tagFetishJamie's Little Red Rooster Ch. 02

Jamie's Little Red Rooster Ch. 02


As we realised that our toilet sexual activities were being observed from above by the girls in the adjoining cubicle, Jamie and I had pulled out of Carol's distended bumhole and vagina respectively, thoroughly annoyed and frustrated. The two heads quickly disappeared and we heard the slap of elastic on flesh and the hum of jeans being zipped up.

Carol was seated on my fluid drenched thighs facing me. My impressive length of heavy young meat was now softening rapidly, lolling forlornly against her bands of belly fat, dribbling thin white streaks of prostate fluid onto her pink sweaty flesh.

Jamie was standing behind her, his small thin shaft seemingly stuffed to its fullest capacity, dark red and curving fiercely upwards towards his umbilicus. Its length was coated by a film of silvery mucus that had been pressed from the lining of her bowel wall by the force of his penetration. This exudate gave off a powerful aroma pungent and tangy, reflecting the soup of prostaglandins and pheromones released by sexual excitement and orgasm.

I have an abnormally heightened olfactory sense which allows me to separate and savour female smells from their most intimate areas and I am seriously annoyed when girls drown these erotic indications of their state of sexual readiness in nasty cheap perfume, shower gels and deodorants. My idea of heavenly sex is to get under a duvet with a girl who hasn't washed herself for days and explore her combinations of bum sweat, pussy sweat, under arm and under- breast secretions, inter toe exudate and the marvelous vaginal and anal fluids in all their intoxicating complexity.

Anyway, back to the matter in hand! That was indeed the case! Carol reached down and began to whir her fingers up and down my still thickened stem, amply soaked in her juices and similarly serviced Jamie's modest though frighteningly hard and erect penis with her other hand.

As orgasm approached I became noisier and vocalised my pleasure, Jamie remaining silent and almost disinterested. While Jamie watched dispassionately, I reached down to retrieve Carol's knickers from the toilet brush handle. Placing my empurpled penis head on the large wet spot decorating the pantie gusset I spurted long and hard into the absorbent material. As if this were his cue, Jamie reached for Carol's right nipple, jerked her large breast upward to its full elevation and soundlessly ejaculated onto her breastflesh, leaving three small viscous gel like globules which did not flow down the incline of her mammary and gave off an incredibly strong feral odour that caught in the back of my throat.

Carol grabbed her soaking knickers, wiped Jamie's semen blobs from her breast and nonchalantly stepped back into them. A shiver of erotic excitement passed through me - I imagined our combined male ejaculate mixing with her pee, fanny secretions and bumhole leakage to form a super powerful odour as they dried on her warm flesh and crusted in her most intimate garment.

We strolled back to the bar, comfortable and relaxed in each other's company. Nothing had changed there except that the two girl voyeurs were now seated at the table next to ours.

As it was Carol's round, she and I went up to the counter and called in three pints. By the time we returned to our table, Jamie had established contact with the girls and was chatting away in his usual amiable fashion.

Emma and Jane were flatmates, Emma a trainee doctor and Jane just starting her senior nursing year. They were not gay but were perfectly happy to pleasure each other when in a dry spell with no boys in the offing.

Emma was a vivacious outspoken girl. She was dressed in a light pink snug fitting tracksuit, the bottoms of which outlined her small firm buttocks while the front more than hinted at a camel toe that riveted the eye. A slight damp area suggested itself, not surprising really considering her activities in the past half hour or so. I wasn't close enough to savour this area nasally but her general aroma was pleasantly natural, fresh sweet perspiration to the fore. She had tiny breasts, showing their nipples through a white t-shirt.

Jane was a quiet girl, with an observant eye and a look of mischief about her that was promising.

Her lower half was encased in blue nurses' scrubs, the rear seam of which disappeared between her buttocks and separated her prominent well shaped globes - a patch of discolouration indicated bumsweat or maybe the laying down of residues that had seeped through her panties. A woolly top covered firm meaty breasts that were braless, and hinted at fat round nipples half showing through.

