tagIncest/TabooJake's Place Pt. 01

Jake's Place Pt. 01


The week had been well into the nineties and the humidity had finally begun to break. Even the beach regulars had decided it was worth staying in the air conditioning for most of the day. The Florida panhandle during the summer is heaven on earth. The popular spots are always jam-packed with tourists and the roads that are closest to the beaches are bumper to bumper. Jake knew this quite well. He had been in Seaside for five years now. Seaside is the picturesque little village directly opposite the Gulf of Mexico about 20 miles west of Panama City. It was where the movie "The Truman Show" was filmed.

Jake had a long term rental on a two story beach bungalow built in 2014. It was one if the nicer units even though every property in Seaside could double as a demo unit. He lived simply, cooked simply, and had simple tastes. This area is known for millionaires and very affluent people but he didn't care and he didn't want anything to do with that lifestyle, he wanted a clean place to stay, clean food, and quiet.

He worked as a maritime attorney in New York City and was burnt out. Jake had some of the biggest cases involving oil companies and shipping violation defense. He told his partners at the firm he'd be out of reach for six months and if they needed him, that meant the office was on fire and to just let it burn anyway. Jake hopped on a direct flight and sunk his feet into the cocaine white sands of the Gulf, and was in no rush to get back to the rush.

Jakes house was closer to the road which he was nervous about at first because of the road noise, but after the first few days it wasnt bad at all. The front of the house was lined with cypress and palm trees which afforded him privacy and shade. There was a small picket fence like most of the homes there. He usually slept outside in a mosquito net hammock naked. The temperature was always just right and the warm salty air was heaven. He never slept so well.

On Thursday Jake woke up around nine in the morning and it was fairly hot. He had a glistening sheen of sweat all over his body. Jake was in great shape for his age. He was 34 years old and worked out by weightlifting and sprinting. He was blonde and had green eyes. Tanned from the time spent in the sun. The next door neighbor, who thought Jake didn't notice, kept peeking out of her blinds next door to him every morning. It was pretty obvious, every blind was in line except for the upstairs top right floor. You could see it from the street.

Jake didn't care at all. He knew the woman was married and her husband was a number-crunching accountant from Minneapolis. They never left the city and he wasn't really the most exciting in bed. They had spoken a few times in passing, usually just a quick "Hey Jake!" and a "Hey Janine. how are you today?." Jake wanted to have fun with her this morning so he grabbed his cock and started stroking himself for a while until he heard her husband come home in the driveway and the blinds slammed shut.

He laughed out loud and just lay there. He slowly opened the netting and crawled out of the hammock to go inside to make some coffee and plan the day at the beach. The coffee maker was started and he grabbed the cream out of the fridge and he saw perfection in motion right outside his window through the palm trees. A five foot six inch blonde with no shoes and wearing a yellow see-through sundress that showcased her tanned skin perfectly. She stopped, not knowing he could see her and bent over to pick up a shell on the ground, the sea breeze kept playing with her backside until he hit the jackpot with the waiting game and it lifted her dress right up the back.

He knew right away she wasn't from the area. Most locals in Seaside are not only older than she was but anytime the wind exposed any part of their bodies, they would be bashful and try to cover it up. This girl was on vacation mode and fully so. She didn't even move. Her attention was glued to the shell and Jakes attention was on her ass. She had a white thong barely visible because it was wedged in tightly due to her buttocks being so round and plump. She finally straightened up and slowly started walking towards the town center and met a man around her age and started talking with him. Her body language was relaxed, definitely someone she was familiar with.

Jake finished his coffee, threw on a pair of shorts, a tee shirt and headed out to his rental car. He was headed west towards San Destin to find a spot he loved. It was a small protected cove between Destin that he had fished a few times. Very few people ever visited and less than that even knew it existed, even some locals had no idea it was there. San Destin had a high population of older folks that didn't really venture out in a bohemian manner to explore like Jake did. He loved finding new places out of the way.

He parked the car at an acquaintance's house and trekked in a mile. The path was overgrown with scrub brush and palms which was the perfect place to remove his shorts and tee shirt. Jake tossed his clothes into a backpack he brought and continued walking naked to the beach cove. He knew he was getting close when the plant life started to thin out and the dunes rose up. At the top of the dune, the nearest house was almost on the horizon and there were two sailboats out in the gulf.

Jake thought he heard voices but wasn't sure so he decided to move in the direction of the sound. He climbed the dune crouched and slow in case someone saw him naked. He peeked his head over the top and saw the girl with the sundress with that man she was talking to back in Seaside. He couldn't believe that out of all the people, she found his spot, and who was this fucking guy she was with? He watched them for awhile, they would argue, then hug, she slapped him and then they'd kiss. Maybe this was a vacation to save their marriage? Who knows.

Jake watched for about a half hour and then it happened. They started kissing and rolling around on the towel they were laying on. He could see the man pull his shorts off and she got on top of him with her sundress on. She began riding the guy slow at first, then fast, then slow again. She knew how to change up the pace to keep it interesting for sure. The man grabbed her by her hips and tossed her gently on the ground on all fours. They were both facing Jake as the guy began pounding her from behind and grabbing her hair. Jake started masturbating as he was watching them and came fairly quick. They were fantastic to watch. He slowly climbed back down the dune and jumped in the water which was in the high seventies.

Jake stayed on the beach until sunset and made the walk back to his car, then back down Front Beach road back home. His rental house had an outdoor shower in the back that looked like it was made by an architect and had fixtures from the high time of the Roman Empire. He threw on the shower heads and just took in the sensation that it just doesn't get any better than this. He could see the top floors of two nearby houses from the outdoor shower, at night it wasn't a problem but in the day he was clearly visible. The sun was almost completely below the horizon out at sea and the sky had whispy pink and orange clouds that looked like an oil painting.

