tagRomanceJake The P.I.

Jake The P.I.

byDG Hear©

As always, a big thank you to Lady Cibelle and Techsan who edit my stories. They are the best. Not a lot of sex in this story.

Chapter 1:

I'm Jake, owner and president of Jake's Private Investigation Services. I have another private investigator who works for me. Jim Adams is his name. He's the vice-president since we are the only two investigators in the firm. We do have our overworked office girl, Sally. She is definitely the best secretary and most efficient office person I have ever met. She is smart, intelligent, sexy, and also a computer wiz. She would put most computer experts to shame. She's also married and a mother of two teenage girls. Her marriage is a good one and believe me she doesn't stray.

Before you get it in your head that either me or Jim made it with Sally, get it out of your head right now. It never happened. Too bad though; she's one fine lady. I wanted you to know how many people work in our office, and who they are. Now you know - there are three of us.

Jim and I are both ex-military and very good at what we do. We were members of the same unit when we were overseas. I'm not going to bore you with our war days or of the commendations we received, but we were the best of the best. At least we think so and our medals show it.

We became best friends and decided to start this private investigation and bounty hunter business together. There is no bounty hunting in this story but if I decide to tell you of other escapades in the future that might be some information you might want to remember. To put it mildly, we are a couple of bad asses.

This story begins with an old friend - well, more of an old acquaintance who was over at the house the other day. As we were downing a few beers, we talked about our jobs. He was an executive at the credit union and always bragged about his position. I nodded my head like I was interested but I could really have cared less. He finally came out with what he really wanted.

"Jake, I would like to hire your services."

"My service is private investigations, you know that. What the hell do you need investigated?"

"Jake, I think Jenny has been cheating on me. I need to know with who?"

"No, Jenny wouldn't cheat on you. What kind of proof do you have? Damn, I've known Jenny my whole life. I don't think she's capable of carrying on an affair."

"That's the problem - I don't have any proof. I just have this gut feeling inside that says she's cheating."

"Did you ever think about talking to her, even asking her, rather than having her followed?"

"No, I just want proof and then I'm going to divorce her."

"Jesus, Roger, aren't you putting the cart before the horse? Don't you think you should find out what the hell is going on before you make all these decisions. Jenny's a great girl. I doubt if she's been cheating and you are ready to hang her out to dry."

"Look, Jake, it's my business what I do, and how I do it. I'm offering you a job to investigate Jenny. If you prefer, I can go elsewhere to find someone. I know you're the best and besides since you have known Jenny so long, you will be able to get closer than any other investigator without her finding out anything."

"Okay, Roger, I'll take the case but you need to level with me when I find things out. I may need information from you but I'll get that as we go. It will cost you three hundred a day, you will also have to pay any office and investigation costs that the firm incurs. You'll only need to pay for the days we are out on the case."

That was more than I charged most people, but he could afford it.

"Thanks, Jake, I really appreciate it. Money isn't a problem but I do expect results."

"By tonight or tomorrow at the latest I need to know everywhere that Jenny is supposed to go in the next two weeks. I might just stop by and see Jenny as a friend tomorrow and that will start the ball rolling."

Roger finished his beer and left. What an arrogant bastard. I sat there and thought about Jenny. She was one fine looking woman. It was going to be fun doing this investigation. A few minutes later my wife, Doris, pulled up and saw about a dozen beer bottles sitting on the end table.

"Did you drink them all by yourself or did you have help?"

"Roger came over to talk to me."

"Roger wanted to talk to you? What about?"

"Damn, girl, why the hell you acting so surprised?"

"He hardly ever comes over. What did he want?"

"Your ass!"

"What? What did he want?"

"Oh, don't get your panties in an uproar. I just made that up. Even though he has always wanted to stick it to you."

"Cut it out, Jake. It's not funny. What did he want?"

"Business. He wanted to do business with me."

"What kind of business? You're a P.I."

"Bravo, you get the brass ring. You guessed it, he wants me to investigate someone for him."

"Who, Jake?"

