tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersJamie Cruises a Highway Rest Stop

Jamie Cruises a Highway Rest Stop


Hello again! I thought I would tell you about another recent adventure as Jamie. As you may know from reading my other stories, I love to crossdress and be used by strangers. I'm very submissive and especially good at giving a wonderful blowjob (or so I have been told by men after they have unloaded their hot cum into my mouth or on my face. I love to feel the slight twitching of a man's cock in my mouth as he starts to cum, spurting the thick salty cream I love so much onto my tongue where I hold on to the hot cream for a little bit and then let it run down my chin and onto whatever slutty top I might be wearing right then. Sometimes its satin, sometimes cotton, but usually a stretchy, slutty lace or microfiber minidress that I am in when I am going down on a strangers' cock.

A few weeks ago, it was late at night and I was very horny -- it was about a 40 minute drive to the adult bookstore that has gloryholes near where I live and I wasn't sure I could hold out that long. I really was aching to have a cock in my pretty lipsticked mouth as soon as possible.

Lucky for me there is a highway rest stop near where I live, about 10 minutes drive away. So I started to get myself ready by taking a shower, shaving all over and putting on some heavy makeup -- bright pink eyeshadow, heavy mascara and eyeliner, and bright red glossy lipstick. Some bright red blush on my cheeks finished the makeup.

I slipped into some hot pink fishnet stockings and attached them to a hot pink and white garter belt with cute little bows. Next I put on my pink satin push up bra with some silicone inserts giving me about a 36B cup size. I pulled on a tiny hot pink thong with cute white daisy prints on it and then a super short frilly pink skirt. 5 inch patent white heels came next and a hot pink satin button down shirt completed the outfit. Finally I put on a light brown shoulder length wig, tied into pigtails with pink gingham bows. I was ready to go....

It was just after midnight when I pulled into the rest area. There were a few cars here and there and about 15 semi trucks parked in the darker area toward the back. There was some light from some streetlights that covered the area in an orange fluorescent glow. It seemed pretty quiet around and as I pulled my car slowly around the rest area I found a spot about 50 yards or so from where the rows of semi trucks were parallel parked and about 100 yards from the men's bathroom. I noticed a few cars every now and then cruising through the rest area, I'm sure they were being driven by horny men looking for late night release -- at least I was hoping so.....

I parked my car and turned off the lights. Since I had driven over dressed up as Jamie, I didn't have any other clothes at all except that slutty pink satin top and miniskirt outfit with the white patent heels. I intentionally parked in an area where the car would be in the dark but in order to get to the restroom or to the trucks I would have to walk across open space that was well lit. Being seen as the whore that I am turned me on and my cock was already straining against my tiny thong panties. I could feel a small wet spot starting from my leaking precum and I knew soon that my panties would be soaked from my excitement.

Just to make things interesting, I had brought a set of steel handcuffs with a key. I had some special plans for the handcuffs and was getting even harder by the second thinking about it. I put them in my hot pink purse that also carried my makeup in case I needed to touch myself up for the strangers that were soon to be my lovers.

I decided to try my luck in the restroom first -- there was a row of trees behind it that was very dark and I thought I might look there as well. As I got out of my car and closed the door, just then a car was coming by -- slowly cruising. Even though it was dark, I could see the driver checking me out as he slowly rolled by. I swung my hips like a slutty streetwalker as I pretended to ignore him and kept going toward the restroom. It seemed like an hour before I got there even though it was only a few minutes. I was so excited to be out in the open like this.

As I walked up to the restroom I noticed it was nearly pitch black inside. I walked in and immediately bumped into someone I couldn't see because my eyes had not adjusted to the light yet. he didn't say anything just looked me over for a second and put his hand on my shoulder, pushing me down onto my knees. I could barely see that his cock was already out and semi-hard. He was about 5 ft 10, Hispanic, and about 25 pounds overweight -- but that didn't matter to me. I dropped to my knees without any resistance as he held the base of his cock and shoved it into my mouth.

