tagRomanceJamie and Tina's Journey 05

Jamie and Tina's Journey 05



On the final day of Tina Lee's visit, all I could do was admire her in the morning light, and continue to fall for her with every moment that past.

I had every desire to make her mine for life, so before she awakened on that final day, all I could do was nibble her nakedness from head to toe, and back up, and allow for her to wake up with my mouth all over her, with soft kisses feathering her body.

I started from her toes, as I was under the blanket, and nibbling her gently, and this way she didn't expect anything, but every time I would nibble her, she would squirm, and her legs would spread just a little.

Then as I worked my way up to her left leg, and thigh, she started to moan, and reach out for me, trying to figure out why she was getting so warm.

As she started to realize what I was doing, she rolled over on to her back, and her legs spread involuntarily, and I instantly climbed between her legs, planting kisses on her thighs, and on her sex, and her lower belly, and she was moaning as I inched further up her body.

As I reached her breast, her nipples were hard, and I didn't know if it was from me, or if it was because she was cold, but I didn't care, I still kissed them, and teased them as well, and as I ended up between her legs, and my cock was between her vaginal lips, and my lips were on hers, I said:

"Good morning love."

Then I slowly entered her, and as I bottomed out, and spread her legs wide, by holding her legs in my arms, I started stroking her pussy with my hardening shaft.

She moaned into my mouth as we kissed, she stroked my back, digging her nails into me, and we started making passionate love to each other, and holding on to each other, as her legs were above my shoulders, and I kept up with short thrust, letting the bed provide the motion that we needed for me to stay buried inside her.

Her nails were digging into my back, and tracing circles around my lower back, and as she got close, she held on to my ass, and her hips started rotating, and the motion got faster, and faster, and faster, and I couldn't stop my hips from bouncing her into the bed as we moaned and groaned our pleasures into the morning air.

The head board had the rhythm of our morning love making session, thump, thump, thump, was all you could hear, and the growing moans and groans of two lovers, who truly understood that they didn't know when the next time that they would see each other again was, and they wanted to hold on to every moment they had left.

I wanted the love making to last, so I truly tried to hold myself back, I tried not to come, but with the sounds of Tina lee in my ear, with her nails against my skin, with the feel of her soft pussy gripping me tight, I stroked her harder, and faster, and with a building crescendo, I came hard, and deep into her pussy.

For the second time in a matter of hours, I collapsed on top of her, warn out, tired, out of breath, and almost ready to pass out, but this time, with tears in my eyes, I didn't want to let her go.

So kissing her face all over, kissing her lips, I tried everything I could do to not lose the moment, and to ensure that the vision of beauty she was in that moment of glow stayed etched in my mind, and that I could carry it with me, where ever I went.


After nodding off for a nap it was time to check out, and I wanted to ensure that Tina Lee had a gift from our first visit to take with her, and to make sure she had something to remember me by, so before we left the room, I pulled out a nice jewelry box from when I was able to buy her early Christmas present.

I took her by the hand, got down on one knee, pulled out a nice one Karat Solitaire Engagement ring, and asked her to marry me.

I told her that I have known that she was the one for me from the moment we met, and that she had me at hello, and after the way she helped me with getting my luggage, and to the way she has been so encouraging to me, I truly believe that God has put this in my heart, and in my path.

I was searching her eyes for any sign of an answer, and she looked teary, and truly gave no sign as to whether she was happy or sad, but ultimately she said yes!

This made me very happy, and I hugged her tightly, kissed her very passionately, and we both believed that this would change our lives for the better.

Unfortunately, the next step was to watch her walk away from me, and to go back to her life that I wasn't a part of yet, but I had to trust that soon enough that would change.

She packed the rest of her things, we took them out to her car, and with kisses and hugs, she was driving back home to her family, but this time, we were taking different steps in our relationship, and that did nothing but made me smile for what the future was to bring.

*The End*

All names, and places have been changed throughout to protect all parties involved, but some of this story was actually taken from things that have actually happened in my life, and I do hope that you have enjoyed reading, because I certainly have enjoyed writing this one.

Thanks for keeping my spirits high with the number of votes, and number of people reading.

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