"Since when do I tell you who I investigate? Why the sudden interest?"

"Jake, Roger is the first friend that has asked you to investigate someone. I just thought it was interesting. The last time you investigated someone you knew, you married her. Remember how we met, Jake?"

"I'll never forget sweetheart."


Maybe I ought to tell you a little more about my past and while I'm at it I'll tell you about Doris.

Before I went into the service I married my high school sweetheart. I was gone nearly four years all together. When I got home I found out I had a son. After I punched in the numbers I knew it wasn't mine. I was home on a few leaves but none fit the time frame of my son's conception.

She received military benefits while I was in the service. It wasn't till I got home that I did the numbers game. She owned up to it. She thought she knew who the father might be. What does that tell you? We were soon divorced. Then about a year later I married my second wife Beth. I guess you could call her my rebound marriage. We really didn't get along all that well and she got pissed when Jim and I started this business. Maybe she knew what was coming.

I ran into a lot of great looking women. For the record, a pussy hound like me shouldn't get married but believe it or not, I love these women when I marry them. I must be more in lust than in love. The marriages grow old. I guess I don't like a woman to tell me how to dress, what to eat and not eat. As for cutting the grass and making house repairs, I figure they have people we can pay to do it. My wives never seem to agree with me.

Here's how I met Doris. This old fart came in and wanted me to follow his wife around. She was his trophy wife. For those of you who don't know what a trophy wife is, I'll try to explain. Her job is to look good and Doris is very good at it. She would basically go to a meeting with her husband and be eye candy while he did business. This old guy thought she might have been getting more than looks, and he was right. It was my job to find it out, which I did. I didn't have to follow her long - in fact right after the meeting I attended as a buyer, I asked her up to my room for a night cap. She played a little hard to get but I was in her panties in no time. I do have to say she was the best fuck I had ever had.

She told me how the old geezer just used her for his business deals and wished I would take her away from the life she was leading. When I told her I was sent to spy on her, she looked at me with tears in her eyes and told me the offer still stood.

I went downstairs to her husband's room and gave him the information he needed to get his divorce and of course she would get very little due to a prenuptial agreement. I hated doing it to her; I really did, but business is business. It was about three weeks later she showed up at my office. Sally came into the office smiling and said, "Boss, remember that knockout that you turned in. She's in your waiting room. She wants to discuss a case with you."

"Well, my dear, show her in. This might get interesting."

"Doris, what can I do for you?"

"Well, since you helped end my marriage, I would like you to investigate my husband before the divorce is final."

"Okay, I'll bite, what gives?

"My pre-nup is only binding if one party cheats. If both spouses are found to have cheated then the prenuptial agreement is no longer binding and the distribution of assets will be divided more - should I say - equitably. I think you owe me that much."

"Do you have any information I can work with?"

"As I told you he has a hard time getting it up but I know some women he's been with for oral sex. Believe it or not he gives good head. Before I left the house I had copied his appointment book. I'm sure he will be with someone in the near future. He came to my room a couple of nights ago and asked if he could eat me out. When I told him to go fuck himself, he slammed the door and walked out. He can't go very long without eating a good looking pussy."

"Where are you staying now?"

"I'm still at the house but in my own room. He can't do much till the divorce is final. I'm just not allowed to remove any property from the house."

"You just told me, 'Before you left the house' you copied his book."

"Yes, before I left the house to come and see you. Boy, you sure don't trust anybody."

"That's why I'm the best baby. Do I get you as part of the deal?"

"Get me my money first and I'll see how gracious I can get." She smiled as she left my office."

She knew what she was talking about. I followed his appointments and sure enough he was at the local motel with a nice looking gal. I guess his tongue needed a workout. I waited a few minutes and used a duplicate key card and walked in the room and started snapping pictures. He knew he was caught the minute he saw me and offered me the girl if I would give him the pictures. It was tempting but bad business. She had one nice looking pussy and was spread wide open. Hell, she didn't even close her legs when she saw me.