My back was almost against the wall when he started thrusting harder and deeper into my slutty mouth. I moaned in pleasure as he filled me up, the head of his wonderful cock brushing the back of my throat on deep thrusts. I looked up at him with my big brown eyes as he grabbed my pigtails and started thrusting harder. About ten seconds later, as I was making love to his cock with my mouth he made one big push that put the head of his cock so far back in my throat that I started to gag. I tried reflexively to move back a little but his strong hands held my head where it was as I felt his cock head swell and then start to twitch and his cum started pouring out of his cock into my mouth. It must have been awhile since his last time cumming because I could feel long ropey spurts of his thick cum continuing to pour out of his cock. It was wonderful and I greedily swallowed it as fast as he gave it to me.

His cock finished twitching and unloading and eventually he pulled out of me, pulled his pants up, and walked out without saying a word. There I was, dressed like a cheap whore on the floor of a men's restroom at a freeway rest stop after midnight. Cum was leaking out of the sides of my mouth as I gathered it up with my fingers and rubbed it all over my face. I love how fresh cum tastes and smells -- it makes me very horny.

Having gotten what I wanted from the restroom, I touched up my makeup and walked back outside into the glow of the streetlights. Just then the guy in the car that was checking me out when I walked to the rest room rolled by again. Again, he didn't stop, just kept watching me as I walked into the lighted parking lot with my little skirt swinging from side to side like a cheap slut. I wanted more cock.

I walked over to the row of semis parked toward the back of the rest area. It was a little darker there and I got very excited thinking about pleasuring a few truckers. The clicking of my heels on the pavement was loud enough to draw attention, which was exactly what I wanted.

I put on my best sexy walk and walked right down the line of trucks in front of the cabs so that I would be in full view of the drivers if they were looking for some late night action. I got about halfway down the row of trucks when one of them flashed their running lights on and off. I took that for a signal to get my attention and I sashayed over to that cab. Sure enough as I got there the trucker opened the cab and motioned me in, so I gladly climbed up the steps, feeling the cool evening air on my ass under my miniskirt.

He was middle aged, white and apparently had been getting ready for some action tonight because he was rubbing an obvious bulge in his pants. "You aren't a cop are you?" he said to me. I just smiled and reached over to unbutton his pants. I think he understood then that I wasn't and he was sure when I had freed his cock and I leaned over on it and started to blow him. He made gentle moans at first as I licked and sucked his trucker cock. He tasted wonderful, very manly and slightly salty. His smooth hard cock was like it was on fire in my mouth it was so hot and he was so turned on. He told me he loved my pigtails and started to run his hands down my ass as I bobbed up and down on his cock.

He was talking dirty in no time. "Suck my cock you whore" and "take it all you slut cocksucker" were just two of the things he said that turned me on so much. Unfortunately, he was only to be my lover for a short time as he didn't last much longer, arching his back and moaning as he released about four big thick streams of cum from his cock. The first two went into my mouth and then I pulled off of his cock and started jerking him off. The third spurt traced a line across my face and into my hair and his fourth spurt coated the left side of my nose and under my eye. I was covered in his wonderful cum!

He said "thank you" and asked if I am at that rest stop often. I gave him my cell phone number and told him I would be there for him anytime. He reached into his wallet and gave me a twenty dollar bill for blowing him. I took it and put it in between my breasts, tucked into my pink bra and I smiled at him and licked my lips.

After finishing him off, I let myself out of the cab and walked back along the line of trucks toward the restroom again, hoping for some more action over there. I noticed the car that had been cruising me was parked and that there were actually three guys in the car and not one as I had thought before. I hadn't noticed the others in the dark.

I entered the dark restroom and let my eyes adjust. I was alone in there. There were two stalls with no doors on them and a couple of urinals along with a couple of sinks. I went over to one of the sinks and opened my purse to touch up my makeup again. After I was done with that, I pulled the handcuffs out and the key. I put the key on one of the metal shelves above one of the sinks and went to the last stall in the restroom furthest from the entrance.

