tagGroup SexJ&M and the Swing Club

J&M and the Swing Club


It was the first time we had ever been to a swing club and we were slightly apprehensive. My wife of over 20 years is slightly overweight, but has some great tits on her that just beg to be sucked. I'm just average, but it still gets harder than steel.

We were warmly welcomed by the party hosts and given a tour of the house. It had many rooms, upstairs, just for couples and one just for the girls. Outside they had a beautiful pool and spa, with tables set up all around the edge.

We poured our drinks and headed off to the pool area. After sitting at a table for a while, we decided to jump into the pool and stripped off our clothes. My wife dove in first and I followed.

We splashed around and pawed at each other a bit. Another couple swam up and introduced themselves as M & J. M was my age and build, but J was to die for. She had long hair and was slightly plump. My eyes were riveted to her chest as she was sporting a set of 38DD boobs. Her areolas were dark and huge. They were capped off with very thick nipples. They were floating in the water like two islands.

We talked and then all four of us moved to the hot tub. We sat, boy-girl, boy-girl and J was next to me. They were experienced swingers and had just moved to our state. They were looking for new friends and new parties.

I could feel J's feet rubbing against my leg and I looked towards my wife. She just nodded her head up and down and began doing the same to M. I knew that it was all right for me to be with J, so I reached out to one of her breast and began caressing it.

J moved her hand to my cock and began lightly stroking it to hardness. She leaned over to me and quietly said that I had a nice thick cock and that she wanted it inside her. She was more forward than what I was used to, but I invited her to join me in one of the rooms. She leaned over to M and whispered something, and then we got out of the tub.

We toweled off and then went inside and upstairs. My wife and M were soon to follow, but headed off to another room. J and I plopped down on a bed with the door open and I latched onto one of her nipples. A low moan escaped her lips, as I sucked it to hardness. I love big boobs and I was in heaven with her DD's firmly in my grasp.

She pushed me back onto the bed and lowered her head. She began rubbing my raging hard on with her long hair, driving me up the wall. Then she opened her mouth and began running her tongue all over my cock. It felt great. I was moaning and groaning while she was deep throating me.

My hand reached her pussy and I inserted my fingers inside her very wet slit. She stepped up the pace of her sucking as I was fingering her to climax. She let out a loud sigh when she came on my hand.

J told me to put my cock into her and to be quick about it. I rolled her onto her back and spread her legs wide. I rubbed my cock up and down her slit, causing her to gasp loudly. I began fucking her clit and she exploded.

J pushed me back onto my back and then crawled on top. She lowered her self onto my hardness and sank down its full length. She began grinding her hips and I was mauling her boobflesh for all they were worth.

Up and down she bounced, moaning louder and louder in pleasure. I felt a rumbling deep inside my balls and told her I was ready to come, after she had cum for the third time with me. She told me to fill up her pussy with my juice.

I thrust up in sync with her bounces, and suddenly my cock began to spasm. My spunk shot out of the end and began painting her inner walls, white. J came loudly and milked all of my juices out of me.

"Was that fun," asked a voice nearby? It was my wife. She and M were on a bed across from us. Her legs were spread wide and M was impaling her with his dick. I told her that J was great and J agreed that it was fun.

J sat up and began licking my limp cock and brought me back to hardness. She stroked it while we watched our spouses fuck across from us. When I was rock hard again, J started sucking it, this time in earnest. She told me to come in her mouth.

M was fucking my wife hard and she was loving it. He rolled her over and put her on top. She began bouncing on his dick, which was the same size as mine, just thinner. Loud moaning escaped her lips as she was in heaven.

J sucked and jerked my cock until I was ready to come again. I grabbed her boobs, tweaking her nipples, as I let fly another load of cum. Her mouth was like a vacuum cleaner as she sucked the last drops out of my spent dick.

M had just come inside my wife and J smiled. "Now it's my turn," she said to my wife. She lowered her head to my wife's pussy and began to lightly lick and kiss the opening. She lapped up all of Mss cum as it flowed out the well-used hole.

M came over to me and said that his wife loved to do that when she had the chance. I just nodded, watching the scene in front of us. My wife was moaning loudly and wiggling all over the bed, while J was eating her like an expert. Then she told my wife to do her. I was very surprised when my wife began licking J's hard nipples.

The girls began kissing each other with a passion I had not seen from my wife, in a long time. J was mauling my wife's boobs and my wife had her fingers inside J's pussy, flying in and out. J was moaning within the throws of another orgasm.

My cock was getting hard again, as was M's. He moved to his wife's ass and began rubbing his cock against it. She turned and grabbed the head, pumping quickly. My wife joined in and both girls licked up and down M's hardened rod. He did not last long and exploded with a groan all over their faces.

My wife moved to my hard cock and began deep throating me. J moved to my balls and lapped at them with her tongue. Again, both girls devoured a hard cock and this time it was mine. Since I'd cum a couple of times already, I had staying power. They switched and J swallowed my rod deep into her throat. I fucked her mouth, while my wife played with my balls.

"He's about to cum," warned my wife. I nodded in agreement. J wanted me to cum on her tits and so did my wife. J pumped my rod and my wife came up close. I had four boobs in front of me.

J's motions began to encourage my dick. Pre-cum began leaking out, and suddenly it was followed by an explosion of spunk. J pointed my cock towards my wife's tits and cum splattered on them. The next jerk was directed onto J's massive tits and was a bigger shot.

Back and forth J moved my cock until I was totally spent. Both girls leaned over and licked off the remaining juice from the tip of my cock. It felt great and more cum dribbled out. Both tongues lapped off the last of it.

M watched while the girls rubbed my cum onto their boobs, then licked off the sauce. We turned and noticed that there were others watching from the room door. Two women came in and began massaging each girl's boobs. One decided that it was time to move this to the "Girls Room" and both girls got up and led their new friends, there.

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