When I got back to the office, I had Sally call Doris and then she closed up and went home. Jim was out on another job so I had to stay around and get some of the paper work done. A little later I heard a knock on the door; it was Doris. I unlocked the door and let her in. Unfortunately, I forgot to re-lock the door behind her.

I asked her into my office and showed her the pictures that would help her get equitable relief during her divorce. She asked me the cost and I told her the financial part. She wrote me a check, and that's when I explained what I gave up to get her the information.

She stood up and looked in my eyes and without saying a word, she pulled her skirt up above her hips, reached up and removed her panties. I didn't need anyone to tell me what to do as I went around to the other side of my desk and pushed her gently forward on the desk. I unzipped my pants and took out my hard cock and did what I do best. I slowly pushed my cock into her hot pussy.

"Holy shit, damn, you're so hot, you are the best, so good," I told her as her hot pussy engulfed my cock.

"Just fuck me, baby, I can't get enough of you. If you weren't married, I'd marry you."

Just as I shot my load into her pussy I heard a voice behind me.

"He's all yours, honey. He fucked me over for the last time."

It was Beth, standing in the doorway. Dammit, I forgot to lock the door. I found out later that Doris called my house after I had Sally call her. Beth told her I was still at the office so I have always wondered if Doris set me up. She has always claimed she didn't, but you never know.

Beth and I got divorced. As I said earlier our marriage was more of a rebound for me, but Beth was a good wife. She needed a husband who had a nine to five job and was a homebody, it just wasn't my style.

Beth is now married to an accountant. They're expecting their first child. I'm really happy for her; she deserved better than I gave her. We are still friends; we don't see each other all that often but I think we both realized we weren't meant to be together. If she ever needed a P.I., I would be there for her.

Doris and I ended up getting hitched after her divorce was final. She got a pretty good settlement from the old fart. We dated for a few months and then just decided to get married. My third time around and her second. Our marriage is all about sex. I always want it and she is always willing to give it to me.

I know you readers are wondering if a marriage like ours will survive. You will have to keep reading this story to find out. Doris is one great sex partner.


Back to where I left off: Doris asked me who was I to investigate.

"Jenny. Roger wants me to investigate Jenny."

"Jenny is one of your oldest friends. You grew up together. How can you investigate her?"

"According to Roger, he thinks she might be playing around on him. I think it's total bullshit but if I don't do it then he said he was going to hire someone else."

"You've known her. Do you think she is capable of cheating?"

"Doris, every person alive is capable of cheating. It's all about the situations we put ourselves in. You know that. We've both cheated in the past but to be honest with you I would say you would be capable of cheating again before Jenny would."

"You son of a bitch. Accusing me of cheating on you. I've been as good and loyal a wife to you as possible and am always here for you and you say shit like this to me. Who the fuck do you think you are, you bastard?"

"Jesus, Doris, I didn't accuse you of anything. All I said was that you would be more likely to cheat than Jenny. If I ever found out you cheated on me, I would put your lover in the hospital. I'm not a fucking old geezer like your first old man."

"You just hit a sore spot with me. I'm trying my best to be a good wife."

"I'm sorry, Doris. You've done nothing to deserve that kind of talk from me. Do you want to go in the bedroom and we can make up?"

We headed for the bedroom. I had her clothes off and was laying rope. I was on my back and she was riding my rope like a real cowgirl, "Yahoo."

I stopped at the office the next morning and told Jim about this new case. I explained that I didn't trust Roger any further than I could throw him. I asked Jim if he could do some investigating of Roger on the side. Roger didn't know him and Jim was great at what he does. He would be nearly invisible when near Roger; he was that good. I asked Sally what I should get her that would help track down anything useful.

"Too bad you can't get near their computers. I could track down just about anything they did. In this day and age people use their computers for everything."

"I can get that information for you, Sally. What do you need? I don't think I'll have any problems there."

"Here's a few CD's. If you can get their passwords and then copy everything off their hard drive, we'll be in business. I'll make this fifteen thousand dollars worth of computer equipment you bought pay off."