Jake grabbed a towel and headed out of the shower when he saw her again. She was right in front of him walking in the same direction humming a song to herself.

"Nice town huh?" Jake asked her, hoping to get a response.

No response.

He figured she had headphones in, he couldn't tell because it was so dark. So they kept walking and she veered off towards the common and he went inside his house. He dropped the towel and poured a glass of some mid-quality red wine and put some Hank Mobley jazz on the stereo. He opened the front windows so he could hear the music and went out front to lay in the hammock. He took a few sips from his glass and relaxed to the piano riffs and sounds of the birds at night. A slight breeze blew from the Gulf.

He heard someone walking nearby, a slow crunching sound from the shells on the ground. He was completely naked in the hammock and the orange glow from the lights in the house was enough for anyone to see his nude body from that close.

"Hello?" a faint female voice whispered.

"Yo," Jake said in a deep voice.

Jake had plenty of admirers and he decided to play it Alpha Male style, and the wine made him relaxed so he really didn't care who it was.

"Whats up? Is that you Janine, you cougar!"

"Uh, no it is Heather. I know you're naked, I can come back?"

"Nope! Take a seat Heathz. Grab a seat."

She slowly came into the light through the narrow path between the bushes and palms and she was holding a bottle of wine in one hand and a small bag in the other. Jake was buzzed and made no attempt to move. She didn't seem to mind one bit, it was if they had done this before a few times, it was natural.

"So how are you Mr...? Whats your name?"

"Jake. At your service. I've seen you around Seaside. Where are you from?"

"I'm in from San Francisco for the next week, well, my cousin Nick and I are. We love this place. Its so beautiful and everyone is so nice."

Jake thought for a moment about the beach incident. This girl fucked her cousin on the beach today? And I beat off to it?

"Oh, thats great. You enjoying the beach?"

"Yeah. We went out to someplace we found randomly west of here. Nice secluded beach cove."

"Oh ok. Yeah, I think I've been there before."

Heather opened the wine and asked Him if he wanted a top off, he obliged. She sat on his wicker chair across from him and handed him another glass of wine. She crossed her legs which looked in top peak condition. Muscular and toned but not overdone at all. Absolutely gorgeous.

"My being naked doesn't put you off in any way?" He nervously asked.

"Nope. I used to live in a nudist colony for a year until the property was taken by uncle sam. Nice place in the hills. Plus, you're not too bad on the eyes mister."

Jake laughed and they spent time talking about their lives, what food they ate, where they went to school. She seemed like an interesting girl. Jake valued intellect as well as looks, she had both.

After a few drinks she asked him if he would mind if she took her dress off, to get more comfortable and since he was naked it just seemed like the right thing to do. She set her wine glass down on the ground and stood up. She pulled her dress upwards slowly as her breasts bounced after the dress cleared them on the way up and over her head. Jake noticed in the light that she had no tan lines at all. Jake became slowly became hard as he was watching her undress and she squatted next to him.

"I'm sorry," he said in a nervous tone.

"About what? Your boner? Haha, don't worry about it. It is natural. And very nice actually, it's flattering. What are you, six maybe seven inches?"

"Seven and a half the last time I measured."

"You measure your cock?"

"Don't all guys?"

"I don't know I'm not a guy, but hang on a second."

Heather got up and went into his kitchen and opened a few drawers and he was wondering what the hell she was trying to find. She came back outside with a tape measure and some coconut oil.

"And just what exactly are you going to do with those two things?"

She didn't say a word as she knelt beside the hammock and poured the oil all over his body.

"I was a masseuse at the nudist colony ya know."

She reached over and took his cock in her right hand very, very slowly and caressing it she began stroking him. His hips started to push upwards and she was fondling her breasts at the same time.

"You have a fucking beautiful cock you know that don't you?" She told him in a firm but questioning tone.

Her phone rang and the two of them ignored it for the first time. Then it rang again, and again and again. Heather swore like a sailor telling Jake that someone better be dying because the constant ringing was really fucking up the start of a great handjob.

Jake watched her answer the phone "Yeah...no but...why?...seriously right now?...you really piss me off, hello hello??" God damn it."

"Let me guess, your cousin," questioned Jake as he put the word "cousin" in air quotes.

"I'm sorry Jake he can be a real piece of work sometimes. The garbage disposal in our rental is clogged from his fucking protein shakes. That crap is sludge and it is disgusting. Here let me clean you up."

Jake politely refused and she bent over to grab her dress. She waxed her asshole he noticed. Not one single hair, which he didn't expect for a California hippie type. Most Cali chicks he hooked up with usually had some variation of the Sasquatch. He watched her get dressed, imagining what It would be like to plow her and lick her ass. He was an ass man and nothing got him off faster than the sight and smell of a woman's butt. It was a raw animalistic drive that he was obsessed with.

He watched her leave in a frustrated manner and she yelled to him from out front that she would hopefully see him again. Jake laughed and sat in the hammock, masturbated for a while and looked up at Janine's window, she closed the blinds when she saw him look at her.

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by Anonymous01/11/18

"Nudist colony"??

The writer better get up to date. They've been "nudist resorts" for at least 25 years.

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I’m Looking forward to later chapters.

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Finish this will you.

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by Anonymous01/06/18

Trying to help

I think, not sure, but I think the first reader was trying to say this was not taboo. Hey, she fucked her cousin. Now contrary to popular opinion, that is legal in most states. But it still is incest.more...

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Stupid wow

Did not know grade schoolers were on this site . Needed to be a little longer with interaction between main characters

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