arms trapped over his head certainly showed off his chest to good advantage. She traced the lines of his physique with her fingers, and the traces of his many scars with her tongue.

Jake was surprised, though, when she shifted lower. She ran one hand over his scrotum and down between his legs. As his thighs reflexively parted, she began tickling the sensitive flesh between them. He gasped and writhed, the cuffs clattering loudly against the bed frame. Her smile had stopped being shy, and now seemed wickedly delighted at his predicament. Without breaking eye contact, she leaned over his crotch and breathed in his scent. She purred appreciatively.

As a prisoner, he could do little but let her play out whatever needs she had. So far, he had to admit, he wasn't complaining. He closed his eyes and shuddered when she ran her tongue along the underside of his shaft. She took him firmly in one hand, and closed her lips around the head of his dick. She didn't suck at first, just held him there, licking the pre-cum from the tip with swipes of her tongue. When his hips jerked towards her face, though, she pushed down hard. His cock mashed uncomfortably against his pubic bone, and he got the message. He wasn't to move.

Meg continued to explore his cock with her mouth. She obviously had no intention of bringing him off with a proper blow job. Instead, she seemed to simply want to drink in the taste and feel of his hard flesh. She tangled her fingers in the curls of his blond pubic hair, and ran her palms along his thighs. The sensations were maddeningly erotic, without bringing him anywhere close to release.

When she clearly had gotten her fill of tasting him, she stood up and shed her clothes. This was no seductive strip tease, but a rapid and efficient undressing. Looking at her naked body, she certainly was no great beauty. Her ample bosom sagged over a belly that had clearly seen more pubs than gyms. Still, he had a preference for full-figured women, and he felt that a woman like this would be grateful for a man who at least convincingly pretended to appreciate her charms. He gave a low wolf's whistle as she stood before him.

Smiling, she climbed on the bed again, and straddled his waist. She leaned over him, and placed one of her generous tits in his mouth. He suckled her nipple as best as he could. He pulled against the cuffs again, trying to embrace her. She chuckled low in her throat, clearly pleased with his struggles. He nipped at the breast in his mouth to show her his displeasure. She gasped in surprise, and pulled back. She slapped him hard enough across the mouth to make his teeth rattle. Then she gave that wicked smile again. She leaned in, saying, "Do that again, baby."

Jake had her number now. She needed the power of keeping him bound, but also liked a little pain with her pleasure. He bit her nipple again, drawing another gasp from her. He licked roughly at the pebbled aureola, moving her breast around with his tongue. When he got his mouth on the underside of her flesh, he sucked hard. He could feel the prickles in his mouth from the pressure. Meg moaned from the feeling of the love bite.

After nearly ten minutes spent worshiping her tits as best he could, Jake felt Meg pull away. He could see a few bruises already starting to show against her skin. She straddled his waist, and he could feel the dew from her vagina on his abs. Her hips were rocking back and forth, seemingly on their own. Her eyes were flicking back and forth between the cuffs and his shoulders.

Jake smiled his best smile. "You know, if you were to find a way to take these cuffs off, your thighs would fit around my face quite nicely. I promise that I won't try to escape. You can even re-cuff my hands behind my back. I just really want to get a taste of that pretty pussy of yours. With my arms like this, though, I'm afraid it wouldn't be very comfortable for either of us."

Jake wasn't sure, but he thought he saw a vicious sneer twist sweet Meg's face for just a second. Then she had a look of sorrow and longing. "I already told you, I don't have the keys. I can't do anything about the cuffs". Her pleading tone was oddly moving.

The prisoner said, "Well, that rules out my fingers or my tongue". His voice dropped to a seductive whisper. "I do have one other way to make you happy, I think". He looked down meaningfully.

Meg gave a wicked smile. She reached behind her and took his cock in her hand. She squeezed it, as though testing whether it could get harder. Seeming satisfied, she lifted her hips off his belly. Scooting back, she lined up his penis with her slit. As she impaled herself on his shaft, they both groaned. The woman lifted herself up, her labia hungrily gripping the retreating cock. Jake flexed his buttocks, thrusting into her again.