It must have been about 1.30 am when I handcuffed myself to one of the metal brackets that attached the metal wall of the stall to the cinder block wall of the bathroom. There I was, locked into the stall with no door, the key out of my reach. I would have been easy prey for anyone coming into the restroom to use me as they wished. And I loved it.....getting free would depend on a stranger giving me the key to the handcuffs otherwise someone would be coming by during the day to find me dressed like a cheap whore handcuffed to a restroom stall.

Just then I heard a couple of voices outside and my excitement sent a rush of adrenaline through me. It sounded like they were speaking Spanish and there were three of them -- the ones from the car that had been cruising me earlier. They had seen me come in here and I'm sure they weren't there to use the bathroom -- at least I hoped not.

It only took a second for them to find me in the last stall. The first one to see me called the others over and they all smiled lustfully as they saw me helpless and handcuffed. They spoke softly in Spanish for a minute -- which I didn't understand -- and then two of them came toward me while the third one went to the entrance to keep a lookout I guess.

In a flash both of their cocks were in my face and I started to blow them, making wet sucking noises and alternating from cock to cock back and forth. My right hand couldn't help because it was limited by the handcuff, but my left hand was furiously jerking off whichever the cocks I wasn't sucking on at that time.

They kept talking in Spanish, sometimes punctuated by light moans as I sucked their cocks. One of them reached down and started to squeeze my breast. The other one put his hand on the back of my head and shoved it down onto his cock even deeper. His cock wasn't as long as the first guy I blew in the restroom, so I didn't gag -- just took everything he had to give.

The second guy was starting to really get into it, slapping my face with his cock while I was sucking his buddy and saying things to me in Spanish that I didn't understand but I knew it was about what a whore I was. I was so turned on by the whole thing I couldn't stand it and started sucking for all I was worth -- my warm, moist mouth working up and down those two cockshafts faster and faster. The one that I was sucking started to let out a low moan and I knew he was about to cum. I pulled my mouth off of that one and started sucking the other one furiously, trying to get them to come together at the same time.

A couple of seconds later I felt one erupt in my mouth and I pointed the other cock I was jerking off at my face and closed my eyes. I felt rope after rope hit my face, running down my eyelids, onto my chin as both of them came all over me. I had cum in my hair, on my face, on my satin blouse, on my miniskirt and some on the floor that I scooped up with my free hand and put into my mouth to swish around before swallowing it.

I looked up at them like a little slut and one of them said something and reached out to help rub the cum on my face around, smearing my eyeshadow and blush. Of course I didn't care, the sluttier I looked the better. As they zipped up and turned to leave I was recovering from the pounding I took in the mouth and forgot to ask for the key to the handcuffs! I was stuck there and loved the idea of being used again.

In a minute, the two guys I had just blown came back with their third friend. I didn't notice it at first, but one of them had a dog on a leash with them, it looked like a rottweiler. I didn't have any time to consider what kind of dog it was because the third guy was obviously horny -- his cock was in his hand before he even got to the stall. I moved slightly off of the toilet seat and knelt on the bare concrete floor. I could feel some fluid on the floor when I put my knees down and I knew it was cum -- that turned me on so much!

Blowing the third guy was the shortest episode of the evening -- he didn't last three minutes and when he came, he pulled out of my mouth and shot sperm all over my satin blouse. The hot pink satin was covered in dark lines of liquid from the cum that had been shot onto me throughout the evening. He said "thank you" and zipped up and turned away -- he obviously spoke English even though he was talking to his buddies in Spanish. I asked him if he could give me the key to the handcuffs and he looked at me strangely -- I explained to him that the key was over on the shelf and that I had "forgotten" it there. He smiled knowingly and went to get it.

He brought the key back over, smiled and handed it to me. I licked my lips and undid the handcuffs just as he was leaving. A minute later I heard a car start and drive away -- I'm sure it was the men I had just pleasured.....

I got up, got the handcuffs and the key and walked out into the glow of the streetlamps. I started back toward my car, covered in cum, makeup a mess, skirt pulled up, but still walking like a street hooker -- heels clicking gently in the evening air.

I got to my car, it was about 2 am. Two good hours of pleasuring others, it was a good night. I hope to be able to do something like this again soon. If I do, I will be sure to write about it.

Hope you liked my story....

xoxoxo Jamie

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