Jamie's Honeymoon Ch. 01


Without warning, a tiny spurt of Nathan's nasty cum shot in her mouth. It was all Jamie could do to not throw it back up. With Nathan finished, she wouldn't be able to continue the stranger's onslaught of her pussy unnoticed. A vengeful idea overcame her, and she quickly raised her lips to meet Nathan's. As she swirled his sickly cum around both of their tongues, Jamie laughed at the idea of him getting a taste of his own gross medicine.

With one hand she roughly grabbed Nathan's and clasped it to her right boob. With her other hand she reached between her legs, grabbed the stranger's wrist, and forced him to shove his fingers deep in her slippery cunt in one quick motion.

The orgasm was intense. Her lips were still locked onto Nathan's and at this point practically spitting his disgusting seed back into his mouth. Nathan groped her boob roughly, inexperienced, but stimulating still the same. He could serve a purpose, Jamie thought to herself. The stranger's fingers were now pummeling her pussy as it convulsed on his fingers, squeezing them tighter and filling up her insides. If only Nathan knew what was going on under my skirt, Jamie couldn't help but feel a little sorry for him. Quickly she thought back to his puny cock and premature ejaculations. Immediately she quit feeling sorry, he was a pathetic excuse for a man. Her hubby was nothing like the stranger behind her, loaded with a 9 inch cum cannon and fingers of orgasmic power. As her orgasm subsided, Jamie pulled her lips away from Nathan's. He smiled and thought how lucky he was to have Jamie for his new bride. He couldn't wait to continue their exploits in Jamaica and start trying for the child they had spoken of.

Jamie felt the stranger's fingers pull slowly out of her sopping pussy. She immediately missed him inside of her, knowing that Nathan would never be able to deliver in the man department the way this stranger just had. She smoothed her skirt and sat back down, pulling her thong back up to cover her snatch and then sliding her blanket around her. How had she begun this flight with such different feelings for her husband? She was really looking forward to their time together, but now all she could think of was ways she could get other men to cum all over her, inside of her, and impregnate her womb like only a real man could. Her hand wandered under the stranger's blanket again, inside of his unzipped pants and around his entire manhood. She let out a sigh and realized she wanted it now more than ever.

Nathan got up and headed to the bathroom. Her eyes shot to the stranger and they locked gazes. This slutty newlywed had at least 5 minutes to do whatever she pleased with his manly cock.

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