It didn't take long for the couple to settle into a steady rhythm. Meg was a powerful and energetic lover, slamming her hips against his with every downstroke. Jake also quickly discovered that she loved to hear the rattle of his chains. He started adding little whimpers of agony, which drove her wild. She reached out and raked her nails across his chest. She did it again, and Jake gave a genuine yelp as she drew blood. She reached behind her and dug those same nails into the tight muscles of his thighs. Knowing what she wanted, he gave a long scream that spoke of both pain and pleasure.

Jake allowed himself a small smile as Meg closed her eyes. He could see her orgasm coming. The pain was allowing him to control himself. If he could bring her off really well, it would be an excellent lever for later. He began twisting his hips in a technique an ex-gigolo had once taught him. He could feel his glans hit her G spot, and begin stroking it from side to side even as he thrust in and out. Meg's eyes flew open wide and rolled back into her head. Her mouth stretched in a soundless scream of pleasure.

Panting, she looked down at the captive man. "Oh, you're good," she said. "I like you".

Jake smiled up at her, showing his teeth. "I like you, too, Meg. You don't have to leave yet, do you?"

With a smile, she slid off of him. Rather than getting up, though, she bent over and slurped his dick into her mouth. She cleaned it thoroughly with her tongue, bringing him to the brink. Then, still holding his head between her lips, she pinched the base of his shaft hard. The conflicting sensations blew his mind, but also pretty effectively stalled his orgasm.

Seeming pleased with herself, Meg got back on the bed. This time, though, she swung her other leg over him so that she faced his feet. She leaned forward, giving him a great view of her ass. She reached between her legs and guided him between her lips again. She settled down on his hips, savoring every inch.

Jake looked up from where their bodies were joined and his blood went suddenly cold. On her shoulder was a tattoo of a thorned vine with three blooms.

Shaking off his sudden fear, he concentrated on keeping up a convincing act. He rolled his hips again. With the reversed angle it didn't have the same effect, but "Meg" purred anyway. She began rolling her hips as well, massaging his cock with her cunt. Jake jerked hard on his cuffs, causing not only the chains to rattle but the bed to move. His lover took the hint, and began pistoning her hips up and down.

Needing a change of pace, Meg lay down on his chest. He saw one of her hands begin pulling hard on her nipple. He felt the other rubbing her clit. He continued doing his best to thrust into her, trying to get enough friction to come quickly. He stared up at the disintegrating bun of hair bobbing in front of his face.

His motions slowed, and he began breathing hard. Meg whined. "Fuck me, bitch," she yelled. He said he was too tired. With barely any warning, her head snapped back into his face. A starburst of pain exploded from his mouth, and he tasted blood. "I said, fuck me, you asshole! I'm not done yet!" Jake complied. It had hurt a lot, but at least it had worked.

The prisoner tucked his feet up near his ass, and began driving into his lover hard. He was bouncing her around too much for her to keep diddling herself. Instead, she started slapping his flanks like she was riding a horse.

With a mighty yell, Jake stiffened. He came, his prick erupting into her vagina. That was all she needed, and her orgasm followed on the heels of his. Their cries echoed in the tiny chamber.

After catching her breath, the woman rolled off of Jake. She gave his shrinking cock a little pat, like you would use to reward a dog. She then very nonchalantly began to dress.

Jake looked up at her. Though cum was drying on his crotch and blood was drying on his chin, he smiled confidently. "That was pretty fantastic. But, you know you didn't really need to lie to me, Katie". The woman stiffened at the sound of her real name, waiting to see what he would say next. "Please tell your brother that I'm not here for him. Keane's operations mean nothing to me. I sincerely apologize for stumbling into them."

Katie gave a bitter laugh. "You expect that he'll just accept your word for that, do you? Don't be daft. We know who you are, Jake Hunter, and we know who you work for. Even if you're after someone else today, you'd be coming for us sooner or later. Better to nip this in the bud now. I hope you enjoyed your afternoon, because our next tactic won't be nearly so gentle".

With a final swish of her skirt, she left him alone. That had gone pretty much the way he'd expected. But, it did mean that there wouldn't be a follow-up session anytime soon. Jake worked his tongue into his cheek. He pulled out the bobby pin he'd snatched out of Katie's bun. Now all he had to do was get it close to the cuffs, and he'd be back in business!

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