As the evening went on, Emma recounted her reactions to the spectacle of our toilet copulation. unfolding below her. Her vagina had begun to seep strong smelling fluid into her panties, so she had pulled down pants and underwear and began masturbating, difficult as it was balancing with Jane on the toilet seat and looking over into the next cubicle at our rutting. Switching hands, she pushed her fingers under Jane's scrubs waistband and inserted her slimy middle finger deep into the girl's anus, pumping in and out. Interestingly, she didn't climax herself, but Jane did. On seeing that they had been spotted, she wiped her arse soiled finger on the inside of Jane's knickers and the two of them skedaddled.

And so, this leads to the next stage of the evening,when we all ended up in the girls' flat, loaded down with beer and a curry takeaway.

Jane and I bagged the two seater sofa - She had kicked off her flat hospital shoes and was leaning back on the arm rest, her feet resting on my knees, thighs slightly parted.

She had been on her feet all day at work. Her white socks were slightly grubby and the aroma of sweaty feet was strong in my nostrils, one I loved to savour. I began to gently massage her toes and she sighed in appreciation. After a while, I slowly removed her socks, put one foot, then the other to my nose and sniffed deeply. She was watching me closely and moaned slightly as I began licking and sucking each toe in turn, a salty, meaty taste filling my mouth as I cleaned the soft waxy deposit from between her toes. She opened up her bunched up knees, revealing the crotch of her thin hospital scrubs. Her vaginal lips were clearly outlined and a wet line was growing between them where the garment's seam pressed in tightly.

Jamie was seated on the sofa opposite between Emma and Carol, the three of them rolling joints on the glass coffee table. Carol stood up, and came over to us with a lighted joint. Handing it to me, she reached down and unzipped my jeans. She put her hand into the flop, reached up under the waistband and pulled down my boxers, releasing my erect penis. She picked up Jane's feet and placed her soles around my shaft, curling the arches around my hard flesh and moving them up and down. As Carol returned to her seat, Jane continued the stroking, gently massaging me along my impressive length. Delving into her scrubs, she began fingering her crotch, our pleasure becoming mutual.

Meanwhile, the girls were sympathetically quizzing Jamie about his tiny penis and how this affected his sex life. Jamie was totally unabashed by the subject and began to list the positives of his situation. He claimed, first of all, that he was blessed in possessing a penis that had the touch, feeling and sensitivity of a finger. Thus, he could locate a girl's G- spots within seconds and zero in on them ; bringing orgasm very quickly and repeatedly. Another gift from nature was the extraordinary ability to maintain his erection for hours if called upon to do so, allied to total control over his climax. He explained to the fascinated girls that the most sensitive and powerful pleasure area of the female anatomy was not the clitoris but a little pouch of tissue formed by the front wall of the vagina and the upper surface of the cervix where it bulged into the vaginal tunnel. This anterior fornix as it is known is located about four inches inside the vagina and is out of finger reach. Jamie's small penis head could easily and precisely access this pouch, fitting snugly into it and delivering incredibly strong orgasms that he said were continuous in many girls because this area did not require recovery time as the clitoris does. A big penis has no chance of doing this, just sliding by. So, although Jamie was not capable of pleasuring a girl by stretching and filling her, he could deliver far more powerful sensations by this means.

I could sense that all three girls were very aroused by Jamie's exposition - Jane began shifting around on her buttocks, fingers accelerating their movement inside her panties.

Of course, everyone was thinking it but it was Carol who spoke, She challenged Jamie to demonstrate his claimed prowess by mounting her first, then the two other girls. It was obvious that she fully expected him to back down.

Jamie calmly agreed.

And so the evening took another interesting turn - little did I know that I would become involved in an activity that I was unaccustomed to and which would stretch me in more ways than one!

( To be continued )

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