"Sally, did I ever tell you I love you?" I smiled.

"Get out of here and go earn some money so you can afford to pay me," she laughed.

Jim and I headed out the door. I was going to see Jenny and he was going to follow Roger.

Chapter 2

I drove over to Jenny's. My wife was right. Jenny was my best friend during childhood. We were neighbors and grew up together. It was funny that we never really dated. When I started my teen years, her family moved to the suburbs. We still kept in touch but not as often. She used to tell me about a lot of her personal life and I told her mine. As I mentioned, we were best buds, even though she was a girl. We never talked about love or sex between us. It was like the subject was out of bounds for us; it was like it was taboo or forbidden. Sure is strange when I come to think of it. We talked about other people but never about us.

We talked less and less as time went on and eventually just stopped talking all together. By the time I was a junior in high school our relationship or lack of just stopped. That's when I met my first wife and we started dating. Jenny was by then that little girl I used to know. Sad how that happens. We just seem to go our separate ways. Life sure is fickle.

After I married my first wife and went into the service, I got a letter from Jenny saying that she was going to marry Roger. For some reason, it really hurt me. Seems odd that it would bother me; after all, I was already married for three years even though I wasn't home. I didn't know at the time but I guess she was the only girl I loved and not for the sex because we hadn't done it. When she got married, it's as though a part of me died. I never did understand it till a few months ago.

I knew Roger from high school. Most likely to succeed because his dad had the finances to buy Roger whatever he wanted. I guess he was smart but also kind of arrogant We knew each other but weren't really friends. I didn't even know he ever dated Jenny. I guess it wouldn't have made any difference anyway. Money follows money and Jenny's parents were fairly well off and of course Roger's parents were already connected.

It wasn't a match made in heaven but probably made at a board meeting. The dads of both were business people. One of those, "Boy, if our kids were to marry, both of our businesses would prosper."

Maybe I shouldn't say that but that's how I believe the relationship started out. Oh, well, that was all in the past. Time to try and figure out the future. Right now I had a job to do. I have to find out if Jenny is cheating on Roger. I laughed just thinking about it.

I approached the gate. They lived in a gated house. I pushed the button and heard a voice; it was Jenny.

"Who is it?"

"It's your lover. May I come in?"

"Jake, what are you doing here?"

"Let me in and I'll tell you all about it."

The gate opened and I drove up the winding drive to the front door. I'd only been there a few times. Jenny was at the door when I got out of the car.

"What are you doing here, Jake? Roger would shit if he knew you were here."

As we walked through the door, I closed it behind me. "Don't I at least get a kiss." She came into my arms and I kissed her. I pulled her warm body up against me and kissed her again.

She pulled back, "Jake, what are you doing here?"

"Roger sent me."

"What? Roger sent you? Come on, Jake. What's this about?"

"Well, I don't know how to tell you this," as I smiled. "Roger has hired me to find out if you are cheating on him," I laughed.

"Oh, my God, it's not funny Jake. Do you think he knows we've been seeing each other?"

"Honey, don't panic. I know there is something much deeper than you having an affair. I have Jim and Sally working on it. You aren't having an affair, are you?"

"Just with you, my love, just with you. What are we going to do?"

"How many computers do you have? Sally wants me to get all the information off of them."

"We have two here: the one I use and the one in Roger's private office. He also has one at work."

"I need to copy the hard drives off both of them. Do you have a problem with that?"

"I have nothing to hide from you, Jake. I know that you know how much I love you. Come with me and I'll show you my computer."

She gave me her password and I slipped in the disks and started copying the hard drive. "Jenny, is there anything personal on this computer you don't want me to know about?"

"No, I want no secrets from you, Jake. There are some personal letters to different girl friends and my sister but they were deleted a long time ago. Other than that there were a few letters to you hidden in some back files."

"You never sent me any letters. What are you talking about?"

"It's fantasy letters to you. I wrote them throughout the years but never sent them to you. They're all deleted also."

"Just so you know, Sally is the best and she may find a way to retrieve them. Do you want me to read them?"

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